CBC report on The Miracle Channel and money

In 2006 the CBC did an report on the fund raising tactics of the owners of The Miracle Channel.
Since the report, Miracle Channel founder Dick Deweert was booted out after being caught cheating on his wife. He has gone on to found an organization called Unite for Dominion.
CBC Part 2

Notice how The Miracle Channel executive attacks those who criticise by attempting to marginalize, discredit condemn or ignore the messengers?
The Miracle Channel Association claimed 5 million dollars in revenue in it’s 2008 fiscal year.
After being granted a broadcast licence in 1995 the Lethbridge Alberta station went to air in 1996. The Miracle Channel runs a line up of prosperity (health and wealth, name it and claim it, grab and blab) programs. Prosperity teaching is a heretical branch of Christianity defined by John McArthur as:

Prosperity doctrine is the notion that God’s favor is expressed mainly through physical health and material prosperity, and that these blessings are available for the claiming by anyone who has sufficient faith.

More on Prosperity theology here.

The 1993 CRTC religious broadcasting policy is quite clear about the ethical responsibilities religious broadcasters bear when they are granted a licence:

The Commission expects all licensees to comply with strict provisions regarding the solicitation of funds. In particular, the Commission expects that the wording and tone of any solicitations for funds shall not:

- place an undue responsibility on the viewer or listener to respond to the appeal;
- be alarmist in suggesting that the program may be discontinued in the absence of such a response;
- predict divine consequences of not responding, or exaggerate positive results of responding;
- intimidate the viewer or listener in any way.

The same guidelines apply when printed materials soliciting funds are presented to viewers or listeners.

Programming Practices

Licensees who broadcast religious programs should ensure that the following practices are observed:

1. No programs shall have the effect of abusing or misrepresenting any individual or group.
2. No group shall be targeted for the purpose of conversion or proselytism.
3. While groups and ministries are free to express their views about activities that they deem to be “sinful”, they shall not call into question the human rights or dignity of any individual or group.
4. When programs are planned that deal with or comment on the beliefs, practices, liturgy or behaviour of another religious group, the licensee shall ensure the accuracy and appropriate context of such content.
The Commission may impose the above guidelines on ethics as a condition of licence, particularly if it receives complaints concerning a licensee’s religious programs.

The Miracle Channel expanded it’s signal nation wide in 2000 and on January 1, 2010, Leon Fontaine, a mega church minister out of Winnipeg was appointed the new CEO.
The Miracle Channel is up for licence renewal in 2011, and starts it’s quarterly fundraiser on Tuesday. Monday.
The call letters -CJIL – stand for Christ Jesus is Lord and it’s slogan is Canada’s first Christian Television station.
Tim Tibault, who was featured in the CBC report, runs a watch blog and help forum called The Miracle Channel Review.

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7 Responses to CBC report on The Miracle Channel and money

  1. Howie51 says:

    Tim Thibault’s blog is a wealth of information about The Miracle Channel. With such an abundance of negative revelation it is truly a miracle they received 5 million dollars of financial support in 2008. Until, that is, you understand that Christianity has hundreds of flavors in Canada, and an estimated 3,500 variations worldwide. So much for unity. There will always be support for a TV channel that claims “miracles” but cannot substantiate a single occurrence, and places fundraisers, executive survival, and dominionism ahead of biblical integrity. Well-meaning Christians donate their money to “Keep the gospel on the air” regardless of how polluted the word might be.

    I have 2 questions:

    1) If the prosperity gospel promises a hundredfold return, why does TMC not give away all it’s available cash to the poor, reap a hundredfold reward and eliminate the need for fund-raising?


    2) If “miracles” have actually been documented by TMC, then why have they not laid claim to the $1,000,000.00 The James Randi Foundation set aside in 1996. Any person or persons who can demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability of any kind under mutually agreed upon scientific conditions can claim this amount. Surely, with the hundreds of miracles to choose from, at least ONE can meet the conditions of the foundation! Come on TMC – Just ONE !!!!!


  2. Bene D says:

    While the March 18th CRTC release on broadcast/cable revenues is critical, and Monday’s report even more so, it will also be interesting to see findings yet to come on specialty channels and their revenue streams.


    I agree, Canada’s TBN (The Miracle Channel) represents a small and aggressive subculture of evangelism. Since TMC relies on donor dollars and they are a business, I am not remotely optimistic they’ll stop pushing the boundaries.

    The Miracle Channel Review did an outstanding job exposing TMC prosperity media creep in Canada and got a lot of grief for thier trouble.

    C.S. Lewis defined a miracle as’ interference with nature by a supernatural power.’ That does not mean natural law is broken by this interference.

    We have cheapened, commercialized, used and degraded the word and it’s meaning beyond belief.

  3. Therese says:

    Thanks for that blog, Bene. Very informative – I hadn’t seen the CBC report until now. The only thing broken when a (real) miracle occurs is the curse of ‘The’ Law that brought the ailment or problem. And I think you’re also right on that what we have done with the word of God is beyond belief! They are devouring “widow’s houses” just like the Pharisees did, and shipwrecking the faith of many as well as robbing them blind. It’s all just so low and disgusting, but thank God He doesn’t fail to expose the sin and hypocrisy of those who name His Name, including many in Catholicism recently as well. If only we would see true repentance! but the reason it gets so far and the Lord has to publicly expose these things is because there is no repentance.

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  5. Adam says:

    I decided to weigh in on this one, since it is a little easier on the stress level than pin-pointing out one specific “man of Gord (or whatver non-name you decide to call Him)”

    My entire point can be summed up pretty quick. If they trust in their Creator, and trust that He will provide, exactly like they tell the well-meaning, hard working watchers… then…. pardon my overeducated stupidity but, why can’t these people practice what they preach?

    Why doesn’t the Miracle Channel just stop asking for donations, and trust in their Mighty Provider? Because they don’t have one, other than the ones they deceive. Their provider IS deception. That’s why. Money isn’t seed, in the biblical reference they bastardize – the Torah is, the message of repentence is, and Truth is. His WORD is the seed – but the devil has twisted way more than that.

    If you feel my words on the inside, then you are being called out. Talk to YHWH, and ask Him to help you understand, and help you truly wake up to the lies, and stop being a part of the false-congregation.

  6. Tim says:


    “Their provider IS deception.”

    Very well put!

  7. Adam says:

    Honestly Tim, and everyone else, believe it or not, I am not here to draw attention to myself. If at the end of my life, YHWH was to sit me down and say to me “Adam, those people who you fervently cried over eventually repented.” That in itslelf would make this allllllll worth it.

    So don’t bother searching who I am online, I am not here saying all these things to be “very well put”.

    Like I have said earlier, I am an exhorter. I know who and what I am, thanks to Yah. Pray to know what you are, and He may tell you as well, in time.

    Take care,


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