Canadian woman sucked in by Peter Popoff gets reimbursed

Televangelist Peter Popoff’s ministry has reimbursed a Nanaimo woman after she went public with concerns about the fundraising techniques used by the California-based church.

The Nanaimo (BC) Daily News

The first story about the Popoff rip off and Josie Gurney appeared in the Nanaimo paper May 12th and was drawn to the attention of the Popoff headquarters in the US by a Canadian Word for the World (Popoff employee), who sent the original article to the California headquaters.

Her faith started turning to suspicion when she compared notes with her sister, and realized the letters were word-for-word the same. Then she saw a television documentary debunking the faith healer.

In the 1980s, Popoff was widely known for accurately guessing audience members’ home addresses and their illnesses, fueling belief he truly enjoyed divine revelation.

But in 1987 skeptic James Randy followed the evangelist across the U.S., eventually learning his assistants gleaned information from audience members before the show, then fed it to Popoff using FM radios transmissions to a receiver fitted in Popoff’s ear.

His ministry collapsed and went bankrupt within months of the news being revealed on the Johnny Carson Show.

Popoff is now back, and today he sells his message on late-night television.

Gurney was shocked when she learned the truth.

“I just feel awful, I feel stupid,” she said.

Hello Petey – the original Jame Randi exposure.

Peter Popoff disappeared after being found out and resurfaced again in 2007. He is on Canada’s Vision Channel, several US stations and is picking up air time all over the world.

Charity Navigator: Popoff is raking it in again. Breakdown of revenue growth, salaries, assets etc.

Popoff Canadian listings
Popoff UK, Australia listings

via: Religion News Blog

Update: Some time ago a 30 minute documentary was made on the Randi exposure of Popoff. A clip from it can be seen on YouTube. The film was made by Aron Ranen.

Update: A website has been set up to document Popoff’s scams, history, finances, companies, direct mailing operation (former Kelly Media employee talks about her employment with the Popoff’s family company), expensive homes etc.  Parts of his website People United for Christ has now been blocked in Canada because of ongoing exposure and past investigation.
There are things Canadians can do, A few Global stations, Vision, and CHEX carry his informercial/services.  A polite letter writing campaign will help get this fraud of Canadian airwaves and prevent him from conning more vulnerable Canadians.
His web on demand site in the US is no longer operational. ABC’s 2007 report and the Better Business Bureau information is also available on  Peter Popoff: Pwn and Owned.

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100 Responses to Canadian woman sucked in by Peter Popoff gets reimbursed

  1. Jackie V says:

    Please also Google video ”The Blind and the Dead” by Texe Marrs.

    He features countless video footage of well known tv preachers, including the clip of Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Browne appearing to tell jokes back and forth in foreign tongues, which is nothing less than blasphemous and a grievious misuse of this Gift, as the Lord didn’t give it for entertainment purposes or to make spectacles of ourselves in church services, for others to laugh at. When viewing this clip, it should make you SAD and very grieved indeed (unlike the audience members, most of whom appeared to find it amusing).

    Clearly there is a counterfeit revival working in many churches today, which is why we need to be more discerning than ever before and not accept every supernatural sign and wonder as necessarily being from God but rather to TEST it, to see whether it even be Scriptural.

    How do we test it? By matching what we see and hear against Scripture. If it doesn’t line up, then it needs to be discarded, no matter how impressive it appears at face value.

    In the case with speaking in tongues, read the passages of Scripture that explain how this Gift is to be used in the Church today and match that against that video clip of Copeland and Browne.

    P.S. The Bible is ALWAYS supposed to be CAPITALIZED, even in the middle of a sentence. It’s a sign of respect. If it’s not capitalized, then you’re reducing it to the same level as a novel. Likewise with the word Scripture.

    It never ceases to amaze me how few Christians know that. Just thought I’d throw that it in. I’m not aiming that comment at any one person. It’s just free information for anyone that cares to know.

  2. Winston Joseph says:

    hey Mr.Popoff …i would like you to STOP sending me letters in God’s Name
    take me off your mailing list.

  3. Bene D says:

    Popoff earned 23 million last year. Your money, he’s a fraud.

