100 Huntley Street – we’re dealing with issues…Ron and Reynold Mainse

Further to the lengthy post below about Ron and Reynold Mainse and the Axcess ponzi scheme charges against a Hamilton man in the US – here is the statement from Jim Cantelon, Crossroads Communications Inc regarding the brothers (and their wives?) disappearance from the flagship show 100 Huntley Street.

Readers, fill in the gaps -
Who is David Rutledge to Ron and Reynold Mainse?

Rough Transcript: Crossroads Communications Inc.
Jim Cantelon June 4, 2009.

“Hello I’m Jim Cantelon. You’ve noticed over the past few days that there have been changes in the opener in terms of the opener of 100 Huntley Street; you’ve been looking for Ron and Ann, you’ve been looking for Reynold and Kathy.

Well the board of Crossroads have asked me to inform you that Ron and Reynold Mainse will not be appearing on any Crossroads programming or otherwise represent Crossroads for the time being as they focus their energies on certain matters in their personal lives. They’ve stepped down from their duties until such time as the board of directors have complete understanding of all the issues related to a matter that they were involved in outside of the ministry here at Crossroads.

David Mainse, Moira Brown and I and other guests will continue to offer interesting, I hope, exciting interviews and stories on 100 Huntley Street from across Canada and around the world.

100 Huntley Street, which is a ministry of Crossroads Christian Communications was launched in 1977 by Crossroads founder David Mainse and in it’s 32 year history, Huntley Street, one of Canada’s longest running live daily television programs has faithfully presented the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as you know, along with countless inspiring individual stories of faith to a growing national audience.

Today Crossroads stands apart as the largest and the most prolific media communications ministry in the country. Crossroads board of directors, it’s executive leadership, it’s unparalleled team of dedicated people are ever more committed to excellence in and through it’s programming, it’s global missions programs and it’s children’s camping ministries.

And we’re grateful to God for the thousands of partners who continue to financially and prayerfully support the work of Crossroads and we thank you for your kind consideration of these comments.

Now on a personal note, I, of course, I am very moved in my own heart with compassion. You know, there but for the grace of God go I. We’re dealing here with an issue that has profound impact on the lives of precious people who for years have presented the gospel and prayed for us, represented us before the Lord on so many matters of concern to the heart.

We’re talking here about an issue that has nothing to do with sexual impropriety, it has to do with a financial issue that happened outside of the ministry and for that we have read the previous comment.

I was studying the scripture with regard to this and I really felt led by the Lord to stop at Jeremiah 6:16.
And I think it applies. It says: “This is what the Lord says, stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old godly way and walk in it, travel it’s path and you will find rest for your souls.”

Seems to me friends that the core values of this ministry centred around the presentation of the gospel on a daily basis, so nobly championed by David and his family, these core values are still part and parcel and heart of the ministry. And I would ask you with me to pray that God will just move in His own powerful loving and sovereign way, for the sake of the good of all. {prays}

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  2. When do I get the return on my investment?

  3. Torontonian says:

    It’s difficult to write about a collapse of leadership in
    a ministry, particularly when it has the high esteem of
    many persons. These same people will wonder if
    any of their contributions will have gone to their
    proper destinations or endeavours.

    It is also difficult to remember that many ministries
    get sidetracked from the message by other
    activities. This can prove fatal or at least embarrassing.
    Some ministries do try to do too much and in the
    process dilute their principal message.

    While the sons are on leave from 100 Huntley Street,
    the father seems to be returning. I can only hope he
    is kept in check since he has a penchant for stretching
    the truth to suit his agenda. His description of the whole
    same-sex marriage issue several years ago were
    particularly mendacious. It helps to remember that
    it was shortly after that that he handed over the reins
    to one of his two sons.

    The father must be kept in check so as not to further
    roil the waters during a time of controversy.

    Bene: If you go to the Wikipedia page for
    Crossroads Christian Communications and scroll down
    to the link that says Global Core Group, you’ll notice
    that if you click on that link, a page will come up and
    suddenly disappear and lead onward to another page.
    Is there something in the Global Core Group page that
    could prove to be embarrassing?

