I was about to become a king at Lakeland, says Todd Bentley

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Todd Bentley’s November 17 webinar is proving to be part of a series. And something that he says in the taped version of his webinar on “the anointing”, as saved on his website is unnerving, if not scary.

I’ve listened to Bentley preach for years, and so his mixture of things that are good, thoughtful and Biblical sprinkled on a body of things that sound aberrant, if not heretical, within the same address, is something that I am used to in one of his messages. Such is his webinar on the anointing.

[His next, fans might note, to be on on the subject of "intimacy with God". It's set for December 15.]

I might add more on his webinar in the comments below, but there is one thing that he says that sets off an alarm that I feel that I need to cite. It fails my smell test.

It comes after Bentley has been talking about David at length. David didn’t look like the “best” person for God to use, Bentley points out, but God did nevertheless. Gradually, David grew in his anointing, i.e., his sphere of influence and power. When David became King of all Israel, Bentley argues, he came into his “third anointing” and all the promise of the day that he had been anointed by the prophet Samuel had been fulfilled.

Some of his listeners, Todd says at the end of the 64th minute of his webinar, are about to come into their “third anointing” this year.

Starting at 64:26, Bentley says:

 ”Everything changes when the kingly anointing comes. When the kingly anointing comes on you life, that’s when you begin to reign–”he [David] began to reign at 30″…and then all of a sudden the third anointing comes, the kingly anointing….when you come into you third anointing, that’s when you begin to reign. I’m telling you what I touched in Lakeland, what I touched two years ago, what I touched five years ago, it was just on my way to third anointing, it was on my way to kingship, and I’m saying, My God, I haven’t even began…. ”

He goes on to promise that his listeners will go on to operate in the fullness of their giftings soon, but the damage has already been done.

Recall the wrong teachings of Lakeland. The people who weren’t healed. The people who were “healed” and then went on and died. Does Bentley expect now that all this will happen in a bigger and worse scale?

Let’s give Bentley the benefit of the doubt for a moment and assume that Lakeland was a great and fine revival. We see no Evan Roberts style humility here. Had Bentley said, “I really liked being an evangelist. People were blessed and touched and God did some great things. I’m sad that that is gone,” it would be one thing. But he doesn’t.

 We have Bentley proclaiming, with raised voice and flailing of arms that he is to be a king, with incredible amounts of authority and power. He has not yet begun to operate in the levels of mischief, er, anointing that he plans to.

This isn’t the humility of a humbled man. This is pride, if not hubris.

If I had the flawed record of Bentley, I would hestitate in wanting to be a king. I would just try to not be in the King of King’s way as I served Him.

Some of Bentley’s critics feared that the evangelist was flirting with the Manifest Sons of God heresy. Would this fit? I fear it does.

Scary. Really scary, I would say.

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19 Responses to I was about to become a king at Lakeland, says Todd Bentley

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    Many thanks to BD, as always.

    I sometimes use humour in my posts, but this is a bit too chilling for me to do so after, sorry…

  2. Bene D says:

    If you are chilled when Bentley spouts his self promoting kingship (Manifest Sons and Latter Rain) your reaction is worth paying attention to. Your objectivity, knowledge is such I don’t take being chilled lightly.

    I listened to the webinar a few days ago – couldn’t finish it.
    The MorningStar staff appeal for funds was so predictable, but I didn’t get to the final part.

    It’s repetitive, delusional, twisted scripture and all that neo-charismania is.

    Thank you so much for covering the Lee Grady interview with CT, and for these posts. I think what Bentley wants aside, he is needed to rope in the gullible and their money by all of NAR. They will give him what he wants.

  3. Sea Bass says:

    This whole anointing thing borderlines on annoying. I was lead to believe that God’s favour is on some more than others for specific purposes (which could be true), and that there are times when the manifest presence of God is accelerated. Now I’m not so sure…

  4. susan says:

    Job 29, where Job is continuing to give a final speech, of his former blessings. Job was a prosperous farmer with a large family. Large amount of livestock, such as camels, sheep, cows, etc. He had many servants.

    Milk and olive oil were some of the symbols of material prosperity in an agricultural society. Job had many blessings, and obviously they were quite plentiful. In Job 29, Job reflects on these former blessings.

