Bloggers skew Canadian Historical Society poll – Worst Canadian

Freep:  To slew or cheat an online poll by repeatedly voting (clearing cookies, using proxies) or to make a blog appear to be commented by numerous posters by the same means. (From the practices of the Free Republic or “freepers”) Urban Dictionary

The Canadian Historical Society has been freeped. Their adult publication, The Beaver decided to run an online poll for “The Worst Canadian.” There were 15 thousand online votes.

The Society also polled historians and writers, and the two lists are quite different – of course. That is also because So-con bloggers and The Blogging Tories ‘freeped’ the online poll for partisan puposes. They called for readers to stack the poll back in May.

The people bragging about freeping believe they’ve done something significant. There had to be some liberal cross push for ‘votes’ but no one is stepping forward.   Social Conservative bloggers (So-con blogs) and The Blogging Tories got media attention a month ago when they freeped The Great Canadian Wish List – and online effort run by the CBC.

Apparently freeping gets your voice or your opinion out, and it’s something to brag about according to Big Blue Wave.

As with the CBC Great Canadian Wish List, The Canadian Historical Society dutifully published the freeped results.

The Beaver put out a news release, which doesn’t sit well with some of the Social Conservative and Tory bloggers.

The freeped list

Pierre Trudeau
Chris Hannah
Henry Morgentaler
Brian Mulroney
Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka
Stephen Harper
Céline Dion
Jean Chrétien
Clifford Olson
Conrad Black

Canada’s National History Society list

John Diefenbaker 
Sir John A. Macdonald
John Reiffenstein
Sam Hughes 
Inouye Kanao, a.k.a. “The
Kamloops Kid” 
Duncan Campbell Scott 
Joseph Trutch
Adrien Arcan
Edward Farrer
Lord Beaverbrook

via: Canadian Cynic, Red Tory
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Huffington Post
National Newswatch

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6 Responses to Bloggers skew Canadian Historical Society poll – Worst Canadian

  1. SUZANNE says:

    Just like the leftists freeped the CBC’s Great Canadian list. Yes, freeping does get your message, but it appears only lefties are allowed to do it.

  2. Funny I promoted the idea that it was Wolfe and Montcalm that were the worst Canadians and obviously nobody took me up on it.

  3. sickens me, absolutely sickens me.



    I lay the blame for this solidly with the same contingent who continually drag Mulroney’s into the LimeLight… much like FauxNooze’s fawning adoration for RayGun…

    Hrumph: Beaver Readers pick Trudeau as ‘Worst Canadian

    on the upside, I’m looking forward to another ProgBlog BBQ!

    Spread Love…
    … but wear the Glove!

    BlueBerry Pick’n
    can be found @
    “We, two, form a multitude” ~ Ovid
    “Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced”

  4. Scott Tribe says:

    deleted by request of author

  5. Bene Diction says:

    Thanks for posting about this Suzanne!
    It might not have been something none history buffs might have noticed.
    Given that historians and teachers use stricker criteria than ‘left or right’ when evaluating the question, I’ve no doubt the decision of the Historical Society and The Beaver editors to post the results with integrity will help teachers and professors across the country. And techs.:^)

    Good opportunity to look at the names and do some learning.

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