Federal Conservatives preparing for election

“We need to be ready to campaign within the next week,” said the note, which was sent to members Thursday.

“Without your help, we may need to cut back on major parts of our campaign plan. That’s why I’m making an urgent appeal today to our most loyal supporters.”

The note from Irving Gerstein, chair of the Conservative Fund Canada, was obtained by The Canadian Press after it was erroneously sent to a former Conservative who left the party but still receives its correspondence.

Gerstein goes on to ask for gifts of $150 or $75 and says the party has specific plans to use the money in the first days of the campaign.

Unless Harper unilaterally went to the Governor General seeking a fresh mandate, there could only be an election if all three opposition parties combined to vote down the minority Conservative government.

The question is: why they would want to?

The Liberals have slumping poll numbers and a new leader who’s busy establishing a national organization, putting together a platform, and working to improve his English.

The NDP has also seen its support drift downward and in some recent polls was either statistically tied with the seatless Green party, or just struggling to remain ahead of it.

The Bloc Quebecois would enter an election with a very demoralized campaign team if the Parti Quebecois loses the March 26 provincial election.

Like Harper, Dion has said he does not want an election but is also urging his troops to prepare for one.

On Friday, he said his Liberals will base their budget vote on whether it addresses three key concerns: economic competitiveness, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

“We will assess what to do with this budget when we will see it,” Dion said.

“We’re only hoping that this budget will be everything that this last budget wasn’t.”

As for whether Harper would even desire an election, numerous opinion polls place him short of his coveted majority and he has repeatedly said he wants to continue governing.

But the letter from Gerstein suggests Tory troops are well into planning for the alternative.

Gerstein explained that he was raising funds specifically for the early days of an election campaign during which, he wrote, “advertising and outreach” will be key.

“We may have only a little time left to finalize our finances for the first few days of the upcoming election.”

The memo was obtained by The Toronto Star.
I thought the attack ads focusing on Stephane Dion were a clue. Dion was at a Town Hall meeting in Halton. Video of the free wheeling question and answer should be ready tonight.

The Winnipeg Press notes the Calgary Conservative have a nomination problem.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Jed Hawco issued a court order instructing the Conservative Party of Canada to restart the nomination process in Calgary West.

But because of a potentially imminent federal election, it’s unclear whether there will be enough time for the Calgary constituency to hold another 30-day nomination process.

Calgary West MP Rob Anders has won the nomination four times, and has been dogged by controversy when he called South African president Nelson Mandela as a terrorist and a communist.

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  1. hamster says:

    Seems the only ones publicly calling for an election are the newsies… Must be a quiet time in Ottawa methinks. If there isn’t any news to report, lets make some. ;-)

  2. Bene Diction says:

    I think you are correct, payback for being shut out.

  3. Hi,
    A Blogger at Country Heritage Park was Centred Out by the Garthster last Friday during the Stephen Dion meeting in a Room Too Small for ALL to fit
    Was that You ?
    Just wondering

  4. hamster says:

    Just remember, in an election, people always have the “write to NO” (sorry couldn’t resist) or at least vote someparty else into power.

  5. BD says:

    Election talk keeps the media busy and gives the parties opportunties to blame each other if the writ gets dropped. At budget time minority governments get nervous.:^)

    Hi Volunteer:
    It wasn’t me – I believe it was: http://thewingnuterer.blogspot.com/

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