Finland police investigation completed – Peter Youngren/EKM

The Swedish newspaper Dagen ( Day) is reporting the results of a police investigation  is now in the hands of a Finnish prosecutor. The prosecutor is expected to announce whether or not to lay charges against the Canadian televangelist in February.

This story has been covered in Canada the past year, by this blog and by ChristianWeek.
Peter Youngren is known in Canada for his purchase of The Christian Channel (renamed Grace TV).

Some background: A missionary organization in Finland called EKM (Evankeliumi Kaikkiin Maihin) accused Youngren of taking their mailing list, which had about 6 thousand names which brought in about 150 thousand dollars (Cdn) in yearly donations. The rift between Youngren and EKM began when news of Youngrens latest divorce reached Finland. According to EKM board member David Sterling, Youngren had worked with EKM since 1993 and eventually became a board member of the EKM publishing arm.
When the EKM board expelled Youngren after he allegedly refused to step aside for a year, he is alleged to have taken the organization newsletter data base. The Day adds a few more facts.
When confronted, EKM’s Tom Lipkin says Youngren struck out, and Lipkin says that Youngren:

…wrote what may be termed gross libel against me and the EKM. I have worked (counted)  over sixty lies and other misleading information.

Youngren’s alleged girlfriend Taina Kuusiluoma works for Youngren’s Canadian operation and is on the board of the Finland group he set up last year.

The future of EKM is uncertain, Youngrens name was a draw to it’s donors and Lipkin says the ability to support schools and orphanages has diminished. EKM confronted Youngren in December 2009 about the donor list. ChristianWeek:

Relationships between Youngren and the board continued to deteriorate. In January 2010 Youngren, with Kuusiluoma’s help, allegedly sent a letter to about 6,000 people on EKM’s mailing list. In the letter—a copy of which has been obtained by ChristianWeek—Youngren accuses Sterling and board chair Tom Lipkin of misusing EKM funds, holding secret board meetings and attempting to hijack the organization.

Sterling says EKM’s reputation in Finland has been seriously harmed by the letter. He also says the list of addresses was confidential in accordance with EU privacy laws, and that Youngren had no right to use it.

As a result of the investigation Channel 7, a religious channel in Finland dropped Peter Youngrens show.

Youngren, who says the EKM claims are ‘frivolous and laughable at best’ and a ‘power struggle’ sent The Day copies of his police interviews and continues to insist the data base is his.

After the April 2010 ChristianWeek article, Youngren responded to the Canadian magazine in a letter dated April 29, 2010:

Are Finnish police investigating me? Not as far as I know; I’ve heard nothing. I wrote to ChristianWeek before they published this article: Upon hearing statements about a police report and lawsuit in a phone meeting with EKM’s board in early February, I immediately contacted the Public Prosecutor in Osterbotten, Finland and the police in Vaasa, Finland. I have not received any reply, and consequently I cannot confirm or deny.

Should not ChristianWeek’s article at least have carried a question mark? How does ChristianWeek know that Finnish police are investigating me? No source, other than a disgruntled pastor of a store-front church, is given.

I did not join a fledgling Finnish organization called EKM in 1993, at the invitation of David Sterling, any more than I joined World Impact Ministries [WIM] when it was small organization. I started both organizations, and I have been the driving force equally in Canadian WIM and Finnish EKM…For seventeen years EKM did not do a single project other than those I initiated.

The relationship between myself and EKM’s board did not become strained when I shared with EKM’s board regarding my marital difficulties in the summer of 2009. In fact, I heard nothing from EKM about this. EKM’s board has never given me a proposal or discussed my marriage with me, though I have invited them to do so.

Readers must be bored. What has all this got to do with a Canadian Christian newspaper? Is ChristianWeek publishing relevant news or engaging in journalistic sensationalism?

Prior posts: Peter Youngren under investigation by Finnish Police, EKM continuing legal proceedings against Peter Youngren The prior posts contain documentation – BD

via: Toms Nillson

Peter Youngren/Grace TV posts don’t generate much interest, so it’s interesting that earlier today I got an angry email. I get angry emails from time to time, but one centering around Youngren is a first. BDBO has a lot of posts on errant televangelists and public evangelicals. Is Brian A’s discontent a mere coincidence given The Day put out it’s story today?
A second one from Brian showed up about an hour ago. He’s wound up.

