Daystar Television founder Marcus Lamb sued – by a woman

A civil suit has been filed by three former employees of Daystar Television.
The lawyer for the plaintiffs has made it clear they are not happy about the claims made by Marcus and Joni Lamb this week after the Lambs came forward on their tv show and acknowledged adultery by founder Marcus Lamb. Joni and Marcus Lamb said (and had others say) they were being extorted, on air, on November 30th.

However, Joni further explained that three people who were not involved in nor affected by their marital situation are now saying that unless Daystar pays them $7.5 million, they will take the story the Lamb’s shared on the Tuesday broadcast to the news media. She assured viewers this is not a secret issue they were hiding, but rather a personal matter from which they have been privately healing, at the recommendation of their spiritual counselors.

Yesterday’s post is here.
What a sorry mess. Having a tv show and using it to pre-empt a lawsuit got the Lambs and Daystar accusations of fraud and defamation. On top of discussing ‘extortion’ on their own show, Marcus and Joni Lamb appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America the next day to discuss their marriage. From the court document - .pdf.

Add slander. Add libel. Malice. Add Gross negligence.

The plaintiffs are asking for a trial by jury.  I don’t see this as blackmail or extortion. The plaintiff’s lawyer met with Daystar November 18th to discuss the pending filing. Whether you or I agree with a civil suit, our opinion doesn’t negate what will or will not be settled by a court of law or mediation (odd fact – Adultery is against the law in Georgia, the state the television company is registered in).
We can speculate about motive, what isn’t in dispute is the affair. I also find it disturbing that Marcus Lamb chose not to tell his denomination at the time. The prior damage done to families, to donors and to reputations isn’t going away. I wonder how long it will be before the special statement and Celebration November 30th show are taken off line? Charisma Magazine writes that Marcus and Joni Lamb coming forward on November 30th is ‘uplifting.’ No. While Mrs. Lamb, her children and extended family are the ultimate wronged parties here,  there is nothing uplifting about the choices Marcus Lamb made and the on-going no public fallout of years of deceit. When you have a world-wide broadcasting platform, when you take donor money you make a willful decision to live in a spot-light.

What a sorry mess.

The full court document below the fold:

Marcus Lamb Lawsuit

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15 Responses to Daystar Television founder Marcus Lamb sued – by a woman

  1. Susan says:

    Like hazardous waste in the environment, so sin unfurls it’s destruction at Daystar. Now, we take notice of who puts blame on who. How silly to think this could be hidden, as if God does not see all these things. If there is one thing to observe and recognize here, it’s the reality of the wrong side of human nature and the wrong being done, with it’s effects on the public. Sometimes as christians we need to remove ourselves from things that produce unrightous living.

  2. Torontonian says:

    I don’t understand one thing.
    The alleged adultery took place in Texas
    –or so I believe. Daystar is incorporated
    in Georgia.

    How does the state of incorporation bear
    on the bear on the charge of adultery in
    another state?

    That’s like–back in the ’70s– people trying
    to get out of seat-belt fines because they
    don’t have the same seat belt in their home
    state and they’re only passing through.
    It’s like the Americans bringing guns into
    Canada because they can carry guns in
    their home state.

    How does one’s state of incorporation
    bear on a charge of adultery in another
    jurisdiction? Incorporation doesn’t extend
    to what people do in their daily lives, does it?

    What a cheapshot way to try to make a
    charge stick.

    Typical American justice.

  3. Hopesome says:

    dodging the bullets has become a ‘fine art’ in America! Christianity the perfect place (or was) to hide the ‘LIE’.

  4. Jackie V says:

    I hope the people who donate money to TV evangelists take note because you may be tithing to an adulterer, drug addict, child molester, greedy scam artist, etc (just fill in the blank as there are many sins to choose from).

    Please review the 17 works of the flesh in Galatians 5:19-21. They are: adultery, fornication, uncleannesss, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkeness, revellings.

    Use wisdom and discernment BEFORE sending tv evangelists your money (as well as your local church, if you have one) or you may be unknowingly sowing into bad soil, thereby squandering your talent.

    Imagine tithing thousands of dollars over the years to someone who was eventually exposed for being a fraud, preaching one thing and doing the opposite behind closed doors.

    Have you noticed that talk is cheap nowadays? It’s the ACTIONS that ultimately count. So easy to preach against adultery (as well as any other sin) but harder to obey it in your own personal life.

  5. Bene Diction says:

    Good question Torontonian:

    Adultery is still on the books in the state of Georgia as a crime.
    Daystar – Word of God Fellowship Incorporated is registered in Georgia but headquartered in Texas.

    Apparently Daystar doesn’t have to file a government form called a 990 because it calls itself a church. According to About: IRS Form 990 is the tax document that tax-exempt nonprofit organizations file each year with the IRS. The 990 allows the IRS and the public to evaluate nonprofits and how they operate.

