Faytene Kryskow warns reporters that they may be told to leave

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

What’s new with Faytene Kryskow these days? Well, according to a notice that she recently put on her personal website for her work as an itinerant evangelist, the media may not be able to help you find out. (But in the second part of the post, I’ll pass on what I can).

The notice to the media that it needs to ask “Mother, may I..?” reads, as I write, as follows:

Notice to media – any media wishing to attend any of the events that Faytene is speaking at must contact admin@faytene.ca for information on proper protocol. Media who do not go through the proper protocol channels may be asked to leave for the purpose of eliminating un-necessary distractions to the event organizers.

I can imagine Faytene et. al not wanting cameras to come into a church, say. But does this mean that she doesn’t want print or radio reporters to cover a big outdoor event like The CRY, on public property? Can she do this?

And why would she want to do this?

Well, I can imagine that a leftward leaning reporter from one of the Vancouver dailies might have wandered into The Cry Vancouver last year, and been puzzled, if not aghast, with a few things that happened.

What problem could you have with someone from the press who is quiet, respectful of what is going on, and well mannered? Trying to be a fly on the wall?

As someone who attended much of The CRY Vancouver last summer, I noted that the GOD TV cameras at the event could have been construed as disruptive, filming with their handheld camera to get extreme close-ups of people worshipping in the crowd. But although such things might be a distraction, they aren’t an issue, as God TV can be trusted not to look for anything negative.

These days, when news resources are shrinking, “You have to ask us for permission to come!” would result in an assignment editor saying “Fine, I won’t.” But, my previous posts on Kryskow have noted that she may well be newsworthy.

If editors are wise, they might think that Kryskow fears being caught in a gaffe, and realize that the “hidden camera” approach might be an idea.

Why may that be case?

Faytene is conscious of her public image. Last fall, she showed a moderate and quiet side to her in an appearance on 100 Huntley Street. Perhaps remembering Shirley Temple films as a little girl, she did a pirouette for David Mainse.

A few months previously, at The Cry Vancouver, she occasionally showed her dominionist leanings. I’d like to recite one example of something that she might not like a media reporter to have on videotape.

On Friday, August 14, 2009 Kryskow was on stage at a Vancouver church talking, leading up to taking the offering in the next few minutes. She was in the middle of discussing the possible political results of a past Cry conference (which she also recounts in her recent book Marked ). She was waiting for the audio-visual crew to throw up a graphic with past political poll results to make her point when she said this:

“I want to show you guys something that will help you, will help us all together, to understand the power that is in our hand, the power that is in this room and the power that will be in our hands tomorrow. What you’re seeing right here is actually a political graph because that is what the newspapers, in Canada, currently track. This is politics, like, and like hockey and stuff. One day we’ll chart spiritual progression when we control the media. (Audience cheers and applause”

I suspect that Kryskow, like me, has a painfully dry sense of humour. But what I was struck by is the matter-of-fact tone of her voice when she made this remark, sort of like how you would say “I’m going to the store to get some bread.” “Oh, we’ll control the media one day and it is going to be very different…”

[I'll add emphasis to what I wrote then to give the media another suggestion.]

I figure that non-Christian reporters might want to cover her in self-defense before they have to ask themselves “I wonder why that theocratic-minded new editor just fired me….” At least start a file on her or something…

I will say one very little thing for Todd Bentley. He has had protesters come in and disrupt his service, but he hasn’t put anything formally banning the media from his services on his website. But Faytene has…as Bentley is cooperating with a documentary made by an independent filmmaker.

Can we have an explanation from her why this is necessary? Does she have examples of the media being disruptive?

Well, I guess that until you control the media, you can just order them not to show up. Or at least say “Mother, may I…” first.

