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Catholic TV going 3D.

The US network has the potential to reach 6 million viewers. A few 3D shows are online and the network hopes to make more 3D programming available this year.

3D televisions run about 3 thousand dollars US (not including glasses).

A new Pew study says disabled adults are 20% less likely to have access to the internet than able bodied people. With those living with chronic illness who are able to afford or gain access, researchers  found that the ability to share and learn from peers is an asset and lifeline. People reported that knowledge is power. The Pew study also found the tone of the communication on sites accessed is important to well-being – emotions are contagious. Despite the medical communities worries, only 2% of people have reported being harmed after following online medical advice.
New York Times:

Not surprisingly, according to Pew, Internet users with chronic illnesses are more likely than healthy people to use the Web to look for information on specific diseases, drugs, health insurance, alternative or experimental treatments and depression, anxiety or stress.

But for them, the social aspects of the Web take on heightened importance. Particularly if they are homebound, they also look to the Web for their social lives, discussing topics unrelated to their illnesses. Some schedule times to eat dinner or watch a movie while chatting online.

John Linna, a pastor in Neenah, Wis., did not know what a blog was when his son suggested he start one after discovering he needed to stay home on a ventilator.

“That day my little world began to expand,” he wrote in a post last year about blogging. “Soon I had a little neighborhood. It was like stopping in for coffee every day just to see how things were going.”

When Mr. Linna died earlier this year, people all over the Web who had never met him in person mourned the loss.

Others use the Web to find practical tips about living with their disease or disability that doctors and family members, having not lived with it themselves, cannot provide.

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3 Responses to This and that

  1. Ron MacGillivray says:

    I’ve heard 3d TV is no big deal, a little over-hyped.

  2. Bene Diction says:

    I’m not interested in it either to be honest.

  3. Bene Diction says:

    Okay – in fairness I went to the store today and saw it – had the wow reaction, (it is fun) but it isn’t something I want or need.:^)

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