    Also the Rutledge link for the church in Breslau is
    “under construction”. Was it like that when you
    wrote the post?

    As for Ralph Rutledge, I remember reading his having
    to leave Queensway. All references to his being at
    Queensway have been systematically expunged–
    as far as I can tell–much in the same manner that
    the activities of David Sweet and Promise Keepers
    were systematically scrubbed from the internet
    before he ran for office as an MP.

    I fear that there will be more coming out in the
    next few days and there will be quite a lot of hurting
    inside and outside the 100 Huntley Street efforts.

    For the time, I will stop calling it a ministry. Maybe
    someday they will once again ear that respectful

    Given the situation with the station, I wouldn’t be
    surprised if it goes down also. Case in point:
    the overnight program this weekend is pre-recorded
    from other nights. It was usually hosted on Saturday
    night/Sunday morning by the Bayridge Counselling
    Center but they haven’t been regularly staffing the
    program during the last few months.
    Is Bayridge also crumbling?

    I’m wondering what’s salvageable at Crossroads.

  4. Bene D says:

    In the previous thread Bob twigging the Ralph Rutledge reference was an aha moment. All I know about him is gossip from pentecostal buddies.
    When I went to find things, I found like you they were scrubbed.

    Back to my first question. Who is David Rutledge?

    I have a blogging friend who is a finance prof going over the
    information that is online. He writes clearly and will help us understand what is available so we can start asking the right questions.

    This is big, if Ron and Reynold were scammed and drew others in around Crossroads, that is a world of hurt.

    Torontonian, keep the information coming, you’re amazing.

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  6. just me says:

    As a Christian woman, all that I know is that I will not be one to judge these men and their families. Who am I to comment on the speck in my brother’s eye…

    I don’t know either one of these men other than what I have seen on 100 Huntley Street but something that I have learned over the course of my life is Satan loves to bring down those that God loves and cherishes so much, that is for certain. My guess is that God will eventually bring them to a place where he wants them to be, it’s always hard until we know God’s plans for our own individual lives.

    My heart tells me that I doubt they went into this with the knowledge that they were scamming others. My guess is that they thought they would be helping others make money quickly, foolish maybe but not malicious.

    I pray for them and hope others will as well instead of trying to do more of Satan’s work for him. Satan does well enough on his own, let us try to love our neighbour and judge not.

  7. Bene D says:


    Jim Cantelon’s reference to sexual improprietiy was probably a dog whistle to penetcostal supporters who know about why Ralph Rutledge left Queensway Cathedral.

    I don’t know if Queensway is the largest penetecostal church in Canada anymore.

    The Breslau page was under construction – information on Ralph is hard to come by. Can’t find The Good Samaritan website in the internet archives.

    Ralph Rutledge is responsible for his behavior, and while he is family to the Mainse by marraige I haven’t figured out why Cantelon felt it necessary to say what he said. unless it was about Ralph. Or there was someone else involved in a scandal that is known only to the select.

    Ralph is mentioned in Sam Reimers; Evangelicals and the Continental Divide: The Conservative Protestant Subculture in Canada and the United States (2003) McGill-Queen’s University Press on page 120. All it says is the moral failure of Ralph Rutledge is one case (discussing incongruity between behavior and stated beliefs)
    Rutledge stopped being Canadian pentecostal royalty some time ago. He is mentioned in a 2004 The Mantle, publication of Independent Assemblies of God. Apostolic.

    A commenter under another 100 Huntley Street post says this book is based on Ralph: Demons in the Sanctuary. Miriam E. Bellamy.

  8. Torontonian says:

    I’m seeing Ann Mainse on the screen right now. She is on
    the Friday women’s chat show called Full Circle, the
    ladies’ chat show that replaces the usual 100 Huntley Street.

    I should imagine that the program was pre-recorded
    and that’s the only reason she may be on the air.

    After his leaving Miracle Channel, some episodes of
    Lessons for Leaders were still broadcast even though
    Dewert had already left.

    Maybe, she’s being allowed the Friday program
    as a consolation. Maybe someone can find out
    the answer to this.

