Reader George asks for updates on Peter Youngren

Hi George, thanks for your email, I don’t have an addy for you so I’m responding to your questions publicly.

What was the outcome of the Finnish investigation of Youngren?

Unknown. Finnish prosecutor Anette Enbacka told Dagen that the case was under consideration , she didn’t know when a decision would be made, ” hopefully no later than February.” That was from a January 19/11 article. There has been nothing since. EKM hasn’t responded to queries. I would like to see EKM give reporters an update and I’m not sure why they haven’t. EKM has not said anything about their civil action. Peter Youngren hasn’t commented either.

Do you have any working links (or saved copies) that pertain to his most recent divorce announcement?

No. Divorce settlements are not put online in Ontario, you’d have to go to the courthouse which handled the divorce. All I have, courtesy of an alert reader, is the statement Peter Youngren placed on his ministry site for a short time. I have a copy of the english statement which is offline – you can still view it on the Finnish WIM.

How are the Celebration Festivals funded? By the locals in the countries where he goes or from at home fiananciers? Does he get any foreign (government) money or perks for doing promotional tours to certain countries? (it seems that some other televangelists and church institutions do).

I don’t know. I have asked. Former employees have told me that access to financial information isn’t something they are privy to. What I have been told is these festivals are funded locally, employees are going on what they are told also, and probably not what is or might be. While it would make sense to ask World Impact Ministries directly, you’ll get stuck on the mailing list and probably won’t get a satisfactory answer. You can access World Impact Ministries Revenue Canada  charitable tax statements online.
If you want the full financial statements for the online T3010 documents, Revenue Canada will provide them on request.

I would assume the Grace TV/World Impact Ministries trips to Israel come with plenty of perks – the tour operator has been on Encounter to promote his company, as far as I know it’s a common practice, since the celebrity (televangelist/pastor/performer) is the draw. If I’m wrong, please correct me. While people who pay perceive this as a spiritual pilgrimage, it’s a business/fundraising effort, and backs have to get scratched. In 2009 1.8 million of the 3 million tourists to Israel were evangelicals, they are heavily marketed to, and I would think the vast majority went on a celeb led tour.

I’ll send out some more queries George, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. If any readers have updates, chime in.

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    I want all MY MONEY BACK.

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    We’re at 154 comments in this thread. Since there is an update, I’m closing off this comment section – let’s continue the discussion here: Peter Youngren -”the cesspool of mudslinging on Christian blog sites”

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