  4. Marina says:

    You must ask why every church in the world isn’t denouncing this man, pointing the finger at him? Why doesn’t the glorious church of Christ speak against the actions of this man from behind the pulpit every single day to warn it’s people from the deception out there? Where are the shepherds that are supposed to watch over the flock? Where are the whistle blowers shouting from the rooftops, the abomination of this man and men like him? The church could have averted the plans of this man and saved many from the misery left in his wake. Instead, he lives the lavish lifestyle having reaped his harvest from the misfortune of others, pre-groomed by their religion to believe in the extraordinary.


    WHY? Because Christians are not taught by their leaders to think critically. They are not taught to be skeptical when it comes to “god” things, just skeptical when it comes to secular ideas. They are taught to “only believe”. Don’t question the man of god. Don’t scrutinize the doctrine whole Christian history and theology – it shows weak faith and god will not be pleased. They are cowed into blind submission.

    For too many centuries, god and religion has gotten a free pass from public criticism and scrutiny, doing pretty much anything it wishes without too much resistance. It has been untouchable for too long. It’s about time for change.

  5. Susan says:

    According to Genesis chapter 11, The Tower of Babel represents a human race that was proud and rebelled against God. Everyone spoke one tongue or language. The goal of mankind was to build themselves a monument of their own achievments. Makes me think of a “One World Order”. Anyhow at this point, because man put himself in God’s place, the tongue or language was confounded, to many tongues or languages.

    Now we fast forward to Acts chapter 2. The Holy Spirit shows an empressive pressence by tongues like flames of fire. Here mankind is not confounded, but marvels that each nationality understands the others language or tongue.

    Tongue is an english translation for the greek word language. So when I read this, I started to see an intelligence to this event. More than just a meanless babble. It turned the whole world from upside down, to right side up. Speaking in a spiritual sense. Yep, that’s what Jesus does. It’s something to think about.

  6. Jackie V says:

    Ironically, I just happened to be up at 4:am today and just happened to be flipping channels and stumbled across a much older and fatter Popoff and his wife on Vision, giving one supposed ”money transfer” testimonial after another after receiving Popoff’s alleged healing miracle water.

    (I’m sure there is a reason why they were given the 4:am time slot—if they were on during peek hours, enough Christians would speak out—hopefully—but because most people aren’t up during those wee hours of the morning, they don’t know these type of people are on there.

    Also think about it…..who are some of the most vulnerable people up during those odd hours of the morning……poor people, shift workers on meagre incomes, the sick, the dying, the desperate, etc.

    Bene, do you have an e-mail address I can write to at Vision to ask them to take this guy off the air?)

    It was heartbreaking to watch this level of deceit and to know that they (he and his wife) have been allowed to get away with it even AFTER being exposed on Johnny Carson many years ago.

    Clearly the people sending him money have not done their homework. They have turned a blind eye to critical thinking (to paraphrase Ole Anthony) because they’re impressed by what they see and hear (ie. supposed testimonials about healings and wealth miracles) but they need to know that not everything that barks is a dog and just because something looks impressive, doesn’t mean it won’t bite you in the end.

    There are many wolves in sheeps clothing roaming the airwaves today (sadly Popoff is just one of many) and it’s our job to discern what pasture they’re from by examining their fruits and doing a bit of research first (try Google video, You Tube, apologetic websites, etc).

    Even beyond that however, is to know your Bible for oneself, so that no one anywhere (whether on tv or in person) can con you by false doctrine and teachings. This is part of the problem as I would bet the majority of people sending these charlatans money are biblically illiterate (not stupid in any way but ignorant of biblical truth).

    DON’T send these people money just because they look or sound impressive at face value. You need more concrete evidence than that. If you googled them and discover they’re living a lavish lifestyle or have been exposed for being deceptive in the past, you’re essentially throwing your money away to a charlatan huckster.

    You’d be better off giving to a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter in your area. (I personally do not like to be solicited for money and am immediately turned off by anyone attempting to lighten my bank account, whether via phone, the tv or door to door sales people.)

    By the way, Popoff’s wife is just as guilty because she’s been his accomplice all these years and has reeped the same lavish lifestyle through her husband’s deception, yet no one ever mentions her, which seems unfair.

  7. landen says:

    How many people that attend a local church in their community actually GOOGLE their pastor’s name? And what would make a faithful believer even think about doing so? When a person sews seeds by faith, there seed will always be multiplied back to them. POPOFF is the one who will lose everything he owns if he is a fake. POPOFF obviously got away the first time but this second go round he and his wife will not. He has some nerve.

