Billion dollar inhospitality and the erosion of rights

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director is a civilian body that oversees complaints about municipal, regional and provincial police in Ontario.

You can file a complaint through its website, or through letter, fax or in person, using a standard form. The Office is also directing all G8 or G20 related complaints about out of province police officers or the RCMP to the appropriate jurisdiction.

900 people were detained in Toronto over the weekend, and I hope every one files a complaint. Blizzard and bury this civilian board with complaints. I don’t believe for a second anyone will get justice, but I sincerely hope people file anyway.


Let me save everyone a lot of time and money and let you know what the findings will be.

Our investigation of our behaviour and conduct in case #xxxxx found that the police officers involved acted properly and in accordance with the law and standard police procedure… next case please.

Part of The Maimi Model is intimidation. Another step is delays, in detention, in laying charges, in court. The idea is to ease the public spotlight off the abuse of civil liberties.

The 19 thousand mixed jurisdiction police force is being called the ‘Blac Bloc with badges’.

Ontario regulation 233/10 will be Gazetted July 3rd. There needs to be (and will be) a Charter challenge.

I don’t doubt there will be police officers who have been traumatized by what they participated in or witnessed, by things they may have done or said they wouldn’t have done in the normal course of their duties. Their safety was in the uniform, their numbers and in the days ahead as they simmer down and look in the mirror, spend time with family, watch some of the protest videos and read accounts – some – some – are going to rethink.

A TTC driver, journalist, an education student, a prayer vigil attendee, a mayoral candidate, a sociology professor, an Oxfam worker, human rights observers, a deaf man, a diabetic, a visually impaired man, a paraplegic…were detained.
Women were searched by male officers and sexually harrassed by police who have headed back to their hometowns absolutely free of any accountability.
People had their property taken by police and not returned.
Minors were detained with adults.
The Toronto Star has 20 detainee stories: “I will not forget what they have done to me”. There are hundreds more accounts online.

Even writer Mike Brock is prepared to file an affidavit after what he experienced today.

Things you can do

1. File a complaint, without expecting recourse or justice.
2. File anyway.
3. Give The Canadian Civil Liberties Association your story.
4. Write Ontario provincial cabinet members, Premier Dalton McGuinty, Toronto Mayor David Miller and Toronto municipal counsellors.
5. Write the PMO and the Privy Council.
6. Share your pictures and video footage with others.
7. Support others. Individuals. Groups. Other protesters, other by-standers, business owners and legal and human rights groups.
8. Join the Facebook group; Canadian Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20.
9. Vote. When the time comes, vote with clarity and clear voice against any politician who was and remains complicit in this shame.

Nearly 4 thousand people have signed on demanding a public inquiry, thousands more are now watching.

The Galloping Beaver: Vacant of thought; absence of innovation

There is no doubt that the “thugs” commanded too much attention – both on the streets of Toronto and inside the G20 meeting venue. The truth is, they attract each other. While both groups purport to be out to save the world, neither is capable of doing so.

The Black Bloc are neither right nor left politically and I don’t believe for a second that they are true anarchists. Under brighter lights they are little more than behaviour challenged children throwing a violent tantrum without a shred of legitimate cause. They’re attention junkies, which makes them little different from the horde of overblown egos meeting at the G20 summit.

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Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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3 Responses to Billion dollar inhospitality and the erosion of rights

  1. Hopesome says:

    I wonder what the expectation was in all of this –

    We all go out with expectation – we ‘want something’ to ‘come out of what we ‘do’, – fair enough right

    So check out your expectations next time you go out and have a look where they’re sitting –

    Some it seems sit in declaring attention for themselves
    Some ‘want’ only for themselves
    Some deny themselves then deny others
    Some never know what to expect –

    It seems that many went with expectations and as a result got the end result of each others

    Be careful what you expect

    It is sometimes better not to expect anything that way you are free to receive from the Fathers heart what he has in store not someone elses heart that ‘sits in store’ ie; stored up hate, stored up violence, stored up resentment, stored up rage

    Love was lost in Toronto – hate crept in and ‘stole the show

    Can it now be redeemed do you think in the aftermath

    Thats up to us isn’t it

    Lets hope – now that hate has had yet one more of our days!

  2. Sherm says:

    Ran into a friend today who has been on top of this story too. She pointed out that the ‘abandoned’ police cars didn’t explode with bullets or guns in the trunk.

    She is in her 70′s. How dumb do the police think we are?

  3. Bene Diction says:


    Police showed media ‘weapons’ taken’. Many of the things shown were not related to the G20.
    Police showed media the dention centre. Looks like an oversized humane society – the construction trailers used by police for booking etc were not all under surveillance of the 70 cameras.

    The provincial government, eager to not be perceived as the Harris government, did not send out a media release on the amendment, did not correct To police chief Blair about the 5 metre rule. Nor did politicians object to Blairs continued use of ‘terrorists.’
    I think the latest number on arrests are over 1000, 714 released without charges, 313 (?) charges laid.

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