    And according to the Georgia Secretary of State site all four trustees of the Word of God Fellowship/Daystar are family members.

    CEO: Marcus Lamb
    CFO: Jimmie Lamb
    Secretary: Joni Lamb
    AGT: Corinne Lamb

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  7. Bene Diction says:

    The Trinity Foundation says more employees have come forward.

    While televangelist scandals are rather banal, (It’s always about misuse of power, sex and money) isn’t this the first time since the late 1980′s a network owner has allegedly broken the law? The PTL downfall was huge – television preachers across the board lost about 60% of their donor dollars and became more secretive.

    TBN had a lawsuit, but that got buried rather quickly, money talks. I don’t think this one is going away, at some stage law enforcement and the IRS has to at least look at the alleged hush money.

    I agree with Tim, partly because I’m used to searching and dealing with the Charity Directorate and know they’ll at least have a look if a complaint is filed. And the Canadian public has seen charity status yanked. I’m not familar with the US system and thank the US readers who helped me out on this.

    Daystar has filed a countersuit. I’ll post soon.

  8. Ceecee says:

    It seems if all the accusations made about Daystar in the above posting were true, then why wouldn’t Marcus and Joni just pay the $7.5 million in hush money and be done with it? If they’ve already used donar money to have and cover up the affair, you wouldn’t be above secretly paying $7.5 million hush money. The above accusations just don’t add up.
    It’s because they’re too ethical to let the money people paid for the furtherance of God’s kingdom be spent lining the pockets of people who see a chance to enrich themselves. They want to use that money to build more TV stations and spread the gospel to more people.
    I am praying for the Lambs.

  9. Bene Diction says:

    There is a great deal of room to discuss ethics Ceecee, but lets get the terms correct first.
    Accusation and allegation are not the same thing, while the public does not make that distinction, a court does.

    And this does belong in a court now, which was the point of the exercise by the plaintiff’s lawyer on November 18th.
    I do not trust or expect The Church of God leadership (who were kept in the dark) to sort out the ethics of us of donor money.

    I do not trust a media corporation to spread the gospel. Prosperity teaching is not what Christians are called to spread. It is a deceptive sickness which is imprisoning people.

    If, (and a court with a jury of peers can shift facts) former employees are in this for financial gain, then the correct venue has been decided on for a ruling.

    Why wouldn’t the Lambs just pay up? Good question. If donor money was used to pay off an employee involved in a multi-year affair, at what point does an adulterer decide to keep paying or stop paying? This is a fair question and goes to motive.

    I don’t know where the 7.5 million dollar figure came from, do you?

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. That’s a good place to start a discussion about ethics.

  10. Adam Josh says:

    I don’t know these people, but I could only make it through about 2 minutes of that video. Then I flailed around in my chair, looking at the ceiling saying “oh my God”.

    Unreal Bene, just unreal.

    Comparable maybe to a mormon pedophile birthday party in the upper west of Africa, where the cake is laced with innocent boys blood and the after party includes a good old fashioned donkey rape…. and someone coming along and asking you “what’s wrong here?”

    I don’t even know where to start, if I were to analyse this mess of theirs. Everything is wrong, and the whole situation is a mess.

    Yah help them, and us, and everyone they influence.

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  12. solange says:

    I undestand all this mess, but one important thing is that, he repented. All God wants, is who ever committed a sin, must repent with a sincere heart. If God, who is holly can forgive those who were murdering him; who are we not to forgive one another. When we do not forgive is like saying Jesus blood is not sufficient. There is nothing someone can do or say that the blood of Jesus cannot wash away. Our job, when some of us fall, is to give them a hand to get up, not to stand over them with our comments. We need to pray for them, reach out to them with a word of encouragement knowing it could be you. We are fighting every second with the ennemi so we can stay pure. Everytime, I’m thinking about Jimmy my heart is broken because you, our leaders, did not help him. How many of you who called or visited him? Where is the love? What happend to “cry and rejoice with one another”? I always wonder where he is now with God. Do we remember what Jesus did after Peter dinied him three times? He did not reject him. Do we remember who was the first to preach to a crowd that lead three thousands souls to God? Peter. When are we going to learn to help one another?

  13. Bene D says:

    I’m not clear how there has been repentance Solange.

    At the very least, Lamb is accountable to his denomination.
    He chose not to be until he felt he was forced to.
    Now that he is forced, is that repentence?

    As for the latest court documents, you might want to have a read.
    There is the letter from the defendents lawyer regarding the November meeting.
    When you see people say why not: “just pay the $7.5 million in hush money and be done with it?” the way Daystar continues to represent themselves comes into question.

    Repentance is about more than cessation of sin. I’m not sure what has changed.
    This case is about more than betraying a wife and children. While the decision has been made to keep the family intact, what other costs not addressed have there been to them and to supporters?

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