  8. landen says:

    I have received many letters from Peter Popoff recently and I read them and throw them away, but I must say that when he said money was coming my way very soon, and I did receive 4 checks totally 13,000 within the next week. I thought it to just be a coincidence and still didn’t send him any money. Well today I received a letter from Peter Popoff along with other mail in my box and opened his letter first. He said that he saw rent money coming my way and I just laughed and opened my other mail and I had a check for 900.00 for my rent for January 2011. It was from a local nonprofit organization in my city where I live (new Orleans) . I don’t know what to think now.

  9. Jackie V says:


    If you’re not a fan of Peter Popoff, why are you even on his mailing list ?

    If you throw his letters away upon arrival, why don’t you contact his ”ministry” and TELL them to REMOVE your address from their mailing list ASAP (or have you already done that and they repeatedly ignored it)? There is a name for such things and it’s called junkmail or in his case ”religious junkmail.”

    By the way, with regards to your first post, most local pastors in small town communities do not rake in the type of $$$$$ that big time tv evangelists do because their sermons aren’t broadcast around the globe; therefore they have a smaller listening audience which means less revenue and a smaller church budget.

    Therefore less income means less extravagance and therefore more modest homes, cars, clothes, sanctuary and no private planes either because they simply don’t have the budget for that type of thing.

    You can still Google them for other reasons (to see if they’ve ever been sued or whatever) but chances are, if they’re not on tv, they’re not particularly rich, which is a GOOD thing because they’re setting an example of modesty for their flock. It’s not a sin to Google them out of curiosity either.

    Also most small town pastors home addresses are listed in the phone book so you don’t even need to Google them to see what type of house they live in. Just Google Street view it.

    You can see what type of car they drive when they pull into the church parking lot each Sunday (if they own any other cars, drive past their house sometime and see what’s parked in the driveway) and that will tell you everything you need to know—or at least part of the picture. Are they wasting money on cosmetic surgery and hair rugs? (You can often tell this just by looking at someone.) Designer clothes?

    As for Popoff’s supposed ”divine revelation” about money coming your way and it miraculously showing up in your mailbox thereafter……..don’t fall for it ! Spontaneous things like that can happen in life but it’s got nothing to do with ”Swami Popoff.”

    Keep in mind that those letters are mass mailings. There is no way Popoff would have time to send each person on his mailing list a personalized letter with personalized prophecies for each person—must be thousands, if not millions on his mailing list—and he’s telling them the same thing……money is on the way. If you send that same message to thousands of people, you will hit paydirt somewhere.

    Where is Jesus in all of this money talk? Why isn’t Popoff preaching about salvation? How about a mass mailing asking people to accept Christ into their lives instead ? Why does he keep dwelling on money? Jesus didn’t do that and He was our example.

    By the way, regarding seed being multiplied back to the sower…..this doesn’t necessarily involve money. The blessing reaped could come in various other forms—such as an unexpected job offer or unexpected opportunity come your way, seemingly out of the blue or bumping into someone at just the right time and place to help you in a given situation (to help your broken down car or whatever).

  10. AtheistAtBirth says:

    By holding our tongues when faced with idiocy, fraud or pretense; or by pretending to respect something despicable, we are in fact, condoning it.

    In most circumstances, we have an obligation to challenge false claims. This is particularly important when the nature of the claims is such that they are harmful. In these cases, we must should intervene.

    False expressions of respect are not the answer.

  11. Jackie V says:

    Landen (or anyone else interested)

    Please listen to Dr. Scott Johnson’s teaching on ”My Trip Down Charismania Lane” as he received a similar mass mailing from a relatively well known evangelist—not Popoff though–(thankfully Scott was smart NOT to take the bait). He’s quite humorous at times on this teaching.

    Dr. Johnson’s website is Contending For Truth. Com (download his teachings and scroll down the page until you find it). While there, you might also want listen to his other sermon/expose on Joel Osteen and a few others. Very eye opening.

    Atheist At Birth… for once I agree with you.

  12. Jackie V says:

    Just wanted to add that Dr. Scott Johnson’s teaching (where he refers to the mass mailing he received by a slimy evangelist) can be found on Part 2 of My Trip Down Charismania Lane #238.

    He begins talking about it after the first 41 minutes, if you want to fast forward to hear it. Sounds similar to ”Swami Popoff.”

