Benny Hinn Swedish weekend host not too happy

While hundreds lined up for hours to see Benny Hinn in Sweden this weekend, (even as North America was reading about Benny Hinn and Paula White behavior in Italy about 2 weeks ago) his appearance at the European Conference Word of Faith conference was not without controversy. His theology, practises and pending divorce have been discussed a fair bit online in Sweden in media, on blogs and twitter feeds leading up to the European Conference in Uppusla.

Ekman stood up after Hinn spoke and suggested people weigh what was said and read their bible about what was preached. However Hinn was permitted to speak again. I’ve tried to tidy up the Google translation, if I’ve lost meaning in the cleaning, please pipe up in the comment section.  Ekman posted about Benny Hinns visit:

But it is my duty to comment Saturday evening’s remarkable proclamation. I must say I was shocked by the content of Benny Hinns teaching. We have known each other since 1986, although it was a while ago we last met. There is no doubt that the Lord has used him as an evangelist all over the world for many years. Many over the years have told how their lives have been transformed by the Lord through Benny’s service and how they have been healed. I have participated over the years in a number of conferences around the world and have  seen what the Lord has done. As a private person and I appreciate him a lot and really like him as a healing evangelist.

Having said this, and it is important that it must be said, I must say that I have never in all the meetings I had with him, heard what he taught us yesterday. His preaching, in which he certainly is not alone,  seems to be more consistent and prepared than I have ever heard before, but went far beyond what I mean is classic Christian faith and sound doctrine. It was not just some Gnostic elements, it was unfortunately too much of pure Gnosticism.

I write this as  I first raised this with him privately last night because there are very serious issues.

He goes on to address Hinns teaching on on the Holy Spirits role in the Trinity and the separation of body, soul and spirit.

When it finally came to Jesus in the sermon, it was in some ways, a heretical view of Jesus that was presented.

And another point of error about Christ.

Strangely, it was also when he speculated that “if Jesus had sinned so his body would not rot anyway.” This is important to refute, for in that case the body of Jesus was not a real body which makes the incarnation incomplete and illusory.

And this,

Then he argued that Jesus’ blood did not come from Mary, but directly from God. It’s not. The Mary and Maria were shaped by the whole humanity of Jesus and that includes all elements of his physical body, even his blood.

Ekman, who had been criticized in religious circles and Swedish media for having Hinn open his conference said it would have been much better if Hinn had stuck to simply talking about Jesus in the way that he can and often did, and as an evangelist should.

It seems that it all comes to a settlement with the various Gnostic elements in the Christian faith right now, but I honestly thought that this was not what we would hear from Benny Hinn this evening. It was an unpleasant surprise that there would be so strong and so much.

…When I talked with Benny about this he listened seriously and openly and I hope he accepted what I said.

Hinn spoke Saturday evening and twice on Sunday.
Dagen has extensive coverage of Hinn in Sweden.
Ulf Ekman was ordained in the Swedish Lutheran church in 1979, and was a university chaplain for 7 years before attending Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He returned to Sweden and founded the 3 thousand member Word of Life Church.

One of the many Swedish blogs writing about Hinn at the conference -Erevna

Here is a much better translation of Ulf Ekman’s concerns from John Van Dinther.

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30 Responses to Benny Hinn Swedish weekend host not too happy

  1. Thanks for the link to our blog (Erevna).

    God bless,

  2. tc says:

    I find it interesting that Ekman stated that he hadn’t previously heard Benny preach on any of those topics.

    I worked for Benny Hinn Ministries for a couple of years, and every day during the corporate devotions/prayer time we heard his views. Anyone who consistently watched his show, or went to a crusade should be aware of his views.

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  4. Mark Byron says:

    In an experiential religious framework, last night’s burrito burps become today’s doctrine. TC is probably not far from the truth, that a quarter-century’s worth of bad doctrine is finally coming home to roost.

    It may have taken a Lutheran-trained charismatic to call BS on Benny. There are some core doctrines that you can’t fudge on and still be preaching a true Gospel, and Hinn seems to have crossed that line.

  5. Rob says:

    Finally! Someone is calling Hinn on his make-it-up-as-you-go theology.

    He’s gotten away with this for so long, he must be surprised someone in his circle is actually confronting him. I’m glad Ekman is actually calling him out. This is a far cry from the Paul Crouch/TBN clan who glibly accept whatever Hinn says.

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  7. You actually worked for him? Could you please tell us his view on Jesus and his view on man.

    “Welcome Holy Spirit” and the second book in his series of the HS changed my life and now I hear he has lied in many places in his book. Is that true?