I felt that, given what Faytene put on her site, I needed to call my Mom to ask if it is all right if I can pass on some Faytene news that I have learned. But I am pretty sure she–Mom, that is–would say “Yes, you may.” :)

I have heard, though the grapevine, that the next The Cry, is planned to be held in the midst of the next federal election. None will be held until the writ is dropped, unless things change, Faytene is reported to be saying, at this present time.

As I mention, I do like some elements of The CRY, and if politicians interpreted one held during the election as meaning that social conservatives want their voices to be heard and Jesus given a witness–and no more–I think it would be a fine thing. But as I tried to note in my report on The Cry in Vancouver, The CRY has been rife with dominionist thinking which is very very bad.

I see that the Tories have a 10 point lead on the Liberals in the latest polls, which is close to what they need for a majority, but not quite there. If a CRY was held in the middle of an election and the Tories were to win a majority, I wonder if Faytene Kryskow would be temped to go to sympathetic Tory MPs and say. “Say do you realize that I and my friends did this and so…and you won a majority.” We know that last year, Kryskow was hinting heavily–both in her book Marked, and at The Cry Vancouver, that the Tory vote might have been helped by an earlier CRY on Parliament Hill. If–God forbid–this were to happen again, I wonder if the MPs would then think that she has some clout amongst conservative activists or youth. With her dominionist ideas, I wonder if she then might be tempted to do some mischief.

I’m not a partisan Conservative, so this would make me go “Ewww…”

At any rate, with Kryskow’s recent admonition to the media, I wonder, tongue in cheek, if she may be taking lessons in the handling of the media from the Wizard of Oz.

“Pay no attention, reporters, to The Cry rally that I plan for during the election campaign! I am Oz! Er, Faytene.” :)

If we see Fatyene Kryskow trying to rent a giant, floating in the sky, animatronic head at a party supply shop, on the day that Stephen Harper calls the election, we will know for sure. ;)

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42 Responses to Faytene Kryskow warns reporters that they may be told to leave

  1. Torontonian says:

    She seems to overestimate her importance by half
    and she extends her self-iimportance to the point
    of helping determine the outcome of a future election.

    And if the Harper conservatives return with another
    minority, what good would she have done? None.
    Even with a majority, she could have no legitimacy
    to any claim of being the underlying factor for a

    She is derailing and her self-delusion is becoming
    worse with the passage of time. Her last appearance
    on 100 Huntley Street had her rambling and not
    making much sense to the average viewer.

    The sooner her whole world collapses in on her
    the better it will be for the rest of Canada.
    And she’s doing a wonderful job of authoring
    her own end in the Canadian media.

    I can’t understand why she’d tie herself to Harper’s
    party. I’m surprised the Conservatives are having
    anything at all to do with her. At least, the sensible
    Conservatives are distancing themselves from her
    yet there are always Randy-White types still in
    the party. And they will be the demise of Harper.

    And that can’t happen fast enough.

  2. Hopesome says:

    The principality and power that the media represents is a must for those who wish to control and be in control. One way is to use another principality and power ‘religion’ to do so. How can you refuse ‘Jesus’ strategy’ is a ploy being widely put into ‘action’ at this time in the great game ‘of who is in power and who is of power and WHICH POWER.

    To ‘play the game’ you must be able to bring a game to keep the game going!. So ‘media you are not allowed!, is pointing them to! come and find out why! however you are not allowed to ‘find out why’ and so in the middle sits temptations call!, plus some would say a woman with ‘wiles’ and ‘whiles’!!!

    Media has power ! Religion has power! and ‘some woman have been known to use both

    Lance Wallnau calls them ‘seven mountain mandates’ Jesus calls them principalities and powers : they are worth ‘fighting for’ in this war of who and what controls who and what not only in this ‘time’ but in the time to come! wouldn’t you say!

    I am suprised that they are not more subtle frankly.

    So difficult to find integrity these days!

  3. Me says:

    She is just employing third wave tactics. Remember Lakeland? She is part of that crowd. They all do the same thing. They keep the media far away, and when the media reports something they don’t like (ie. they couldn’t confirm people being raised from the dead), they say that people who believe the media are under the influence of demons.

