Montebello Summit – non-slip soles – the yellow triangle pictures

The Communication, Energy and Paperworkers Union will be holding a news conference this afternoon. They say they have proof the three protesters in the video shot at the Montebello Summit are Surete du Quebec.

“We have proof that the three individuals who were “arrested” after being exposed as “agents provocateurs” were, in fact, members of the Quebec police force,” says CEP President Dave Coles, and we plan to do what it takes to bring this matter to justice.”

BigCityLib was the one that noticed the yellow sticker on the bottom of the boots was the Vibram TM sticker. Vibram is an Italian company that makes non slip soles. Millions of them. The protesters happen to be wearing the same boot with the same tread pattern as the Surete du Quebec officers. 


via: CUPE

agent provocateur: a widely used tactic which involves the infiltration of targeted organizations with with the expressed purpose of engaging in illegal act which could then be attributed to key organizational members. Agent provocateurs were/are also routinely assigned to disrupt the internal functioning of targeted groups and assist in the spread of disinformation.

Provocation is found in section 232 of the Criminal Code of Canada

What is provocation
 (2) A wrongful act or an insult that is of such a nature as to be sufficient to deprive an ordinary person of the power of self-control is provocation for the purposes of this section if the accused acted on it on the sudden and before there was time for his passion to cool.
Questions of fact
 (3) For the purposes of this section, the questions

(a) whether a particular wrongful act or insult amounted to provocation, and

(b) whether the accused was deprived of the power of self-control by the provocation that he alleges he received,

are questions of fact, but no one shall be deemed to have given provocation to another by doing anything that he had a legal right to do, or by doing anything that the accused incited him to do in order to provide the accused with an excuse for causing death or bodily harm to any human being.

 Dr. Dawg has a list of bloggers posting about the Montebello confrontation. The YouTube video of the three ‘protesters’ unusual behavior.

It’s difficult to know what ‘proof’ the union has other than what bloggers and media have looked at, but we’ll see.  An important step is for RCMP and/or Surete du Quebec to tell the public what happened to these three ‘arrested protesters.’ Police took national media time before the summit to say they were going to respect people’s rights, and it was peaceful protesters that spotted these three. The demonstrators didn’t escalate, if these three ‘disappeared’ were on duty police waving weapons and urging protesters to get violent, then we all have a problem. 

prior post here  
Stageleft went to the news conference and will post an update

Update: CTV and other mainstream media now has their pictures, someone knows who they are. 
CBC:  The RCMP has refused to comment, while Quebec’s provincial force has flatly denied that its officers were involved in the incident.

It said it is not releasing any names as no charges were laid. 

The National Post: We don’t get into strategic details of what we do,” said Const. Jayson Gauthier of the Surete du Quebec. 

Deny or cite security concerns: CP – Toronto Star

A spokesman for Harper denied any role by the prime minister in the fair, saying “the PMO is not involved in security for events.” Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day’s office referred all questions to the RCMP.

The Mounties and the SQ, the two police forces involved in summit security, continued to refuse specific comment on three alleged undercover officers caught on camera in an apparent bid to incite a confrontation.

But they denied using agents to provoke violence.

“I confirm (to) you that there are no agents provocateurs in the Surete du Quebec. . . It doesn’t exist in the Surete du Quebec,” said Const. Melanie Larouche.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Luc Bessette said the Mounties do “not use tactics that would encourage confrontation or incite violence.”

Bessette said the RCMP cannot discuss details of security measures for major events such as the summit because “to do so could jeopardize the integrity of our operations for future events.”


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3 Responses to Montebello Summit – non-slip soles – the yellow triangle pictures

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  2. Sherm says:

    What a strange confrontation. Is it possible they were Canadian police or US Secret Service? CSIS? CIA?

    Something just wasn’t quite right.

  3. Bene Diction says:

    Ah, good. CTV picked it up.

    Off the record a police officer says “they won’t be winning an Oscar.”

    It is entirely possible the police aren’t completely sure who they are, or they now know and aren’t saying.
    Their pictures out going to go out to a wider audience, letters are going to political leaders.

    David Coles fills in some of the blanks in his interview, younger protesters chased these three men into that zone.

    Someone has answers to valid and legitimate questions.

    On record a retired city cop doesn’t want to believe any police he knows would act this way, but…he wants more information also. I trust a cop to know hinky when he sees it.

    David Akins is a vetern reporter, he has a good sense of what he is seeing on that YouTube clip.

    So the RCMP and the Surete du Quebec have three arrests to account for…and they aren’t talking.

    It’s not a hard question.

    Interesting. If these aren’t Canadian police or US police or secret service, why isn’t a police spokesperson coming right out and saying so?

    The Harper Index: “The protest legal aid committee, however, received no report from authorities of their arrests, lending further credence to allegations the two were not genuine protestors. “Yes, these were definitely agent provocateurs, cops, and legal folks have no record of these supposed arrests,” said Peoples Global Action (PGA) spokesperson John Hollingsworth at the Indie Media Centre.”

    Police confirmed they did not arrest these three.

    Here is a copy of the Hughes report, following the 1997 APEC conduct of the mounties.

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