On Thursday night, Dr. PZ Myers, the most prominent US science critic of creationism was expelled from a pre-screening of a creationist documentary. His family and guest were not. His guest was Richard Dawkins.

The New York Times and other media outlets have begun to pick this passion battle between scientists and creationist producers is heating up, well over a hundred blogs were all over this from screen shots discrediting producers claims.

Richard Dawkins wrote a review, it’s really more of his ongoing fight with the dishonesty of how the producers presented scientist interview content in the documentary.

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Good luck on reading his review, as people come off Easter holiday, the website is intermittently accessible (again) and it may take you time to find out what he has to say. His fight with producer Mathis goes back to the filming of the original interview.

When Dr. Myers was expelled, he went to the Apple Store at the Mall of America and posted immediately. To be honest, it’s hilarious. He was amused, and has posted the past year on his anger at being mislead. He had encouraged people to sign up for pre-screenings using his name.

You can see my post here and follow the links provided.

Expelled screen-writer Kevin Miller fights back in several posts, he is not responsible for the production PR employees, and apologized to Dr. Myers for misrepresenting him. Mark Mathis producer, has been interviewed in the NYT, his statements about what occurred have been rebutted and debunked with internet speed.

Nothing official from the film company yet, bloggers got screen shots of the RSVP sites to counter claims Myers and Dawkins crashed the screening. Both scientists are well recognized for their opposition to US creationism.

For Hollywood, bad publicity is good publicity.
Lying in media about what happened by the producer has also been swiftly counteracted by attendees, and further pre-screenings have been halted. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed opens in some US theatres April 18th.
The creationist Discovery Institute vilified Dr. Myers and Dr. Dawkins. Blogs have thousands of comments. Passion is strong on both sides.

As this moves off blogs and into media it’s difficult to know how the US public will receive the treatment Dr. Myers was subjected to or whether or not the film companies behavior will help it’s box office.