Update to Ted Haggard’s begging for money

Several days ago a TV station in Colorado Springs ran an email and story about former New Life Church leader Ted Haggard begging for money. Haggard resigned the mega church he founded in 2006 after he admitted seeing a male prostitute for three years.

Today, his former church was voting on whether to accept a new minister “I’m not a failure” Brady Boyd of Texas. (yes, he really said that from the New Life Church pulpit – the rest is here).

While a few media outlets picked up the fund raising appeal story last week, it was left to alternative media and bloggers to find out what was going on.

The original story from last week is here, along with the email Haggard sent his friend at the ABC affiliate KRDO.

1. Haggard said he would be working and living at The Dream Centre, a half way house for addicts run by the church he is currently attending.


That announcement came as a surprise to those in charge of the Dream Center, and Haggard will not be working or living there, said the Rev. Leo Godzich, associate pastor at Phoenix First Assembly of God.

“That was something that was totally unbeknownst to us when he sent it,” Godzich said. “It was just something that he thought of in a conceptual stage, and nothing had been decided.”

2. The charity Haggard asked ‘friends’ to send money to is run by a convicted sex offender.

That man, Paul G. Huberty, wrote in an e-mail to the Gazette on Monday afternoon that his group did not find out about Haggard’s solicitation until it surfaced in media reports. He added that no money has been sent to Haggard through the group.

…Haggard suggested in his e-mail that tax-deductible donations be sent to the organization’s Monument post office box, but its Colorado status was dissolved in February, according to state records.

The organization is registered in Hawaii, Huberty said in his response.

A search did not find a Web site for the organization, and Godzich said he’s never heard of it.

The organization is not listed as having tax-exempt status, according to the IRS, but
Huberty said it is in good standing. It has no paid employees.

3) The degrees Ted Haggard and his wife wish to pursue are offered by an online Mormon outfit called The University of Phoenix, which has  high tutition fees without qualified not a full staff of professors, but some are available. The business is not accredited and has a success rate of 16%.

According to The Colorado Gazette, Haggard is in Phoenix attending the 15 thousand member First Assembly of God Church. His email reveals only one the ‘overseers’ appointed to help him and his family in is the area he is living in.

It’s understandable people went ballistic when the story of this email from Haggard surfaced. This team of pastors can only say “he thought of in a conceptual stage.”

Ted Haggard is an untreated addict with unique attendant psychological problems. He is bright, ambitious, grandiose and quite capable of all kinds of concepts. But lets call a spade a spade.
No doubt Ted Haggard going through serious cognitive dissonance as the church he founded in Colorado Springs votes to bring in a minister who told his potential congregation ’he isn’t a failure.’  What a slap in the face to Haggard! I don’t know if Brady Boyd intended to taunt Haggard, but it comes across that way to uninterested observers.
If this team of pastors are qualified to help someone as troubled as Haggard, and his family who is dependent and co-dependent, how would this happen if they were fulfilling their responsibilities? Mike Ware runs a church in Denver, Tim Ralph runs a church in Larkspur Colorado, Larry Stockstill runs a prayer centre in Louisiana.                  
They supposedly set up the treatment plan for Haggard. ( James Dobson declined to participate)

Haggard grew up in five star fundamentalism. He thrived in that environment, embraced it’s sub-culture with everything he had and was rewarded for his charisma.  It doesn’t appear he is getting any qualified help - read his email. It’s delusional, and comes from a man who needs more than a pay-off and some pew time in another pentecostal mega-church.

I can understand why people are mocking and angry, Haggard is an internationally known homophobic US evangelical leader who did a lot of damage and hurt a lot of people.
Eventually he hurt himself and his family. 
The team of pastors who pledged to help him don’t appear to care what kind of bottom he and his family hit. Or perhaps they care, but do not have the qualifications to walk along side a conflicted disturbed addict and his family.
No addict sets out to be an addict. 
Ted Haggard and his family need merciful, professional, patient and skilled long term care. This team of pastors announced Haggard was ‘healed’ of homosexuality after three weeks of supposed intense counselling, so Haggard’s uninsightful fund raising pleas should come as no surprise.

Haggard didn’t get the money he begged for, he doesn’t need it. But ever since this fund raising story appeared on my radar screen, I haven’t seen it being about money at all. He’s begging, no doubt about that, but I don’t think money is what he is crying out for at all.  He is a lot more vulnerable and sick (and by extension of his addictions his family) than his ‘overseers’ are acknowledging.

