McDonald’s The Armageddon Factor revealed Planned Parenthood International defunding

In the revised and updated paperback edition of The Armageddon Factor, author Marci McDonald writes about the defunding of  International Planned Parenthood Federation after 40 years of co-operation with the Canadian government. Along with new material on Brad Trost, McDonald writes this after recapping the hue and cry after Bev Oda’s announcement that abortion would not be part of the governments G-8 initiative. The IPPF had promised to contact McDonald when they heard from CIDA. That call never came.

“The controversy also obscured the fact that the G8 initiative paved the way for a larger shift: a zero-tolerance policy for funding any outfit that provided abortion services abroad. Thus Harper accomplished what George
Bush had pulled off in the U.S. with a contentious executive order, but,
unlike Bush, he did so without a single piece of legislation. Instead, aid
organizations simply found their grant requests left unanswered or nixed
without explanation until they got the message. When the International
Planned Parenthood Federation found its bid to renew an $18-million program
had been left in limbo for more than a year–a bid that had been targeted in
a petition circulated by Conservative MP Brad Trost–it finally gave up and
submitted a new proposal without the offending abortion provision. “The
government of Canada has made it clear that it does not fund abortions,”
shrugged IPPF spokesman Paul Bell.”

Page 370   The Armageddon Factor Marci McDonald  Paperback edition 2011 Random House
The paperback edition  is on bookstore shelves  now.

Paul Bell, International Planned Parenthood Federation spokesman confirmed what is in the revised edition of  The Armageddon Factor to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix today:

Bell said an $18-million application for a three-year core funding grant submitted in 2009 was ignored. The group also still hasn’t heard back from the Conservative government regarding its funding request in 2010, for a $6-million grant.

That application fell within the lines of the Muskoka Initiative and did not include funding for abortion, Bell said, in an interview from London.

“What this government has made clear is that it won’t fund actual abortions, so that is what our bid was based on,” Bell told Postmedia News. “I know that last year, (Brad Trost) was pushing this hard anti-Planned Parenthood agenda and it is the kind of rhetoric that we observe all the time coming out of the U.S.

“It is the same language, it is the same tactics.”

The Armageddon Factor The Rise of The Christian Right in Canadian Politics – Facebook

Update: Marci McDonald is blogging here.

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7 Responses to McDonald’s The Armageddon Factor revealed Planned Parenthood International defunding

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  3. Tim says:

    Sadly people actually believe the propaganda (crap) laid out on the following website…

  4. Rachel Brown says:

    Murder Incorporated is having difficulty securing funding? Glad to hear it

  5. Bene D says:


    Do you have an understanding of what Planned Parenthood International does?
    Do you know what countries the organization works in?

  6. Tim says:

    Bene, I don’t think Rachel cares. She probably voted Conservative too…

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