Daniel P. Reeve – has this guy got the God talk down cold?

There are Canadian Christians who are trying to get the word out on this guy and his companies.

The Cease and Desist order against Daniel Reeve, DPR Financial Inc. and Millionaire Mortgage Inc went out in June.

Investors who have had the misfortune of knowing Daniel P. Reeve who have started to talk to each other by email believe between them they’ve lost 4 million dollars. I wonder if they are the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The regulatory body in this case (Financial Services Commission of Ontario)

…regulates co-operatives, credit unions, caisses populaires, insurance, loan and trust companies, mortgage brokers and pensions.

FSCO’s mandate is to provide regulatory services that protect the public interest and enhance public confidence in the regulated sectors.

Investors are scared and angry. I don’t blame them. White collar crime is scary stuff.
They don’t need scolding, mocking, guilting or shame. They need recourse.

Who is Daniel P. Reeve?

1) Daniel P. Reeve is a master of self-promotion.  2007 .pdf

I had a take down notice surrounding Gordon Drive/Axcess Automation/Funds a few months ago. My first SLAPP in over six years of blogging. I was not impressed.

It took awhile to figure out why I got the demand because I don’t understand the financial industry.
Frankly I don’t want to understand the financial industry. It’s like walking through a minefield.
An investor had sent me information. Good information. I put a piece of it up in a post and out of nowhere the fellow who originally wrote it wanted it down.
Took me awhile but eventually the lights came on and I understood.  Investors paid this fellow to receive his newsletter, he’d begun to figure out things were hinky, long before any orders came out or any case was laid out against Axcess Automation/Funds.
The last thing he needed or wanted was his name publicly associated with what was now a civil case in the US and a possible criminal case.

I took it down and requested a letter of compliance from his lawyer. Of course I didn’t get one.
It was a lesson for me on how hyper, aggressive, scared, hurt and circular people can get when alleged ponzi schemes start to see the light of day and affinity fraud touched the lives of good people.

I needed to learn and learn quickly. My heart was breaking for Axcess Automation/Fund investors who had emailed so I talked to a financial advisor andÂto people who investigate religious fraud.
I was told that if one person out of 100 came forward and talked, consider that a plus. I was told that people who financially con others are busy working on the next con.
People who make their living conning others out of their money do not think like I do. The  thrill of the scheme and the scam is their drug of choice and they are very skilled at avoidance.

A financial fraudster is going to be a few steps ahead of you, I and of the last set of victims.
Targeting ethnic and religious communities and walking away from such deep betrayal of trust is not what most of us are capable of.

Religious affinity fraudsters simply drain the current group dry and move on to the next church, temple or faith community and start all over again.  It is what they do. And while we have laws to shut them down, there are no guarantees. It’s a long process for committed victims, investigative regulators, police and the courts to seek justice. Justice is rarely financial. Sadly as affinity fraud increases and we bury our collective heads in prayer, more churches and faith groups will be targeted.

Once shock wears off, the process of grieving begins.

Early investors make money in a pyramid scheme. It’s the next wave, and the next who suffer.
Keeping what is occurring as investors start talking public and at the top of Google helps others and is a path toward emotional health.
Someone who makes their life defrauding faith communities does not want their name on the first page of a search engine. Media attention is fun for awhile, it can be part of the game. For awhile. But to keep the high and a ready source of victims, fraudsters want the past buried, just as they’ve buried it and left broken lives behind.

Timelines give perspective. Reporters love them. Victims need them.

Back to my question. Who is Daniel P. Reeve?

2. Daniel P. Reeve has no problem using others. He’s charming and a great talker. He’s believable and easy to trust.

I have a lot of respect for people who invested with Earl Jones. As far as I can tell this was not a closed community (ethnic/religious) and when things fell apart, people raised holy hell. Good first step. Media got involved, stories were told and police got involved. Meetings were held and now there is a Facebook page where his victims can go while the law catches up. The bible says a chord of three is not easily broken. Common cause can help a group move mountains.

Who is Daniel P. Reeve?

3) He is a grand thinker, a step ahead, a visionary, a talker, just a guy who wants everyone to be a millionaire, get in on a great deal he knows about, and a guy who can’t pay his rent.

The Waterloo Record and The Toronto Star want to talk to people who have invested with Daniel P. Reeve.
The only way the rabbit trails and the schemes are uncovered and the complicated threads unravel is when investors step forward.
The police are frustrated, again the sense of shame and guilt in Christian communities (a well known trait according to fraud investors which is used by scammers to keep people quiet) is hampering the investigation.

Who is Daniel P. Reeve and why is there an order out on him to stop what he is doing?

