New Birth Baptist Church – Eddie Long response to allegations

I went over to New Birth Baptist Church live streaming today to watch what Eddie Long had to say about the accusations he is facing. The church puts it’s service on a site called Streaming Faith.  I logged in an hour early because what Eddie Long has to say is news.

Right as the 8 am service was to start the site gave this message:

The Atlanta minister made it clear that cameras would not be allowed in his mega-church this Sunday and that he would speak at a 10 pm press conference between his 8 and 10 am services. Through spokespeople Long indicated he would address his ‘church family’ first.

There is a media room and cameras, at least two Atlanta news stations are also streaming the service.

I was able to start watching the service at 8:27 am on a  site – 11Alive out of Atlanta.  Channel 2 news service is also streaming. The church was understandably full. From The Writing on The Wall:

I’ve been around the Church for years. Decades even. And nowhere in my experience with consulting pastors do I see a passage of scripture that suggests rocking the UnderArmour to impress your sheep. Does that help them graze more effectively? Do you get more well-shewn Kashmir sweaters if the flock is exposed to the “gun show”?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. Back to the statement.

Bishop Eddie Long is hemorrhaging over this alleged incident, and yet, he allows his attorneys to make public statements for him… and that’s supposed to make it all right?!

It’s bad enough he doesn’t care enough to immediately respond to this mess, he is having a gaggle of white folk talk noise to his highly not-so-white congregation. Yeah, that’ll do it. You dolt.

It is completely obvious why he “feels the Lord” telling him to wait until the Sabbath to respond? In all his years of impromptu preaching, even the verbose Eddie Long will need a ghostwriter for this message. It will caked with legalese and PR speak… you know, like any good Congressional representative busted for the same thing. (What? Too soon?)

There will nothing genuine about this retort because it didn’t come from him. The only that clearly did come from the Bishop are those pictures and the aggressive needs delivered by now four men.

However, he pleads for mercy and understanding… and patience… has earned Eddie Long one fan: Meet Ted Haggard.

The man who hand-led his family through a harangue of male prostitution, drugs and oh yeah, “categorically denying” it every step of the way has decided that what Eddie Long needs is his valuable endorsement…

Good times, Bishop Long. Good times. The more things change, the more they stay the same, no? But hey, we still have this:

“Finally, as I have done for thousands of others over my decades of preaching, I ask for your prayers for me, my family and our church. On Sunday, at New Birth, I will respond to my congregation.”

And the world brother. Because believe me, we will all be listening. You know, just the way your lawyers planned it.

At 8:35 am the church ran a video of Bishop Long’s work in Africa and then the offering, focusing as word of faith prosperity teaching does on sowing seeds.
The choir is filling time, some news reports in Atlanta say the cameras will be cut off before Bishop Long speaks. Others say no. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has reporters in the congregation live blogging the service.

Jay Bookman at the Atlanta Journal Constitution - New Birth’s mission: Pursue truth about Bishop Long:

Maybe it’s just an ugly scam.

Maybe it’s a well-coordinated, fairly sophisticated conspiracy among several young men to shake down Bishop Eddie Long, a successful, revered leader who has built New Birth Missionary Baptist Church into a powerhouse of Christian service.

Sad as that would be, it would certainly be the better outcome. Because if the opposite proves true and the allegations against Long are valid, the tragedy deepens.

…In the meantime, Long’s attorney has described the lawsuits as an attack not just on the pastor but on New Birth and its 25,000-member congregation. Church members no doubt feel that way as well, and most have rallied to defend their leader.

If the charges prove false, New Birth is indeed a victim of injustice almost as great as that perpetrated against Long. But if the charges are correct, then New Birth served as an accomplice, witting or unwitting, in a gross betrayal of faith.

Under the circumstances, it’s possible that the truth about the alleged seductions can be established one way or the other relatively quickly. The lawsuits include multiple details of travel and gifts that can be verified or discredited. They cite witnesses who will be legally obligated to testify honestly in court to what they saw or risk charges of perjury. Photos of Long taken by the bishop in his bathroom mirror and allegedly e-mailed to the young men have already been leaked, and other material might be forthcoming.