    See Contending For Truth. Com

  13. Camilla says:

    This video remix/song is about Peter Popoff:

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  15. Sweetie says:

    I am receiving mail from peter popoff and was up late and saw his show & fell for it. Then as I was laying in bef one night I had received my evelope telling me to burn a candle with crinkled half cut money on it & send back in wit money. I didnt & it bothered me to research him & im glad I did. This is sad & he should be stopped.

  16. Jackie V says:


    the term for that is ”Charismatic Witchcraft” and witchcraft is called an abomination in Scripture and listed amongst those that will be cast into hell (see Galations 5:19 which list the 17 works of the flesh).

    Any form of divination falls into this category (astrology, palm reading, fortune tellers, etc). In Old Testament days, witches were put to death by stoning, under God’s penalty (which shows you how grave an offence it was and still is to God….it’s just that since the new covenant with Jesus in the NT, we’re under grace…for now).

    Nowhere in Scripture does it say that you have to cough up money first before God will answer your prayer and keep in mind that candles are always used in witchcraft ceremonies. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Jesus used candles (or any other gimmicks for matter) when he prayed.

    If you want more information on Popoff, just type his name into Google Video, along with the word ”apostate” or ”charlatan” and it will load your boat.

    Hopefully you will e-mail his ministry and demand that your name and address be immediately removed from his mailing list.

    I stumbled upon his broadcast a few months ago, around 4:am……and he and his wife were talking about a thing called ”divine wealth transfer” which is NOT found anywhere in Scripture. It’s utter nonsense but to someone who has never read the Bible, I can see how alluring it can be with their warm friendly smiling faces and countless ”divine transfer” testimonials. Be not deceived. Not everything that quacks like a duck is a duck.

    I’d highly recommend getting the King James Bible on CD and listening to several chapters per day, to refresh your mind about what is and isn’t found in Scripture. Start in the New Testament (easier to understand….especially if you’re a baby Christian, new to the faith), then begin the Old Testament.

    When you read and study the Bible each day for yourself (instead of allowing a tv evangelist to interpret it for you), you will become for-armed against deception and suddenly, you will be able to spot a charlatan instantly, long before they’re even exposed on credible news shows.

    I personally have turned off all tv evangelists except for 2 people (but I don’t send them money, nor do I agree with everything they say). I prefer to get the bulk of my Bible teaching from the late Pastor David J. Meyer’s archived sermons (see Last Trumpet Ministries website, as well as Google Video) and Dr. Scott Johnson’s website at Contending For Truth. Com—-especially listen to Scott’s testimony called ”My Trip Down Charismania Lane” (parts one and two).

    Pastor Meyer discusses ”Charismatic Witchcraft” in one of his archived teachings but forget where. He was referring to Rex Humbard but you could apply the same teaching to many others.

  17. dejon says:

    peter popoff cant solve all your problems he just gives hope dont believe everything he says.Also dont keep giving him money give to your church.

  18. Ronald Tate says:

    As I said in another thread … anybody who sends money to television preachers needs to get into counselling. Nobody – and I do mean NOBODY – who is called to preach the Gospel of Grace, needs to be on television. The first century church turned the known world upside down simply by preaching the Gospel — without having radio, television, internet, etcetera.

    There are many small churches around the world, where the pastors don’t have a lot for their families to live on from day to day, and have to moonlight just to make ends meet each month. These are the places where the Gospel is actually being preached.

    Then you have these televangelists, whom God supposedly called to be on television, scamming and manipulating people who are in trouble and honestly seeking God. I’ve yet to see any minister on television who wasn’t there to build his own empire, rather than to preach the Gospel of Grace.

  19. Ronald Tate says:

    By the way — Peter Popoff is on Peter Youngren’s GRACE TELEVISION NETWORK, Monday to Friday, from 1:30 P.M. – 2:00 P.M., and on Sunday mornings at 8:30 A.M.

    I am not including the times to suggest people watch it – God forbid! But rather I want to show you how that – if you pay enough $$$$ for the time slot – any program can be aired on GRACE TV … particularly if they need millions of dollars to purchase and run the station.

    Every time you send in a donation to support GRACE TELEVISION, you are keeping frauds like Peter Popoff on the air.

  20. dean says:

    Oh Peter. The devil has a long red hot poker ready for you.

