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Dr. Mark Byron, who is definitely one of my smarter reads, has been blogging for six years. Wow. I hope he blogs six more.

Killing the Buddha turned seven and has declared the Buddha is dead. They’ve shut down.

Living Waters International is continuing it’s aggressive expansion into Canada. Andrew Comiskey a former Exodus International leader is expanding Living Waters across our country. (Exodus is now an actively political group) I’ve written about the Living Waters program being offered by a breakaway  Anglican diocese, now they have established a presence in Winnipeg.
This extreme US program (gays can be cured) is described in detail at Box Turtle Bulletin.

Anti-abortion is a political issue in the US. We have our small group in Canada. While many political bloggers call people like Suzanne Fortin at Big Blue Wave someone with a fetish-fetish, that’s incorrect. She is political, a devout Catholic with an acknowledged obsession. ( 743 pro-life posts, 612 abortion posts, 545 fetal rights posts, 54 late term abortion, and unborn victims of crimes posts. There are more) 

I wrote that coming on too strong makes people uncomfortable and…

That is why I don’t talk a lot about abortion with other people.

Now notice the context. I am talking about meeting people face to face in real life. And I used the word “talk”– which means to express oneself orally.

That’s what my blog’s for.

Anti-abortionists follow the political climate, alternating between fetus-centric and female centric.
Fortin has had no trouble aligning herself with extremist groups in the US such as the Army of God and Operation Rescue.  Suzanne Fortin asked for this correction: (13/01/08)

 I do not “align” myself with Army of God, as they advocate violence. I wholeheartedly reject violence as a means to create a culture of life. I hope you can change that in your blog post.

The latest group to be politically hijacked is men.
It’s being called male post-abortive syndrome.
(Post abortion syndrome is not recognized by any medical groups) 
While I think men (especially conservative Christians) can certainly benefit from talking about their grief instead of fireboming clinics as a way to channel emotion and loss, I don’t think hi-jacking personal male support groups to further politics is productive to anyone.  World-O-Crap doesn’t spare the punches in: My Abortion made me impotent.

Stats Can: Induced Abortion by province

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5 Responses to Leap Blogging

  1. saint says:

    I do confess that I don’t like the “politics” of abortion, including, as you say, politically hijacking people who would not have entered the politics but for being hijacked.

  2. SUZANNE says:

    I do not “align” myself with Army of God, as they advocate violence. I wholeheartedly reject violence as a means to create a culture of life. I hope you can change that in your blog post.

  3. Bene D says:

    Hi Suzanne, I don’t mind changing it as you request.  
    Other groups come to mind. 
    Operation Rescue, well documented with the verbally and physical violence;  you agree with core principles of Army of God and Missionaries to the Unborn etc. etc. The groups exist because they are anti-abortionists who share your  passion,  acknowledged obsession and goals. 

    I hope the changes are satisfactory to you.


  4. SUZANNE says:

    As far as I know, Operation Rescue is not the same organization run by Randall Terry in the 1980′s. It mostly deals with the George Tiller issue in Kansas.

    You share the same core values as Stalin, the FLQ, Students for a Democratic society, all of whom have participated in terror and killing.

    Guilt by association is a terrible fallacy and an easy cheap shot. The vast majority of pro-life people seek legal redress and cultural change through peaceful means.

    But don’t let the facts get in the way of your rhetoric.

  5. Bene D says:

    Not going to fight with you Suzanne,  or  return the  name calling.

    Not all Catholics and Protestants are anti-abortion.


    Operation Rescuse tactics haven’t changed since Terry Randall, he’s still involved.


    I trust the changes in the post are satisfactory.

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