    I attended one of the cry events. I am still shocked by the level of manipulation used. There weren’t even a thousand people there, but Godtv is careful which camera angles they use to make it look like it’s packed. I remember Faytene comparing people who didn’t stay for the full 12 hours to the foolish virgins who didn’t make it into heaven. Oh, the drama.

  4. John Payzant says:

    To Me

    If you were talking about The Cry Lumbermens’ Arch Stanley Park

    at first, I felt that there were not too many, I thought around 600 or

    so. But, I walked around and counted the width, then the length and

    I counted around 1,200 is not bad.

  5. s77 says:

    In the April, 2010 Digital edition of Charisma Magazine, page 34, she is listed as being part of

    “21 Emerging Leaders” – Meet the new generation of Spirit-empowered leaders out to change the world”

    Getting recognized by Charisma magazine just gets you more publicity and more summertime mega-conferences to go to and ramble off the nonsense

  6. Me says:

    I was talking about a different cry

  7. Dan says:

    I am a partisan conservative, and I also go Ewwww. She would scare off moderate voters.

  8. John Payzant says:

    Quite a lot of groups here

    Most people at The Cry Stanley Park seemed unaware that there was even such a thing as New Apostolic Revolution or Dominionism

    Ed Rubuliak and Faytene Kryskow are closely knit

    Ed started Worship Invasion at Glad Tidings Church and he’s secretive about knowing about NAR just like Faytene

    Both of them don’t like me

    Abbotsford Christian Assembly has another Rubuliak also from Glad Tidings and an Elder Apostle

    Exteme Prophetic: Patricia King

    Faytene was Extreme Prophetic Vancouver

    The Rubuliaks are from Glad Tidings

    Type them with quotations on Google and they’ll pop up.

    I tried twice to put on all the websights but they wouldn’t go in.

  9. John Payzant says:


    What Cry were you replying about and where was it as I’m interested into the goings on as I follow this blog

    As you see in comment #8

    Prior to The Cry in Lumbermens Arch:

    -Canadian Oil Conference

    -On one of the earlier blogs by Rick Hiebert and very well done

    -It was more to do with The Cry

    -Joint Venue with The Cry/Worship Invasion at Abbotsford Christian Assembly

    -Then a pre-Cry for two days at Glad Tidings Church

    -These groups are close

    -None are openly New Apostolic Revolution

    -But the marketing and promoting was good.

    -With the numbers is the clientele and the clientele fill the offering pots to keep their ministries going.

    -This is tax free money

    -If transparent and showing true coiours about NAR connections the offering pots probably would decline.

    -So, any media or any person who looks at them close would alarm them resulting in reactions trying to remove that person

    -I think, they would probably have the attendees just enjoy and not look too much into their dynamics

  10. Me says:

    The cry I am talking about was in Nfld.

    You really don’t have to dig to deep to find out her connections….

    Faytene recently spoke at Fresh Wind, a youth conference held by the Toronto Airport Church. Their founder I believe is a member of NAR. Faytene speaks there quite often, hosting the Heavy Rain conference the year before.

    If you follow her itinerary, she has some upcoming conferences where she is sharing the spotlight with other NAR’s.

    She was very close to Todd Bentley’s group when they were in B.C.

    I spent years in those circles. I would equate being part of that movement to being a drug addict or alcoholic. It has all the same negative effects, you truly are not able to face reality.

  11. John Payzant says:


    About the topic of these circles

    These are rather new to me

    I’d never heard of any of these groups before

    A really nice guy with a movie camera was filming people in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver while I was sitting in that nice park off of Pender & Carrall by the Skytrain

    His name was David Van Das and he was very very nice to me.

    He went to North Shore Alliance on Lonsdale & 23rd in North Vancouver where I checked out for a while was a change from my Anglican Church in Vancouver.