  21. Ann says:

    Peter Popoff’s name is a joke to me. “Popoff” continually takes my Father’s money (always cash, no check or money order) and he is still smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day, my siblings are still hooked on drugs, and he still doesen’t have true love. All of this Authority and Power; Popoff promised him; is just like Popoff, a farce. If Popoff was a true man of the cloth, he would surely know that GOD has all Power. This man had the nerve to tell my Father that I was the enemy and not to let me keep him from the true blessings that God has for him. One one has to pay any man to receive what God has for them. My advocate to the Father is “Jesus”. Sad to say this but my Father refuses to believe that this man is Satan in the flesh. Popoff has told him that God revealed to him (Popoff) that the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is not real and if he truly wants to receive these blessings he must follow his instructions that God has revealed to him.

  22. petesweet says:

    I agree with Ronald. But God allows these preachers to stay on TV to judge the sheep who lust like donkeys for things and who love to idolize man, not God. I myself, and my dog, will stand apart and watch the fall of the wicked.

  23. Marina says:

    If Popoff was a true man of the cloth, he would surely know that GOD has all Power.

    So why doesn’t GOD do something about Popoff instead of allowing those who so desperately want the power of GOD in their lives, to be led away from Him and his love?

  24. Marina says:

    peter popoff cant solve all your problems he just gives hope….dont keep giving him money give to your church.

    Maybe peter popoff and god are not all that different after all. Especially about the money thing.

  25. brano says:

    ….Kinda thought we had moved on from Theology 101…Why do bad things happen to good people…RE:”So why doesn’t GOD do something about Popoff instead of allowing those who so desperately want the power of GOD in their lives, to be led away from Him and his love?”
    The idle banter is annoying…Do beat that drum somewhere else!

  26. Jackie V says:

    I was up at 4:30 am yesterday (Sat) and again found myself flipping channels and stumbled upon Popoff and his wife on Vision tv, doing the same shtick over a year later since my previous blogs on here. Nothing has changed, except I imagine they’ve pocketed more money since then.

    I could see how someone in a desperate situation could get lured into their message though because they appear so warm and inviting (like the best friends or parents you never had—particually if you’re from an abusive background where no kindness or love was ever shown, nor your intelligence and worth every validated and perhaps isolated from the world due to chronic or terminal illness and desperate for a miracle), with a fireplace and soft music playing in the background and the promise of miracles and riches, if only you’ll sew into their ministry. What they fail to mention are the thousands of people who DID send them money for months or years on end, and NOTHING HAPPENED except that now their bank accounts are considerably leaner, while the Popoffs are now considerably fatter and richer.

    The soft music, fireplace and friendly veneers are smokescreen facades to lure you in by lowering your defences, especially in the wee small hours of the morning, when problems seem more overwhelming than regular daytime hours. The money factor alone is a red flag that something is amiss because the true Gospel (which is believeing in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ from the dead) has nothing to do with money or gimmicks like anointed healing oil, water or prayer cloths.

    How they have managed to get back on the air (after James Randi exposed him on Carson) is beyond me, not to mention the extensive exposes about him via Google, You Tube and Google Video searches.

    While I have compassion for the poor, desperate and biblically illiterate followers of his, they are without excuse because they failed to do their homework through simple internet searches and reading and studying the Bible for themselves, instead of allowing these tv hucksters to interpret Scripture for them. ”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

    They’re exploiting poor, desperate, biblically illiterate people for greedy lucre sake, like almost all Charismatic hucksters littering the airways today but as bad as the others are, Popoff takes it to a whole new level with his ”divine wealth transfer” garbage and endless streams of ”religious junkmail”, which isn’t even found in Scripture.

    The Bible says ”lay hands suddenly on no man” so I’d be careful about allowing Popoff (or any other snake oil huskster) to lay their hands on you, whether in person or via the tv screen because false spirits can be imparted that way—or the Bible wouldn’t have cautioned us against it.

  27. Tim Thibault says:

    Brano, was your 2012 resolution to continue to be an ass and only attack people rather than provide valuable input? If so, good on you for sticking to it thus far.

  28. Marina says:

    Theology will be a thing of the past soon enough. Yes brano, Theology 101 – the underbelly of all religious belief systems – Don’t try to understand why god does or does not act, it is above you to know no matter how your rational mind and sensibilities scream otherwise – god is in control, he knows what’s going on and it will all work out according to his perfect will so stop worrying about what’s going on in this world.

