Westboro Baptist Church comments at newsite

Spero News has a section like any newspaper that is set aside for opinion and commentary.

I missed this. It started as an opinion piece by Religion Editor  Martin Barillas. He didn’t think NPR should call Westboro Baptist Church conservative.  Typical opinion piece like hundreds every day.

Then it took a twist.
The Patriot Guard Riders, a group of motorcyclists who block the Phelps clan when they protest at military funerals, responded to Barillas’ commentary. They didn’t think Barillas should call them counter protesters.

Martin got another opinion piece out of it when Ms. Margerie Phelps (daughter of Fred Phelps) emailed him. He put up his second opinion piece about her email – Westboro Baptist responds to my NPR column.

Ms. Phelps must have been pleased because she commented under that commentary.
I haven’t read it all, there is a fair bit of name calling and hate, I lost interest pretty quickly. I think it rates ‘not safe for work.’

Westboro Baptist Church: Fred Phelps  Apologetics Index

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10 Responses to Westboro Baptist Church comments at newsite

  1. Richard Bott says:


    Having read both the op-eds, and the comments… all I can say is…

    totally and completely weird.

  2. Bene D says:

    Working the media.
    I think the Phelps are losing their shock value and by extension – the attention.
    Media is smartening up and focusing on victims and military families.

    Hate has a banality to it.

  3. You guys just crack me up. If I had a PENNY for every time the perverts in the media and who make up the citizenry of the united sates of sodom claimed they were going to ignore us, we were losing our shock value, blah, blah, blah, I’d buy several more plane tickets to picket the political patriotic pep rallies being held outside soldiers’ funerals. Yet you keep jabbering and writing about us. That’s because this message — that God hates america — pierces your heart like a bright sharp arrow of truth. This nation of brute beasts is lumbering along, knowing beneath the seared levels of its conscience, that they’re full of sin and iniquity, and THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL God is going to let you get away with it indefinitely. If you spent a fraction of the time and energy JUST READING AND OBEYING THE BIBLE that you spend trying to vilify and mock us out of existence, this would be a righteous land, and we wouldn’t have to picket. But any possibility of that ever happening in this Godforsaken nation again is out of the question. It’s inescapalabe: america is doomd! Magormissabib. Margie Phelps

  4. Richard Hall says:

    Margie – Your CAPSLOCK key appears to be BROKEN and your spellchekker DOESN’T WORK!
    I don’t to upset you, but Bene is CANADIAN! They’re even worse than your lot, right? As for us Brits…

  5. Richard B. says:

    I’ve been sitting here, scratching my head, wondering.

    My wondering has gone something like this:
    - if Ms. Phelps and the rest of the Westboro Baptist congregation believe that ‘america is doomd’, so condemned by the sin and iniquity of its citizenry that even prayer will not make a difference (as noted on the one of the signs at the website linked to her name)…

    …then why are they protesting?

    I mean – if the US of A (and, presumably, other countries) are certain to be going to hell in a nicely tied up handbasket – why all the noise? Why not simply accept that you’re on God’s good side and the rest of us are toast?

    Ms. Phelps – it is true – “terror is on every side”… but, from my perspective, the voice you proclaim simply adds to the terror.

    To your “magormissabib”, I say “hesed”.

    Grace and peace – Richard B.

  6. Malc says:

    You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m fairly certain Mary Phelps is serious I would almost imagine that the entire thing is made up. I mean it’s so over the top….
    “That’s because this message — that God hates america — pierces your heart like a bright sharp arrow of truth. This nation of brute beasts is lumbering along, knowing beneath the seared levels of its conscience, that they’re full of sin and iniquity, and THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL God is going to let you get away with it indefinitely.”
    I know I shouldn’t laugh, but at the same time, it’s so very funny. You can almost imagine the foam at her mouth.

  7. Bene Diction says:

    Similar rhetoric to former Canadian nazi-revivalist Ernst Zundel – just substitute homosexual for Jews. He claims to be a devout Christian too.

    I wonder if he typed his newsletters with a BROKEN caplock?:^)

    Ms Phelps, you proved my point about needing attention by going off on a Canadian blog. As for being media savvy, well, I guess I’ll have to re-think that.

  8. Catez says:

    Ok – Bene, I know this is serious. But first let me say that I’ve been doing my daily blog cruise and this is the first one that made me crack up today. Not your blog – I mean the hysterical comment from Margie Phelps. Knowing you are Canadian from the outset just made me laugh. I’m laughing typing this. No doubt she has me in the same handbasket. Who would have thought we would be in such close proximity. LOL.

    As I attempt to quell my mirth (which I’m reluctant to do) I will add that I read about Westboro at the Apologetics Index about two years ago. Glad to see you linked that. I can understand the objection to calling them “conservative”. I’m not big on those labels anyway, but it does do conservatives a great disservice to have Westboro attemptedly put under that umbrella. LOL – perhaps they are liberals? (Oh alright – I said that wondering if Ms. Phelps would contribute yet another eloquent, erudite, and piercing reply).

    Westboro is a hate group. They really come under the umbrella of extremism and are a cult. Similar to Christian Identity groups in their M.O. As funny as Ms. Phelps reply is it is also quite tragic. I for one have no confusion about removing the term Christian from having any association with such an aberrant and abusive cult group.

    Good post.

  9. Catez says:

    One good thing – going by the comments on the second Spero piece – Nate Phelps spent 18 years living under that abuse and now is not only free of it but wonderfully clear about it too. That was heartening to read.

  10. Funky Dung says:

    I’d laugh but too many folks outside the Body regard Phelps, et al., as reliable representatives of Christianity.

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