    I’m tending to believe that they’re using up all
    the taped episodes of Full Circle and when it’s run
    its course, we’ll no longer see her.

  9. Regarding Mr. Jim Cantelon’s June 5, 2009 web article regarding Ron and Reynold Mainse being victims of an alleged Ponzi scheme (Read the article at: http://www.benedictionblogson.com/2009/06/05/100-huntley-street-were-dealing-with-issuesron-and-reynold-mainse/).

    Dear Mr. Cantelon;

    I read the above mentioned article. To your article I would like to respond to just one paragraph, the paragraph that reads…

    “I was studying the scripture with regard to this [“financial issue that happened outside of the ministry” quoted from previous paragraph] and I really felt led by the Lord to stop at Jeremiah 6:16. And I think it applies. It says: “This is what the Lord says, stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old godly way and walk in it, travel it’s path and you will find rest for your souls.” [End paragraph]

    With respect to your choice of scriptures I have three comments if I may:

    First of all, you failed to quote the last part of that verse which says…“But they said, We will NOT walk therein.”

    Secondly, it’s very obvious to me that you, or anyone associated with Crossroads, do not “understand” what the “old godly ways” are. And it’s for that reason you will never walk therein.

    And third, as Jeremiah 6:16 does have its merits, if understood, I believe there was a much better verse that you could have chosen that is far more apropos to this alleged financial crisis the Mainse brothers find themselves in. That verse is Isaiah 56:11, “Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.”…in this case that “quarter” is Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.

    But the good news is this: If the Mainse brothers are truly victims of a Ponzi scheme, then they can easily recover all their financial loses by simply begging and deceiving the viewers of 100 Huntley Street to donate more money toward the daily operations of 100 Huntley Street. As sure as I’m writing this email, thousands of sucker Christians will send in twice as much money as they normally would, especially if you shed a few tears.

    But Isaiah 56:11 doesn’t only apply to the Mainse brothers. All Christian clerics are guilty of being greedy dogs who can never have enough; they are all shepherds that cannot understand; they all look to their own unique way for his or her gain, from his or her quarter, or ministry. In other words, all Christian clerics are pathetic. How does that saying go?…once a greedy dog always a greedy dog, OR as the last part of Jeremiah 6:16 says, “We blind leaders of the blind will NEVER walk in God’s old ways.”

    Frank C. Smith

    PS: As a postscript I would like to further delineate who the above aforementioned “greed dogs” and “shepherds” truly are. And that delineation can be found in the very next verse…

    Isaiah 56:12 “Come ye, say they , I will fetch wine , and we will fill ourselves with strong drink ; and tomorrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant.”

    And what two words sum up Isaiah 56:12?…GOOD NEWS! And that’s exactly what you pathetic Christian shepherds or pastors preach — only the good news of the New Testament, hence your drunkenness.

  10. Bene D says:

    Thanks for going through the scripture Frank, I’m going to go read it in full. And thanks for sharing your letter to Jim Cantelon.

    I don’t agree or believe ‘all Christian clerics’ are pathetic. There are thousands of men and women faithfully going about the work of the Kingdom without notice.

    Scandals make news and media operations have more than their share of them.

  11. Patricia Murtagh says:

    Dear friends in Christ… some of you are missing two very important words in all of these reports… VICTIMS.. and ALLEGED.. We know and love the Mainse family for many years and I do not for one minute think that anything other than an assault of them has happened. I believe they may have trusted the wrong person and I believe that they are victims.. and remember the “charges” are alleged.. not proven and I for one am aching in my heart for these two men and their families and praying daily for them.. Please tell all those at 100 Huntley street that I and my family are behind them all the way.. we love you all!

  12. Paul Hughes says:

    Oh no! The Mainse kids are human, what a shock! neh confess get up and keep going. I’ve given money to 100 Huntley, if you guys messed up with it, no biggie, didn’t give it to you anyway, Gods keeping tabs. If you did anything wrong I forgive you if your inocent, forgive me. Who me throw stones? I don’t think so. Love all you guys at 100 Huntley. Just a bump in the road dudes.

