Reader George asks for updates on Peter Youngren

Hi George, thanks for your email, I don’t have an addy for you so I’m responding to your questions publicly.

What was the outcome of the Finnish investigation of Youngren?

Unknown. Finnish prosecutor Anette Enbacka told Dagen that the case was under consideration , she didn’t know when a decision would be made, ” hopefully no later than February.” That was from a January 19/11 article. There has been nothing since. EKM hasn’t responded to queries. I would like to see EKM give reporters an update and I’m not sure why they haven’t. EKM has not said anything about their civil action. Peter Youngren hasn’t commented either.

Do you have any working links (or saved copies) that pertain to his most recent divorce announcement?

No. Divorce settlements are not put online in Ontario, you’d have to go to the courthouse which handled the divorce. All I have, courtesy of an alert reader, is the statement Peter Youngren placed on his ministry site for a short time. I have a copy of the english statement which is offline – you can still view it on the Finnish WIM.

How are the Celebration Festivals funded? By the locals in the countries where he goes or from at home fiananciers? Does he get any foreign (government) money or perks for doing promotional tours to certain countries? (it seems that some other televangelists and church institutions do).

I don’t know. I have asked. Former employees have told me that access to financial information isn’t something they are privy to. What I have been told is these festivals are funded locally, employees are going on what they are told also, and probably not what is or might be. While it would make sense to ask World Impact Ministries directly, you’ll get stuck on the mailing list and probably won’t get a satisfactory answer. You can access World Impact Ministries Revenue Canada  charitable tax statements online.
If you want the full financial statements for the online T3010 documents, Revenue Canada will provide them on request.

I would assume the Grace TV/World Impact Ministries trips to Israel come with plenty of perks – the tour operator has been on Encounter to promote his company, as far as I know it’s a common practice, since the celebrity (televangelist/pastor/performer) is the draw. If I’m wrong, please correct me. While people who pay perceive this as a spiritual pilgrimage, it’s a business/fundraising effort, and backs have to get scratched. In 2009 1.8 million of the 3 million tourists to Israel were evangelicals, they are heavily marketed to, and I would think the vast majority went on a celeb led tour.

I’ll send out some more queries George, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. If any readers have updates, chime in.

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  1. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Maria: It was in moderation, you’re up, now that you’ve commented, anything further goes straight online unless you insert hyperlinks.

    The affair Youngren had was with a worship leader in the Niagara church, the woman, her husband and the child have moved on with their lives.

    I don’t know what the vote on the board was – the Niagara Celebration church cost 4 million to build, it was paid for, and there was a mass exodus when the affair finally came to light.
    Roxanne Youngren stayed on, as did the daughter and son-in-law. The former Mrs. Youngren left when the divorce was finalized.
    The Niagara board is aware of what Youngren says happened, what difference does it make now? He can spin it however he wants, he believes what he thinks and wants. Niagara needed to carry on and deal with the spiritual health of attendees and be a church again. The Youngren family has paid a high price for Peter’s choices, I hope people are praying for them.

    As for the Toronto church – Peter Youngren Jr stepped aside when his father became church-less, Jr. did not want to put the congregation through grief and he has moved on with his life. It was not an easy decision for him and he did it out of love for the congregants.
    You do not see the Youngren family at Peters side, relationships have been severely strained.

    It will be interesting to see the 2010 Rev Can charity return for World Impact Ministries. I believe the family has left the board, but I won’t know until the information is posted.

    You are correct, Peter Youngren founded 3 Celebration churches – he is no longer a part of Niagara, Hamilton is struggling and if his son had not stepped down and handed his dad the Toronto church, insiders don’t doubt Youngren Sr. would have made life even more difficult than it had been.

    ChristianWeek has an article on the Finnish investigation.
    You may also want to check out the letters to the editor, Mr. Youngren responded.

    I think you are correct about the investigation, I think it’s dead in the water and someone needs to step up and acknowledge that.
    The prosecutor said in January a decision might be made by February. It is now September and there is no word in Canada or Finland.

    Here you go – the mudslinging in a cesspool post by Mr. Youngren off World Impact Ministries August 30/11. Internet liars.

    As a blogger, here is my response.

    Bene Diction is an online name, no it is not my real name.:^)
    Why would you think I want Peter Youngren or anyone else to crash and burn?

    Maria: Youngren has a charity licence and a broadcast licence in Canada.
    With those privileges comes responsibility.
    Don’t donors deserve the opportunity to make informed choices about which religious programming they want to support? Don’t they deserve an opportunity to make up their own mind – as you have?

