Video of Bentley protesters – February 5/10

We now have video footage of the protest staged by several men at Todd Bentley’s service last Friday, as it is now on YouTube.

Here you go. Audio is bad, the video appears to be shot by friends of the five (or members of the protesting group themselves) who publicly confronted the evangelist.

For background see Rick Hiebert’s coverage: This won’t make it on the Todd Bentley segment; Police called to arrest Bentley Critics?!?; Did Todd Bentley have police shut up his critics? part -3 ;The day [Todds ministry]…died?

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20 Responses to Video of Bentley protesters – February 5/10

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    I see that Bene D agrees that the video footage that we have so far of the protest staged by the men at the Todd Bentley service last week really should be shared on BDBO.

    I heartily agree. Thanks to BD for doing this.

    As a former journalist, I have always tried to conduct myself much as a journalist would when posting at BDBO.

    Although I do have a point of view on Todd Bentley, I believe that BD and I should report on this without fear or favour where I and BD can. That means that we need to report as accurately as possible, in depth as necessary.

    BDBO’s readers need, I feel at any rate, to see what happened for themselves as much as possible. My reporting and commentary today and over the past few days merely adds to a raw “you are there” video, which this is.

    I will probably be offering commentary on the video itself later. As the protestors aren’t amplified and are hard to hear within the auditorium, I see that Bentley already had an advantage…but more later…

  2. John Payzant says:

    That is pretty scary stuff

    It doesn’t just happen at at Todd Bentley meeting though but this kind of protesting can be quite stressful too for everybody.

    I wonder if this kind of protesting is good and can solve anything?

    We had something very similar happen in a church in England where Canon Gene Robinson, the 1st openly gay Episcopal Bishop from the Diocese of New Hampshire, preached in a Church of England Church and a man stood out of his pew and yelled at the Bishop, “Repent, repent…” he was eventually escorted out as the men at the Todd Bentley Venue were as well.

    In both cases, there were one or more persons in the congregation or audience shouting, “Repent,….”

    Both of these are differences on the circumstantials of religion in the areas of theological beliefs.

    The 1st seems to be in the definitions, purpose and use of spiritual gifts and the 2nd seems to be in the definitions, purpose and use of sexuality and marriage.

    Both seem to be quite heated.

    I would sit as far back as possible in a situation such as this and observe and hope nobody notices me.

    I’d might even take a tape recorder or video camera with me and then communicate through a blog such as this one.

    But Todd Bentley’s meetings seem to be turning for the worse for him and his followers.

    I know someone who was involved some time ago and he told me about infighting and animosity back then too.

    But this undercurrent seems to be coming to the surface as is observed at this most recent venue.

    It is best to steer clear of things like this.

  3. Bene D says:

    Good points John.

    The incident with Gene Robinson occurred at St. Mary’s 2008, the BBC has the story and video.

    The vast majority of these church disruptions involve male single issue protesters.

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  5. I notice Todd Bentley says to a protester something like “I can’t hear a word you’re saying” while talking over the person.

    This is a blatant lie, or lying maneuver.

    My guess is that Mr. Bentley could hear that the man shouted “Repent” and “Step Down” and other such admonitions.

    Mr. Bentley seemed to want to increase his demagoguery techniques at that point, rather than pause for a moment and hear further what the man was saying.

    The event also seemed to bring out strong finger-flex-pointing, which is one of Mr. Bentley’s many subtle and not-so-subtle crowd-mesmerizing techniques.

    I will grant that the protesters were shouting out of order, but Mr. Bentley responded with an obvious break-logic mesmerizing technique of suddenly proclaiming that which isn’t, is: namely the lie that he couldn’t hear a word of exactly what he worked for six minutes to stop, the word primarily being repent.

    Then later, of course, he commented about his repentance process with Joyner and Johnson, et al.

    Also, he said protesters could send him a letter to his office, but failed to mention the posting address (at least in the video shown.)

    In sum, Mr. Bentley’s behavior aligned with the argument of the protesters — that what was going on wasn’t somehow right.

    Yet the audience was entirely supportive of Bentley.

    It seems clear the audience wants to be mesmerized with low-level, carney shenanigans… of which Bentley is the best, perhaps the best there is!

    In no time, Bentley can access that hidden energy all humans have, and perform healing and slaying in the spirit…. just like shouting, angry, tyrant street preachers do in Kenya. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. My Christian friends in Kenya call it “preaching and doing miracles with an angry spirit”.