I just read your discourse on Peter Youngren. As much as you dont know him nor do I. However, I do know the Bible. Have you looked in the mirror lately?
Are you without sin that you can judge this man?
All I see of all the critics today is they are exactly as the pharasees and scribes. Pointing fingers at those who have afllen here and there. In total denial to their own sinless condition.
This man has gone out into the world with the greatest truth ever and millions of people have been taken from death to Life in Jesus Christ.
yes he is a sinner? Arent you?
Repent for as you judge I am sure we can soon find a sin in you to declare also.

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Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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39 Responses to Finland police investigation completed – Peter Youngren/EKM

  1. AtheistAtBirth says:


    About all I got out of that weepy victim statement was “millions of people have been taken”.

  2. Perverted Grace = False Grace = Poison says:

    It would seem that this man (PY) is using Grace as a means to 1) generate finance 2) collect more “guilible” partners 3) justify his own arrogant, damaging, narsisstic lifestyle 4) criticise others whom he brands as legalistic and religious.
    Therefore this Grace must be perverted, polluted, false Grace.
    Beware of this POISON!

  3. Bring out the Truth says:

    Hopefully Canadian authorities have started investigations of their own into questionable matters that have arisen in this country.

  4. Start proceedings - contact the authorities. says:

    To “Bring out the Truth” – I encourage you to contact authorities – the police, the tax authorities etc. etc. You may well be suprised at their response. They are usually grateful for contacts who give them “tip-offs”.
    Contact the newspaper “Christian Week”. They have already been on Youngrens tail last year. No intimidation – take the inituative. Thanks!

  5. Tim says:

    To “Bring out the Truth”:

    The authorities will not start an investigation without complaints or major red flags. They have no interest in what happens overseas, they are only interested in what happens within our borders. As the above post encourages, contact Canadian authorities and provide them something to run with.


    On Peter Youngrens website there is mis-information concerning the support of missionaries. The website states: “World Impact Ministries (WIM) is a sponsor to many missionaries around the world.”

    I know of 3 (three) missionaries that are no longer supported financially but whose photos are being presented. One has not received support for at least 4 years from WIM. The other two are also completely disconnected from WIM.

    This obviously means that it is quite possible that there are more than these 3 that I know of who are not connected and do not receive any financial support from WIM.

    This is called MIS-INFORMATION or quite simple – LYING!

    It puts the whole web-site propaganda into question – it has no credibility.

  7. Bring out the Truth says:

    I am reposting inforamtion that I posted on another of Bene’s Yopungren threads. I have filed a complaint regarding the one item that I’m directly aware of, so, further to Tim’s post above I encourage others who have direct knowledge of issues to contact the appropriate authorities. They will respond. Its time to put the deceivers out of business!

    “I too have concerns about the errors contained in Mr. Youngren’s teachings, and, the methods by which he solicits money, not only on “Grace” TV but at his “church” and through duplicitous campaigns. There are many rumours alledging what these funds have been used for (foreign properties, a jet for personal use, Las Vegas gambling trips etc). Also, allegedly that funds collected in foreign countries are not being reported, and therefore, not subject to charitable expenditure rules. So if anyone knows personally of misuse of funds, non-reporting of foreign holdings or has viewed breaking of CRTC rules regarding on air requests for funds, they should contact the appropriate agency.”

    Canada Revenue Agency:

    Canadian Radio-television Commission:

    “For those who are, or have been, employed by WIM, Grace TV or any other PY enterprise and feel that they have been wronged, here’s some information from a previous post from another blog:

    If you are looking for an avenue to ensure that potential labour injustices towards yourself and others are investigated, you should contact the Ontario Ministry of Labour; here is a link to their website: ”

  8. Tim says:

    I love this line from Grace TV’s December 2010 newsletter:
    “Grace TV also has an enemy, who wants to stop this gospel voice to the world., of course, it is then followed by a plea for money to defeat this enemy. Hmm… Now where have I heard that before?

    For now, the original can be found here:

  9. AtheistAtBirth says:


    Funny thing about these Abrahamic gods. They are always broke and defenseless.


    Grace TV / Peter Youngren is once again pleading for your money!
    Seems they are going from one financial crisis to the next?

    Latest e-mail he sent out starts “Time Sensitive Letter!”

    “Grace TV has been gaining ground every month, getting closer to the break-even point. We are so close to make it! As I shared with you, we must have 1000 new partners and it must happen NOW.”

