MCTV yanked ad from Pentecostal in Florida

 March  3rd CTV yanked an ad off it’s regional affiliate MCTV out of Sudbury Ontario after receiving complaints about content.

Lifesite, a Catholic website run out of Kingston Ontario interviewed webmaster, Jason James of Life Productions.  His interview has all the lingo, “we’re persecuted, this is about free speech, there are activists and a homosexual agenda.” Boilerplate. He told Lifesite he’d gotten a lot of hate mail and didn’t want to disclose his location. Fair enough, he registered the site, and he has had his five minutes of internet fame. He should be left to fade back into the woodwork, unless he tries this again. Telecaster is aware of Life Productions now, if he and Exchange try to pull the wool over another broadcasters eyes, it will be more difficult, although all stations in Canada don’t vet commercials through the company.
He can peddle his product in the US.

The ad is narrated by a man named John Westcott of Exchange Ministries.
Box Turtle Bulletin confirms a John Westcott of Exchange Ministries is in Florida.

So how did this ad wind up on a regional CTV affiliate? 
I asked an employee of Telecaster Canada, they hadn’t heard about it. I’m not going to press it, since CTV corporate was involved getting it pulled quickly, the commerical would have been flagged if it was run through Telecaster screeners.  The error seems to have occurred in continunity out of Sudbury and this isn’t about getting people in hot water.
MCTV did not respond to email, and neither did Jason Johns.

John Westcott’s Exchange Ministries operates out of Calvary Assembly of God in Winter Park, Orlando. He charges $15.00/week per person.

John Westcott has had his wife’s name mixed up in public releases.
In a New Man magazine profile of 2004 – A Light in the Closet - he says his wife’s name is Dena.
In the Lifesite article of March 10th, 2008 his wife’s name is Dena.
In a Catholic Online article (a pickup from Lifesite) March 11th, his wife’s name is Amanda. 
On the Calvary Assemblies of God bio, his wife’s name is Dena. He got married in 1992 and went on church staff in 1995.

I accepted Jesus as my personal savior at the age of ten, when our next door neighbors told my little sister and me about the rapture. In my teenage years, I became the prodigal son looking to the world to meet my needs. I literally lived a life full of “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. I finally surrendered on June 23, 1990, recommitting my life to Christ and developing an intimate personal relationship with Him. 

Reparative therapy is a money racket, spiritually vulnerable people are preyed upon and I want to know how an ad Westcott did wound up on MCTV. 
I want to know his ties with Sault Ste. Marie.
I want to know why a Pentecostal in Florida is trying to hit up the Canadian market.

If I wrote Life Productions under false pretenses begging for help, Jason Johns would get back to me with his hand out in a heart beat. No doubt I’d be referred to an Exodus International affiliate.

The tie in from the US with Exchange is  Desert Stream which is a well known US reparative therapy organization, the Canadian offshoot is Living Waters out of Vancouver. The Life Productions website is registered by Jason Johns in Sault. Ste. Marie. Johns is called the director in both articles.

Where did the money come from for a year of advertising on a CTV affiliate?
John Westcott and Jason Johns managed to pull a fast one with MCTV. Which region in Canada is next?

Exchange profile 2006

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