    Paul Hughes, Teen Challenge Grad. ;)

  13. fcdt3 says:

    May God continue to bless 100 Huntley Street, and all of their imporant ministries. They have helped many, many people, over the past 30 years; the Ministry isn’t just one or two people, but many over the years, including the loyal viewers and supporters.

    May Gods mercy and grace continue to shine on and across Canada.

  14. new hope says:

    Ralph Rutledge retired from active ministry at the Good Samaritan Church in Breslau about the end of 2007. The Church has been “rebranded” a new moniker, “BRESLAU ALL NATIONS CHURCH”

    He lived in the Hespeler neighbourhood of Cambridge, but a search at Canada411 doesn’t list any Rutledges in Hespeler anymore.

  15. Bene D says:

    Thanks new hope:

    Ralph Rutledge is on You Tube.


  16. Stacey Newman says:

    With regards to Ron and Reynold Mainse being alleged victims of a Ponzi scheme, which in a word is Christian “GREED”, plus all the other Christian leaders who are guilty of the same offence, Jim Cantelon being among them, I would like to post the following message on this page because, as Isaiah 56:11 says, “Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, AND THEY ARE SHEPHERDS THAT CANNOT UNDERSTAND: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter .”

    Hi Stacey: I’ve been bombarded with James emails, they have gone into the spam filter because of the self promotion. Your first paragraph has been published. Please do not spam this blog with your promotion or it will continue to go into the spam filter. While readers provide valuable information and links around a post topic, these commenters stick to topic. If you have a problem with that please read the site policy under ‘about’ on the sidebar or email me privately.
    If you can address Driver/Axcess or Crossroads involvement directly you are welcome to do so. BD

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  18. Elaine S says:

    I am a long-time supporter of Crossroads Ministries, and have been reading the items posted re the Mainse and Rutledge families. I know very little about the Rutledge family (except that Norma Jean’s maiden name is, I believe, Rutledge), but I have been keen observers of the Mainse family. There have been some very un-christian-like comments made re an “alleged” situation, and the people involved. However, please hold your judgment until the truth is known, rather than spewing negative comments freely about all televangelists in general, and the Mainse family in particular. I have faithfully watched 100 Huntley Street for many years, and have great respect for the Mainse family. As other bloggers have mentioned, Christians do tend to be very trusting, and can be taken in by a scheme just like anyone else. If this is what has happened, I am truly sorry for them. And, whatever they did or didn’t do, they will answer to God in the end and not to us. Please have faith in this God-fearing family, and pray for them at this difficult time. I am not taken in by those who are pushing their own negative agendae, while holding themselves up as Christians. My support, financial and otherwise, for Crossroads Ministries will not change one iota as a result of the current situation. Thank you.

  19. Therese says:

    Two new statements by Ron Mainse and the Chairman of CCCI were read aloud on 100 Huntley St. today by Jim Cantelon, as well as being posted on their webite under ‘About Us’. There is nothing new being announced – just more of the same understated kind of things they’ve been saying all along.


  20. Torontonian says:

    It is now almost four months since the sons have
    left the air and all we have received is the series of
    messages that are linked to Therese’s comments

    That’s all that’s coming from the Crossroads people.

    After four months, that’s nearly shameful.

    The faithful and the general public deserve better.

    There is still something missing and I don’t know
    quite what it is–other than candour and honesty.

  21. David says:

    Not sure why you are dredging up Ralph Rutledge’s name in concert with this story.

    Seems that you are reading into Jim Cantelon’s statement. His point was simply that this is NOT sexual in nature. Why you then think that is the reason he was bringing this up says something about the manner in which you are thinking. Why try and read between the lines?

    I am always amazed at the level of “journalism” on this site.

    There is a book on the Ralph Rutledge incident. I remember it well since I was in Toronto at the time and went to school with one of his sons. But this incident has no bearing on this case whatsoever. Shame on you for even mentioning it like there is some sort of causal link there. Ralph’s sin was his own. David Rutledge is his own man, no?

    Come on people. Grow up.


  22. Bene Diction says:

    I’m not Pentecostal David.