    “Please pray and stand with me in faith for a miracle, for a financial break through for Grace TV and for every partner.”

    “Ask God what you can and should do TODAY in giving an URGENT FINANCIAL GIFT.”

    “Will you be one of the 1000 new Grace Club partners that are critically needed?”

    Christian TV is an never ending deep hole without a bottom – money, money, more money. And still more money. One more time money. Please MORE MONEY!

  11. Bring out the Truth says:

    Its a perpetual crisis at Grace TV – Youngren needs more money to buy toys and pay alimony I guess


    It would seem that both the world of politics and religion is plagued with an excess of narsisstic leaders! This phenomena is an infectious disease that brings devastation, destruction and misery to numerous “followers”.
    POLITICS: Silvio Berlusconi, Muammar Gaddafi, Vladimir Putin.
    RELIGION: Peter Youngren, Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley.
    Not to speak of the hordes of lesser known “middle men”.

    Thank God for the healthy, humble, normal men and women who are not MEDIA-FREAKS but simple “faceless-nameless” servants.

  13. DIVORCE NOW FACT says:

    Information from inside – by “5th column”.
    Youngren’s self inituated separation from his second wife in april 2009 has now resulted in a formal legal divorce. That is where it was heading all the time.
    Ludicrous that this man, who professes to proclaim “Gospel of Grace to the World” has no GRACE to offer for his spouse and family. Only the rejection and abandonment of those who have served and supported him. This is perverted, poisoned grace.
    Living a life of constant denial, dishonesty and depravity.
    Time will show – who is to be his next victim – BEWARE!

  14. Bene Diction says:

    Thanks for that.
    The province of Ontario would recognize a separation as legal even if the spouses had not made any legal moves within I believe a year of one spouse filing for separation.

    After that, it makes sense to just get the paperwork and negotiations done if dissolution of marriage is where the partners are going.

    The hurt of Mrs. Youngren #2 and the adult children must be significant, the adult are not working with their father anymore that I’m aware of.
    The hurt over the affair eight years ago which resulted in a child – to family who have stood with Youngren – can’t be minimized either.

    So is there a Mrs. Youngren #3 in the wings?

    Do you have the court case # and which municipality the divorce decree was issued in?

  15. Sjaan says:

    Recently we returned from our 10th trip to Africa. People there questioned us about what was happening with Pastor PY and if his divorce was final?
    Are we to be silent? Are we to cover up his actions?
    Are not our leaders to lead by example?
    Your sin will find you out…but there are no sins, only mistakes.
    We preach forgiveness and Grace, but where is the call to live holy lives? to avoid even the appearance of evil?
    Who are you when no one is looking?
    God knows…
    A note to Brian…just because we have sin does not justify PY. I do know PY and his behavior over the past years is a poor example of Christian living….not only that but PY has never shown repentance and instead likes to paint himself as the victim..also the Bible has a lot to say about divorce. Pauls says,”But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.”1 Corinthians 9:26-27. This PY has refused to do.

  16. DIVORCE NOW FACT - says:

    Hi Bene – don’t have the court case # and which municipality the divorce decree was issued in.
    Information came from worker on the inside.
    It will soon become public new no doubt.
    Lets see how quickly matters progress after this.
    New girl? Next wife? More mess? More hurting people?

  17. The Bible says it as it is..... says:

    Why is it so difficult to admit?
    The truth is unchangeable – always valid!
    No need to argue with God’s written Word.

    “He who commits adultery with a woman is void of understanding. He who would destroy his own soul does it. Wounds and dishonor he shall get, and his reproach shall not be wiped away. ” Proverbs 6:32-33

    This applies to Peter Youngren, Todd Bently, Benny Hinn, etc. etc.
    And it applies to all of us – God is no respecter of persons.

  18. Bring out the Truth says:

    Has there been any indication from the Finnish police regarding charges? Initially it had been reported that a decision on whether to lay charges would happen in February.

  19. Bene D says:

    Hi Bring out the Truth:

    Nothing from Finland, sorry, I’ve queried, no one has any information. I’ll post if or when a decision is made public. The Finnish prosecutor told Dagen that she hoped to have a decision in February. Youngren is currently preaching in Finland.

