Daystar tv founder Marcus Lamb – my affair was with a woman

The founders of a religious tv network launched into bellicoseness damage control mode, revealing an extortion attempt on their flagship show Tuesday. The President and Vice President of one of the largest religious networks in the world, Marcus and Joni Lamb went on their program Celebration today to let viewers know there was supposedly an extortion plot over an  extra marital affair Marcus Lamb had several years ago.

Christian TV took a soap opera turn Tuesday when the married co-founders of Daystar, a network based in the Dallas area, used a live broadcast to share the husband’s infidelity and to allege extortion by outsiders.

Evangelists Marcus and Joni Lamb made a pre-emptive strike, going on their regular morning program, Celebration, to acknowledge his past marital misconduct and say that three people had demanded $7.5 million to keep the scandal out of the media.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re not going to take God’s money and pay to keep from being humiliated,” Marcus Lamb said during the broadcast from Daystar’s Bedford headquarters.

The Lambs, who still run Daystar, allowed a reporter into the studio but would not take questions afterward.

Daystar is a powerhouse evangelical network, broadcasting in more than 200 countries. It is the second-largest Christian network, after Trinity Broadcasting Network, which has a production center in Irving.

Given the fallout in the 1980′s when PTL founders Jim and Tammy Fay Bakker tried to keep his infidelity quiet, it makes sense for the Lamb’s to go pre-emptive when cornered.  DayStars pr firm, A. Larry Ross Communications, which manages most of the US Christian celebrities is handling some of the information.

A. Larry Ross, a public relations executive who represents Daystar, said authorities were alerted to the extortion attempt. He said the threat was made in recent weeks, but he wouldn’t say which law enforcement agency was contacted.

At least Marcus Lamb isn’t using  a common dodge – blaming the devil, letting their marriage counselor (read success coach) go on-air to assure fans Lamb just has heterosexual encounters and this goes beyond bizarre. Hey, it’s all okay  beloved partners because he’s not gay?

“He had had one inappropriate period of misbehavior, with one person, and it wasn’t a man. It wasn’t a transvestite. It was with a woman,” Kendall said during the broadcast.

Marcus Lamb said he takes full responsibility. “Joni has no blame,” he told viewers. “The other person doesn’t have any blame. … I don’t even blame the devil. It’s all on me.”

Daystar has an operating budget of 70 million dollars a year.
I’m inclined to believe there has been an extortion attempt, we’ll see when arrests are announced. Given the supposed several year gap (some people are saying 4 years) between actions and disclosure, supporters would have remained in the dark. Coming forward and saying they were victims of an extortion plot provides sympathy and minimizes donor fallout. This doesn’t look like a clearing of conscience move.  One of the marriage counselors praising them attempted to deflect and blame the devil, but Lamb corrected him, I think the revelation is minimized for donors who feel their money helps spread to the good news. The Lambs have been married since 1982. As long as viewers accept the whitewash, focus on extortion victim hood,  protecti the image, and keep support coming in from gullible viewers who have fed themselves on a steady Daystar entertainment diet, heresy and personal accountability will be sacrificed on the alter of ‘success.’ Deception is another form of extortion. Lamb,  billed as a bishop in The Church of God did more damage control by contacting key business and religious readers before going public. This is the money quote to me: “”We’re not going to take God’s money to keep from being humiliated.” Matthew 6: 19-24:

19-21“Don’t hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust or—worse!—stolen by burglars. Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars. It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.22-23“Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dank cellar. If you pull the blinds on your windows, what a dark life you will have!

24“You can’t worship two gods at once. Loving one god, you’ll end up hating the other. Adoration of one feeds contempt for the other. You can’t worship God and Money both.

Wikipedia says Celebration and Joni Lamb’s program is carried on Grace TV, but I don’t see them in the lineup. You can watch the damage control program on the Daystar site; you can’t fast forward so if you are interested in the  victim-spin you’ll have to suffer through the show, the product plugs and emotional set up. It’s an hour of your life you won’t get back.
The show looks like an old Oral Robers knock-off. Daystar has been called a TBN wanna be. Here is the damage control, pr, special statement (gag me) about how wonderful the Lambs are choosing to keep their marriage, business arrangement together so you too can celebrate God’s victory and send money.

