Left Behind Games Inc., going after bloggers

Left Behind Games is legally threatening people that criticized Left Behind: Eternal Forces.

Why am I not surprised?
I’m not, at all, which is rather sad in itself.
Lawyer Gordon D. Katz is going to be rather busy.

But who is Gordon D. Katz? The Daily Kos poster did some digging, and found out that the office is actually a private house belonging to Katz’s mother, and that his named “Administrator” is none other than Lyndon’s wife. Most curious.

Criticisms of the game are not confined to blogs; newspapers and magazines have covered the controversy, and it is even referenced in Richard Dawkins The God Delusion.

The details at Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion.

Jonathan Hutson of Talk2Action has written the definitive series on Left Behind: Eternal Forces this company, this game play, employees, finances and theology.
This article by Max Blumenthal prompted an ABC news piece and The Pentagon yanked the contract.  In May 2007 The Christian Post wrote about management housecleaning.

The game was released in November 2006. The company has lost millions of dollars, stock prices went from $7.44 to .14 cents. Investors lost a lot of money the SEC filings are public.  It is currently selling on Amazon for $2.67/US.
Game sites pointed out story and technical flaws, and the use of embedded advertising technology from Isreal called Double Fusion.
Evangelical bloggers and religious groups pointed out the theological and social flaws of the games dominionist philosophy. 
Gamespot gave it a bad rating of 3.4. February 2007:

However, the publisher still spent more than it brought in for the quarter, resulting in a net loss of more than $4.1 million for the three months. That brings its total losses since inception to more than $31 million.

I don’t think they’ll recoup those losses for their investors by sueing game sites and bloggers.

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7 Responses to Left Behind Games Inc., going after bloggers

  1. Jason says:

    Left Behind Games produces a product. When that product is the target of a vicious smear campaign of falsehoods (primarily the “convert of kill” claims about the game), then they have every right to defend their game. This is no different than a food producer defending their products from people falsely claiming the company is deliberately poisoning their products.

  2. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Jason:

    Agreed. LBG Inc. produced a product.
    - lost 31 million of investor, start up and sales
    - had a Pentegon contract cancelled because of the content of the game.
    - has been criticised by religious and ethnic groups for content.
    - was criticised for touting to do a million disc giveaway to a mega church target market.
    - has received bad reviews and ratings from gaming sites.
    - is poorly rated in the PC market – is selling seriously cheap on Amazon.

    Of couse they have the right to defend their product.

    It is different than false claims of poisoning in food products.
    Ingesting poison kills.
    Look at the Menu Foods recall story on this blog. How many animals died and how much money has this company lost and has to pay out?

    Gatz is the LBG Inc., attorney he can threaten or try a SLAPP on anyone he wants.
    Operative word, try.
    How is LBG Inc. in a position to lose potential cases?

    A Bonanza Gold repeat?

  3. Jason says:

    *sigh* Just lies, lies and more lies heaped upon the lies already being spread about the game.

    “- lost 31 million of investor, start up and sales”

    Not unusual for new companies. Some companies take years to turn a profit.

    “- had a Pentegon contract cancelled because of the content of the game.”

    Because of people lying about the content of the game, yes.

    “- has been criticised by religious and ethnic groups for content.”

    Which are largely lies about the content.

    “- was criticised for touting to do a million disc giveaway to a mega church target market.”


    “- has received bad reviews and ratings from gaming sites.”

    And has also received neutral and favorable reviews and ratings, too.

    “- is poorly rated in the PC market”

    Not all ratings have been poor.

    “- is selling seriously cheap on Amazon.”

    Uh… You do know that’s for USED copies, right? The price for a new one is $29.00.

    “Ingesting poison kills.”

    And lying about products kills companies.

  4. Bene Diction says:

    Jason, you like the game, that’s fine.
    And you disagree with game, cultural and theological critics.
    That’s fine.

    The game sites I’ve been on have given it mediocre to poor.
    The only good reviews I’ve seen have been Fotf and a newspaper in California.

    What game sites gave it a good review (content and theology not a factor) on straight game play?
    What game sites gave it a good review – dominionism theology and story line included?

    The company is linked, people can read the pr and check it out themselves.

    I’ve been clear about what I think about Left Behind: Eternal Forces and why.
    Bonanza Gold, Left Behind Games Inc.. – a lot of things contribute to companies ending.

    Do you know who are getting SLAPPS from Mr. Katz?
    Do you know why he is referring people to the wife of the CEO?

    Do you work for LBGI, offshoots or developers?

  5. Jason says:

    I don’t like or dislike the game. I do what I’m doing because I’m sick and tired of people getting away with lying about evangelical Christians. They need to be confronted like the Pharisees and others needed to be confronted by Christ.

    UGO gave the game a B :


    Game Vortext gave it an 80%:


    Clive Thompson favorably reviewed the game on Wired:


    I don’t know why you think Left Behind Games ended. They’re putting out an expansion pack for EF and are planning a sequel.

    I don’t know everyone who has gotten the letter. Just those who have chosen to comment on it online.

    I’m not privy to the company makeup, but I see from the credits in the game manual that Troy Lyndon’s wife is listed as being part of the creation of the game.

    I am in no way connected with Left Behind Games, I know nothing about programming beyond the most basic HTML and I live in Minnesota. I’ve had limited contact via email with one of the game developers, but that came well after I bought and started covering the game on my blog. Does that answer your concerns about my motivations?

  6. Bene Diction says:

    It does, thank you.

    Given the SLAPPS Gordon Katz is sending around and the odd circumstances around them, I doubt he’ll go after a Canadian evangelical.  Most of us are not pre-trib dominionists Jason.

    I’m aware of Troy Lydon’s former success and current ranking as a developer.

    I was aware of the patches, the expansion pack and the plans for a sequel. I’m also aware of the stock price drop, the firings and the deferrment of royalities by Tyndale, which is why I asked.

    You seem up on this company and what is occurring.

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