    Ralph is David’s father. People like yourself who do know can fill us in. Ralph is a family member. Was he one of the family members who invested with his son or nephews? Do you know?

    What kind of environment were Ralph’s kids raised in? The Queensway scandal had to be awful for them. What else shaped them into what they are today?

    I’m intererested in this book you mention. What is it called and where can I get it?

    How do you know Ralph’s wife wasn’t drawn into this alleged affinity fraud? Or any of David’s siblings?B

    Crossroads had to deal with sexual impropiety questions when the brothers disappeared off air. That’s why Jim Cantelon said what he said Ask him.

    Please keep contributing to the ‘journalism’ of this site as you just did if you have knowledge. It’s a blog and it’s called collaborating. Readers knowledge are no less important than a post.

  23. David says:

    Fill you in on what? What blinking difference would it make if Ralph was an investor? So what?

    This is where I think you have gone off the deep end with this story. If Ron and Reynald made fiscal mistakes…why does this speak to their spiritual lives?

    Let’s say that they were led down the garden path by someone else… why not simply let them say they were sorry and move on?

    I think you’re missing the real story there at Crossroads. The board is using this as a means to get these guys out. The sons aren’t the father, and I am betting that there are members on the executive committee who have hoodwinked others into believing that because this has turned a negative spotlight on 100 Huntley that the brothers should be sacrificed.

    And they are doing it all in the name of “doing what is right.”

    But look at the facts. They didn’t do anything wrong spiritually. They didn’t abuse their position to milk the faithful or use their position for leverage. Since when can’t a “man of God” make a mistake in business or in trusting another human being?

    This is simple politicking among God’s people…but making it look like they are busy about God’s business.

    You’re going down the wrong road if you think that Ralph’s situation has any bearing. So what if he is David’s father. What does that have to do with anything? Doesn’t the book of Ezekiel undo the “sins of the father” nonsense when it quotes the proverb
    “The fathers eat sour grapes and the sons teeth are set on edge”… NO LONGER WILL THIS PROVERB BE QUOTED IN ISRAEL. From now on, each man will be accountable for his own sins….?

    Ron and Reynald are victims of an unfortunate situation. Too bad God’s people don’t have the sense to see that. Since when is being naive a crime? Slap them on the bum, make them take Economics classes… but let them continue ministering if that is what they want to do. I see absolutely no reason that you should tear these guys down for this.

    What a shame.

    Even if I gave you the title of that book on Ralph, you’d never find it. It was pulled from circulation. I got two before it went away and spoke to the guy who wrote it.. he told me he almost lost his marriage over it.


  24. Bene D says:

    Our conversation is circular.

    You see two adults who were gullible and made poor personal choices:

    “…why not simply let them say they were sorry and move on?

    “…but let them continue ministering if that is what they want to do. I see absolutely no reason that you should tear these guys down for this.”

    I see individuals who
    a) run a media business
    b) run a registered charity
    c) run a ministry

    I have been critical of structural communication decisions. Individual communication choices. I remain critical.

    The board has a job, they communicated the steps they were taking in regards to their accountability after the news of a problem became public. That does not negate they would still have to respond to regulatory bodies if no one but the relevant people knew.

    The individuals you plead for are ordained ministers, adult men who I perceive as victims and victimizers. I don’t see them as operating in isolation.

    I question the ethics of decisions made in the corporate community, to the larger community.

    I don’t care whether Ron and Reynold Mainse are sorry, nor do I care if Crossroads is experiencing it’s own little soap opera power struggle.

    To minister, to lead, requires more than acknowledgement of gullibility or victimization.

    To ask what accountability procedures are in place structurally for the business, for the charity, for the media bully pulpit and for the community/consumer is not a unspiritual question.

    What do the immediate and larger community expect from ordained ministers leading a business/charity?

    Ron and Reynold Mainse are not the only ‘victims’ of their gullibility, to accept that narrative is niave.

    The board, the CEO, Ron and Reynold have made their statements.
    To ask others in the smaller and larger community not to weigh those statements negates their public nature.

    I don’t have all the facts, you don’t, no one does. If you are asking others to allow them their mistake, to say they didn’t do anything wrong spiritually is also niave. Innocent greed which draws in those ministered to is a spiritual issue.

