Diane Ablonczy, Brad Trost and Charles McVety

Charles McVety is back on his high horse it ain’t pretty.

The dots aren’t that difficult to connect.
A few weeks ago he wrote one of his outrage pieces on the federal government funding the Toronto Gay Pride parade for the fearful and urged recipients of his bellicose bellowing to write their members of parliament and the PMO.
It’s probable they did exactly what they were told to do.

Daivd Akin finds an email goes out to MP’s June 26th, telling them among other things:

Recently many MPs have received an increasing number of constituent communications related to the Marquee Tourism Events Program.

Nice work by David Akin and Kady O’Malley.

MP Brad Trost gives an interview to Lifesite News on July 6th, less than 2 weeks after McVety starts with his squealing divisiveness. Although funding is already handed out and in most cases spent, Trost makes sure to smear fellow MP Diane Ablonczy. If it was wilful party deflection it didn’t work.

Who is Trost and why is he whispering to Lifesite?
Trost has a petition before the House of Commons to get International Planned Parenthood defunded.

The IPPF does not support physicians’ freedom to practice according to their conscience and/or religious beliefs regarding abortion referral.

Note we’re talking abortion referral here, not abortion per se. Brad thinks Christian docs should be able to refuse to even tell women seeking abortions where they might get one.

The petition is being circulated by 4myCanada, a neo-charismatic group.

Back to McVety. 
Another aside. Is he still smarting because his candidate of choice for leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario didn’t get the job?  Conservatives Frank Klees was the MPP behind the McVety bible college getting it’s accreditation back, and was Charles choice for party leader in Ontario.

So MP Brad Trost tells Lifesite Diane Ablonczy is responsible for funding what McVety calls the ‘sex parade’ and that MPs were shocked, socially conservative Canadians should be shocked and that her funding file had to be handed over to Industry Minister Tony Clement.

Charles McVety/Institute for Family Values- to- Campaign Life/Brad Trost/4myCanada -to- MP’s/PMO.
Could be the other way around, an attempt from the PMO to throw McVety a bone that backfired because it didn’t stay in the backwaters.
McVety, who has never met a fellow theocrat he didn’t like, is not called out by Christians for his lying. His piece is disgraceful. 
His piece is an open threat to the Conservative Party. He takes off the gloves and with half truths and false equivocations does some serious verbal bullying. It works for James Dobson in the US, why not for McVety?  It is what he does best. 
Only heaven knows what it will take to stop politicians from letting him pull their strings. Hopefully in Trost’s riding at least, the voters.

I thought Brad Trost’s interview on Lifesite was because no reputable outlet would carry what he had to say about colleague Diane Ablonczy. 
This is not about social conservative values, it’s also about promoting his agenda, his pet petition project.

That Lifesite/Campaign for Life would dance to McVety’s divisiveness is a two for one, women’s health care and the Canadian gay community.  Charles McVety’s readers and 4myCanada”s god warriors are going to do what they are told, they aren’t interested in the truth. McVety gets the attention he seeks, public appeasement, a chance to beg for money and promote his Miracle Channel show. (His Institute for Canadian Values is not a tax-exempt organization).
What do the federal Conservatives get?
Genuine ire from fellow Conservatives and some public egg on their party face. 

Trost may have been given the full go ahead from the top to appease Charles McVety and his ’don’t wait for the facts followers.’ He dutifully played to the fringe and went mainstream. Opps.

Former MP Monty Solberg gets it.
Why is this MP talking?

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4 Responses to Diane Ablonczy, Brad Trost and Charles McVety

  1. Sherm says:

    So McVety wants his college accrediation back? Maybe it’s time to launch an email campaign to our MP’s to warn them about this man.

    As for Trost – one trick pony. Canadians need to wake up and get rid of these individuals. Their agenda, like McVety’s, can only further hate.

  2. Bene Diction says:

    Canada Christian College got his his accediation back through a private members bill in the Ontario Legislature – P4, sponsored by Frank Klees in 1999 giving degree granting authority for Canada Christian College.

    The College lost the right in 1982 in Ontario and continued to grant degrees through it’s Manitoba charter. In 1998 the college was ordered to cease operation in Ontario.

    Then the private members bill.

    Trost won his first seat as MP by the second closest race in Canadian history, his second term by a wider margin.

  3. Torontonian says:

    McVety has no credibility since he can’t speak on a
    subject without resorting to name calling or using
    derogatory terms.

    Those two elements are used by those not able
    to present a strong and convincing argument.
    You can see/hear like discourse from persons like
    Michael Coren, Bill O’Reilly, CFRB radio Toronto
    and two Toronto newspapers.

    If they aren’t using these two components of
    discourse, then they’re simply pandering to their
    audience by using emotionally-charged phrases
    like “sex parade” or “limousine liberal” or “lieberal”
    or ” _______-deniers”.

    Every time these people resort to such tactics,
    they take themselves and their audience down
    to the lower regions of *reason* and the
    area where incitement-filled reaction reigns.

    Another of their trademarks is that one is not
    able to comment on their sites or comments
    are moderated or deleted.

    McVety’s website is a shambles and it is
    almost revealing what his mind is like; a shambles.
    Most Canadians have nothing to do with these
    persons and these controversial persons are
    pushing THEMSELVES further to the sidelines.

    Time for someone to tell them the parade’s gone by.

  4. Bene Diction says:

    I caught Charles McVety’s show during the Oscars.
    The automated studio format is not kind to him is it?
    There were times he was blithering and even he knew it.
    He not only used every label, he repeated them.
    Shambles is a good word.
    There is some genuine anger at the Conservative Party, but I don’t think The Conservative Party is listening.
    McVety and his friends don’t handle marginalization well.
    I hear Canadian Christian College (the building) is looking rather shabby.
    The best place for him is in front of someone like George Stroumboulopoulos, who is well prepared and can get someone like McVety to admit on a conscious level his shtick is clownish.

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