4) He is a guy who was planning to expand. Scams don’t respect borders. He has two websites going despite the cease and desist. Why is that acceptable to past victims, the law, regulators? His licence was yanked already. More: Whois information on US site, registered in 2007 to a Wisconsin man who may have the misfortune of registering the same company name expires 2010. It is believed on a former Reeve site he had an address in Michigan.

What can investors do?
Talk to Financial Services Commission of Ontario.
Talk to police.
Talk to each other.
Talk to media.
Talk on the Red Flag Deals forum.

Do what is being done here.
Help put information out there so others will pause and step back.

Over at Red Flag Deals, the thread was started on DPR Financial in 2008. No response to a lone query for a year, and in January 2009, people began to talk.

Who is Daniel P. Reeve?

5) You tell me.

What companies has Daniel P. Reeve been involved with?
What church groups has he targeted?
How many civil suits are currently filed in Ontario courts?
Are there ongoing court cases in other juristictions?
What is the status of the criminal investigation with Waterloo City Police?

Do fellow Christians tell you to suck it up? Do Christians tell you it was your greed, that bad investments happen and you should never sue a brother? Are you told to forgive? Be angry and sin not?
Hey, religious affinity fraud scammers will look you straight in the eye, and ask you to pray with them. They know the language. They know how to work others in your church to shame and guilt you, if you aren’t already doing that number on yourself.

Who is Daniel P. Reeve?

6) Is Daniel P. Reeve the person being talked about in this article who targeted a Peterborough church and faith community?

I’m willing to guess he is. So what is he doing in Waterloo, Kitchener, Elora, Cambridge?
Did Christians in Peterborough do everything they could to stop him from harming others?
Where did people meet him and what are faith communities doing about what is being done to assist his victims?
More: Andrew Lech of Peterborough may be the man mentioned in the article. 88 fraud charges/66 million dollar scam dating back to 2001. Court document here

Let’s talk…comments are open. Help me fill out these time lines and let’s do what we can to see others are not betrayed.

Update: The Record July 24, 2009

The fraud branch (Waterloo Regional Police) has received about 110 complaints and is looking into alleged investment losses of about $19 million, according to Sgt. Rob Zensner of the police fraud division. The investments are related to various businesses that were run by Reeve, including DPR Financial Inc., which was based in Cambridge, the Millionaire Group and Millionaire in You Wealth Institute in Waterloo, as well as the Jakobstettel Inn.

“I’ve been a securities regulator for 20 years, and I’ve seen more money stolen in the name of God than in any other way.”
Deborah Bortner, Director of Securities for Washington State and past President of the North American Securities Administrators


In the last five years, affinity fraud among religious groups and church congregations has grown rapidly and is now a widespread problem. Con artists are found in all denominations. This applies both to investment scams and to financial advisors who claim religious affiliation. The reason these groups are so vulnerable is that it is human nature to trust someone who purports to be religious. BC Securities Commission InvestRight


December 2008 Windsor Star Easy Street to on the Street
December 8, 2008 Windsor Star DPR evicted
December 13, 2008 Windsor Star Financial services company DPR evicted from Waterloo office
April 9, 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Record Wedding Bell Blues
April 9, 2009 CKCO News Investors demanding answers Jakobstettel Inns, Reeve Hotel and Resorts Inc., Millionaire in You (YouTube)
April 15, 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Record St. Jacobs inn owes nearly $350,000
April 18, 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Record Waterloo office locked by landlord for non-payment of rent
May 14, 2009 Guelph Mercury Financiers troubles mounting
June 5, 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Record Dream investment evaporates
June 6, 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Record Reeve began as a shoe salesman
June 18, 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Record New owner sought for Jacobstettel Inn
June 27, 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Record Fraud complaints now criminal investigations
July 24, 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Record Jacobstettel  Inn sold
July 25, 2009 570 News Jakobstettel Inn sold

Blogs and forums
April 20, 2009 “Millionaire Mortgage” Company under review
Facebook Jacobstettel Inn
RedFlagDeals forum

FSCO: May 13, 2009 Notice of Proposed Cease and Desist and Temporary Cease and Desist Daniel P.Reeve, Millionaire Mortgage Inc., and DPR Financial Inc. PDF
FSCO: June 4, 2009 Cease and Desist Permanent Daniel P. Reeve, Millionaire Mortgage Inc., and DPR Financial Inc.

Daniel P. Reeve Companies
My Personal Coach Set up June 2009
My Perfect Mortgage Set up June 2009

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Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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28 Responses to Daniel P. Reeve – has this guy got the God talk down cold?