    So useful a lesson for those who would rather put the onus on a mythical god instead of thinking for themselves. Little wonder suckers get suckered by men of god like Popoff.

  29. brano says:


  30. Susan says:

    Add some providential will, of the one true God, then step back and observe.

  31. Marina says:

    Sweet dreams brano. It’s what keeps the fairy tale alive.

  32. Brother Bill says:

    We must be extremely careful how we deal with persons who are operating in the
    (and by the power of) the Holy Spirit !!
    Some sinned against the Holy Spirit when they said (maintained that Jesus had a demon) and the work He did was of the devil. Jesus said Mark 3: 28..” Truly I say to you, all sins shall be forgiven the sons of men.and whatever blasphemies they utter;
    but whoever blasphemies against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty
    of an eternal sin.” because they were saying ..”He has an unclean spirit.”
    Brother Peter has only been a great blessing to my spiritual life and I believe that he
    is always seeking the counsel of I always pray that he is led by the Spirit.
    If you discern (suspicion?) that a brethren has gone wrong then go to him personally..or pray hard and
    that our Father will straighten him out. Talebearing is the devil’s great weapon
    against Christ’s body to separate us !! God desires that we be in the unity of the Spirit
    in the bond of peace. Love always. Brother /Pastor Bill

  33. nikki says:

    The first time I saw this man I was in some financial trouble I stayed up late and was watching tv an I saw him. I did call not thinking he was fraud. The first letter I got he ashed for money. I didn’t reply. The second and third the same. The next one I told him that if I have to pay God for him to bless me I’ll stay poor. That was it.

  34. Faith says:

    i also get letters from peter popoff. now that i have done my research about him i feel better b/c all b4 i felt bad for not sending in any (seed money) and it seemed 2 me that he was reading my mail b/c he mentioned how god was goin to heal my myenathinse gravis. But i came relize that god wants me to keep my faith and not send any more of my money 2 peter popoff b/c god does not want my money he wants my love and faith so peter popoff can sit on my middle finger an i think yall kno the rest and i want every last dollar i sent him back

  35. Stevens says:

    Ok…so…i guess i have been stupidly believing popoff? so far his letters to me have been right on…with things that are going on with my life…so i serioulsy dont know what to think right now..should i stop sending money i do realize that he shouldn’t be asking for money…the last time we sent money away it was like friggen 150 all together with 2 letters :O STUPID…i know…but we have faith and i know we dont need to be sending money away…but…i dunno i like getting that letter saying…everything will be ok…and the part about witchcraft are you serious? i really dont know what to think about that… :/ and with everything how can i find out if i can get ALL my money back that i’ve ever sent in? someone please e mail me or something im freaking out here :/ i should have researched a long time ago…

  36. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Stevens:

    Now you know more about how televangelist hook and defraud and how direct mailing targets you. That knowledge is a good thing, you’ll be less likely to send a televangelist money in the future. Hopefully you’ve learned to do your homework, I think most of us have regretted being conned at one time or another.

    As for getting your money back – the reason this post is up is because any televangelists employee returning money is unique.

    Go to the Canada Revenue Charities site and see if Popoff is still operating in Canada.

    I know he shows up to gullible and complicit churches in Canada (

    Write the Cdn station you saw Popoff on, and ask why they are running his show.

    You might try contacting a consumer fraud reporter, but the reality is I think you may have to kiss the money good-bye and move on.

  37. Lisa says:

    Does he really heal people?and can your debt really be cancelled?l sent money yo him three times already crap.l hate him now if he is a fraud thats just wrong l hope he rotes in hell if that is true because he will be using Gods name in vain.