Opps: Marcus and Joni Lamb are being sued. By a woman. Three actually, two others are will be filing their own civil suits.
Here it is (.pdf)
There are now competing claims, she said, she said he said. In other words the story told on air by Joni Lamb is sort of borrowed from the plaintiff. Errant emails are part of this suit, it’s messy but I think it’s difficult to make a claim of extortion. Disgruntled employees, possible hostile workplace – but extortion seems to be a stretch. More here.
While the people issues are front and center, the alleged use of Daystar money is something responsible donors might want to keep an eye on.

Update: The police have dropped the investigation into Daystars claims of extortion.

Bedford police began an investigation after meeting with Daystar attorneys.

“After review of the details provided by Daystar, and consulting with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office, there does not appear to be any criminal conduct under the Texas Law,” Bedford police said in a statement released today.

…Daystar officials earlier said they contacted federal authorities about the alleged extortion. The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas both declined to say whether they are investigating.

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90 Responses to Daystar tv founder Marcus Lamb – my affair was with a woman

  1. Bene D says:


    Lamb admitted this affair, there have been cases were Day Star violated the employment act which have been settled.

    Marcus Lamb answers to his children Renee, he’s the one who committed adultery with a staff member. He’s the one who lied about why these cases were filed. He hid this from his leadership in his denomination. You and I don’t know if this affair was a one time thing. You and I don’t know as yet how much money Janice Smith was paid. Nor do you know as yet if the alleged hush money was taken from your donations to Day Star.

    You may want to read the court documents and follow along.
    Keep praying for the Lambs – that they’ll be honest with their children, their donors, and they’ll treat employees properly.
    This isn’t about how many people Day Star can feed, or how many you can feed.
    And blaming Satan does not excuse the choice to cheat on your wife and kids or deceive people who send money to you.

  2. blackhawk says:

    you make an interesting point

  3. Barbara Kimble says:

    I worked for Daystar during one of their telethons as a prayer partner and donation processor. Twice I had recieved suicide phone calls. Each time while speaking to the distressed person, I was confronted by one of the ‘worker guards’. All of the prayer partners calls were monitored by staff at all times. Every inch of the building was under surveillance and gustapo staff walked back and forth monitoring everyone on the phones visually. The first time I was confronted about the suicidal person on the phone, I had been told to convince her to talk to another long term staff member who was supposed to be used to these calls. I surrendered the phone to her. She then proceeded to talk to her like a police officer in a rough manner asking the distraught woman what her name was, where she was, etc… I was shocked because I knew that the manner in which the ‘experienced’ worker handled it would make the woman hang up. This is what happened. After she hung up I was told that Daystar could be sued if we gave the wrong advice, therefore I was told not to speak very long to people who are suicidal and just find a way to hang up quickly. Another time I recieved a suicidal call I decided to talk with the person to try and discourage them from taking their lives. Suddenly a mandatory all staff meeting was called of which we all were made to attend while we listened to long speeches and prayer, praise times. A gustapo came and stood beside me pointing to me to hang up the phone. I refused. I continued to speak with the lady while he stood there frustrated at me for refusing to ‘obey’. I felt that her life was more important than a meeting. She eventually listened to me and decided not to take her life. Later I was reprimanded for talking so long on one phone call. It did not matter that I was talking to a suicidal person. They didnt care about her life. They cared only that DAystar might be sued. Another thing I still cant believe is the long hours I was required to work. I had pulled double shifts, at least 14 hours for several days. I have hypoglycemia and one day forgot to take care of it when my sugar started plummeting, I asked the supervisor staff who was watching the floor if I could quickly go purchase a candybar from the machine and explained my situation. No one was supposed to leave the room and expected to work non stop until breaks were allowed. I was refused. My husband who was working along side me heard ths he approached them once again explaining how serious this was and that all I need was a little sugar in my body and would only take a minutet to go get it. She went to her supervisor who is the actual MOTHER of Joni Lamb who was present in another office. She flatly refused to allow me to get the sugar I needed and proceeded to tell me that I was excuded to for the rest of the night and i had to go home. I then had to call the temporary service agent who hired me to work for Daystar and he quickly got on the phone and somehow I was allowed to stay and not forced to go home or fired.
    I didnt work for Daystar, I worked for the employment company and they had to abide by the contract and allow me access to what I needed for my health and to keep working for the entire term. Left up to Joni’s cold hearted mother I could have have had a diabetic reaction to the low blood sugar and possibly wind up in the ER. Now that I have found out about the affair, and allegations of distortion, I am glad I didnt listen to them when the suicidal lady called. And I will never trust them again nor work for them nor donate one red penny ever! As far as I am concerned they are liars and always will be.

