US Surgeon-General nomination controversial

Dr. James Holsinger has been nominated as possible next Surgeon General of the United States.

Box Turtle Bulletin looks at the scientific inaccuracies in a 1991 medical paper Holsinger wrote called PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF MALE HOMOSEXUALITY submitted to the United Methodist church. (Can be found at Bible Belt Blogger.)

Talk2Action looks at Holsinger’s connections to a privately funded Washington group called the Institute of Religion and Democracy that is dedicated to ‘wedging’ a practise developed to split mainline US protestant denominations.

Some religious right groups in the US are saying opposition to Holinger’s name being put forward is religious discrimination. 
Others are understandably leery of Holingers acceptance of reparative therapy.
Many have no use for his misuse of medical science when he promoted his views to the United Methodist Church committees ( including judicial) he served on.
If he is unable to represent medical studies accurately, perhaps citizens and Dr. Holinger would be better served if he practised his medicine as he is currently doing as a professor instead of becoming ‘America’s’ doctor.

A few responsibilities of the successful candidate of this four year post require:

 -To articulate scientifically based health policy analysis

- To articulate scientifically based health policy analysis (both nationally and internationally).  I doubt the international community is going to appreciate a doctor involved in and promoting ’reparative therapy’ which has been rejected by medical associations world wide

- the advancement of appropriate standards and research priorities

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