    He’d done some of the filming for one of The Crys, the one in Ottawa, I think.

    Through him and his friends at North Shore was where I found out about Fresh Fire, Worship Invasion and Extreme Prophetic

    I’d gone to a Todd Bentley conference at Abbotsford Pentecostal in 2004 and it felt good.

    Previous to that I’d been to a Worship Invasion and it felt good too.

    Then I’d read about and met Faytene Kryskow

    I feels good and alive

    It seems not too different than other Christian gatherings for the most part but I could also sense something a little different at the same time two with Fresh Fire, Worship Invasion, Extreme Prophetic and the Cry.

    In a sermon at the Holy Rosary Cathedral by Fr Dion mentioned, “Uniting our sufferings with Christ’s sufferings”

    More of the Pre-Vatican 2 would emphasize on Penance and suffering.

    Vatican 2 emphasizes more on Contemplation and Reflection

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  13. Faytene Kryskow says:

    Hey Guys!

    Love and blessings to you!

    I actually posted a couple things night but for some reason it did not get up. Strange…maybe suspicious :). I will give the benifit of the doubt though and assume it was a tech glitch.

    Firstly Rick I want to thank you for your encouragement and exhortation to be more bold! I will do that. Awesome.

    Secondly, I wanted to let you know that the reason we have the policy about asking the media to check in prior to coming to an event I am speaking at is really simple and common sense.

    It is actually based on a situation in 2009 where a media network decided they wanted to come to a church service I was at and they were very last minute about it. The pastor was doing last minute preparations and the last minute “barg-in” by this network really threw him off. I felt really badly for the pastor. Since that time I have been really careful to make sure that churches I am at (speaking or just attending) are honoured. So, because of this we ask the media to contact us first so things can be done in a way that does not distract from the fact that these services are a time of prayer and sanctuary, not a media scrum event like a news conference. So, again, the disclaimer is common sense and is a gesture to honour churches which are almost always held on private property.

    Thirdly, the “twisting” I refer to is when people assume that TheCRY is in support of a specific political party because of the 2 graphs where something shifted, in a significant way, on the day of TheCRY. (How exiting that prayer is so effective…that encourages us that the prayers for all the other important issues are be answered too!!)

    TheCRY is in no way aligned with any party. We simply pray for government and for a blessing on our leaders as scripture tells us to. As you also know, government is only one of many things we pray for: we also pray for the family, life issues, human trafficking, inner-city/poverty issues. So, praying for our leaders (as scripture tells us to) is just one of many things.

    So, we are obviously not hiding anything or we would not be hosting these events in very public places :). That is pretty obvious.

    The only thing we ask is that the media is considerate and works with out team to make sure events, or Sunday morning services, are not disrupted. This is also common sense and every organization runs that way (government or advocacy).

    Thanks again for your encouragement to be bold.

    Personally I have shared my heart openly and bluntly with Members of Parliament from every party. There are several in the Conservative party that I disagree with on issues, and I share that with them openly. There are also several in the other parties that I agree with on issues, and I also encourage them openly.

    I am glad to see that we agree on a few things Rick!

    Many blessings to you and I am praying for you guys to both know, and exhibit, the love of Jesus in all you do.

    With deep love in my heart. Blessings!!

    Back to working hard on C-510…now that is something worth blogging about!! An incredible bill.


  14. Hopesome says:


    If you want to stir up trouble honey then make sure the stick you use and the pot you stir is full of sweet ingredients for otherwise what results could be explosive not only to you, but in its revelation, to us also.

    I do so love your generosity of blessings and prayers think I’ll wallow in them all day not forgetting of course how one soul was ripped apart in order that, what, I could pay lip service to him!, NO THAT I COULD BE SHATTERED INTO A THOUSAND PIECES AND HAVE TO BE PUT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN IN THE LIKENESS OF HIM NOT THE LIKENESS OF……………………………..