Box Turtle Bulletin
New Life Church votes 95% for Brady Boyd

Update 2: The Haggard overseers met with him by conference call and in person this week, after which they released a short statement. “From Overseers and Restoration Team Working with Ted Haggard”.

“Mr. Haggard’s solicitation for personal support was inappropriate. It was never the intention of the Dream Center that Mr. Haggard would provide any counsel or other ministry.”

Ware also writes in Wednesday’s media release that Haggard will not be moving to or working with the Dream Center. In fact, the last sentence of the release reads, “He will be seeking secular employment to support himself and family.”

The release did not say if Haggard was punished in any way for making the inappropriate comments in his email. 

From Colorado Springs Gazette:

“After their fact-finding was complete, they (overseers) informed Mr. Haggard that his plan and his communications about it were unacceptable. Mr. Haggard’s solicitation for personal support was inappropriate. It was never the intention of the Dream Center that Mr. Haggard would provide any counsel or other ministry. Mr. Haggard will not be moving in or working with the Dream Center. He will not be doing any ministry. He will be seeking secular employment to support himself and his family.”

The statement did not say whether Haggard may have violated his agreement with the overseers. One of them, the Rev. Mike Ware, said before the release of the statement that they would not discuss Haggard or answer questions.

Asked whether the agreement with the overseers was still in effect, Haggard said, “Yes.” 

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  2. Mark Byron says:

    Re University of Pheonix:

    The Wikipedia you link to is a bit of a hatchet job on them, even though I’m no fan of theirs. The coursework is often done in an accelerated format that often doesn’t do the material justice; many other colleges have copied that format.

    I had not heard of that pro-Mormon bias issue (which I confirmed with a quick Google) but the school seems to be secular in it’s curriculum; the denominations that they are most interested in are tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds.

    I’ll take issue with the line that they are “without qualified professors.”

    When I was teaching at Warner Southern College, one of my colleagues was adjuncting at UofP’s Tampa campus. She had a master degree in Finance and was a good teacher; they kept her when they let me go three years ago.

    One difference with UofP was that they had slightly lower standards for graduate faculty. SACS, who accredits the southeastern states, makes graduate school faculty have a terminal degree in their field, while North Central, which covers Arizona where UofP is based, allows (or allowed in 2004) folks with a master’s degree to teach graduate coursework. Thus, my colleague was able to teach MBA classes at UofP while she wasn’t allowed to at WSC.

    The minimum credentials for either SACS or North Central are a master’s degree and 18 graduate semester hours in the field you’re teaching. That’s far short of the doctorates that most of your state-school profs have, but far from unqualified.

  3. Bene D says:

    Thanks for correcting me.

    I can appreciate the need to correct any errors, and did not mean to imply all online schooling was sub-standard ripoffs.

    I latched onto Haggards statements over the last year that he and his wife were going to pursue online degrees. He originally went to Oral Roberts, they are accredited or recognized by several groups.

    Arizona State and Phoenix College would probably have online modules, ( he originally stated he wanted a psychology degree, his wife a sociology degree) it’s possible that’s what he meant, I’ve seen no clarification.
    They have qualified faculty, distance learning a great way to study, especially for busy adults upgrading.

    “…the denominations that they are most interested in are tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds.”

    ar arr arrr!

    I’ve been working with a friend on a piece regarding fake degrees -especially in Canada’s fundamentalist sub-culture, and I appreciate you taking time to help clarify.

  4. Bill Kinnon says:

    And that piece really needs to get done. Where does time go!!??

  5. Bene Diction says:

    You’ve got a lot on your plate there Bill. It can wait given how complex academia can be and how complicated the fakes are. You’ve got the skills to do it justice, rushing isn’t going to prove anything.

    It’s a good idea, take your time.:^)

  6. Dave King says:

    I thought admitting you were a sinner was a prerequisite to being a Christian, so how can Brady Boyd say “I’m not a failure” from the pulpit and not be chased out of Church?

    Strange times.

    - Peace

  7. Bene Diction says:

    “I don’t have any moral failures in my past, no bones in my closet,” said Boyd, adding that he was not perfect, according to Rocky Mountain News. “I have sinned, but I am not a failure.”

    Yeah, strange times.

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