Canadian woman sucked in by Peter Popoff gets reimbursed

Televangelist Peter Popoff’s ministry has reimbursed a Nanaimo woman after she went public with concerns about the fundraising techniques used by the California-based church.

The Nanaimo (BC) Daily News

The first story about the Popoff rip off and Josie Gurney appeared in the Nanaimo paper May 12th and was drawn to the attention of the Popoff headquarters in the US by a Canadian Word for the World (Popoff employee), who sent the original article to the California headquaters.

Her faith started turning to suspicion when she compared notes with her sister, and realized the letters were word-for-word the same. Then she saw a television documentary debunking the faith healer.

In the 1980s, Popoff was widely known for accurately guessing audience members’ home addresses and their illnesses, fueling belief he truly enjoyed divine revelation.

But in 1987 skeptic James Randy followed the evangelist across the U.S., eventually learning his assistants gleaned information from audience members before the show, then fed it to Popoff using FM radios transmissions to a receiver fitted in Popoff’s ear.

His ministry collapsed and went bankrupt within months of the news being revealed on the Johnny Carson Show.

Popoff is now back, and today he sells his message on late-night television.

Gurney was shocked when she learned the truth.

“I just feel awful, I feel stupid,” she said.

Hello Petey – the original Jame Randi exposure.

Peter Popoff disappeared after being found out and resurfaced again in 2007. He is on Canada’s Vision Channel, several US stations and is picking up air time all over the world.

Charity Navigator: Popoff is raking it in again. Breakdown of revenue growth, salaries, assets etc.

Popoff Canadian listings
Popoff UK, Australia listings

via: Religion News Blog

Update: Some time ago a 30 minute documentary was made on the Randi exposure of Popoff. A clip from it can be seen on YouTube. The film was made by Aron Ranen.

Update: A website has been set up to document Popoff’s scams, history, finances, companies, direct mailing operation (former Kelly Media employee talks about her employment with the Popoff’s family company), expensive homes etc.  Parts of his website People United for Christ has now been blocked in Canada because of ongoing exposure and past investigation.
There are things Canadians can do, A few Global stations, Vision, and CHEX carry his informercial/services.  A polite letter writing campaign will help get this fraud of Canadian airwaves and prevent him from conning more vulnerable Canadians.
His web on demand site in the US is no longer operational. ABC’s 2007 report and the Better Business Bureau information is also available on  Peter Popoff: Pwn and Owned.

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112 Responses to Canadian woman sucked in by Peter Popoff gets reimbursed

  1. Robbin says:

    It’s a shame the way this man takes poor people for a ride or a lie Mr. Popoff God is going to get you for what you are doing you should give the money you took from my father

  2. jenny says:

    I can’t say if God using Him or not….But 0I been sending seed money to him and waiting for God to what Mr, P0poff said he would do. I prayer he not playing with god.

  3. Lashelle says:

    Why would anybody in their right mind send this man any money. It’s nothing that man’s prayer for you can do that your own prayer can’t do. Knowing the Bible for yourself is the key to getting a relationship with God….it’s definitely not in this scam artist

  4. will says:

    While I am sure it is difficult to believe these days there is any truth in a current day prophet. Mr Popoff has correctly ascertained my past, current and apparently future circumstances. He is, in my estimation, truly in touch with what I call the universe—He calls Jesus. I believe he is praying for me and getting answers that he could not know. I am an anomaly as humans go, doing things well beyond the common person. The situation he has revealed to me is exactly my situation. The things coming to pass are truly in line with his predictions. To this point he has asked for moderate contributions that I have mostly kept up. Over the last few months I have donated, in total, less than 300.00 This is a small amount considering the communication, the uplifting, the understanding, and the thought someone is praying for me. I will continue to contribute, and if indeed his predictions come true, there will be a windfall to be shared with many. Thank you Peter Popoff

  5. Stephen Walczak says:

    Dear Will,
    This man is nothing but a simple fraud and scam artist.
    He doesn’t talk to god and god doesn’t talk to him. (because he doesn’t exist, lol)
    Open your eyes, stop sending this guy your money. If you keep sending it, you obviously need those prayer more than you’ll ever/never know.
    Good luck and remember, if you sit around waiting for god to answer your prayers, you’ll die doing it.

  6. Kathy Romaniw says:

    Peter prays and cares in a world where few do today. He also has told me things in our correspondence that no one would know unless they be given information from above.
    Note above the one comment where one writer wrote: “God does not exist” That is the unpardonable sin, in my understanding.
    Remember too, how Jesus was cursed and slandered.

  7. Kent C says:

    He was proved a fraud in 1987. PROVED. Time makes people forget. You are all idiots if you believe him. A fool and his money are soon parted. You are fools if you give him even a penny. Do you have a Porsche and a $4 million house, etc? Well he does, thanks to your generous donations. He is just one in a line of fraudulent faith healers. If you want to believe in Jesus and religion, fine, you can do whatever you want – but don’t be so suggestible to music and voice and promises (which are false) on an infomercial.

    Even if the Bible is true, you do not need any mortal to get you in touch with God and God could care less about your money or you giving it to a jack*ass on a commercial.

  8. Vanessa Downs says:

    Im sorry to hear this I’ve sent him money over and over again I feel like a fool.

  9. age of reason says:

    This man is a complete con artist. He preys on those in desperate situations and takes advantage of their beliefs. I signed up and continue to receive his mass mailings despite the fact I have not given a cent. I read them strictly for their entertainment value :)
    He doesn’t even write very well, his points are all jumbled together and continuously uses scripture out of context.

    To those who have given money and feel that he knows things about you and has made acute predictions in your life. Let me try to unveil his trickery, he sends out the same letter to every person in his database, only changing the names. He makes ambiguous predictions based on what the average person typically is going through.
    For example, if he says ” someone out there is wearing a red shirt” , then probability says someone reading it will be bound to be wearing a red shirt. That person may think he is a prophet but what about the rest of the people reading that are not wearing red shirts?

    So please, please keep in mind when you read his letters that if what he says matches your situation, it is only a coincidence because there are thousands who will not match his predictions. Also he is not praying for you, think about it, how many hours would he have to spend praying for the thousands of people for whom he sends his spam?

    Finally, even if you do believe in prosperity or sowing a seed, wouldn’t it better to sow it toward a christian charity or a local food bank?
    What do you think he is doing with your money? Spreading the gospel? NO, this is how he makes a living.

    May we all become more informed about the world around us so we can make better decisions to shape our world.

  10. JEANETTE says:

    He has been correct. With tbings in my life

  11. Bigt says:

    Wow, you need to have your own relationship with God. Know the word for yourself. Greed is the root to all evil actions. This man operates out of greed and get rich off of people’s vulnerable moments. That’s the devil seeking who he can devour, kill, and destroy. The key to getting out of debt is to manage your money. Don’t spend what you don’t have and save something each pay check. Pay your tithes and your will see god perform the impossible.

  12. Trenika conley says:

    Regardless of if he is fake or not…if you give with the right intentions and believe God for a miracle and sow a seed…you will see increase…what the devil means for your bad God means for your Good…

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