CJ Mahaney and the SGM Wikileaks

There is going to be a huge kerfuffle in a section of the God blogosphere as news of a decision by a major ministry leader to step away for awhile starts to reverberate.

CJ Mahaney, founder of a group called Sovereign Grace Ministries is a celebrity and superstar in US Calvinist circles.

Known by others as part of ‘the truly reformed’ and ‘Calvinistas’ Mahaney’s group of 70 churches have been discussed online for years.

SGM is led by an authoritarian, patriarchal, complimentarian group of men who have left a very long legacy of hurt and broken people. Two places former congregants tell their story are SGM Survivors and SGM Refuge.

From his leave of absense letter - Mahaney:

Over the last few years some former pastors and leaders in Sovereign Grace have made charges against me and informed me about offenses they have with me as well as other leaders in Sovereign Grace. These charges are serious and they have been very grieving to read. These charges are not related to any immorality or financial impropriety, but this doesn’t minimize their serious nature, which include various expressions of pride, unentreatability, deceit, sinful judgment, and hypocrisy.

SGM were aware that some damaging information about Mahaney’s leadership was going to go public.

It surfaced yesterday in some documents posted with the titleSGM Wikileaks. (that is clever and appropriate!)

The title is funny, but the content is decidedly not. This is meticulously detailed and chilling information from a former SGM minister who was ousted.
It’s not a fun read, it’s a slog; full of inside language and syrupy spirituality in between incredible nit-picking about sin.  The larger picture could be lost in the several hundred pages of minutia.

Fear. Hypocrisy. Leadership tiptoeing through an autocratic minefield. Self-absorption to the neglect of so many others being crushed, wounded and hurt. Wounded and frightened leaders who wound others.

And yet, the SGM wikileak documents give an amazingly detailed picture of years and years of problems in this troubled and toxic group of churches.  A sick system is exposed.

I doubt the SGM wikileak documents will be online for long.
What strikes me, apart from the obsessive and meticulous documentation by  Brent Detwiler is the dreary pattern of repeated behavior; years and years of spiritual abuse, neglect, punishment, hobbling, rules and fear. Years of empty, empty words.

An outside conflict resolution group has been asked to step in, but it is far to late for people who have spent years trying to bring their stories to light, trying to heal and move on from the trickle down effect that glaringly comes to light in the dysfunctional and deeply toxic leadership and belief system.

Blogs and ministries who worship leaders such as CJ Mahaney are posting about not gossiping, witholding judgement and forgiving.

I suspect that may change as the SGM wikileaks spreads past the Calvinist subculture and emotionally healthy people respond in an emotionally healthy way. To say Mahaney is a bully, to say he shaped bullies is an understatement to me. Emotionally healthy people can judge for themselves.

This is soul sucking stuff. I recommend taking some time to read the stories of people who left SGM churches. There are hundreds of accounts online. The abuse; the manipulating, game playing, shaming, scolding, shunning is similar to what occurs in cults. So many former leaders and congregants at the two blogs above, tried to warn, tried to be heard. Tried and tried until the wearing reality of spiritual abuse sank in and they left to save their faith, their sanity and in many chilling cases, what was left of their lives.

People in SGM churches have been kept in the dark, the information in the SGM wikileak documents is going to be a shock. I believe good will come for some individuals with the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the opportunity to make things right with former brothers and sisters in Christ.  No one willingly joins a toxic system, and I think there are mature healthy people in these 70 churches who have tried to bring about change from the inside out. I believe some in leadership may have a few burdens lifted and an opportunity to move on.

But given the pattern, (evident in Mahaney’s current leave of absence letter) is so entrenched, so taught, and so long embraced, I don’t think the SGM corporate system/structure is fixable.

I think Mahaney fanboys will lash out online as news of Mahaney’s leave spreads, they are quick to do so for lesser evils.

Reading informed online chatter, it appears that Brent Detwiler did not post his documentation. At this stage, no one who follows the this reformed charismatic group knows who leaked his stuff. I fear for him, and others; these guys play hardball with reputations, conference and book money and careers on the line.

This is a sorry and shameful mess, and I do agree with Mahaney cheerleaders in part.  Pray for every SGM member and former member, pray for safety for whistleblowers, families and for the outside conflict resolution team. I think this outside team will do their job, get paid; but I’m not optimistic what they offer be heeded.

The Wartburg Watch is one of the many blogs who have followed SGM drama from time to time and have good background posts.

Update: SGM co-founder Larry Tomczak letter dated July 4, 2011 and CJ Mahaney’s statement at the mother church July 12/11.

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30 Responses to CJ Mahaney and the SGM Wikileaks

  1. Ronald Tate says:

    At first I thought about reading the documents … but really … over 600 pages?

    You know it’s going to be heavily overwritten, when it starts with a Jesus Festival from all the way back in 1974.

  2. Bene D says:

    Yeah, eh? :^) It is heavily overwritten, the jargon is mind-numbing.
    It’s over 400 pages of a system put in place by this Mahaney.
    I have a headache, I wanted to get through those docs.
    Leadership treating each other this way for years does not bode well for congregants.
    The guy who took leave (Mahaney), is a master at emotional blackmail, among other unsavory traits.

    I see this resignation made a newspaper blog. While this is very much a sub culture event, given how these men are worshipped, it’s an important story.

