Great headline

Headline writing is an art.

BuzzMachine has a good one for World Magazines journalism school.

Jesus, get me re-write

World Magazine has an eight week course based on the World view world view. Haven’t the heart to pop into Jeff Javis’ comment section to point out the World Mag World view blog which appears to place the students on it to practice.
Some things are just best left alone.:^)
I note the tone of the magazines blog  because of the formulaic writing, and the comments that read like home schooled adolescent er, christians, that er, took an eight week journalism course with er, a World Mag world view. Life will throw some punches these student’s way soon enough.
It is run by a Texas journalism prof, Marvin Olasky, who has had a bit of fame for a book he wrote on compassionate conservatism. 

CT article 2004: on World Journalism Institute 

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