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Tennessee pastor’s wife appears in court – Winkler

In March religious blogs and southern US media were buzzing with the story of a  Tennessee minister’s wife, Mary Winkler, who confessed to killing her husband. It was a big story - 773 entries in Technorati,  about 771 in Google News. … Continue reading

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Scientists who carry out embryonic stem cell research and politicians who pass laws permitting the practice will be excommunicated, the Vatican said yesterday. “Destroying human embryos is equivalent to an abortion. It is the same thing,” said Cardinal Alfonso Lopez … Continue reading

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Toronto United Church and B’nai Brith Canada

This story in the Toronto Sun is not very clear. Essentially B’nai Brith Canada and Canadian Christian College (Dr. Charles McVety) say the Toronto area (9 Presbyterys) of the United Church of Canada hate Isreal. The Toronto Conference of the United Church … Continue reading

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I use Sacred Space – a site run by Jesuits for a few moments of quiet reflection, I’m not wedded to one method of renewal, but I’m really glad this site is available. It works for me, it’s simple, uncluttered, … Continue reading

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This truly is the stuff of thuggery and fascism – Siegel on blogs

I have read some strange, bitter, uniformed articles on the terribleness of blogs, but I swear I have never read anything so utterly pompous, self-focused, out-of-touch, narcissistic, egotistical, laugh out loud education and elucidation for the plebeian masses  by Culture writer  Lee Siegel … Continue reading

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Canadian Eh List blogs

ar arr arrr. Nice Canuck touch to ‘A’ list for Canadian bloggers. Ian’s Messy Desk has the details on this seach that pulls in form several sources so you can check to see if you’ve made the Eh List.:^) It’s … Continue reading

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Pew Global Attitudes Project for 2006

The Pew Global Attitudes Reseach Project surveyed 14 thousand people in 13 nations, such as Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan and Turkey, the UK, France, Germany and Spain and US. Muslim countries with fairly strong ties to the United States — said, for … Continue reading

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The guy behind the petition to oust Garth Turner

Garth Tuner is the MP for Halton. He has a blog, he is a member of The Conservative Party, he is populist and a good communicator, and, who like Monty Solberg and others on the Hill at various times, tries to put the human … Continue reading

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