If the truth is not established fairly soon, however, church elders should launch an independent probe of the allegations. That would be difficult for an institution such as New Birth, which bears Long’s strong and charismatic imprint. But people should never be afraid to seek the truth, especially in a situation like this.

8:57 am A singer says to the congregation: “Can I just get you to lose your mind and praise?”
The Atlanta Journal Constitution live blog is loading slow. The 11Live feed is limping.

9:00 am Long goes to the pulpit with his wife. She leaves and four minutes go by before he speaks. He says he’ll be there next week and the crowd erupts in cheers.

My first responsibility is to my family and my next responsibility is not to address the world before I address my family at New Birth.

Let me make a statement for a moment and we’ll be gone.
This is a extremely difficult time, for me, for my family, for you, ’cause many have called you asked you questions, you ain’t got this many phone calls in your life.

…its a time when you actually see the veil dropped and who is with you and who is not with you.

So as a pastor I want to help everybody I just want to talk to you for about 10- 15 minutes- all my sons and daughers, pastors (he names ministers present).

He reiterates it is a difficult time in his life and wants to talk about how to handle difficult situations. Psalm 34:19. There is soft music playing in the background.
He jokes about using his bible, and jokes it will just take a few moments and then he’ll “say what the rest of you came to hear.”

His three points:

1) You got to understand the reality of painful situations.
2) We can control our response to painful situations, we can curse it, nurse it, rehearse it or reverse it

I missed a point.
He switches to the plural ‘we’.

And the feed just crashed. Cameras angles have changed and it’s back. He is talking about elections and voting and focus. I didn’t catch the acronym he is using.

8:58 am Long’s statement:

There have been allegations and attacks made on me. I have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man, but I am not the man being portrayed on the television. That is not me. That is not me.

By the counsel of my lawyers they have advised me not to try this case in the media, it will be dealt with in the court of justice. Please hear this. I have been accused, I am under attack. I want you to know as I said earlier I am not a perfect man. … But this thing I’m going to fight.  I want you to know one other thing. I feel like David against Golilath. I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.

Long grabs his wifes hand and practically runs off stage. The choir starts again.

The 10 am news conference is running late. Long comes in with an entorage and his wife.

The audio is really bad he is talking about what the church is going to continue to do. As far as I can tell – missions. Sound kicks in.

“On the advice of counsel, I am not going to address the allegations and the attacks. I want this to be dealt with in the court of justice not the court of public opinion. I am going to fight. Fight very vigorously. Things New Birth has stood for … we will continue to do… We’re increasing our commitment to work with youth so things that New Birth have stood for, an increase in that. Without violating what my attorney has instructed me…I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Media calls out a few unanswered questions to the backs of the entourage as they leave.

Update: Transcript of Long’s address to the congregation.

Video of news statement. Note the us of the plural ‘we’. The church has been named in the civil suits, the work in the community is not the issue.

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21 Responses to New Birth Baptist Church – Eddie Long response to allegations

  1. Rhonda S. Williams says:

    Venegance is mine says God! How hyprocritcal is the church…if these allegiations are true who are we to set judgment and sentencing on anyone. At this present time in the Kingdom those who are truly children of God lets not devour one another but with that same love, and understanding you desired when you sin show the power of God’s love at this time. Don’t give your unnecessary opinions show the love that was shown toward you. Where is the LOVE for this family, the alleged victims, and the body of NEW BIRTH. Satan is having a field day he doesn’t have to destroy the body we can do a good job by ourselves. And, be still and know that God is God!!!

  2. Katie says:

    It’s amazing how quickly these pastors turn to attorneys for help. Wouldn’t it be nice if we sheep had the funds to bypass God and get attorneys… that’s plural… to get us out of our messes? Once a Christian Pastor has to hire an attorney(s), he has stepped into the world and out of the Word… Hiring an attorney means bending the truth, not relying on God. “Look not to men and horses”, etc…. How many sermons has he preached that go against everything he did and what he is now doing? This man teaches miracles, he preaches about Peter sitting in a jail cell and an angel coming to rescue him. Peter never hired an attorney – but Peter was not guilty. There is no faith in what this man is doing.. and we all know what that means. I’d run from the church quickly. When is the last time a Pastor gave one of his flock money for an attorney – yet he’s got enough to spend it on himself? Shameful! Everything about this is. It’s time to face the fact that we are being preached only what is beneficial to these pastors.. so much is left out by these greedy, worldly thieves. One last thing… Take the Word out of the world and all you have left is “el”.