    I noticed the Celebration Churches are now separate online presences. The main website which had the three: Toronto, Hamilton and Niagra is gone. Hamilton doesn’t have a webpage. Roxanne Youngren is no longer listed as staff at Niagara, her son-in-law is still senior staff there. Peter Youngren has the same people filling in for him quite a bit at the TO church which he has filling in at Grace TV. (on the church audio sermon page he has preached 6 out of the last 20 sermons)

  20. Soon and very soon! says:

    Correct – there has been no new information made public regarding the Finnish prosecutors decision.
    Be assured I shall let you know as soon as I receive news from reliable sources.
    Yes – Youngren has been preaching this week in Finland – his “friend” Taina, who is originally from Finland is his interpreter in these meetings. (So I have been told)
    Youngrens profile on Facebook has changed – it now states “Not married”

  21. Bene Diction says:

    The Facebook status ‘not married’ explains the significant changes to the pages of the Celebration Churches. Thanks.

  22. Adam Josh says:

    King Soloman had thousands of concubines and his father David had multiple wives, so did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Lot had incestual sex with his two daughters and thus carried on his lineage. See, we commoners simply don’t understand the scriptures like we should – Christianity is a license to do whatever you want.

  23. When leaders sin... says:

    From: “When a leader sins” by Francis Frangipane

    People positioned in places of authority sometimes think they are “special” and the rules of integrity do not apply to them. Yet, the fact is, there are more rules, not less. Leaders are to be judged by a stricter judgment. This is because the failure of a leader has greater consequences.

    For us in the church, the recent failures of Ted Haggard, Todd Bentley and others (read Youngren, Hinn) has opened a sewer from hell, pouring into the larger church a multitude of contaminating influences.

    When a leader scandalizes a congregation by committing a major sin or is led into Christ-denying doctrinal deception, the heartache of his downfall is also absorbed into the perception and attitudes of those in relationship with him.


    Heavy stuff – but certainly true!

  24. Bring out the Truth says:

    Thanks everyone for the updates, I look forward to more inforamtion as it becomes avaialable.

    I know someone who is enamoured by Youngren’s “teaching” and is now ensnared by Jospeh Prince; buying all of his products now. Youngren and Prince seem to operate similarly and promote the the path to easy riches (seems to work for thme but no else; did someone say “Pyramid Scheme”). There must be some connection between the two? Hopefully someone is looking in to Joseph Prince’s operation as well.

  25. Disordered minds says:

    Narcissistic behavior can be labeled as borderline, sociopathic or just intolerable, but it all derives from one fundamental driving force: narcissists can’t tolerate criticism, especially public criticism. The key is understanding that narcissists fear, above all, critical judgment by others. This is the case with Youngren, Bentley, Hinn etc.

    Narcissism is a hidden and misunderstood disease, whose sufferers – men or women – present a wonderful IMAGE in public, but who attack, demean and control their families and workers in private. They do this because they are disordered – their minds work in a way different from healthy people.

    The Christian Charismatic world seems to be wide open and easily accessible to these so called “men of God”. They leave masses of hurting people behind who have been abused, misused and badly hurt. Too many have become shipwrecked in their faith due to these jerks. This “disease” must be revealed and confronted!

  26. Would Jesus say or do what Peter Youngren says and does on TV? says:

    If Jesus were physically alive today and on TV, would He say and
    do what Peter Youngren says and does on TV and in his personal life?
    Would Jesus tell His hearers, ” If you sow money to Me and tap in
    My ministry, My anointing and My power by becoming a Covenant
    Partner in My ministry, then the great anointing, power and blessing
    on Me and My ministry will come upon you.” No!

    Would Jesus produce various products and solicite them on TV
    in order to merchandise His gospel for financial gain? No!

    Would Jesus tell Peter Youngren that He should remain in
    full-time ministry even though his personal life doesn’t line
    up with God’s Word qualifications to be in full-time ministry? No!

    There is so much perversion today in the Church and on TV, radio
    and printed Christian media, that, if Jesus were physically alive
    today, He would overthrow these TV programs, publications
    and shows that merchandise His gospel just as He overthrew
    the money-mongers during His earth walk and overturned the
    tables in the Temple from those who were ABUSING His gospel
    for financial gain. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever
    and all the money-mongers on TV who PREY on the body
    of Christ using various fund-raising SCHEMES and
    offering various products forsale for PROFIT is STILL
    a stench in the Lord Jesus Christ’s nostrils! Where is the
    fear of the Lord in Peter Youngren’s heart because his
    actions speak no fear of the Lord or repentance!


