The media of 9/11

Jeff Jarvis (formerly with People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly) does not have kind words for ABC’s Path to 9/11. I posted on the people and company that made The Path to 9/11, Jarvis actually watched some of it before weighing in.

When I was a TV critic, I watched an entire show before commenting on it. But I’m not a critic, only a blogger, so I will say that after an hour and a half it’s evident that the ABC “docudrama” on the road to 9/11 is offensive and exploitive and I haven’t even gotten to the politics of it yet. It’s effort at faked up reality is obnoxious; my wife passed by and said we have plenty of reality and don’t need to make it up. The jumpy camera. The made-up dialogue. The cheesy acting. The controversy for the sake of ratings. It’s just crap. And on this night of all nights, it is unpardonable.

CBS is supposed to stream its 9/11 rerun because the FCC is chilling its speech. I recommend that.

CBC is also airing the Naudet brothers documentary as well as several other award winning pieces on September 11, 2001 and subsequent events, such as, The Secret History of 9/11, The Falling Man, and Toxic Legacy.

Jarvis came to my attention when he first started his blog, for weeks I was riveted  and deeply moved by his blogging as he struggled to come to terms with his experience in New York , his survival that September day.  He revisits his experiences, his need to write, and his need to write five years after and he is still riveting.

Trauma experts tell us that people that fight their way through to their unique and healthiest adjustments possible, acknowledge and own their grief in their own way and in their own time. People who have have experienced trauma take a giant stide in their healing when they are able to once again chose to define themselves by moving out to help others.

My life has changed more this year than in those years, I suppose. One thinks that a major event — a big event — will cause big change though it usually doesn’t, at least not quickly; as long as life goes on, it just goes on. But I’m teaching now and 9/11 is a reason: I wanted to find a way to do something more meaningful, to contribute something more. It took me five years to get here but here I am. And indeed, 9/11 was the reason I started blogging and that certainly did change my life. I remain angry; that will never change. I remain fearful; I think we must. My wife still does not forgive me for staying there that day to report. But my children still will not let me leave the house without telling me they love me and making sure I say I love them.

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    Thanks for recommending the site. I find it riveting as well.

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