  3. laws632 says:

    Rhonda S. Williams. “IF these allegations ARE true.” I think they are. The guy is truly demented. THIRTY FOUR males [no women? creepy] have complained.
    If you lie you go to jail, so you better have PROOFS – which they do IE cars as gifts.

    Perverted preachers. Errr. And the ones that might not go west still bask in the platform spotlight, er, “glory”. It’s the SIN and curse of the nicolaitans Rev 2:6,15 which Jesus really despises: the idolizing/niko of the “clergy” over the laitans/layity.
    Think “reverend” aka “revered one”.

  4. Bene Diction says:

    The church and the Longfellow Academy have to hire lawyers of their own., they are named in the suit as are some employees. I wonder who is paying for Long’s legal team.

    The young men are far more David than Long is. They are up against obscene power and I hope equal power steps up to help them and their families.

  5. DJ Fruit loops says:

    The reason he needs to be held accountable is that he went out of his way to make sure gays were crucified by his words speaking for the church which is something all closet cases in power do JUST so no one will find out what they are doing
    Of course the allegations are true if the couple of men that first came foward just wanted to shake him down they wouldnt have made it public
    and more people are coming foward
    its not just that he was having sex with men he was having sex with underaged BOYS
    throw the creep in jail

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  7. HiScrivener says:

    Well done, my bloggerific brother. Well done.

    My prayer is that if more people read the truth about those espousing God’s truth, more of the reality of Christ will be revealed.

    Keep up the great work, Bene D. Peace and blessings!

  8. Bene Diction says:

    Law 632 – The rumours are 30, however other rumours are that 2 or 3 more are preparing to come forward. We’ll see.

    Rhonda: This is about accusations of sin, behavior. The devil made me do it or I’m under attack and blaming Satan is called externalizing. There is a great deal of difference between vengeance and justice, but I think you know that. I agree with you that church members, these young men and their families and the Long family need prayer.

    Hi Scrivener: Agreed The body of Christ can and will survive as truth is pursued.

  9. Kate says:

    And yet another pastor with a “doctorate”. It’s amazing how many of these guys call themselves “Doctors”! Upon investigating Mr. Long, I find he was fired from Ford Motors for inaccurate accounting of funds THEN went on to receive a doctorate in theology!!!! Wow. Why doesn’t anyone ever question these doctorates? I have found that anytime I have ever asked where a pastor received their doctorate, they get defensive, and most times won’t answer,other times, the source is a papermill. Why is this a touchy question and why are we so quick to believe them? REAL doctors display their diplomas proudly.. knowing that they owe us that much information about themselves. This guy is a con artist. Everything about these pastors is completely the opposite of what they preach. Where are their tithes to the needy – isn’t God in all of us, not just in a church? Why must they be elevated over the flock with their doctorates, and phony doctorates at that!? Where is their personal input into helping their flock? Where is their faith in Jesus when constantly asking for money? Why do they all insist upon the preachings of the Old Testament, before Jesus died on the cross as the last sacrifice at the altar (“please bring your gifts, tithes, to the altar”)? Its up to us to be more informed, to ask more questions!

  10. Hopesome says:

    They who are wronged need justice…… if the allegations are proven to be true then those abused need justice, the congregation ‘I would hope ‘ needs justice if the allegations are proven true for they have been duped into giving millions into his ‘funds’ ( yes his funds- if he collects and dsitributes those funds … then he is responsible in part for their destination and use in coercion if proven true) ………….. Emotionally many have been abused if its proven true …………… in those circumstances then I think Jesus ‘s name should be taken from their lips, Jesus hope be taken from their house, and the abuse of his gifts and him BROUGHT TO JUSTICE

    for many call me lord …………. don’t they

    The credibility of the church is being shaken ……….. But who leads the church !!! ………. obviously not Jesus , he couldn’t get in for the fancy cars and jewellry and Boeings …………

  11. laws632 says:

    ps: you gotta see this. I don’t get it – either it’s for real or contrived.