    My understanding is that Job was most likely a judge. That ment he managed the community and help settle disputes.

    I think the meaning of Job is clear. It difinitely demonstrates God’s sovereignty, and the meaning of true faith. And one can be left with a question like “Why do the rightous suffer?”

    Question: Is Todd Bentley trying to say that Job’s reflection on former blessings, such as “rivers of oil” means anoiting? Hum? I wonder what he’ll say about the cows that produced milk in abundance. (That’s in this chapter too.)

    Job was merely describing his former life. Job was blessed with an abuncdance olive trees. So, with many trees the oil is bound to flow.

  5. Therese says:

    Typical of Todd Bently and friends to conveniently twist the scriptures to make them tickle their itchy ears instead of letting the scriptures give them the royal spanking they really need! The scripture that speaks of God’s people as “kings and priests”, which I think Todd has in mind when he talks like this, is more properly translated as a “kingdom of priests”. Sorry to disillusion his fairy tale aspirations.

    Annoying, tiresome, repetitive, foolish, nonsensical and clownish are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Bentley, and I’m sorry, maybe it’s just the mood I’m in, but i wish someone would just twist his nose and switch him off.

  6. Susan says:

    Thanks Threrese, I needed a good laugh.

  7. Therese says:

    Bless you Susan – and here I thought I was the only one laughing at my own joke – nothing like a good laugh to unwind from the cares of life, eh? he-he, not that I’ve ever given anyone reason to want to give my nose a good tweeking, I’m sure 0:o) (smiley face with nose and halo – have to spell it out, you never know what these danged computers will do)

  8. hopeome says:

    I have gone beyond scarey on Mr Bentley machinations and ‘illuminations of his so called imaginations.

    They say an empty vessel makes a lot of noise and sounds like a resounding gong! I rest my case on that one!

    The man has no real shame or he would be crawling under a stone saying Father forgive me, not vomitting his indiscretions all round the globe in a complete lack of humility and sayng Lord I am healed in the process.

    What really frightens me is that its so in and of itself, ie this little community of profits have begun to lose reality because no one in the clique will stand up and be counted and ‘bring them down to earth’ so to speak.

    His healing course in feb is a case in point. I was wondering the other day that if they make such sweeping statments about being able to heal then someone should check the validity of these statements because surely if they are not true they could be sued for false premise, false witness and giving false pretences, ie misleading witness. Lakeland was never verified by a medical professional, ie GP or surgeon was it, don’t you think it should be?

    We are being blinded to the truth and being asked for payment in the process.

    Healing is an area of confusion and on Bentleys webinar he makes it quite obvious that he has no idea as to the Lords will on it.

    It gives false hope to many and then they fall into more confusion because of well maybe the lord didn’t heal them because he doesn’t love them enough etc.,

    Todd should leave well alone untill he has the deep knowledge required to be an ‘expert’ on the subject. But no ‘they all need the money’ to keep the house of babble in ‘the Kindom of greed’


  9. hopeome says:

    I remember in one of ‘Benny Hinns’ books he talks about the three annointings and one of them being a ‘kingly annointing’ and Todd speakis of Benny Hinn in one of his videos. Maybe they are all ‘tuned into’ the same god : THE ONE THAT SAYS ‘I AM’ (the great I am). In the meantime people are being mislead into believeing that Todd is the great I AM.

    I had wanted to be a healer for some time, I didn’t know exactly what that meant apart from the one thing we all hear about healing ie: the laying on of hands. I used to get hurt at not being able to help people and so in my naive way one day I said LORD I WANT TO BE A HEALER. His response: You have to take the whole package not just a part of me.

    Todds looking for sensationalism, fame and fortune.

    Me; I was looking for answers; still am, he’s never failed me yet, but some of the answers have hurt and in the agony he’s had to hang onto my heart to stop it failing.

    It hurts to walk with him and Todd isn’t

  10. Therese says:

    I think it might have been said here before, but I was reading Galations 1:8-9 today: “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!”

    Wow, I don’t think stronger, more unequivocal language exists in the universe.