    Has it occurred to you God loves Peter Youngren – and his emotional, spiritual, social and business health matters to God?
    Does not God desire those how teach and minister to be healthy, balanced and accountable?

    What organizations which Peter Youngren started are still going?
    What organizations he started that are functioning are still associated with him?
    Open Bible Fellowship did not make their expulsion of Peter public until the Finnish investigation was made public.
    Facts are not in dispute, and opinion is only that, opinion, in many cases based on first hand experience.

    As someone said to me today, on some level the internet is functioning as a board, those who have been burned, hurt and bruised matter.

    Are you saying Peter and Taina are officially a couple?

  2. Ronald Tate says:

    Nobody here is wishing that Peter Youngren would “crash and burn”.

    Similarly, nobody requires a meeting with Peter Youngren in order to examine his T3010 tax filings … including those related to “Way of Peace Ministries”. Those are made freely open to the general public by the federal government here in ‘Canada’, through the Canada Revenue Agency, as a condition for being granted a charitable organization license.

  3. Adam Josh says:

    And yet again PY puts the Energizer Bunny to shame, he just keeps on going!

    And because he just keeps on going, those who’ve been with him from the start have seen where the course leads – and it’s not the same course “Paul” was on! Hahah by far. Ask wife number 1, or 2, or any of his kids, or Rick Ciamaterro (head of OBFF – the ministerial organization that yanked his membership Wait, I have a link for that!

    Richard C Feb 23rd, 2010 at 2:18 am Peter Youngren was asked to leave the open bible faith fellowship 4 years ago by myself. His credentials were pulled at that time and he will not be re-instated to the fellowship. -Taken from ),

    We could ask a former Dean of Students (who also left PY and his antics), let’s see – who else can we ask? Maybe (edit – names have been removed at personal request and with permission of commenter – BD) former students who LEFT after I got kicked out), hmmm, I can keep going all day with NAMES of people who KNOW exactly what PY is all about. How do they know? Because they’ve seen the FRUIT of his ministry first hand. AND THIS FRUIT STINKS!

    Why don’t we tally up the failed marriges that came out of NCC?
    I was there by the way, at the service where he “admitted to the scandal” of adultery and “stepped down”. Neither of those things were really explained in detail at all. It was more like “Well, you’ve heard the rumors, and well, they are true. And because of that I am stepping down for a short while from certain aspects of my ministry” I think he stepped down from being Head Pastor for what – 3 months? He never stopped doing ANYTHING else he does. Why? Because he’s putting the Energizer Bunny to shame!

    And so as PY continues to jet set around the World, collecting all the passport stamps and various flags he can, we will continue to have the newly converted to Peter Youngrenism and all the souls Peter Youngren has saved in foreign countries (wait – does PY save souls?) completely blindsided and taken advantage of by their own trust in a so-called “man of God (which one?)”

    But he will protest – I GET SOULS SAVED!!!
    Do you Peter? Do you really? Because I’m not entirely sure.
    Shall we talk aboutt he photoshopped pictures? Shall we talk about the definition of “salvation”?

    But he will protest – I sell my books! I take donations! The evidence of my ministerial success is in the fact that I CONTINUE DOING IT!! Look at the SIZE OF MY MINISTRY! You just have ministry envy!

    Is that it Peter? Or is it that just like we’ve seen right here in this blog, you prey on the ignorant and rely on the good hearted masses for your funding. For your fix. For your “injections”. For your “booster shots” of $$$$$$ Stick it in my veinnnnssss! Praise – wait, what’s his name again? Is it YeZeus? No.. that’s not it…. uhhhhh…..

    “God doesn’t have money, people have money!”

    HOW many times has EVERYONE who’s heard you preach say that? It’s on Gra$eTV right now! Anyone who has eyes can see you PY. “I need your MONEY!!!!”

    So… people have money, and who’s the best at getting PEOPLE!???!?
    YOU are! Preach that Go$pel brother! Get more people! But how can you get More more more? I know, get a TV station! Keep travelling the world and holding “gospel festivals” ! Ye$! That will work!

    Putting the Energizer Bunny to shame. One un-educated crowd at a time.
    He called me a “cancer” in front of my classmates at his sad excuse for a bible college back in 2002. If I am a cancer what is PY’s ministry? If I am in fact a cancer Peter, then this is the part where you need Chemo.

  4. Adam Josh says:


    I want all MY MONEY BACK.

  5. Bene Diction says:

    We’re at 154 comments in this thread. Since there is an update, I’m closing off this comment section – let’s continue the discussion here: Peter Youngren -”the cesspool of mudslinging on Christian blog sites”

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