  1. MenschMayer says:

    Hey Bene!!!!!! wwwwooootttt!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

    to everyone else… LET’S TALK!!!!

  2. Bene Diction says:

    Hey MenschMayer:

    The thread at Red Flag Deals is amazing. And long.

    It’s going to take awhile to get through it.
    Thank you.

    I’ve pieced together what I can for now.
    I am so sorry for all your losses, there are some heartbreaking stories.
    I hope victims see they have power, they are not condemned and they can heal and help others.
    Who better?

    Let’s start with:

    How many law suits are pending against Daniel P. Reeve?

    As an aside, when Gordon Driver of Axcess Automation/Funds commented here at BDBO the skepticism was real. I tracked his IP, wrote him, and checked his email addy. It is Gordon Driver which was also confirmed by one of his friends and a former investor. We’ve emailed.

  3. MenschMayer says:

    Hi Bene. Well, I hear there are over 100 complaints to the police. Last I heard it was over 20 million. But, correct me if I am wrong.

    Gordon Driver… it really was him??? I’m sure Red Flag is being monitored also.

    I hope some victims come forward and get in touch with either the police or us. We need documentation, documentation!!!!! I personally, don’t want that documentation, but I’m sure the police would.

    Off hand, I know of about 10 ‘ish’ law suits and I think that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. Bene D says:

    Yes, it is Gordon Driver, I see no reason why I can’t talk with him or not give him an opportunity to comment if he chooses. This blog isn’t court.

    I think you may be correct that the Red Flag forum is being monitored and that’s great.

    I’m still wading though it, but I see some very professional advice for investors, I see reporters asking people to step forward. I see victims being honest, I also see scapegoating and shoot the messenger. I see struggle, pain, frustration and hope, all the things that surround alleged affinity fraud and it’s attendant frustration.

    With Axcess/Crossroads I certainly want BDBO monitored. We as a group of readers have worked at sharing information as we go along, something a blog is an excellent platform for.
    Readers of BDBO have been amazing, I can’t say enough about their wisdom and good sense, and they have been the ones putting pieces together.

    It’s been a conversation, a very public one and an important one in a complex many layered event.

    Thanks for the info. I am very glad to see people step forward, and will update.

    Here’s an example in the forum: April 6, 2009. One comment from Helper.

    DPR Reeve Financial, Daniel Reeve, David Reeve and Davlyn Financial are not registered with the Ontario Securities to trade in securities or give financial advice.

    Please register and check all advisors with the OSC by phone xxx-xxxx or check their web site.

    If you feel you have bought mutual funds or securities through any of these firms, contact the complaints and enforcement of the OSC.osc.gov.on.ca/Contact/ct_index.jsp

    That was written two months before the cease and desist.

  5. Therese says:

    Regarding the Red Flag forum where some are saying the police are not responding quickly enough, I wonder if they’re just too dang busy these days to move any faster…

    Following one of the links to the Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine…The irony is too much, how does this guy manage to keep a straight face, not to mention sleep at night?

    – “What the Rich Do” – Article by Daniel Reeve.

    Um, I don’t know…swindle their clients?

    – “It’s what you don’t know that’s costing you the most.”

    I’ll say.

    – “You can’t fake it. I mean you’re talking about people’s savings.”

    Excuse me while I choke.

    I’m shaking my head in disbelief that there really are people like that out there, and lots of them it seems – such a waste of creativity and intelligence, and of course that’s what makes someone like him so dangerous. Really, what chance do investors have when they’re up against someone that clever? Is normal due diligence enough to penetrate that kind of brilliantly erected armour, so to speak? Don’t know much about the world of high finance, but it seems to me that the only thing potential investors would have to go by in a case like this is the “if-it-seems-too-good-to- be-true” rule, and nothing else. Sheesh, it’s enough to make me thankful for my modest circumstances.

  6. MenschMayer says:

    Hi Theresa. I really appreciate your comments. I think the big problem here is that others may still get hurt. Did you see the new websites by any chance? We do have friends, take a look.

  7. Bene D says:

    I don’t know how many ‘suits’ (fraud investigators) Waterloo Regional Police have Therese, in May I believe two were on this case. I do know every i has to be dotted and every t crossed.
    In June the Waterloo Regional police spokesperson said six months.

    When the treasurer of our church was suspected of theft and fraud, it took the suits a year to put the case together. That was incredibly hard on the board of stewards and the minister. Charges were finally laid and he was released on his own recognizance. Then of course he delayed proceedings and died before the case concluded. He was a pathological gambler who died in denial.

    A year to investigate, lay out the case and take it to the crown.