    The Kenya angry street preachers clearly seem not right. Yet their miracle healing performances do not stop!

    Bentley’s low-level shenanigan-packed mesmerizing, while preaching just half a sentence or two from the Bible, also don’t seem right. Bentley accessed the same healing/slaying spirit that other groups can (new-age healing, martial arts healing, message therapist healing, group psychology session healing, you-name-it-claim-it healing, whatever healing)…. and Bentley heals and ministers!

    That is reality. Lots can and will heal. Lots get healed.

    Should we, then, stop the low-of-discernment-and-intelligence sheep of the world.. from getting their healings in Africa, in Bentley’s Bam!, in your city’s message therapist room?

    Perhaps we might work to achieve higher-level meetings wherein greater things of God happen, rather than stop the lower and more common…

    True knight errants, true Men and Women of La Mancha… inquire and are open to the higher Ground of God.

  6. Hopesome says:

    Mr Bentley courts controversy. Just look at his twitters of ‘in your face having a good time and am immune to the cries of ‘others’ kind of parlance.

    Its a smoke screen. Frankly who’s bothered about his steak eating ‘outpourings’ in ‘twitterland’ when the answers to the questions we really want to know remain and seemingly continue to remain non applicable to The Great Kingdom of the Untouchables.

    Is Todd the Real Deal.

    Is this the ‘face’ of the hope of things to come

    Is this the instrument of others ‘spirits’ or Jesus’s divine love and passion.

    Is this setting a good example for us all ‘to follow’ or not

    Do they need the Hype in order to convince us or can’t they ‘live without its tune.

    Frankly I find the whole thing offensive, and add my protest to theirs. The outworking of Protest can be debated, their were many options. The response seems not to have touched below the surface of either Mr Bentley or Mr Joyner and thats what worries me.

    A contrite statement means nothing ‘it allows Todd to twitter on REGARDLESS.

    Mr Joyner has a ‘war’ in his own back garden and the need of diplomacy to ‘ground it’. Why he goes looking for ‘more of the same’ is beyond me. Unless of course you need war.

    Diplomacy needs a revival not Charlotte’sville’.

  7. Susan says:

    In Isaiah 6 God told Isaiah that the people would not listen to him, but they would learn from the message God was sending. They would not listen, because their hearts had become harden beyond repentance. Keep in mind, the end result was God’s judgement on them that finally came, and he abandom them. However, there were individuals that would hear the word and listen to the message. They were the remnant. That’s where we can be encouraged. Some that night did hear the truth, that adultery and the pure word of God don’t mix.

    The people finally listened, only after they had nothing or no one to turn to but God. It took the land being destroyed, the people being dispursed and taken into captivity, before they cried out to God again. This was God’s judgement for his children’s sins. Only a few would listen.

    Look at what these fellows did this way. Consider what message was going forth in the room that day. Could God be using them to tell his people to obey him, before the time runs out? Worth looking into. Do we have to repeat history, and continue with ignoring the pure word of God, for the sake of one man in a pulpit? (One that has been proven to have given false prophecy at Lakeland.)

    The message given to Isaiah the Prophet was one for cleansing. It was a difficult tast, because God’s people considered themselves blessed already. Isaiah had to let these people know they would be destroyed for disobedience.

    Isaiah was the prophet that had the devine message of judgement for both Israel and Judah.

  8. Hopesome says:

    When you have been through what man calls redemption then believe me you do not come out smiling, you do not come out ‘full of the joys’ and you most certainly do not come out full of your own self esteem or self belief.

    When you take up the cross and go through its agony then you do not treat lightly the sufferings of others nor their cries for help. When you have hung as he has and been thrown the bitterness of those who oppose then you do not take lightly, ever, persecution.

    When you have seen with his eyes and witnessed with his heart then you know the weeping of unspeakable grief and the knowing of unspeakable horror.

    Mr Bentley may be many things but he has no idea what persecution means, has never been inside the heart of the one who is suffering.

    and thats what makes me angry.

    Only when you have KNOWN the agony and witnessed his death can you ‘annoint it and only when his authority is yours can you overcome it.

    Authority comes when you have ‘been there’ and when you have died there.

    Its not easy when you ‘step out of the boat’ its not easy when you lay down everything you have been and are and its not easy to ‘love your enemies, its devastating and heartbreaking and death is preferable. BUT HE DID IT FOR ME SO I DO IT FOR HIM.

