Daystar Television hit with third employee civil suit

A former producer of The Joni Show has filed a discrimination suit against Daystar Television Network. Karen Thompson, who was employed by Daystar Television Network from 2002-2010 alleges disparate treatment based on gender and discrimination, and is asking for a jury trial.

Thompson is one of three employees being countersued by Daystar.

The suit claimed Joni Lamb told Thompson to end her relationship with the co-worker in January 2010.

“For approximately two hours, Joni Lamb berated, belittled and harassed” Thompson, the lawsuit said.

Thompson refused and was demoted, not allowed in the studio and “was told that Joni Lamb did not even want to see her face,” the lawsuit said. Thompson was fired in March 2010.

Thompson received a high performance review from her employer. The male employee was not demoted or fired. A Daystar legal representative says that:

Thompson chose to initiate an ongoing relationship with an employee under her supervision who was 15 years younger than her. “When confronted about the inappropriate nature of this relationship, Ms. Thompson refused to break off the affair,” Androvett said. “Ms. Thompson was repeatedly told that the affair with her employee was incompatible with her leadership position and was creating further problems among her other co-workers.

Ms. Thompson also refused to see Fred and Anna Kendall for counselling (requested by Joni Lamb) because “she was aware that when other employees of Daystar had seen the Kendalls for counselling, the Kendalls had reported to Joni Lamb information that was disclosed to them in confidence during during the counselling sessions” according to the filing.
The Kendalls appeared with Marcus and Joni Lamb on the show Celebration November 30, 2010 when Lamb disclosed he’d had an ‘improper’ relationship.

This third lawsuit against Daystar is no more than local news in the Dallas area.

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7 Responses to Daystar Television hit with third employee civil suit

  1. Sherm says:

    How paternalistic and typical of that ‘evangelical’ culture. And they attack Muslim/Islam/Hindus for their faith culture???

    There is some comfort in the fact that there are Christians who are truly doing the work of the Kingdom, not seeking power or glory for themselves, just quietly serving.

    It makes one tired just to think of all the crap going on in the evangelical community.

  2. Forward says:

    I can believe what Miss Thompson says.

  3. Bene Diction says:

    What I find interesting in the three lawsuits – the initial filings which the public gets to see – is the consistency. While the Daystar legal team would be expected to argue collusion if these get to trial, two of the three are fairly straightforward employment cases. While collusion is brought up in the Hawkins v. Daystar filings, facts will win out in a courtroom. In reading the documentation Daystar lawyers don’t have a lot to work with, and I’m not saying that sarcastically. I’ve said it before, you can sooth viewers, gloss over, and entertain in front of a camera but a courtroom deals with a different style of communication and a different set of values.

    If nothing else, whether the end result is a win/lose for the plaintiffs, the environment at Daystar comes across as abusive and toxic.
    I don’t believe for a nanosecond that all ministries operate this poorly, I’d argue most don’t. However broadcasting (where production is a significant part of the brand) lends itself to a potentially poor workplace simply because of the expectations, copious work economic expectations, and people expectations involved. Shows have to get to air, and people make that happen 24/7.
    Even in tight workplaces where employment laws and rules are valued people can be wronged. How management deals with those situations and encourages employees to deal is the difference between a healthy workplace and a co-dependent environment. Add in spiritualizing, and evangelical cultural expectations, and the Daystar civil suits have more credibility than I initially was willing to entertain.

    I think these suits are significant, because they peel back the myths of a ‘Christian’ workplace.

  4. Farward says:

    If more people there would begin to speak out on the stuff that goes on it would surprise you. It would fit the words abusive, toxic, parentalism. . . .
    Not all Christian ministries opperate as this one and it is ashame this one does though they have done many good things.

  5. StillAChristian says:

    If you want to read the entire third lawsuit/complaint, here is the link:

  6. fedupwiththedevil says:

    The workplace at Daystar is abusive and toxic. These lawsuits sound outlandish to many, I am sure. But this is the reality of the work environment there. Miss Thompson is not exempt either. Her relationship caused her ultimatley to behave badly which caused her dismissal. However, before her “downfall” she was just one of many bad apples there. It all comes around full circle.

  7. MadelynAnderson says:

    Joni and her husband are liars, scammers, and most of all bad christians! There were no company policies that say Ms. Thompson was not able to date co-workers. Who cares if they were 15 years apart, it’s not like he was a minor. I’m not saying it was the most professional thing she has ever done, but it’s a personal matter…definitely not something to demote and fire someone over. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Thompson, you would know she is honest and sincere. This scandle has affected her life in ways you couldn’t understand. This just shows us all we should always take pride in our work, who we work for, but most of all that we should always stand up for whats right!

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