    I see Daniel P. Reeve lost his licence in 2006 and I’m still trying to find the official source information.

    The system is broken, it’s good to see lawyers recognize it:


  8. defrauded2 says:

    Bene, thank you for your incredible insight into this very serious matter. I am thoroughly impressed with your organizational skills and assessment.

    I am one of the victims…a DPR client who had all of my “normal” investments stolen by Daniel P. Reeve who conned and deceived me, as he did with over 100 other families.

    I was not aware that he lost his license when all of this took place. In fact I wonder how he had the authority to sell all of my insurance company segregated funds if he did not have a license.

    I have ongoing litigation that was filed several months ago. I’m going through the painful process and don’t know what will be.

    The fact that he has so brazenly gone back into business to swindle others is the final straw that has hit a raw nerve that is bringing us mice out of the woodwork.

    More people must speak out and expose him for what he is, for what he has done. They must put aside any religious beliefs that they believe conflict with their ability to seek justice by the authorities.

    A crime is a crime is a crime. You catch the criminal. If one feels they have to forgive the criminal, so be it, but you catch first, forgive after.

    Incidentally, I want him caught. However, I will not forgive him (my own beliefs).

  9. MenschMayer says:

    Bene, I’m amazed at how fast you put that timeline together. YOU ARE AMAZING…

    Friends: Canadian Laws need to be updated in regards to White collar crime.

    I’m asking, if you have a few minutes, can you shoot off an email to Hon. Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice.

    Who knows, maybe together we can make a difference. These guys are getting away with way too much. The public is not as protected in Canada as we all think.

    Notice from the Government of Canada Department of Justice:

  10. Bene D says:

    My thanks to an alert reader – I took out a link to a landscaping company which had the misfortune of having the same company name and Daniel P. Reeves did. They use a .net and certainly don’t need the aggravation.

    Quebec and Ontario have legislation ready to go on white collar crime – the Ottawa legislation is a bit more of a red herring.

    I’d say more but I don’t quite understand it, I believe the federal funding was already in place and amounts to what I think is a 5 thousand dollar increase.

    What’s needed is not only the possibility of tougher sentences, but more investigators.

  11. Bene D says:


    I am so sorry for your loss, speaking up takes courage I can’t fully appreciate, nor can I appreciate the effort to file a civil suit after such serious loss.

    The two websites set up in June are contemptuous.

    I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to see Daniel P. Reeve criminally charged and soon.

    nolite te bastardes carborundorum!

  12. Defrauded2 says:

    Until one week ago, I was afraid to speak out except to close friends, family, and my lawyers, investigators and politicians.

    His continuing to break the law as opposed to surrendering to police has not gone unnoticed by his victims who are watching every action.

    Without our action, he will continue this charade unabated. The police investigation could continue for another year or two…who knows.

    What I can guarantee is that the longer this guy is roaming the streets, the public is not safe. People WILL get financially hurt.

    We are issuing the public safety messages for harm reduction until he is put away.

    None of the victims are delusional into thinking that this action will recover our losses, because we don’t know where he stashed the cash.

    We are an altruistic group, seeking to protect others, to bring awareness of these crimes, to get the proper legislation in Canada to help prevent and EFFECTIVELY deal with these crimes.

    We will not stop until the job is done.

  13. MenschMayer says:

    Good Job Defrauded2

    In case you have not noticed, I too am a victim.

    We have been quietly, writing letters to politicians. Waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to help us. Thanks Bene!!! and Rose Simone of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record!

    When I saw the below websites I was shocked!! I guess ‘sexyfreddy’ is a good friend also, thanks ‘sexy’!!!

    We have a very powerful and sad story.

    My goal in coming forward, is to do my part to protect the public, while we wait for FSCO and the Police.

    I would also like some more victims to come forward with us. Together we can support each other and do our part to help the public to not become future victims.

    Enough already!!!!!

  14. MenschMayer says:

    All you Christians out there. I have a question.

    It has come to my attention, that some victims may be Christians (please see the CTV youtube video about a man that met Reeve at church).

    I understand they may be practicing ‘forgiveness’ and they may not want to come forward.

    I totally respect what they are doing. From my point of view, ‘forgiving’ someone that has stolen from you is NOT easy.

    My question is, what about ‘justice’? Walter, can you shed some light
    here? explanation?

    help me out here? what do you all think?