  4. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Barbara:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, and for your willingness to place the welfare and well being of someone else over your employment.

    I don’t know how many employment cases Daystar has settled, seems they do not have much regard for employees.

  5. DQ says:

    I sometimes tune into DayStar, but I turn away after a few minutes. The show seems oppressed, the people seem stagnant and unhappy. I can tell there are favorites, and no so favored people on staff. All programming seem forced, and laced with prejudices. I completely stopped watching for a couple years, and let me say: The singers still look the same, and many other areas on non growth are apparent. As you may can tell Gods gift to me is ULTRA DISCERNMENT.

  6. mildred says:

    Stop sending your money to these hypocrites and you go witness to a stranger everyday. I declare this would cut down the fat cat kingdom. Pray and ask God to show you someone that need a blessing and give it to them. These hypocrites like Lambs and TBN Crouches will bust HELL wide open. It’s about the $$$$$. Paul Crouch Sr. paid out 300 thousand dollars to a homosexual to keep hush over his affair with a man. Makes me puke. I know Jesus has his bucket too heaving his guts out literally.

  7. Tai says:

    Thank you my brother Marcus. The bible says he that covers his sins will not prosper. Now i believe you will proper the more. What you are doing is not about yo but Jesus.
    I am praying for you

  8. JOSIE D.L. says:

    I believe in repentance and forgiveness..but a comment Marcus made about not using the Lords money for paying for the exhortion…I wonder whose money he’s using to pay for the attorneys and whose money he used to pay his mistress.And then the comment that was made..that at least his mistress was a christian…that doesn’t excuse the fact or make it any better..sin is sin…what does Jesus say about this…that’s what matters….

  9. valerie cummings says:

    Yes its a day to be most discerning when watching christian tv. One scares me is how they blantanly talk about what God just said to them, Like just recently Marcus Lamb had God tell him personnal to tell everyone to give fifty eight dollors a month, for jobs, he said he had to interrupt the program because it was from God.

    Now thats Scary and whats more scary is those that believe them, is this how hitler led the sheep, are humans so easily led to slaughter.

  10. valerie cummings says:

    I did what to add their are many programs I love and believe have truly opened the word I love the teachings Off Andrew wolmack and Joseph Prince and a few others, so I do what to say thank God for the mighty men in among the corrupt.

  11. Brett Langford says:

    He said he asked God to forgive him and his wife and he took full responsibility and his wife was by his side supporting him. End of story! who am i to judge whats true or not? I can’t see the mans heart! The bottom line is that this TV station still airs tons of good programs preaching the WORD and love of God and that continues to impact lives daily, myself included. Thats what matters! The use of money, how employees are treated etc. etc. if wrong he will answer for that to God and noone else. We must in all things remember the Word and not tear down each other and focus on our own walk. This is what the bible says, “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice,” Phil 1:18

  12. David says:

    After recently reading a Christian author complain that PBS refused to air Francis Schaeffer’s video series “How Should We then Live,” I decided to see if any Christian networks have aired the series (none have). The return email I received from Daystar amazed me. My question had been circulated around the Daystar offices and no one had even heard of the name Francis Schaeffer. They wondered if I might be inquiring about a past employee. I guess Schaeffer’s writings did not contain enough heresy to interest the people at daystar.

  13. Elsabe says:

    Ag come on guys – you who have a lot to say about someone else’s sins, are you without sin?

  14. bill stone says:

    Daystar and Marcus Lamb are exactly what Jesus Christ warned about in the final days:

    False teachers.

