Canadian World Harvest evangelist and diamond mines

Details of Lindstrom’s interests are scarce, although last year he featured in an AFP report on foreign investment in the country:

Selon tous les rapports, le Liberia semble être un pays très riche en richesses naturelles, mais il a besoin d’investissements étrangers pour les développer”, selon Len Lindstrom, président de la société Liberty Gold and Diamants, qui a signé un contrat d’exploration de deux millions de dollars en juin 2004.**

The company was earlier known as the Liberty Gold and Diamond Mining Company, and as Liberty Diamond International the company was advertising for a new geologist just a few weeks ago.

“Naturally, when one thinks of diamonds, Liberia, and foreign evangelists, Pat Robertson quickly comes to mind. Lindstrom, however, takes a different view: while Robertson notoriously called for the US to support Charles Taylor as a “Christian, Baptist” president in conflict with Muslims, Lindstrom’s website denounces Taylor as a “despot”. Lindstrom does, though, enjoy political links of his own: Details at:

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World Harvest is a Pentecostal church and Parsley is identified as a prominent player in the dominionist movement by both TheocracyWatch  and commentator Bill Moyers.

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**According to all reports, Liberia seems to be a country very rich in natural resources, but it needs foreign investments to develop them “, according to Len Lindstrom, president of the company Liberty Gold and Diamands, which signed an 2 million dollar exploration contract in June 2004. **

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