Todd Bentley using “casino revival” to sell himself to Discovery TV?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

As Todd Bentley prepared to launch his series of meetings at a Reno hotel/casino, he posted this on Twitter two days ago:

Had some great Sushi. Wow. Ready to meet and greet some pastors and leaders. Pray for us Discovery studios joining us in Reno.

3:50 PM Oct 6th via Twitterrific
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Todd Bentley

If we remember that Todd is trying to sell a reality show, starring himself, to Discovery TV, it would be interesting to speculate that this is a reference to the Discovery Network sending cameras–or network staffers–to Reno Nevada to film or watch Todd’s revival. I think it is.

[UPDATE: I’m guessing right so far. The photo below from here is
off Todd Bentley’s plixi feed and was originally captioned “Discovery Studios trailer shoot for potential upcoming reality series.” Thanks Bene D for spotting it!]

Todd Bentley films promo at casino revival for Discovery TV

If my guess is right and this is a de facto “pilot” for Todd’s proposed show, I also wonder this too. Did the Discovery channel boffins–or Todd’s agent or consultant for the proposed TV show–hint to Todd that they wanted something exciting or unusual to spice up the pilot? “Naaah, that little country church sounds boring…?”

If my guess–and I hasten to remind that it is only a guess–is correct, that may mean that Todd could be catering to what is good for a TV show, and not what seems good to the Holy Spirit. (“But Todd, that little country church that is unexciting for television needs a revival…”)

Hoping I am wrong, though. Fearing, however , that I might be on to something.

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16 Responses to Todd Bentley using “casino revival” to sell himself to Discovery TV?

  1. Bene Diction says:

    Yeah, you might be on to something. Good catch Rick.

  2. Robin says:

    Realistically, I think it is going to be hard for Bentley to drum up much action for any Discovery TV. He’s already done his Bam and Slam and I don’t think he’s going to get a following for any “outpourings”.

    He might try his same stories of going to heaven, and fire, and talking to apostles, but that’s rather dull by now. And, hopefully, his kicking, kneeing, slamming and World Wrestling mania has been put to sleep.

    A few folks might fall for his “teaching” and his giving gimmick, but I think even the die-hard revival chasers are leery of him now. Anyway most of the “latest move of God” addicts have had to move on to the latest and greatest somewhere else.

    Sadly, a few folks will fall for this new revival and Discovery TV might even make something out of it. Hopefully most charismatics will steer clear.

    Oh, and I’m sure, he’ll be claiming some healing miracles.

    And, if he’s got a good music team…

  3. Susan says:

    There is a lot of wealth around Reno, NV. Quite a junction for commercial and entertainment industries. My goodness, Reno is a magnet for tourism. Todd now offers his revival into the mix, with blessings from above? Far cry from the poor and needy. Oh well, just an observation.

  4. Hopesome says:

    His twitter comments are designed to ‘wind us all up’, his ego to deflate us, and his manna to ‘lead’ ……….. Lets hope the fascination he brings with him doesn’t entrap the ‘People Of Discovery ………

    Fascination ie; To Fascinate

  5. heyhey says:

    I am to the point that I am sick of this man. If he really loved God, why is he not just living a quiet life? This fanfare just is too much. A reality tv show dedicated to himself is just ugly.

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  7. BD says:

    This is off Bentley’s twitter feed captioned: “Discovery Studios trailer shoot for potential upcoming reality series”

  8. mirele says:

    His feed has a lot of pictures (not very good, mind you) in it from the “Reno Outpouring.” Here’s one taken at some flea market: — they’re offering “free dream interpretations / spiritual readings.” YIKES.

  9. mirele says:

    Oh dear, I went to the Reno Outpouring website (which points here: ). Todd’s now “call[ing] out lighting” and claiming that the “angel of the Lord was on stage for only the third time in three years.” And to back that up they have a spooky supernatural (yeah right) picture:
    *rolls eyes* That looks like a camera strap to me!

  10. Rick Hiebert says:

    Thanks BD! I’ve put that picture in the post itself.

  11. Bene Diction says:

    Saw those too Mirele, not many people there and the claims are as outrageous as usual. You’ve really got to wonder about some people’s sanity.

  12. Me says:

    I have dozens of pictures of “angels”… pictures I take at NHL games. About 1 in 7 gets funny blurrs, like the Reno Outpouring angel picture, because of the lighting. Or perhaps, God wants my team to win, and sends angels to help them… just like that one baseball movie. I’ll go with that. Sorry, it’s not a Canadian team (obviously).

  13. laws632 says:

    That “angel” picture is garbage. If anything it looks like a segmented tape worm : )
    And I blew it up, Benley’s head is half size in comp to the lady. And we all know his head is MUCH larger than a normal human’s : )

  14. Dave says:

    Actually, a reality series might not be a bad thing. Hopefully we could get evidence of resurrections from the dead if he makes claims like he did at Lakeland. Funny how the Lakeland resurrections weren’t documented. Small oversight, I guess.

  15. Martinmack says:

    I agree with Dave on this one…a reality series might be a very good thing. If sunlight is indeed the best disinfectant, then getting Bentley’s claims exposed to the public on a broader scale might be the best way to debunk all the bunk. If a show like Mythbusters, whose hosts don’t have an agenda and are actually likeable, gets regularly called on the carpet by it’s viewers, I can only imagine what a skeptical viewership will do to someone like Bentley. Discovery will not be stupid enough to pitch Todd’s spin on things when their viewers are calling out for the truth.

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