  8. Cheryl Thomson says:

    Patrick, I hope you see my comment here. The book “Good Morning, Holy Spirit” (the first of a series by Hinn) created a scandal within the American Christian publishing industry when the first edition came out in October 1990. The respected publishing company Thomas Nelson & Sons faced the threatened resignation of one of its senior editors over approval of the book, which contained recognized heretical statements, contrary to the Bible. Hinn was forced to rewrite certain sections of the book for a second edition, which was quickly released. Playing fast-and-loose with the Word of God is Hinn’s modus operandi. When he prefaces a statement in a sermon by saying, “You’ve never heard anyone else teach this” – it’s the red flag that should alert you that he is about to show how daring he is by introducing yet another morsel of theological poison into your belief system. The fact that Hinn has not been stopped during the past 20 years is a bigger scandal than anything that may or may not have transpired in his personal life.

  9. Annica says:

    Hi. I’m from Sweden and this is truly a big thing here right now.

    I have a comment about the translation. Instead of “The Mary and Maria were shaped by the whole humanity of Jesus…”, you should write something like “In Mary, and through her, Jesus whole humanness/humanity were shaped and that includes…” That’d be more correct.

    (Pardon my bad english.)

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  12. tc says:

    @Patrick – my job was to implement new technologies, not discuss theology. that said, during mandated daily devotions/prayer time we were exposed to Benny’s teachings; most people took what aligned with their own theology and shelved the parts that didn’t fit.

    IMHO, in the business of church/conferences, Benny was able to bring in people/money; if the ‘affair’ allegations are proven to be true, as a commodity, Benny’s value is greatly lessened. It’s unfortunate that only now, because of the allegations, other ministries are beginning to distance themselves. It appeared that they (other ministries) were willing to put up with, or gloss over the heresies to gain an increase in people/dollars.

  13. Bene Diction says:

    Your english is just fine, thank you for your help.:^)

  14. Susan says:

    Jesus taught that it was very difficult for the rich man to enter heaven. I understand that to mean, that those who rely on their riches to meet their physical needs, often will become self-reliant on those type needs.

    Corrupt conditions in ministries for Jesus Christ, can only encourage confusion in Jesus’ values. Everyday we are bombarded with messages about God, that tell us how to feel good.

    It really makes me wonder why a ministry, with a history of millions of dollars, has to ask for another 2 million dollars. Sometimes our actions do speak a lot louder than words. Just who is the servant or master of Benny Hinn ministries and others like them?

    If some of these million dollar ministries had to give up their cars, houses, levels of high incomes, promotions on the latter of success, and so forth, could they do it?

    I mean, Jesus taught to serve others, to be humble, and those who seek status here on earth will not have any in heaven.

  15. Naxus says:

    Patrick Olund, you and others might have indeed been blessed by Benny Hinn, and I for one believe that. That is due purely to Jesus Christ’s words and not B. H.’s own words. Judas betrayed Christ did he not? Yes he did and he went straight to hell when he died. This is the same Judas that preached Jesus Christ as Lord and cast out demons out of others in and by the authority of Jesus’ name. Yet Christ as much as he loved Judas called him a devil. Matt 7 21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  16. ron says:

    These birds are in a cage.
    They just don’t know it.
    Maybe thats the way it is intended to be.

    Rev. 18:2

  17. Luisa48 says:

    All Christians need to pray for Benny Hinn that his eyes will open to the truth of God’s word and that he will see the error of his ways, so that the devil will no longer be able to deceive him. Also, for all those who work with him that God will give them boldness to minister correction to Benny Hinn. Those who work for Benny cater to his every whim without question. Benny came out of the teachings of Catholicism where the pope is infallible. Infallibility: exemption or immunity from liability to error or failure. Maybe this is what Benny believes, that he is infallible.

  18. Brett says:

    I have heard people who worked with benny hinn say that he would sometimes make fun of people who would say things like “I gave all the money I have.”
    Dateline have exposed him time after time and he still has many followers. Even the U.S. Government is still after him. This does not help him at all. Its time for justice to expose him for the person he is.

  19. NYTN says:

    I’m curious to know why all of a sudden Ekman is “stunned” by Benny Hinn’s teaching.

    Ekman said he’s known Hinn since 1986. Well, anyone who’s paid any attention to Hinn all this time knows that what he preached this past weekend is the same exact thing he’s been preaching for THE LAST 20+ YEARS. Benny Hinn has NEVER preached sound doctrine.

    Also, I understand Ekman attended Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well, that’s the WORLD HEADQUARTERS for the kind of false teaching Benny Hinn preached last weekend. That is one of THE most corrupt so-called ministry education organizations on the planet. And it is my PERSONAL opinion that Rhema and Oral Roberts University are the single-most organizations responsible for the proliferation of false doctrine worldwide over the last 30 years.

    Again, I don’t how Ekman is suddenly getting “revelation” about Benny Hinn.