  11. hopeome says:

    I used to be afraid of the old testament because of its language. It used to frighten the life out of me and so I never, if it could be avoided, went to the old testament. I would devour the new testament because Jesus had a great love for people that I wanted.
    It was the wrath of god that I couldn’t handle and I lived in fear of doing or saying the wrong thing in case I got whooped by it. In the end I gave up on the old testament and just read about Jesus.

    During a time of fasting and prayer some years later I was taken to Daniel, which had made little sense to me, and the lord opened my eyes to its meaning. I was captivated. Then during a further time of fasting I was asked to go deeper, I did and got well and truly taken right , into the old testament. It had been doom and gloom and full of names I couldn’t pronounce, but when he took me through it I began to understand what he was trying to say and why. The language was frightening to my place of being at the time, so he took me to his place.

    No disrespect but Todd would make a great car salesman he has the language and the presentation, to sell !

    Theresa you have made me think , thank you, language is indeed a powerful thing

  12. Therese says:

    Hopeome, that’s so precious, what the Lord did for you regarding the O.T! The fear of the Lord is a funny thing – the fear can motivate us to run to Him instead of away, and it’s a paradox also how we can trust Him in the fear, like Job who said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” I saw myself in the spirit one time, a very small child hiding behind the Father. holding on to his robe, and kind of peeking out from behind Him to watch the things He was doing. I think staying close behind Him is a safe place to be, it’s when we get in front of Him, getting in His way, doing our own works instead of resting and letting Him do His work, that we can get into trouble! (subject to His grace and mercy, longsuffering and justice – for example, I believe He thankfully distinguishes between the honest mistakes of someone trying to learn how to please Him and wilful, rebellious presumption, and everything in-between).

    Todd Bentley looks to me like someone on auto-pilot – it’s like the real T.B. has bailed, and there’s nobody flying the plane – I keep alternating between feeling very sorry for Him one minute and being completely appalled the next!

  13. hopeome says:

    Thank you for making me laugh. I was trying to find the words that described what I was watching in Todd Bentleys manner. You said theres no one flying the plane, absolutley right ‘a vacant ‘lot’. God bless

  14. Therese says:

    What Todd desperately needs to do is to cease from his own works, literally, as the word instructs, and just allow the Lord to minister to him for a good long while, like Mary did. That’s what we all need to do – I think just about everybody starts off in the flesh like Moses did, because we want to justify ourselves, want to feel virtuous – not having any experience yet of the Lord working through our emptied vessel, it’s hard to really grasp that He actually will. Sometimes the hardest thing for our flesh to do is to just come to Him, we would rather jump through hoops of fire or leap tall buildings at a single bound than just come. That’s why we must crucify our flesh, starve it to death, wrestle it into submission, carry whatever cross we are given, and the reason I harp on that so much is that I’m preaching to myself! All the time and energy we would spend on works of the flesh we need to literally invest it in spending time in the word and prayer, just being with the Lord, it feels like a waste, planting that corn of wheat in the ground to just die – I bet Moses felt he was wasting his gifted life herding around a bunch of sheep in the middle of nowhere, but look what that eventually qualified him to do – to lead God’s children out of slavery to man (flesh) and the world (Egypt) to find their rest in the Promised Land! And he wasn’t ready until he didn’t want the job anymore.

  15. Therese says:

    …the way to our Promised Land is always through a dry and dreary wilderness – no wilderness, no Promised Land. To follow Jesus is to follow Him through the wilderness, because that’s always where He leads. But it’s a Way that few are willing to take, and few will find…that’s why it says in scripture, “O Lord, grant us a willing spirit to sustain us”. The good news is, that wilderness is taking us Somewhere, and He promises streams and rivers of His Spirit in the wilderness, nowhere else!

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  17. Sean says:

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think this ministry will ever reach the levels of Lakeland again.

    The thing that drew people to Bentley in the past was the need for healing. I was certainly tempted since I have family members that I would like to see healed as well. After Bentley’s healings were proven to be false (on network television), I think that well has dried out for him.

    His supporters in the blogosphere seem mostly silent.

    Hopefully this assessment is accurate and will remain that way.

    RH, BD, I really appreciate that you’ve kept us informed just in case he succeeds in the comeback. It will be good to be forewarned.

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