    They have too much ‘ecstasy’ to have wtnessed the AGONY.

    and thats whats wrong

    and thats why I find it so offensive.

  9. John Payzant says:

    Robert & Hopesome

    Todd Bentley’s response on Video to protester

    Todd Bentley heard the protester is obvious on the video

    He did not want to admit he heard

    His tone of voice was soft

    He was playing games and manipulating the situation

    It is convenient for him

    But the issue of dealing with issues is important

    It is called the accountablity of commitment and taking ownership

  10. Hopesome says:


    I don’t think they know what accountabiity is.

    As for commitment thats only to themselves.

    Ignorance it seems is a ‘part of the deal’.

    As for ‘ears to hear’ well there obviously tuned in elsewhere and ‘switched off to whats going on in front of them.

    They may not be taking account John but there is someone who is.

  11. John Payzant says:

    Hopesome & Robert

    Isn’t that sad for both Todd & his audience

    There is a mentality where a person will want to go that extra distance for that place of all places

    This could be in the mindset of attendees of Todd Bentley’s Venue events

    But shoppong around can go more ways than one

    There can be good free lectures in a neaby University, Library or something on Television

    The expectation of healings that can or don’t happen can be sad both for the persons or the reactions of Todd Bentley or others who share the same beliefs

    A person can go with high hopes to fell let down later

    Or, this can be even if not definitely worse, is when a person comes for a healing and does not receive it to not only feel let down for that alone but to be reproved by those who tried to heal them.

    That is a double whammy

    They feel disappointed that they went for nothing

    But also to get reproved for having a weak faith or something like that as well can be pretty hard on a person who was already not too well before they went to the Venue

    The condemnations of reproval might have no basis either which is also sad.

  12. John Payzant says:


    With all the things going on with Todd Bentley, I’m not too suprised with your protest.

    Back in 2004, when I went to Fresh Fire at the Abbotsford Pentecostal Church in Abbotsford, I found many nie and appealing things about the Venue. Many persons working and attending were very nice. A good amount of the speakers seemed quite alive.


    One statement from a person doing a talk said, “Jesus is knocking at the door of the city of Vancouver”

    Something seemed kind of, I got a feeling inside, it seemed not like an average statement I was expecting to hear.

    I live in Vancouver and I know Abbotsford is known as the bible belt so this statement might’ve just come with the territory.

    Another person came to me who seemed like Security but had no tag as I’d seen on many workers there.

    He said, “What is -your function- in the Church?”

    Seemed strange and he re-asked the same question.

    I said, “I’m with the Prayer Book Society in the Anglican Church”

    Is a group who uses the Morning/Evening Offices are quite quiet and harmless Old Line persons.

    Then he sais, “I don’t want you praying for anybody in this Church”

    I said, “I’ve read a book called ‘Two Religions One Church by Eves is a Liberal/Conservative Theological Dialogue in the Anglican Church”

    Then he said, “We don’t believe in any -systems that are of the devil-”

    Anyways, I also saw this half black/half white guy from Worship Invasion up there speaing in tongues with no interpretation and laying hands on people and slaying people in the spirit like he’d do at Worship Invasion. He had no Fresh Fire name tag.

    Went to a Worship Invasion Venue later at Peace Portal Alliance in Surrey

    They said quickly, “Do you know you are never allowed to go to a Fresh Fire again because -you prayed over a woman took the ring off of her finger-”

    I froze and they went beserk

    I’d done no such thing so I didn’t think I need prove anything

    The Moderator is Ed Rubuliak from Glad Tidings Church on Fraser & E12th in Vancouver

    There is a Rubuliak at Abbotsford Christian Assembly and one of the Pasters is called Elder/Apostle


    Exteme Prophetic Vancouver in the Cordial Hall on E Pender & Templeton

    This is run by Faytene Kryskow, latet to start The Cry in Toronto and Lumbermens’ Arch in Stanley Park in Vancouver

    She seeme to know all about this stuff and was terrible to me too.

    But we used to run the Cordial Bingo there

    Cordial Hall is owned by Killarney Community Center and rents to the Salvation Army War College who let Faytene use the place

    She said to me as I was standing on a public sidewalk, “You’re standing on private property, we own the building”

    And proceeded to act really terrible too

    Then I found Bene Diction after I Googled “Faytene Kryskow”

    These groups seem to have some kind of a link

    And on Bene Diction was the first place I’d heard of NAR New Apostolic Revolution

    This seem like pretty scary stuff

    We readers of Bene Diction know of Todd Bentley and Faytene Kryskow


    There is Worship Invasion under Moderator Ed Rubuliak

    Ed was a youth leader at Glad Tidings Church, looks like his family mighr’e lived in that area for some time.

