4th man lays civil suit against Bishop Eddie Long

A fourth man, a former seminary student, has filed a lawsuit against Eddie Long, senior minister at New Birth Baptist Church in Georgia.

In the latest suit, Bernstein alleges Long “uses monetary funds from the accounts of New Birth and other corporate and non-profit corporate accounts to entice the young men with cars, clothes, jewelry, and electronics.”

Spencer LeGrande was 15 when he met Long, the suit alleges. LeGrande and his mother were among the founding members of Long’s satellite church in Charlotte, N.C., Bernstein told the AJC.

Their first meeting was an emotional one, according to the suit. LeGrande, moved by one of Long’s sermons, approached the pastor and began to cry. Long hugged the 15-year-old, assuring him, “I got you” … “I will be your dad,” the suit states. Soon after they began talking regularly by phone.

“Long would become angry if LeGrande failed to call Long on a frequent basis,” according to the suit.

LeGrande alleges the bishop told him to call me “dad.” Like two of the other young men claiming Long coerced them into having sex, LeGrande’s father was not actively involved in the youth’s life.

The civil suit charges Long with breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, fraud, infliction of emotional distress and other charges. LeGrande says he was 17 years old when sexual contact with Eddie Long began to occur.  Long told media this week he would make a statement from his pulpit on Sunday.

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9 Responses to 4th man lays civil suit against Bishop Eddie Long

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  2. Pingback: Bishop Eddie Long facing third lawsuit | Bene Diction Blogs On

  3. Bene D says:

    There are rumours about 30 young men have come forward and that Long will step down Sunday.

  4. laws632 says:

    I don’t know about you, but ranting against SPECIFIC sins cab reveal the heart. I watched Ted Haggard – 14000 member church – preach nauseatingly against gays/drugs and he was using both!

    http://hiscrivener.wordpress.com/2008/05/31/the-lifestyle-church-tour-hopes-to-find-new-birth/ …. hmmm

    Laws632 – I’m not in the mood for a SLAPP or slander suit. I’ve edited your post, the link ia from a government publication in Africa which targets political enemies. It’s been deleted and none of the allegations have been collaborated. – BD

  5. Jackie V says:


    I’m not a fan of Benny Hinn either but just wanted to ask if you can provide concrete documentation on his secret gay life, being the reason his wife filed for divorce.

    And yes I agree with you that a distinct pattern appears to be forming with these mega church tv evangelists, in that whenever they especially rail against a certain sin (ie. pornography, adultery, homosexuality, greed, drugs, alcohol, gossip, anger, etc), they’re very often doing the SAME THING behind closed doors and only ”repent” because they got caught. It should be a potential red flag that they may be attempting to appease their own conscience whenever they continuously hammer a certain sin from the roof tops above and beyond all others.

    (It still boggles my mind that Jimmy Swaggart has continued to be on the air since his moral failure in 1988. Bad enough he was caught even once but twice is beyond absurd and should have been grounds for termination as a preacher, yet he was nevertheless allowed to continue.)

    By the way….I used to watch Swaggart all the time in the 80′s and was a huge fan of his UNTIL the scandal broke. Since then, I have learned a valuable lesson and that is to never exalt a preacher to an infallable status and to keep my eyes focused on Christ every step of the way. That way, when they fall from grace, it can’t affect me as it once did.

    I still have many audio sermons of Swaggart’s that I’d ordered from his ministry back in the 80′s and each time I attempt to re-listen to them, have to turn them off, knowing he was saying one thing while doing another behind closed doors the whole time.

    Little did I know that the Bakker and Swaggart scandals of the 1980′s were just the beginning of a long and ever expanding list to follow in the future. Sadly, this strengthens the hand of the enemy because non-Christians across the globe will tarnish ALL believers with the same brush, assuming they’re all a bunch of hypocrites (and frankly, who can blame them) and may never get saved because of it, so it goes deeper than just hurting a specific church and their respective bank accounts.

    Too bad these mega church ministers didn’t think about these things BEFORE they did the deed (s) because even if they repent, it’s hard to unscramble scrambled eggs and once a reputation is destroyed, it’s almost impossible to gain credibility with the public once again.

  6. laws632 says:

    Jackie V, Paul told us ..
    2Ti 3:1 In the last days perilous times shall come.
    2Ti 3:2 Men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, unholy ["dirty", think of sodomy, which used to be a crime]
    2Ti 3:3 Without natural affection, false accusers [nb]
    2Ti 3:4 Lovers of pleasures, VAIN”.
    Benny Toufik sets off my gaydar. The allegations of him using boys and similar-like minded “pastors” have been scrubbed off the internet. His $10,000 per NIGHT suites etc … when every desire can be fulfilled, what is left but to go over to the other side.
    “Go west, young man” does not refer to geography but anatomy. This Eddie Long sets off alarms: too much cash and idolatry plus he looks like a fag. Probably “worked out” with self-obsessed types, admiring themselves (and each other) in those stupid mirrors (I know what I am talking about, they are at MY gym too! )
    Even Andre Crouche was into cocaine after he became a millionaire.
    Anyways, when these guys are exposed they ACCUSE the victims of being the perps.
    Paul said they would do just that.

    And lawyer up, with the very best money can buy.
    And pay off people – just like Kuhlman did to Dino!

  7. Jonah says:

    All I need to hear from one of the guys is to describe Eddie’s genital equipment…
    cut or uncut… shape of penis, girth, length, testicles hairy or smooth…
    pubes trimmed or not and he’s a goner… in a court of law the physical evidence will
    sink him.

  8. ron says:

    There are deep rooted problems that plague the church that only Christ himself can address.

    We must listen deeply to His Word and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us concerning His Word if we are to have his prospective in this hour.

    If we don’t we will continue to be asleep.

    His Word must become the compass that guides the ELECT to HIM.

  9. Jackie V says:


    Please spare us such graphic descriptions as that was too much information for the Christian ladies on this panel.

    A better way to have phrased it is a ‘graphic description of his private parts’ rather than providing pornographic details which I refuse to repeat. I for one (as a lady) felt nauseated at the vivid descriptions in your post.

    Speaking of Eddie Long….if you visit Dr. Scott Johnson’s website at—Contending For Truth. Com—and click on the Sept/10 archives of current events, he goes into detail about the various allegations brought forth by several men, including two guys (think they were in their early 20′s at the time) whom Long had essentially ”wined and dined’ in the lap of luxury (private jets, all expense paid trips, etc) in exchange for sodomite sex….the very thing Long had railed against in his sermons.

    Of course Long is innocent until proven guilty but when countless witnesses start coming forth and saying the same thing….it lends substational credibility to the allegations. See Dr. Johnson’s post on the matter.

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