Political sex lives

Ethics Daily has a good piece up on the latest political scandal in the US and about why putting one’s eggs of faith into one political basket get’s depressing pretty quickly.

I haven’t been able to read The Evangelical Outpost since installing updated virus/firewall software.  The McAfee Site Advisor (where ever it is in the program) has decided I’m not going to be allowed onto The Evangelical Outpost, or be allowed to make my choice about whether I think The Evangelical Outpost is safe. McAfee wants me to pay for an upgrade to their Site Advisory plus program, and submit a safe site report for Carters blog. Right. Not going to happen. Who is spamming/scamming who here?
Joe Carter is runing ads from companies that have been been deemed spy or spam prone. I genuinely miss being able to pop over, and don’t have hours to figure out how to bypass this site advisor software silliness,(I’ve already spent hours!) and can’t even give you the link to his article on the senator, unless I fool around with coding, and that’s not a good idea for someone like myself who is seriously code challenged.  Sorry about that.
If I’d had a clue that McAfee had this site advisor program, I’d have made a different choice before install.

Having said that, Carter wrote about the latest scandal from the Family Research Council perspective. The polar opposite of Ethics Daily (what I could see of it in the RSS reader)

The post and discussion that most resonated with me was at Box Turtle Bulletin.  Jim Burroway looks at misdemeanors and double standards.

Bible Belt Blogger started his jouralism career in Idaho and knows the senator in question and the media climate well – Larry Craig’s sex life: The Holy Grail of Idaho journalism. 
Frank Lockwood is another good writer whose blog I can’t comment on. Not because he doesn’t want comments, but because his employer has decided my personal information matters more than feedback. I happen to think my personal information in none of his employers business.

But that’s a bit what the latest US political scandal is about isn’t it?
Public verus private lives, information, choices and behavior.


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