    He was or still is a Computer Science Teacher at BCIT


    The way you were treated

    You kind of remind me of me of what your group went through

  13. Therese says:

    The way people are treated in a meeting, whether they are well-behaved or not, shows me if that is my Father’s house or someone else’s…

  14. John Payzant says:


    When investigating such a meeting, I think, it is best to be as inconspicous as possible.

    Sit as far back as one can so you can notice them and they can’t notice you.

    Take a Video Camera/Tape Recorder and put it on a Blog such as this one.

    After what’d happened to me just for going is bad as it is.

    After that experience I had, I personally wouldn’t encourage a protest.

    But this last Todd Bentley Venue didn’t seem as popular as ones in the past.

    So, with the lower attendance combined with the protest would sent a message for others sitting in their pews at the venue.

    This could cause them to think and notice things that they didn’t think of or notice before.

    A person I’d crossed paths with was at the evening service at my church wearing a Fresh Fire t-shirt

    The same person was security at the Vancouver Central Library and he’d always look at me when I do my research.

    He was just being friendly

    He started telling me how he wasn’t treated well at Fresh Fire either.

    He kind’ve got shoved out of the inner group

    He feels this sort of thing will increase.

    That can be rather ugly and stressfull

  15. Susan says:


    2 Timothy 2:15
    “Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive His approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.”

    I could tell that you guys are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. No matter how many people may follow lies or liars, praise God that the solid rock, which is the firm foundation of God’s truth, never changes, never goes away and is never shaken! I enjoyed the reading to back up your actions.

    I appreciate everything you said and did. It’s difficult, in such a structured environment, to break out of the mold. Jesus did it many times. Oh, how he got people so upset at him. But, he caused the viel to be torn from top to bottom! We are free in Christ!

  16. Hopesome says:


    Not all churches are ready to welcome a move of the Father because it would take the glory from them.

    When Jesus walks all in his presence receive healing.

    Todds ‘I AM’ denotes and selects healing and in so doing people get hurt.

    We live in a world where love is in short supply and in healing Jesus always brings love as his ‘first ‘calling card’.


    The enemy only gifts a partial love and a partial healing, its how he keeps control, so we end up almost there but not quite and then are expected to expect the ‘next great expectation’. Its the expectation that keeps ‘them coming back for more’.

    A word can heal, a kind act can heal, and we are grateful for all of those acts that gift us one more breath to keep us going and hoping. However there is much more that he longs to gift us and when you understand the dynamics of the structures and metaphysics of the universe and its balance within its dimensions you will begin to understand that healing must always bare in mind a balance that must remain during its process’s of ‘restorations’. Its easy to say heal me and he does but we are all part of a greater universal ‘family’ that also needs healing. I have had to bow to the Fathers will and ‘outworking’ with regard to the friend that has cancer. The Fathers knowledge is far greater and his vision far superior to that of ours and yet as we walk with him and along side him we know that the Father has a far greater plan than we for our friend and that his will be done and ours be to obey him.

    The enemy has hidden for too long a LOVE that has always been there and always on watch, soon however the great healer will begin to reveal himself and take away that ‘bad taste’ the enemy brought with him.

  17. Susan says:

    Been reading in Isaiah. There was a verse that stuck out to me. “All flesh is like grass.” Could not get it out of my head. So, I started to check it out.

    Came across 1 Peter 1:22-2:3. It is so cool what Peter said. “Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere brotherly love, love one another earnestly from a pure heart, since you have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God; for “All flesh is like grass and all it’s glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord remains forever.” And this word is the good news that was preached to you. So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander. Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up to salvation, if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good.

    Peter was so clear with this good news. Just reading it was like breathing clean crisp air. Thanks Jesus!

  18. Therese says:

    Amen, thanks Susan. Have I told you I often hear the still, small voice of the Lord in some of your posts? You don’t drown Him out, unlike some with too-loud ‘voices’ sometimes (me).

    “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” Is. 40:11

  19. Susan says:


    Your kindness is so thoughtful. Thank you.

    Love the verse. He is the good shepherd. Jesus does care for the defenseless of his society. True strength is relying on God’s strength.

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