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Dan at Cerulean Sanctum is refreshingly candid about why he is disallusioned with politics. It’s reasonable to be disallusioned, it is at least a decision, and better than ignorance.

I don’t think Christian is a voting block.
There is a religious wing of the Republican Party that would loudly disagree with me. They have in the past, the most vile hateful emails coming to this blog are from this, er, voting block. 
They call themselves ‘value voters.’
I doubt Max Blumenthal will continue to be permitted into these conferences and bring out video -  The Value Voters Summit.  Blumenthal stood back and let leaders speak.
The scroll is a fun touch.
The Galloping Beaver

Oral Roberts University has filed it’s papers with the courts, requesting a gag order. Three professors are suing for wrongful dismissal. The attached document to their amended complaint is what everyone is talking about, it’s good fodder for gossip, speculation, innuendo;  and I think for helping the timid come forward and tell it like it is.
There is nothing new under the sun.
Two books came out around 30 years ago, ‘Ashes to Gold’ (1983) by Richard Roberts first wife Patti Roberts Thompson, and ‘Give Me that Prime Time Religion’ (1979) by a former Oral Roberts producer named Jerry Sholes. 
It was business as usual again in no time at all.
The court denied the University request today to have the court filings speeded up. ORU is in full damage control mode, but I don’t think this one is going to go away soon.

Another one. This is sad. This Washington state politican has a wife and kids.
But hey, he’s not gay. 

I didn’t know Ed Sullivan called Robert Goulet the American Baritone from Canada.
Goulet died today. He was 73.

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2 Responses to Leap blogging

  1. DLE says:


    Thanks for the nod on the politics post at Cerulean Sanctum and for being a reader.

    Sad about Robert Goulet. My parents always liked him, even if he couldn’t sing the American national anthem and get the words right.

  2. TimothyO says:

    I clicked through on my RSS feed because I saw that you were talking about the post from CS, which is another of my favorite blogs, only to find mention of my school a little further down.

    Good read on ORU. From my seat on the inside, I can attest that, sadly, not much of what’s coming out is any surprise to upperclassmen. Things seem like they might be getting better, though, with Richard Roberts out on an indefinite leave of absence. The atmosphere around here has really become a lot less like Shawshank Redemption since they’ve been gone.

    I love this school, and I feel as though I’ve sat under some excellent faculty in my time here, both in scholarly and spiritual terms, despite all of the administration’s charismania and the baggage (like this) that seems to come with it. Hopefully, these horrible times for ORU will serve to clean that out without destroying the things I’ve found to be of value in my time here.

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