  15. Marybell says:

    I was watching Day Star tonight and decided to check it out on google. I don’t know anything about these people – just did not get good vibes from them. I was blown away when I read the controversary and personal things. Just hope they are now healed.There is just something about the man that don’t set right.Sorry but I will not tune in again. What is it about these ministries? Has the devil got a toe hold on them?
    That armor has to be adjusted every day to resist these spirits of darkness

  16. Manisha Mhatre (India) says:

    Marcus & Joni, All have sinned and fallen short of his Glory,To err is human and to forgive is Divine,I believe you have touched God’s heart by taking his word to millions and transforming lives.Many challenges will come our way,but you have come a long way,and been a blessing to many,God bless you and your family.

  17. Diane Fulton says:

    I forgive Mr. Lamb, Pastor, Husband, Father and my brother. I am commanded by his word, his truth, to love my neighbor. But my heart sinks when I look at Joni Lamb
    on television. She is one of the most beautiful women God has created. She deserves the Best Husband and Pastor.
    Not to be cruel, I see no match for Mr. Lamb. mistaken weakness.
    who should be scard from his actions?
    Please pray he Honors Joni truly; with the strength of our Lord Jesus.
    Kindest Regards, Diane..daughter of the King.

  18. There is something I felt was creepy about Mr. Lamb. My heart goes out to Joni. I love her and I pray for her… I didn’t know all this stuff about an affair. I was once an alcoholic… a bad sinner. I know God forgives . God will forgive you IF you forgive… We must and go and sin no more. We must pray for Daystar. Let God take care of them.

  19. Sam Castle says:

    The Bible says, “Love covers a multitude of sins.” How many of you would actually confess to having an affair on world-wide television? You’d all have cows if he paid the 7.5 million and tried to hide things, but he tries to make it right the Biblical way, and he still gets trashed. Some of you judgmental “Christian” people are the reason many people don’t go to church. You’re so pious and sin-free in your own minds, there is no love to cover anyone’s sin. The Bible says you judgmental “Christian” people without love are like clanging bells. Ding dongs, you are!

  20. Kevin says:

    I Tim. 3:1-13 lists the qualifications/characteristic for bishops and deacons. Among other things, he/she must be: temperate, sensible, dignified, no lover of money, not double-tongued, not greedy for gain; they must hold the mystery of faith with a clear conscience. And let them also be tested first; then if they prove themselves blameless… By these standards, Marcus Lamb has disqualified himself from a position of spiritual leadership. He should have stepped down and submitted himself to the guidance and discipline of godly leaders in order to begin a process of healing. Unfortunately, the world views this whole “affair” as comical and hypocritical and it brings shame to the entire Christian community.

  21. Wilfredo Rosado says:

    from a brother in Christ
    It’s really sad to hear all of these bad reports and it reminds me of what happen to king Solomon and his love for woman and money and material things and king David and Samson, their love for woman made them all pay a heavy price in front of God and in their personal life, they lost blessings from God and a son and Samson lost his own life Due to sins committed. Becoming a successful person can sometime make a christian take his eyes off God and Gods commandments and this will bring disaster. Our duties now is to pray for him. lessons to be learn here is no matter how far you get in life,never take your eyes off God and his Commandments honor them with all your heart and mind.

  22. Pat o,Brien says:

    The Bible was full of perves, misfits, adulterers and yes, even murderers. But hey, God used them. Moses, Paul, Judas, and the apple of God’s eye, David, guilty, guilty, guilty of all the above !

    Jesus Christ was the only perfect one .

    None of us is without sin.

    HOWEVER, let us all take note and try and live with integrity, so no one can ever point a finger at us.

    That s why we need to turn out eyes on Jesus, who will never shock us.

  23. Kay Frier says:

    Boy, how quickly we forget about how Jesus handled the situation in the Bible where the adulterous woman was accused and was going to be stoned by the people who accused her. Jesus said, “Whoever has not sinned, throw the first stone”. The people all dropped their stones and walked away. Jesus then forgave the woman for her adultery. Thank you, Lord, that your mercies endure forever. The self righteous Christians should get down on their knees and thank the Lord that he not only forgives adultery, but he also forgives for the sin of self-righteousness.