  38. Paula Hammons says:

    I have watched these programs from many who claimed to be a phrophet. I can only
    say is that people are searching for uplifting, something real,tangible,rocksolid in their
    life. Their faith has been destroyed or feel their life destroyed and they need guidance
    one way or another terminally ill, finances, relationships, health, business, drugs,personal,elderly. And in many cases the false phrophets use that as an opportunity not to help these people but to use them. It is a very fine line as well because one must make very sure in discernment being false or annointed. If you have the faith of the Lord you will know. And if you attack GOD’s annointed, the accuser is walking on dangerous ground. This is a biblical fact, it is GOD’s promise to his annointed people.
    If they are false prophets, they should be stopped legally and not be allowed to be on
    the air because the economy and how desperate people are. Many are hopeless and they are looking for someone,something to have hope in. They hunger for peace,love,
    hope, relationship, change, because they have lack in their life and no faith in GOD. It is very
    sad that we are United States of American one nation under GOD, established under GOD Almighty and we have poverty and ignorance because we are losing our nation under GOD. Today we have thousands of religions and idols that has filtered into our country and weakened our nation. We have a nation that is spiriling down to bankruptsy and immorality. If there is anytime in ones life to search for something, it should be in GOD’s word and accept Jesus as our personal savior. That is our only hope. The false phrophets that are scamming the world knows one day if they don’t change their ways the day will come
    that they will break Hell wide open. Old saying everytime you hear of an earthquake
    that is Hell enlarging itself. That is all I have to say.

  39. Chris says:

    PETER POPOFF TOLD ME I WOULD GET $360 ON A CERTAIN DATE, AND I DID!!!!! IT WAS CRAZY. A man was riding a motorcycle down the street with side saddle bags and we were side by side at a red light. Well he took off fast and money started falling out! I pulled over and collected money all the way down the street and upon counting it, realized it was the EXACT amount he said it would be! Anyway, It scared me, and I stopped corresponding….. Maybe because of energy blocking subconscience beleifs, maybe because I felt I didn’t deserve it. I don’t know. But my story is true….

  40. quita says:

    I read all that and got scare of what y’all was saying. he is. human and he have faults but god words is nt a lie who is y’all to jugde. what ever sin u do is still as bad as anyother sin u dnt down talk god messenger. it ain’t who bring it it. the message yes u should nt send him money all the time god sees. what u do and he now u gave from heart u will be bless and get double back from what the devil. took from u it dnt matter there only. one God. and he see and hear u and know u. love ur self and I pray for everyone.

  41. byron robertson says:

    True biblical salvation has absolutely NOTHING to do with “supernaturally” becoming financially well off nor God reversing every negative verdict in your life. In fact, the Bible teaches that trials in the believer’s life help build character and grow spiritually while acquiring joy, self-control, peace, love, etc.
    Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God throughout His Gospels and warned against the love of money. You can’t serve two masters (Matt 6:24).
    Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven (Matt 6:19-21).
    The great commission is what Jesus commands to believers,
    preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15).
    False teachers are spread out all over the Bible, (2 Cor 11, Gal 1, Eph 4, Phil 3, Col 2, 1 Tim 1, 1 Tim 4, 1 Tim 6, 2 Tim 3, 2 Tim 4, Titus 1, Titus 3, 2 Pet 2).
    Peter Popoff fits in many of these passages.
    This guy is so false it is unreal but then again, many of these deceivers deceive themselves (2 Pet 2:19, 1 John 4:5-6, Jude 1:10-13).
    The claim to know God and receive revelation from God when in reality, then don’t know His Word (John 1:1) and they don’t know His purpose (Prov 3:5-7).
    Jesus came to save us from sin and death (Matt 1:21, 1 John 3:5). We are all sinners (Rom 3:23) and the wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23).
    We are commanded to repent (Mark 1:4, Acts 3:19).
    What good, Peter Popoff, is it if you gain the whole world but forfeit your own soul (Mark 8:36)? You have souled out for so much less!
    Remember this Scripture: And as it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27).
    Repent Peter, in this time of grace: yes even you could be saved, but time is short, Satan, the father of lies knows this fact (Rev 12:12).

  42. Stacy says:

    I feel so decieved this man. I received one of his letters today and as I was reading it something told me to google him, and just as I suspected I discovered that he’s a fraud. But i’m covered by the true blood of Jesus and so glad that I found out about this fraud. Its simply ridiculous that someone would rip people that are really in need of a healing

  43. Moi says:

    Scientology. Christianity. Catholic etc tell you to “believe” so does the bible. Critics and great things appear and sometimes it’s the kind of words that Make that kind impression on your heart. I just know it works for me except when I start to doubt those sent to give me a message.