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  22. Hopesome says:

    NYTN – If you are seen to be a facilitator and the one you facilitate is under flack for less than seemingly honourable behaviour then you will, in some cases, distance yourself in case the mud that gets slung lands on you – Hence possible explanation for Ekmans response – The way ministry has been performing has had many ministries ‘in league’ with each other, each with their webs and strands weaving their way in and out across peoples and nations in the ‘HOPE OF THINGS TO COME’ a kind of rather large inner circle of ‘are you there for me on this one ‘, ‘your move or mine’, who’s supporting who, ‘- so to speak! If you look at who invites who to who’s conference it can speak volumes – Benny Hinns ‘fall or ‘trip’from grace, however you see it, can mean a number of things, he’s looking for a way out, or he’s looking for a way to bring his FRIEND in’, he’s bringing disgrace to the business of evangelism and therefore hang on to your ‘hats’ folks we might get washed away by the tidal wave of association with, or he just ‘blew it ‘ either way theres going to be ‘fall out’ (in more ways than one) There is a ‘lot’ going on in the ‘hidden’ of it all and very little being expressed in the open hearted ‘what an idiot I am sorry folks for letting you down and will step down (not to resurface in 6 months or so in another ‘incarnation’ and still carry on!) and hand over the ‘reigns’ or whatever, to someone else!, of it all – never mind the biblical interpretations of confusion – that are having some of us wonder at the source OF IT ALL ! America, for one, needs to back up and back of and take a moment to re-assess where its trying to lead THE JESUS OF US ALL – While I go and drink a cuppa in a bid to overcome the horror of it all……………………..

  23. Molly says:

    NYTN – Ekman knows Benny quite well. Ekman also knows that Benny’s name will draw a crowd. That crowd will drive and fly from all over Europe (and the world) to see Benny. That crowd may not otherwise have set foot in Ekman’s conference and so Benny becomes the proverbial bait to lure attendees to Ekman’s conference. I don’t necessarily blame Ekman for this.

    However, I do question WHY all these big name preachers cover for each other all of the time? Why do they, by their silence, justify behavior in the lives of their peers that they would not tolerate in a staff member’s life? Or would condemn in the life of a regular parishioner?

    Everything that these speakers preach to the ‘common masses’ to repent from, to avoid, to steer clear from as christians, is exactly what they commit and ignore for themselves. This double standard, often veiled under the guise of “touch not mine anointed” is a cancer in the Body of Christ.

    Ekman was known as a clear prophetic and apostolic voice to the Body. Why has he compromised that clarity by turning a seemingly blind eye and a silenced voice to the failings of his peers?

    Where are the Pauls of today who dared to confront Peter as written in Galatians 2:11 “But when Peter had come to Antioch, I withstood him to his face, because he was to be blamed”. ?
    (Be reminded that Paul’s rebuke was not only done in private but was made so public, that it has been retold to generations in Christendom for the past 2000 years. We ALL know that Paul rebuked Peter, a BIG name in the early church)

    When will the Real Leaders of TODAY dare to REALLY LEAD?

  24. Dear Molly, Ekman is the only one that I know of that has criticized BH. He did it publicly and that made BH to call another Swedish pastor to speak with him about his doctrines.

    I read the book “Good morning Holy Spirit” in Swedish and probably it was translated from the second edition (I don’t remember, it was 19 years ago).

    I wouldn’t go and listen to BH now for the reason that I don’t like the way he is living his life and ministering. But, I try to not go out and speak “hear saying” and rumors because as ministers we have more important things to do. I can do something though for the people in my church and that is to rightly divide the Word of God so that they would know the truth.

  25. Martin says:

    Anyone have the video of the statements? I can find other videos for the conference but not the openning session

  26. Bene D says:

    Martin, I don’t know what was taped in Sweden or what wasn’t. I assume the conference was, I believe an initial concern of Ulf Ekman was video taped the night before his post at his blog on his site.

    Perhaps Ekman’s church could help you.

  27. Martin says:

    Yeah, I’ll check with them.

    Was asking because I can find video on youtube for the following day, and some Hinn followers who don’t know Ekman think he’s just coming up with his comments out of thin air.

  28. Martin, They took away the video from the site. They even didn’t make it possible to buy the video because of its bad theology.


    Patrick Oelund

  29. Teresa says:

    This is some of the same teachings that Ekman refuted Benny Hinn on. The first part is the Holy Trinity and then part 1 2 3 4 Angels, Holy spirit and God. This is the third part listen. This sermon is from July 4 2010 at Rod Parsley’s church.

  30. Ex Staff Member Of Victory"Christian" Center ( Edmonton ) says:

    Wow You Finally Saw The LIGHT Benny Hin And 95% Of The Faith HEALERS Are False”New Age” Cultic!! Or $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Hungry For Their Own Wealth For New Houses,Cars,Clothes,Cruises,Better Toys For Their Kids!!!!!!!! We Finally Saw The Truth In Our Leaders.

    Ex Staff,Members/Non Told Us This TRUTH Since 1998 And Now Our EYES Been Open Too The TRUTH Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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