    This event and the choices of all concerned didn’t occur in a vacuum.

    I have been critical of individual and group choices, that is not tearing down of individuals character.

    To dismiss what occurred as individual gullibility is insufficient and unhealthy for the community being ministered to. And insufficient to enable the community to minister to the ministers.
    Donors to the business will make their own decisions.
    The board will make structural decisions.
    Regulatory bodies are making thiers.
    The public will weigh in because this is a public business/charity/ministry.

    I mention Ralph for reasons previously stated.
    David Rutledge doesn’t live in a vacuum either, he did not chose his family, nor is he responsible for the public choices his parents have made.
    His family has had an effect on his choices, that is true for all of us.

    It is not my role to ‘let’ anyone involved do anything, it is not in my power to do so. That is co-dependent thinking 101.

    I hold a different point of view than you do while respecting your plea for individual mercy. Fair enough. Make that plea for the investors who do not have a public platform also. I think mercy looks at the individual, individuals and the health of the community.

  25. Myrta Hamden says:

    Dear Folks:

    God be with you. I do not wish to take pot shots on your ministry. You helped me through a very difficult time and I will never be the one to throw stones.
    Satan uses our weaknesses to get to us and I think he has done so with this program. My one problem with this program has been the constant request for money which I used to receive each month from your group. I was in the habit of giving you an annual amount , but stopped because of the constant requests received.
    I’ve had my breaking point and was helped through one that could have broken up my whole family. It was my inability to see something that has had disastrous effects on our extended family.
    Please keep close to God and let him lead you, now.

    Love in Christ,

  26. leanne says:

    This is the Lord’s ministry no matter who’s hand is steering the plow.
    Obviously, man makes mistakes. What better message than showing God’s children even these people make mistakes and have to repent as EVERY person on this earth must.
    He who is without sin….
    Therefore I pray God will make this ministry even more powerful and reach even more viewers. Including those who perhaps would not have been interested in Huntley for the teachings of Jesus, but just the gossip and scandal. All things work for good for those who love Jesus.
    Remember, those who are judging God’s ministry, that His logic surpasses the understanding of those he created, Thanks be to God!

  27. Joe says:

    Ministers & Christian TV hosts are human & make mistakes just like us sitting in the cogregation or watching TV. One minister spoke about his situation at church & it involved real estate.
    A real estate broker showed him how easy it was to buy houses for investment purposes. He liked what he saw & ended up with 4-6 condos/townhouses. The idea was to use rent to pay off the mortgages & in 25 years, they’d be paid off & he would have a good rental income & if he was still a minister, he could tell the church board that he was self funded. The real estate market collapsed (this was 20+ years ago) and he lost the money he invested from the equity that he had in his home. He said anybody can be tempted by “easy to make wealth” investments & he learned from his own mistakes. As far as I know, he never asked the church for a special bonus or love offerings to help him out. He didn’t face bankruptcy, just had very tight finances for a time.

  28. carlene jackson says:

    Where is Reynold Mainse today? Does he work in the Ministry or its related missions? There is an eerie silence on 100 Huntley Street about him. Clearly, the ponzi scheme is now in the past as Ron Mainse is back on air but what about Reynold?

  29. Bene D says:

    The ponzi scheme fallout isn’t over.
    While the SEC has to rubber stamp the final regulatory decision on Gordon Driver and banishment from the financial sector, the initial CFTC filing looking for restitution and legal fee recoup hasn’t been dealt with.

    While Ron Mainse handed over restitution and fine cheques, and David Rutledge has or is tossing in his amount, there is nothing public about Driver’s amount. Or Reynold Mainse.
    There has not been a word publicly about any of the amount collected being distributed to investors and an investor asked recently if there had been any distribution. That seems to be a no, if investors haven’t heard a word.

    There was an OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) hearing in April for Steven Taylor and Reynold Mainse. I called the OSC, there is nothing up online about that hearing and it’s up to each OSC division to get their paperwork online. It often takes awhile.