  44. James says:

    In the early to mid 1980′s Popoff was one the top prime time stars on the Christan television network TBN. He was very popular and made a lot of money for TBN before he was exposed in 1986. To me the only difference between Popoff and the many other televangelist is Popoff got caught, not that that stopped him.
    Younger people may not realize just how big Johnny Carson was. At that time there was just 3 main TV networks and cable was not the dominate force it is now. What ever was on Carson the whole world literally would know about it.
    Popoff’s style and ruthlessness has much in common with another great emotional orator and expert manipulator of people, Adolf Hitler.
    Popoff is a excellent example of a sociopath. The good news is he is scamming the poor and desperate. Luckily he is not killing millions which I am sure he would have no trouble with doing if circumstances and conditions were different.

  45. Jason says:

    Well I think Peter Popoff is a real Prophet, I read his first letter to me and i didnt give him any information but my name and address and he knew exactly what I was going through. I felt the Holy Spirit come over me and I was in tears and laughter by the end of the letter. Im sure there was many sceptics of the prophets of God from the Old Testiment that Im sure missed out on many blessings.

  46. terri b. says:

    I really DO agree with you on this one that this guy is a fake…he was caught a long time ago on camera actually getting info from his wife in some kind of earpiece, which he would use for fake words of knowledge over people. It was a terrible disgrace.

  47. terri b. says:

    Yeah, it’s this sort of thing that gives the whole idea of ‘prosperity’ through God a really bad name…God has and does do financial/provisional miracles in order to finance the preaching of the Gospel and to feed the poor, to house the homeless and to care for those who need it…but when it gets perverted like that, where it becomes an idol that drives a person to be dishonest and greedy…instead of a tool in the hands of a faithful servant/steward to really DO God’s work, then it sours people to the whole idea of believing God for provision…because they’ve just seen a really awful exploitation of that whole thing.

  48. Erin Calvert says:

    We are not to judge anyone God is the Judge. Faith in God can move mountains. Each week we tithe to our church or ministry. We are giving it to God. There are times in my life where God has blessed me so much and it isnt stopping!! I received a letter from Peter Popoff and not once did it say “worship me”. What I did do is pray. I I I
    prayed for my wants and needs and Thanked GOD forblessing me. I know whether I mail in a donation or just throw it away I will be blessed by the blood of the Lamb. Hope is something you cant take away from people. If Peter Pop off helped one person believe in God and pray to God he is doing Gods work. Its our decision to give or not give. When you truly have Christ in your heart you learn that with Faith anything is possible. God is soooo good!!

  49. Thylescta Perkins says:

    I have been sending popoff money when it comes to God I will do anything for him!I just pray and hopes he’s not a fake!

  50. Peter Popoff Ministries would be taken down by the hand of God by now, if he was fake. God would not have allowed him to go on for this many years. James Randi is a skeptic man and does not even believe in Jesus Christ. If your believing James Randi, then you should stop believing him. He takes every evangelist across the world and says there all fake. James Randi has no power and the police would have had to give him permission to enter Peter Popoff Ministries Building before he could reveal Peter Popoff. The Police would not give James Randi permission without a reason, and it would have to be a very good reason. Peter Popoff himself would have to give him permission to enter the Ministry Building as well. The Police would have had to show a search war card and in order for them to do so, they need proof of scandals being done. If anything id clients were complaining about this Ministry and sending Money to support Peter Popoff or any other Ministry, then there motives were wrong. We should be giving in order to help those in need, and to support Ministries who preach the gospel, we should not be giving in order to receive anything. As far as I am concerned I have read Peter Popoff Letters and he preaches truth. He teaches Obedience to God, and Faith. He gives us scriptures and asks us to look it up, so we can line it up. His substances are only examples and ways of contact , to teach us what God desires for us financially. Through these substances , Peter Popoff teaches us how to follow Gods instructions and obedience to God. Besides every Minister Across the world weather in our cities or from afar ask for money from congregation and Jesus Christ who is God does as well in the bible. He asks that we give 10% of our money every Month, not because He needs our Money, but because God desires we learn Obedience and Faith as well, and have all He promises us as a result. So these Ministers who ask for Support are Obeying God. Though I do believe many Christians in general are fake and only out for there selves and selfish, so it is important that we be very careful. God says: He who lacks wisdom , ask for it. So lets remember unless we walk in there shoes, and have the facts , then we must not assume there fake. Also God says: JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. James Randi has broken that command. All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. HE WHO HAS NOT SINNED, THROUGH THE FIRST STONE.

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