    Lord have mercy and BRING ON THE GENUINE ARTICLE, the counterfeits are making me ill.

  15. fern hill says:

    Faytene is also running the Facebook group for Rod Bruinooge’s private member’s bill C-510, Roxanne’s Law. I’m doing some research on ‘coerced abortion’ (much blogging to ensue) and man, you would not believe the fake stats floating around. It’s an industry!

    Here’s the FB group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=109150862456430&ref=mf

  16. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Fern:

    Thanks. Bruinrooge is a buddy of NAR and dominionists. I’ll head over and have a look. C-510 is a draconian piece of legislation, the ‘coerced’ is just another manipulative tactic. I saw JJ’s analysis of it.

  17. John Payzant says:

    Re Reply #15 Bene Diction

    ‘I saw JJ’s analysis if it.

    Who is ‘JJ” ?

  18. John Payzant says:

    Re Face book Roxanne’s Law

    Director: Rod Bruinrooge

    Volunteer: Faytene Kryskow

  19. Rick Hiebert says:


    What is the page for C-510 called on Facebook? The Link wasn’t working for me.


  20. John Payzant says:

    Reply 18 Rick Hiebert

    The websight on Reply 14 was working earlier but now it is down.

    Probably, go onto Facebook and in the search type “Roxanne’s Law”

    and it could work that way

    I went to google typed “Roxanne’s Law” and “Rod Bruinooge” and

    got a good amount of info

    Rod is and MP in Winnipeg of Metis descent

    Roxanne was a woman whose husband forced her to have an

    abortion and when she refused he murdered her

  21. Tim says:

    Scrub-a-dub-dub… Wonder what was so important that it had to be removed so quickly… Did anyone get a screen capture?

  22. John Payzant says:

    Tim & Bene

    I just went onto my facebook account and typed “Roxanne’s Law” in the search and it popped up fine

    The web address on reply 14 was working earlier in the day when I clicked on and read some things on it.

    It seems like a computer glick as to why it’s down

    Just go onto your facebook account or onto google

  23. Rick Hiebert says:


    It’s very nice to at last interact with you, albeit indirectly.

    I appreciate how you tried to comment with graciousness. I do try to do so myself.

    I do want to treat what you have to say with the seriousness that it deserves, so I have written a post addressing what you had to say on its own.


    You’ll note that I not only cite your quotes, I try to quote from them extensively myself.

    If I come across, as I hoped, as trying to comment in ways that are beneficial for everyone, including you, then I will have succeeded.

    Thanks for your feedback. I hope you benefit from mine in turn.

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  25. Rick Hiebert says:

    Here’s the Google cache for the page.

    Lists a “Faytene” as admin, bottom left.


    Or Googling “Bill C-501″ and Facebook brings it up as the top result.

  26. Tim says:

    Sorry folks but the facebook search doesn’t return any results. This cache is the best location for any info: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:WUBNRf22z3sJ:www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=109150862456430 “Roxanne’s law” Facebook&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

    Based on my best research on facebook, this group is as good as gone… All my other groups are working so I don’t think it’s a technical glitch, but then again, unlike some others (not to mention any names, just initials, F.K.) I can admit when I’m wrong.

  27. Ron MacGillivray says:

    FaceBook often has a lot of glitches.

  28. Rick Hiebert says:

    Found it…googled “Roxanne’s law” and “Facebook”


    And huge thanks to Bene D for pulling the cache and putting it with my post so that the important parts are saved for posterity. :)

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  31. John Leprachan says:

    Come on, I thought you liked “getting scoops and breaking stories”? What happened?

  32. Lynette says:

    Honestly, I don’t know how I came upon this website.
    However, I feel like I need to really comment here.
    Like her or not, Faytene is doing remarkable things in government
    at a very young age. She is making an impact on extremely important social
    issues…which is more than I can say for you.
    Maybe if you would devote less time to bashing people you disagree with
    or don’t understand, and spent more time on things that mattered..the
    world would be a better place.
    Seriously, try taking the plank out of your own eye…then maybe you would see
    Just sayin.