    Youngren has posted a statement admiting that he is now divorced. (for the second time). Of course it is impossible to keep it secrect when “half” of his world already knows this to be true. The other “half” of his world lives in an unreal charismatic wonderland where morally and ethicaly everything is permitted under the cover of “grace”.

    “Everything permitted” includes 2 divorces, extra-matiral affair with a church worker resuling in the birth of a child, church splits, numerous cases of conflict with employes and other ministers, etc. etc. etc. Pathetic and pitable!


    Youngren has now quickly removed his statement concerning his recent second divorce. It happened to be distinctly one-sided – giving the impression that perhaps the fault and reason for his failure was with the other party (his former spouse).

    Very similar to Hinns apparent suprise and astonishment that his wife “divorced” him.

    No longer available:


    I received information that similar statements in Swedish and Finnish were posted during week 20. English version possibly posted week 19?
    In any case it was visible only a very short time in WIM-website.



  30. To Divorce Now Admitted says:

    Well said.

  31. Hagere says:

    “Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall”.
    1 Corinthians 10:12
    Blessings to all

  32. Hagere says:

    it isn’t an easy decision going public about his struggles with his marriage. I feel sorry for him thou. I think it is good to know that he has learnt to rest in Jesus Christ, whose grace has empowered him to share openly about this failure and to move forward, as he put it.
    Grace to all

  33. Tim says:

    Hagere, it’s got nothing to do with resting in Jesus, he had his back to the wall and got caught. He had no choice but to admit it, the cost to keep covering it up would be too great to bear, or in other words, too damaging to his ministry. His own narcicism put him in a tough position.

  34. Hagere says:

    This idea of mission trips, keeping busy, doing this and that and running around like a chicken for Jesus surely ruined his family life. When you think about it, it is really a Western notion. I won’t get in to that now, but I wish him well.

  35. Ronald Tate says:

    Hagere … I completely agree with you.

    I’ve never understood how Peter Youngren could run around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to do so many things. It’s not only got to have a strongly negative effect on your family relationships, but will eventually take its toll on your emotional and physical well-being.

    The guy is doing way way too much.

  36. Bene D says:

    I think I understand a bit – I used to be a workaholic. It’s an addiction. To stop means having to face yourself.

    Youngren says he is compelled to do his gospel festivals for example. You have to wonder what went on in his home as a child with two parents in ministry and His view of God to be so driven. Add that to his narcissism, type A personality and you have a person running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

    Sad. Sadder still he has a broadcast platform where he can drag people along with him.

    Someone who worked with him told me Youngren has a sincere desire to share the gospel, it is part of what drives him. This person came along side to help him to health, it is one of their gifts. That was not possible, and they stepped away for Youngren is also driven by his failures.

    Youngren cannot handle accountability and transparency. That is true with many driven people. Something has to give. And that something is relationships and health.

  37. Michel says:

    peter youngren is now engaged to taina. he couldnt even wait a year. this is not common knowledge but will be soon.

  38. Maryam says:

    Over a thousand prayerletter receivers have got from P.Y. in May 2012 a small booklet called “KIITOS SUOMI” (THANK YOU FINLAND). In the booklet they tell that EKM has ruined their mission AEM in Finland by spreading false information about them. EKM demands 420000 euros compensation from AEM because of using “their mailing list” (about 1200 names and addresses). PY says that this mailing list was a result of his own campaigns and he has personally collected them in Finland and was only to EKM’s temporary custody and now he had the right to get it back after their working agreement was suspended. EKM is sueing AEM because of the mailing list “theft” and sending letters to their customers in that particular mailing list. In the booklet “Kiitos Suomi” PY and his wife tell that they shall close the Finnish AEM office totally and only use Canadian WIM websites from the beginning of 16.7.2012, if no help happens in this situation in Finland, because the claim for refund 420000 euros by EKM is unchristian, shows their greediness and is unthinkable… Let us see how this situation ends.

  39. Bene D says:

    Thanks Maryam – I’ve enquired about the lawsuit a few times, and all I got was that the Finnish prosecutor would render a decision ‘soon.’ That was in 2011.

    Sounds like Peter Youngren’s position hasn’t budged, I believe that is to be informed when a legal decision is made. I wrote Carl-Henrik Jaktlund last in 2011, there had been nothing.

    Please keep us posted, I’m sure Canadian readers want to know what AEM is up do and whether the situation has been resolved in Finland.

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