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Buzz Machine points us to an older idea made new again – Magnoto.

According to Jarvis Magnoto is:

…a new refrigerator-door site that lets you publish posts, photos, audio, video, anything on freeform pages, breaking out of the structure of blog and gallery pages. It comes from two guys — Frank Thomsen and Olaf Wodrich — with whom I worked with in the midst of the bubble at a company called Twest, which had a great way to let people publish interactive modules — e.g., shopping lists — you could get to from any platform, including mobile.

There is also a new toy (social networking software) out called coComment which allows you to track the conversations you are having online. It allows anyone who enters a conversation (say comments at a blog) to track the talk by signing into the site:

First, when you sign into your account on the coComment home page, you’ll be taken to “your conversations”. In other words, you don’t have to have your own blog to benefit from the coComment service! In “your conversations”, you’ll find a centralized list of all the comments you’ve made on other people’s blogs, with a link back to the original blog where you made the comment. Additionally, you’ll find all comments posted by other coComment members which are related to your original comment – creating a flowing conversation.

How do we do this? Essentially, when you and other coComment users use the coComment bookmarklet to make a comment, the coComment service makes a duplicate of that comment. This copy of your comments, and all related comments from other users, are then automatically displayed in “your comments” on the coComment service.

coComment also works as an RSS feed and plans to add instant messanger alerts, email alerts and SMS alerts.

Dave Sifry’s State of the Blogosphere – February 2006 is out. Sifry is the hands on CEO of Technorati. (Technorati is installed in WP 2.0 – the blog platform BDBO is on) and I find it being there useful sometimes.:^) Link tracking is important to bloggers.

There are 60 times more blogs than there were three years ago. 75 thousand blogs are created each day. That doesn’t mean everyone that tries it likes it, about 14.7 million have made it past the 3 month mark and about 2.7 million blogs update weekly.
9% of new blogs are machine or people generated spam and more companies are getting together to help stop them. Thats a lot of spam.

Another interesting fact. Techorati tracks 50 thousand posts each hour, which works out to 1.2 million blog posts going online each day. Chatty bunch, aren’t we?


Blog networks – groups of bloggers banding together to make money - are being followed more closely also.

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