  12. Rick Hiebert says:

    Great liveblogging BD…thanks for this.

  13. Bene Diction says:

    Long’s doctorates – (Wiki)

    “He holds a PhD in Pastoral Ministry from the International College of Excellence,[3] a Bible college accredited by an organization not recognized by either the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or United States Department of Education, the two institutions responsible for recognizing educational accrediting institutions in the United States[4][5] (see Accrediting Commission International).[6] North Carolina Central University, Beulah Heights Bible College, and the Morehouse School of Religion have given him honorary doctorates.[7]”

    Why anyone would waste their time with an unaccredited degree eludes me.

  14. Gail O says:

    This is so sad. Another minister that appears to have taken himself and his gift too seriously. No one is above the law or above God. He was gifted enough to grow a Church that has 25000 members and yet his actions can take that all away.

  15. Patmos Pete says:

    The third message from heaven…

    If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

  16. michelle Ross says:

    This is very sad this situation does not just affect New Birth and its members but the rest of the world. I am so sad and disgusted I could cry. Shame on all of us.

  17. bee says:

    I agree with the writer of the article…and most comments…I notice women love the slick dressing, jewerly laden mega preachers..Long should face up and step down…

  18. For those who say touch not my anointed ones and do my prophets no harm, I say first show me that this isn’t one that the scripture said would fool even the … This
    isn’t a preacher under attack this is just one that got exposed. There is a book out
    by Reuben Armstrong called “Crooks and Homos in the PULPIT” that spoke about
    Long and this same behavior in 2006. Chk out this interview, then you decide

  19. Promise says:

    While it’s easy to judge Bishop Eddie Long and point fingers I question what’s the real issue? Could it be that in order for Jesus to return for his Church he’s first got to clean house? If a man believes he is called by God to be a Pastor then he is suppose to uphold God’s standards and integrity while in that position because the Pastor is the Shepard called to lead the sheep. While no man is perfect or without sin a Godly man is suppose to have discipline and out of respect and reverence to the Lord there are just somethings you don’t do. A bad Pastor is as bad as a dirty Police Officer or a greedy unethical physician. Police Officers and Doctors take oaths just like Pastors do and their is an expectation that comes with those types of positions that when violated may be pardonable but never acceptable. While it’s easy to judge Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” God is dealing with the Bishop in a very public and open way that is itself not an easy cross to bear. While I truly hope the allegations are false there’s a strong possibility that there not and what ever the outcome Bishop Eddie Long is an example of the famous song written and sung by Donnie McClurkin “We fall down but we get up for a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up.” Bishop Eddie Long is a saint who is just a sinner who may have fallen down. However God’s grace is still sufficient and His mercy endures forever. Even in this situation it still applies to him just as it does to all believers who are a part of the body of Christ. So those of us who are believers let us continue to pray for healing for all who are involved and affected by this tragic situation.

  20. Bene Diction says:

    With New Birth being the size of a town, crime would be a part of the dynamics, leadership being involved is another story. Long is facing another lawsuit this week in regards to a business deal and a former female staffer filed harassment charges against another employee.

    Several suits in the space of one month is a lot even for such a large business/religious operation.

  21. Maria Griffin says:

    As belivers we are call to forgive seven times seventy if he did do it the only right thing for him to do is step down, repent t0 the lord and move on with his life when we turely repent God forgives and forgets we as belivers must do the same as he tell us in his word yes people were hurt has he repent and turn from it God with heal those who have been hurt by all of this in the mean time we need to be the feets,hands,mouth of Jesus and love and not tear down all have sin and fallin short to the groly of God we all the have sin in our life others just dont know it only God thats why we have to take heed before we fall we know it is not right so let us pray one for other that we may heal he alraedy is going to get talked about in the world so how about the church stop talking and start loving and forgiving and do the work of Jesus .

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