“We need to…invade the media and take this worldwide pulpit [of Facebook and Twitter]”

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

A question for progressives: How much will you enjoy Twitter and Facebook if they are taken over by theocratic Christians?

It’s not as if they aren’t warning you about their plans. Just ask transplanted Canadian evangelist Patricia King about her June 4 Internet-broadcast seminar (or “webinar”) on how to use Facebook and Twitter productively.

Now, I am a great believer in right, middle and progressive-minded Christians all sharing their views. When iron sharpens iron…

So, things like this seem perhaps useful:

Attend this online WEBINAR and learn how you can use social media to advance the Kingdom, your business, or your ministry! Social media is an easy and powerful way to connect with people, build businesses, and spread the Gospel. With just a few clicks of a button you can have a worldwide platform at your disposal 24-hours a day. During this one-day webinar, Patricia and Faytene [Grasseschi, nee Faytene Krskow] will teach you how simple it is to:

• Get on Facebook and Twitter

• Achieve the maximum benefits of Facebook and Twitter

• Market your business on Facebook and Twitter

• Spread the Gospel through Facebook and Twitter

[Faytene teaches this , eh? Well, we can read into the mindset of this course, by what she does on Facebook–which I hope to touch on in a post soon.]

I understand that there are some who see the value in this. The kicker is, however, doing it in a Christlike and respectful way, giving the best witness possible.

I have a slight worry that this may not be taught, based on what is written next. My emphasis:

Media is one of the most influential powers in the world. In this video, Patricia King shares how Christians can fill cyberspace with the power of the word. We need to begin to invade the media and take this worldwide pulpit with the messages and images of God’s heart and truth!

*sigh* Why do people have to take a laudable idea like “Hey, let’s be a witness on Facebook!” and turn it into something monstrous that will scare people who might listen to a respectful and kindly approach?

Do we have to win to be a witness? Not necessarily…and the idea that “failure” is not an option will deter people from doing some godly work.

This has been bubbling in Patricia King’s mind for a while. Three months ago, she posted a video message, “Greatest Pulpit in the World“, which is linked to in the ad for the webinar, so it’s an indication of how she is thinking on this subject.

She begins with comments on the need for Christians to be involved in the media (good) based on the fact that every media offering brings with it an implicit moral message. She carries on with a “prophetic word” that God “says” that media will become incredibly influential in the coming years.

But she also says this, 29 seconds in:

“…so if media has that much influence, then we, the body of Christ need to take that mountain of influence. We need to possess and occupy the media mountain…”

[And guess whose ministry tries to do this and can take your donations...]

Check out the scary part of the video, starting at 4:49, if you haven’t been frightened into sending a cheque yet…

It started as something that could be a fine idea and is changing to something else…

Today Facebook! And tomorrow…!

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11 Responses to “We need to…invade the media and take this worldwide pulpit [of Facebook and Twitter]”

  1. shelly says:

    Sounds very Dominionist to me. Not cool.

  2. Bene Diction says:

    Interesting you used the term progressive – the 7 mountain mandate is as much a political campaign as a spiritual one.

    I think you answered your question. Politically a progressive can show respect and spiritually a progressive can follow what Jesus told us to – Love others. Act justly, love mercy walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)
    Since NAR adherents are trained to take over, progressives can engage back, on the turf neo-charismatics believe that they are ‘taking over.’ We can call out the language (military) and offer alternatives, among other things.

    In the Patricia King video she uses the terms invade, possess, take, occupy, army, revolution. The us/them paradigm is a given, culture ‘war’ has only winners and losers. The vague target is ‘secular.’ The terminology is a dog whistle for some churched, Joels Army types.

    Does anyone know much is King’s XPmedia company worth?

    $20.00/US to watch the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Worshop? (sic) The same kind of training (sans indoctrination) can be found free online.

    Vimeo’s Video School
    YouTube Tutorials
    More on how to grow your Facebook page – one of hundreds of free posts, articles online: http://www.directcreative.com/blog/facebook-fan-page
    If you don’t like reading, the YouTube has a lot of videos on utilizing Facebook.
    Twitter how to on YouTube
    Even GodTube doesn’t charge for teaching

  3. Brano says:

    This garbage is right out of Dominion Theology handbook “…so if media has that much influence, then we, the body of Christ need to take that mountain of influence. We need to possess and occupy the media mountain…”

    MOUNTAIN….key word

  4. littledoggie says:

    why can’t people just do things on their own as God leads? why do we have to pay these people for such basic knowledge as how to use twitter?

    these con artists will indeed receive their reward someday.

  5. littledoggie says:

    it’s hard to read your blog. i always cringe when i click on it. why? there’s always another con artist in the ministry doing something sinful. it never stops. thanks for your blog, though.

  6. John Payzant says:

    I think they seem like pretty strong minded people.

    They think they can and it is their right to take over everything.

    They’re just plain arrogant and overbearing.

    They like to get their own way with everything.

    They like to take over people and if they can’t will rip them apart

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