  24. NANCY CLARK j says:

    Who am I to judge?

  25. zulkile says:

    who are u to jurge the children of God? are u that perfect be warned because the thoughts of God are higher than ours

  26. J.J says:

    I agree with Kevin (Nov 2013) Marcus Lamb has disqualified himself as a Christian leader and must step down. This is not a matter of forgiveness- let’s be perfectly clear. He has confessed his adultery (not voluntarily- he clearly admits) and has asked forgiveness. I forgive him. But he has proven himself “void of understanding” has “caused divisions contrary to the doctrine we have learned” and become “husband” to another woman. He is disqualified. I don’t judge his heart- I judge his actions to be opposed to honorable Christian leadership. I don’t disqualify Marcus Lamb: according to plenty of Holy Scripture, he disqualified himself- as have many others before him. As a final note: read back in the Bible and see what King David’s consequences were- is Marcus Lamb’s adultery less consequential than King David’s? We shall see.

  27. Kathryn says:

    David continued to be king through all of his trials. Who made you God! If he should step down, God will dea with that, not you!

  28. Kevin says:

    Your argument should be with God, as He has given very clear guidelines regarding pastors and elders who are involved in habitual sin. We are living under the New Covenant and the standard for those in positions of leadership is to be “blameless”, “master of himself”, and “self-controlled” Titus 1:5-9.

  29. Susan says:

    David allowed himself to fall further and deeper into sin. He lost sight of his purpose. He became deliberate with his intentions on covering up his relationship with Bathsheba. Because of this the consequences reached beyond just David and Bathsheba.

  30. Sissie says:

    Having lived thru what Joni has experienced, it is very hard & only God can comfort & heal this type of hurt. My heart goes out to her & their family. I had no idea this had occurred, but what I think does not matter. Only that of God. I love Reflections. When my sister was ill this was a tremendous comfort to her & remains such for myself. God takes bad & turns it to good. It works for his purpose. Pray for Joni & her children, because they are the ones who live with this every day. I admire her commitment to her family & vows regardless of him disrespecting them both.

  31. Donald says:

    I’ve known Marcus and Joni since their early days in Montgomery, Alabama. Although I don’t agree with everything that has been done, who am I to judge. Jesus said, “I come not to judge”. Stop judging lest ye be judged in like manner.

  32. Tim says:

    Why do you give your hard earned money to these crooks. Go perform your own giving. Go help people directly; the way it should be. These middlemen and women only care about their fame. Find god on the streets and where people are alone. Quit paying for these huge warehouse churches. They cost too much to operate.

  33. Luv says:

    try to google jesus and you would be more shocked than you are about Marcus! Day Star is being used to bless millions of people and that is the truth, there is not a single perfect human on this earth, everyone falls but we must celebrate when the fallen gets up again, praise the Lord for Marcus to do exactly what king David did, he repented and got right with God!

  34. lisa stavas says:

    Humble yourself, and step down markus.

  35. Daisy says:

    Give him a chance and quit judging.

  36. CobbledStones says:

    Daisy …

    God seems to have gone out of the judgement business when it comes to the likes of Marcus. Perhaps it’s best to leave the discernment and judging to those who are called upon by God to exercise judgement (not hypocrisy). I read somewhere in the bible that Christians will be called upon to judge the winged ethereal likeness of mankind. Is Marcus greater than they?

    If we don’t judge Marcus, isn’t this a license for every other person like him to have free reign and sin without boundaries?

  37. Hopesome says:

    Judgement is in ‘full swing’ Cobbled Stones …………. ITS JUST ! your not privy to its selective, discerning, nano molecular infrastructure; Pity it is truly miraculous when witnessed.

  38. Cobbledstones says:

    Hopesome .. Sometimes others say it better ..

    SereneBlueSky7 says:
    July 17, 2010 at 1:45 pm


    you sound like a fiction writer.

  39. Hopesome says:

    Cobbled Stones:

    I guess when it comes to judgement you are not in the best position to bare witness to its sword or wield it…………. as bitterness always colours a persons judgement of another…..

  40. Hopesome says:

    Cobbled Stones:

    Read complete profile!!

    I always do ………… thats what led me to Canada -

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