  33. Tim says:

    Lynette, obviously those rose colored glasses have distorted your vision a little… It seems you are only hearing or seeing what you want to.

    Just sayin.

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  35. John Payzant says:


    Your statement

    ‘Honestly, I don’t know how I came across this websight’

    This is just what Faytene Kryskow typed when I made comments about my observance of The Cry Lumbermens Arch Stanley Park.

    They gave out so much information and there were some mistakes

    Faytene denied them blaming me on how I copied notes

    She went into a great, long, long, long litany of finger pointing at me.

    For Instance:

    John, you typed, this, this, this and you were wrong, it was that, that, that,

    And so on and so on trying to cover up their mistakes

    But she did not ackowledge any ties with New Apostolic Reformation

    I did not feel to appreciated and liked by her

    I felt quite opposed by her

    Faytene claimed, ‘I don’t know how this happened, was on the internet came across this site’ Bene Diction Blogs On

    Lynette & Faytene with your ‘I don’t know…..’

    I think you do know.

    If anybody bashes and radiates hate is Faytene Kryskow and on top of that without shame.

    It is interesting as to how persons like you think.

    Oh, yes, here’s another Faytene Kryskow quotation she made to me.

    I typed in a prayer to God and didn’t type it in this time of starting with Heavenly Father and ending in Jesus name.

    She really put this one under her microscope

    Typed to me

    ‘What God do you worship?’

    This sounds like a rather strange choice of words.

    But she’s the one radiating hate

    She’s the one involved with New Apostolic Reformation but won’t admit it

    She replies, ‘Um, um, um, I don’t know….’

  36. Kay says:

    I pray that you spend more time reading the Bible instead of disparaging and gossiping about God’s anointed! That time spent in Bible reading and prayer would accelerate your tapping into the anointing… yourself!

  37. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Kay:

    Thanks for you concern. How do you define ‘the anointing’?

  38. John Payzant says:

    Hi Kay:

    You define as Faytene Kryskow Grasseschi the annointed

    At the same time her beliefs are very much questioned

    To sum it up she’s defined as a heretic and a member of a cult is and oxymoron and contradiction of annointed

  39. DNA says:

    Kay …

    I spent 3 decades in prayer and in labor to analyze and examine the bible, and along the way preached, educated, counseled, delivered, anointed, and led many to what you call “knowledge of the truth”?

    Is that enough “study” and “prayer” for you? I came to very different conclusions at the end of it. Perhaps you might take your own advice and crack the book a little more.

    Probably one of the most damaging and misunderstood areas of the bible (not including most of the bible) has to do with the “anointed ones”. Pastors who have set up a wall of invulnerability around themselves with this self-appointed label. Susceptible supporters crash dive over themselves to soldier on enthusiastically supporting this disparaging canon, unknowingly adding a measure of respectability to hucksters and power mongers who might otherwise be kept in check.

    Under this cloak of “support” Faytene spews her vitriolic pop gospel to anyone stupid enough to swallow the hollow fragments of Christianity embedded within the bullshit.

  40. brano says:

    Theologically and Biblically speaking,Jesus is the Anointed One!
    Jesus is the Annointing…period!
    Caution;There is a counterfeit annointing!!!
    I have traveled to many Countries and I have seem many “annointings” & “annointed ones”….The Good the Bad & the Ugly
    It is not hard to see,that Tood Bentley,Pat Cocking…and “Gang”…or operating in a “different annointing”

    The Classic & Easy targets for the Enemy,are angry,bitter christians…
    These” new Annointed christians” fall easily into pride & arrogance
    Thus the deception,Known as NAR,Which is actually Anti-Christian

    No,I do not want or need the latest,”Super-Duper Annointing”.from Todd,or the likes!

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