    Reynold Mainse (according to someone on 100 Huntley Street) is supposedly running his own photography business.
    His Linkin page mentions his company, “Mainse Media Group”

    He hasn’t been using his Twitter account, his Facebook is still active as far as I can see.
    He has this page up http://500px.com/reynoldmainse/blog, which states he teaches photography once a month and he is doing wedding etc.

  30. David Holliday says:

    Jesus once said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. True Christians do not claim to be perfect – they are simply humble and honest enough to admit that they need forgiveness not just once but on a continual basis. The wonderful truth is that God continues to use us as his instruments despite our many flaws. This is clearly demonstrated by the many people who respect and finance the ministry of 100 Huntley Street and those who find their savior and spiritual help as a result of the minstry of 100 Huntley Street. May we not throw the precious (Christmas) Child out with the dirty bath water.

  31. Marina says:

    @David Holliday

    Wrong! Where did Jesus ever say “Now that I’ve come and shed my blood for the sins of man, and overcome sin and death (death being the wages of sin), just go on and keep sinning like nothing ever happened, and I’ll be crucified at your convenience whenever you’re flesh is stronger than my spirit in you.”? Do you think your god would sacrifice his son just so that you can keep trampling his blood over and over until you die and just say to you, “Don’t worry. My boy Jesus doesn’t mind. (wink wink)”? That would be pathetic if it were so.

    Would you sacrifice your one perfect child in order to overcome the one thing that you detest more than anything in your other children (sin), knowing that they are not going to overcome it (sin) anyway, ultimately making you look like a fool and liar?

    Nowhere in the book that is the only basis for every fundamental Christian belief you may have, does Jesus even infer that it will be acceptable to go through the revolving door of sin-confess-absolution. NOwhere. Christianity has conveniently adopted that uninspiring pathetic excuse because they really know there is no power in the blood of “resurrected” Christ to wipe away the supposed inherent sinful nature of man. Not one iota. If you claim to be a new creature in Christ, there MUST be evidence of the transformation! “Trying” to be “good” by your own effort doesn’t make you Christian any different, any more holy or special, than us heathen. Nor does it show to the “lost” any truth in your signature claim, “Jesus is the answer”. Maybe if there were one, just ONE person in this world who could demonstrate the guileless nature and character of Christ, I for one would take notice.

    But hey – examining the truth openly and honestly can be painful. You can be as blind as you want to be and keep forgiving the ones like the TV evangelists who take advantage of your unfettered credulity in claims without evidence. I’m sure, at least in your mind, you’re getting high 5′s from the big guy in the sky.

  32. brano says:

    Maybe consider going to another Blog that is Anti-Christian,and drivel away there!
    I Don’t think you will recruit any atheists on this blog…or “enlighten” them with “you evidence” and foolish wanna be “intellect”
    Be at peace prendo!

  33. Marina says:

    Quite simply, no brano. I’ll let the blog master decide whether I am no longer welcome to contribute to this site or not. So far you’re about the only one who is bullying me and trying to silence my voice. Not surprising, because my decades of experience within the Christian realm have taught me that this is the way the “faithful” handle uncomfortable issues for which they have no resolve. Remember, I’m the one who was born an atheist, indoctrinated into Christianity, made my own decision to follow Christ and then autonomously became an atheist again. I’ve looked at life from both sides now…

  34. brano says:


  35. Lynne Laframboise says:

    30 years ago or so, I worked with a dear lady called Bess Driver. She had 2 sons and a daughter. All were involved in Christian ministry at some level. As I understand it, it was one of her boys who set up the ponzi scheme in the States which we are talking about in this series. I knew the Driver family somewhat well. It doesn’t surprise me that the principals are having to answer to the U.S. government for millions of dollars. I pray for them and their families, that God would enable others to minister to them and bring them out of their denials and little twists of thought which caused this. Humility is a wonderful gift before God, people, so remember that, there but for the grace of God go you in any problem such as the Mainse brothers’ recent one. God blesses the wonderful work that they do for others, and we are admonished in the Bible not to come against God’s own people. No weapon formed against them shall prosper. Pray for their wisdom and peace, in true humility and love.

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