Canadian NAR apostle joins others at Harvard conference

A Canadian NAR apostle is prominantly featured in the video below. The first time I heard about Pat Francis was when Charles McVety got his tv show kicked off CTS. Pat Francis is listed as one of McVety’s endorsers in his bluster about censorship. It’s pathetic when you get kicked off a religious network, but we’ve already told that story.

Dr. Pat Francis says “Tried in secret, verdict decided without an appeal process is foreign to our Canadian Society. For this to be allowed to stand as is, would be against our Canadian Democratic values and heritage as a “tolerant” society.

Tolerance and social values are not valued by NAR apostles who believe they are to establish rule over the earth.

Pat Francis is heading to Harvard with other NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) apostles to speak at a conference titled Social Transformation by the Power of God.
The language promoting the conference is filled with the buzzwords of the dominionist 7 mountain mandate and heretical purposes of this neo-charismatic movement.
This video, produced by Bruce Wilson of Talk 2 Action also features a rabidly right wing US apostle who was brought to Canada by Faytene Grasseschi (nee Kryskow) for TheCry in 2009. As well, one of Todd Bentley’s ‘restoration team‘ is featured. C. Peter Wagner’s flat our delusions about the Japanese Emperor and the succubus would be laughable if it wasn’t so blatantly ignorant and self-serving. But, part of the neo-charismatic allure is finding demons in the dustbunnies to keep followers fearful and fired up.

From researcher Rachel Tabachnick at Talk 2 Action:

Pat Francis

Apostle Pat Francis is a Canadian apostle with a ministry in Toronto that merges ministry with business. Her religious empire includes Elomax Capital which is advertised as working in mining, oil and gas, real estate development and infrastructure development. Francis has been featured in previous Talk2action articles for her role with Ed Silvoso’s International Transformation Network and the organization’s ties to political candidates in Hawaii. Silvoso claimed, prior to the election, that both the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor of Hawaii were part of the “Kingdom” but the Democratic candidate they supported lost his primary bid and Lt. Governor Duke Aiona lost in the general election.

Apostle Francis’ Kingdom Covenant Ministries hosts events like the upcoming “Kingdom Enforcer Conference 2011″ which will include a trade event for networking and feature speakers Lance Wallnau and South African Apostle Jerome Liberty who promotes the Marketplace Transformation: Billionaire-in-Training Programme. According to Liberty,
“The day has come that God is now raising Apostles in the market place. Men who will possess territory and deal with giants in the business sector. What God is about to do in the Nations, demands a breed of generals in the market place that will do the wealth transfer from the unjust to the righteous.”

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2 Responses to Canadian NAR apostle joins others at Harvard conference

  1. Brano says:

    No surprise there….,just…Dominion,”Kingdom Now”, Theology taking over the” 7 Pillars of Society”

  2. laws632 says:

    Joe Amaral, fake “historian” and pseudo-theologian, knows zero about archeology/Jerusalem, and the name of Jesus! Featured guest on 100 Hutley Street, flogging his books of lies as they beg for $$ yet again,so they can continue their agenda of zionist anti-Christianity emergent church crap lol.
    Amaral (one look at him says”wolf”] says he likes to shock conservative Bible believers by preaching “Jesus was not a Christian”. Moron.
    The bible clearly teaches Jesus is the 2nd Adam, the “christos”. A new, never seen before, Man, who is the fore-runner of many brethren. Acts 11:26 says we believers are “christianos” or descendants/followers of Christ, the “christ-i-an” in Greek. Hence we are “Christian”-os as in plural. To teach Jesus was a “Jew” reveals the ignorance of not only Amaral but the whole cast, who all have some theological training?
    Jesus as the pre-incarnate Christ was not a “Jew” who appeared to Abraham and Moses. See John 8. He certainly had no Adamic blood either.
    He was in a Jewish culture and rebuked most of it, which is why the talmudists hated Him ie “don’t pray publicly” etc.
    Jesus of course was born of His surrogate mother, but had none of her DNA.
    Jesus of course was and is the seminal “christian”.
    Joe Amaral and I believe, the hosts are NOT regenerated but are religious.
    The volunteers on the prayer line are the true Christians, as well some of the guests are.
    Mainse was a major pawn to re-unite the “lost brethren” protestants to the church of Rome.
    Todd Bentley was a featured guest.
    Funny how Mainses live in Lakeland LOL.
    Monarchists, pro-war, pro slaughtering of Palestinians and Iranians and Libyans etc .
    War mongerers. Cantelon is always pushing for nuking Iran.
    Joe Amaral did a series on how Palestine uses the media to put isra-hell in a bad light … what a liar. Who owns and controls the media? And any tv show cannot be on the air unless it is pro-911 and monarchy worshipping!!!!

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