  15. Linda Levy says:

    I have a very good friend who is also a Health Care provider. I am watching this man suffer so very greatly that even his profession is being affected.
    In my sincere opinion Canada should be very ashamed of their inaction pertaining to white collar crime. Afterall why should they care about peoples livelihoods & futures.
    In the US they do what is the right thing for their citizens, i.e. Madoff amongst many many more.
    I am ashamed of our country & my heart is very heavy for my dear friend, to watch his suffering is destructive for anyone who knows him & we are devastated for his heavy loss.
    We must immediately take these evil people, i.e. Reeves & lock them away. All their assets should be taken away & given to the poor souls who are suffering in the worst way.
    If there continues to be no action these predators will continue to pray upon the innocents & our country will fail all of us.
    I hope that we grow as a country & people rise up & make our goverment see that they are considered collaborators in these illegal schemes against the people who help others & not hurt people as these schemers continue to do.

  16. If there continues to be no action these predators will continue to prey upon the innocents & our country will fail all of us.


    I agree that the civil laws are a joke! Are you aware that lawyers wrote the civil code in Ontario including a clause that they cannot be sued!

    My beef has been with the religious ones like Dan Strader of the Strader Clan of Lakeland Florida who not only pray with the sheep but prey on the sheep!

  17. Therese says:

    I’m very sorry about your friend’s situation, Linda….do you think he might consider joining ranks with other investors who have commented here like Defrauded2 and MenschMayer in order to try and fight back? There is strength in numbers and your friend may find some comfort in communicating with others who are going through the same thing, as well as new hope in trying to do something about this menace!

  18. :( says:

    Do you guys have any updates on Daniel Reeve?

  19. Bene Diction says:

    Last entry at the RedFlagDeals was the end of June.


    Its been over a year since the Financial Services Commission issused a cease and desist.

    If the Waterloo Police have decided their investigation is finished, there is nothing online…

    I’m sorry, that’s not very helpful.

  20. :( says:

    Thanks for the try Benediction. I was on Red Flag also. I know this is old news but I was an investor.Two weeks ago I got mail from Waterloo Regional. All it said that things were still being looked at. As I looked though the postings here someone had said that they chased down an IP address. Did this IP belong to one of his minions?
    Cause if it does I would really like to have it and know what this guy does. If you know of anyone who is up for a classaction suit please mail to my e mail, I would appreciate it. I think this case is going to go on for a long time with the people invovled with the scheme. But with the experience that I have had and stuying these Ponzi schemes the money is usually hidden away some where. Hopefully the Crown will be able to claw back any monies located. Or at the very least Daniel and friends could work it off by breaking rocks in the penetentary. If you could find a current address on Daniel that would be nice to. If anyone is interested his brother , he has on office in Windsor, also a condo.

  21. Bene Diction says:

    Hi :(
    I’m sorry for your losses and glad to hear the Waterloo Police are still investigating.

    I’ll pass your email on to another investor, they may have some more up to date information. The Guelph Mercury reporter was working on some tie ins and lost her brother and mother quite tragically recently, but she may be able to provide you with information also.

    There are Reeve investors who are fighting hard, speaking up, reporting and I hope connecting with each other. I respect the channeling of the anger toward justice.

  22. :( says:

    Thank You

  23. Joe Bruder says:

    Yes :( I am interested in persuing a class action along with you and others. I am ready and willing. I aggree that the money is hidden somewhere, and not far away. Money, some of which is mine also and I need it. Thanks

  24. Defrauded2 says:

    Finally some media attention on the Dan Scam:

    Incidentally regarding a class action suit, one must think very carefully who you are going to sue. Clearly, in this situation, if the money has all disappeared due to his misappropriation, going after Daniel may be a lost cause.
    Personally, I would like to see the regulators sued for their negligence as regulators, because few words can describe the incompetence of these non-regulators (specifically the FSCO and the OSC). Secondly, many investors had their money stolen from their accounts held at Manulife Financial and Canada Life. Rules were broken; violations of the companies Codes of Conduct, and yet they and the regulators have done absolutely nothing except deny any wrongdoing. It is much like the victims of the Earl Jones scam, going after the Royal Bank in their class action suit.
    Find a lawyer who will take these big boys on. They have deep pockets, but also have bottomless legal defense funds.

  25. Just warning you says:

    This con man is currently even now April of 2012 still up to his dirty tricks and trying to defraud people at the company he works at right now this guy needs to do some time or something because he’s learned nothing what’s so ever and yeah he’s definitely using people even now! As far as I know no ones givin him money but I’m sure he’s getting close!

  26. Finally Got Him says:

    I hope they can close this case now.

    Man charged after $30-million investment fraud


  27. Pingback: Daniel P. Reeve charged with fraud | Bene Diction Blogs On

  28. Bene Diction says:


    Thanks for the heads up. I hope so too, I’ve updated here.

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