  3. Logout says:

    I have been out of SGM for almost 10 years. I left because I was disturbed by the shift to an emphasis on the cross, which was used to keep people in a mental state of sin. Always told to question our ‘deceitful’ hearts, and trust every aspect of our lives to the leaders. Women were taught by Mahaney’s Mennonite-raised wife to make the home the center of their lives whether single or married, and to think of feminism as a dirty word. There’s no doubt its a toxic system as you say, and its interesting to observe by reading the sgmwikileaks papers that the SGM “Savior” is nothing more than a god created to serve their interests.

  4. Bene Diction says:

    Well said Logout – I have no dog in this fight, but this system of discipling/sheparding is destructive.

    Glad you got out, and I’m glad a former SGM member took time to speak up.

  5. Juli says:

    you wrote: “So many former leaders and congregants at the two blogs above, tried to warn, tried to be heard. Tried and tried until the wearing reality of spiritual abuse sank in and they left to save their faith, their sanity and in many chilling cases, what was left of their lives.”

    wow, what a perfect description of what happened to me. In early 2008 just a few months after Survivors first appeared, I left my SGM church. I used to have a blog, “I Kissed SGM Goodbye”, and posted anonymously revealing no names or details, I just needed to sort through my pain and confusion, and did so by writing. I had no one to talk to, I had been shunned. I was a nobody blogger in a small town at a small SGM “adopted in” church. I was hurting, alone, and desperate, as you said, to find my faith again. But information control being what it was, the powers-that-be at SGM in Maryland were watching everything online negative about SGM. They read my blog, eventually figured out where I went to church, and the regional apostle (Craig Cabbanis), now on the board reviewing CJ’s “sin”, contacted my former pastor and told him about the blog and asked if he knew who wrote it. Of course it was ME..the ONLY person to leave that church and the pastor knew me very well. And my reasons for leaving? Idolatry of the church and its leaders. MY sin, not theirs. But over time I came to see the big picture and while it validated much for me, I was still responsible for worshiping SGM and the leaders, both locally and nationally.

    I say all this to say that I eventually closed down my blog. It was too painful for me to work through, hearing story after story of hurt. I believe the reason Jim at Refuge and Kris at Survivors can continue on after all these years is that they did not experience the abuse and hurt many have, so they are equipped to encourage, without being pulled into the spiritual mess. They are a blessing to the thousands who are still hurting. I have moved on, and don’t give much thought to SGM or the people anymore, but received a text message from a former SGM member who heard about the hoopla. I’m posting on your site, my thoughts on this, to once again sort through it..and then I will continue to move on. Pray for those still hurting and sorting things out spiritually…this type of abuse has a way of lingering for YEARS. And everyone deals with it differently. Thanks for posting this…it was a refreshing read and I am kinda surprised by that, because I am so sick of reading anything about SGM, CJ or anything related….but I was able to make it through ONE MORE TIME – lol

  6. Juli says:

    ONE more thing – when I hit post comment, it showed an angry blue-faced avatar next to my name for some reason – just wanted to say I am NOT angry! lol but have no idea how to change that little guy..so it stays. blessings to you all!

  7. Steve240 says:

    I really feel sorry for the regular members that have been duped by the facade these leaders have put on. Many are well meaning Christians.

    Hopefully this will be dealt with and necessary changes made including dismantling the SGM structure if necessary happens. Reading accounts of where SGM Leaders and other leaders that are in alliance with SGM about “circling the wagons” doesn’t sound good. This group has serious problems that they need to address.

    As someone else suggested, I imagine the longer they stay with a “circle the wagons” mentality vs. address their sin the large the eventual fall.

    With the revelations shown in the documents I don’t know how SGM and Mahaney can even suggest that Mahaney will be returning any time soon.

  8. Bene Diction says:

    The little blue guy is cute – Word Press randomly generates this little faces, and you didn’t come across as angry at all Juli.:^)
    I’d be concerned for people who are new walkaways who aren’t angry. Anger is an initially appropriate and healthy response to pain and loss.

  9. Juli says:

    Bene, I agree….anger is part of the grief cycle. And what was(is) so demeaning and ironically infuriating itself, were the comments of those in a church, ANY church (esp SGM churches) that those hurt by spiritual abuse simply “get over it” and forgive because that’s what Jesus would do, and that anger is sinful, talking about your pain and loss is gossip, and so on. Frankly, I don’t think the Jesus of the Bible who stood against injustice, tyranny, and oppression of ANY kind, especially spiritual oppression, would sit quietly in a corner praying for those who have manipulated, betrayed, and exploited others – in HIS name no less. He’d do exactly what his followers are doing – speaking the truth, binding up those hurting, and blazing the trail for reform and justice to be done.

    btw – Hi again Steve!

  10. Bene Diction says:

    To be alone when you walkaway had to be one of the most difficult parts of all. I agree, not everyone is equipped to expose or encourage, an individual has to go their own pace, know their limits and set firm boundaries. And I think it is important to be able to say – this or that is still a trigger. No one sets out to be part of an authoritarian church or submit themselves to such spiritual abuse.
    I don’t think Jesus would sit quietly in a corner either.

    I saw nothing in Mahaney’s statement, Harvey’s statement or Harris’ statement that showed awareness and compassion for those who have been trampled.

    People have told me this blog is helpful for walkaways. LT writes with respect, something in short supply in SGM.

  11. BD says:

    Good summary, particularly of Mahaneys emotional blackmail of the former co-founder.


  12. Ben says:

    Let me remind all of you who have been reading these documents and comments. WE ARE ALL SINNERS! Yes it is clear that sins, very disheartening sins were made. But how are we called as Christian to respond, even towards our church leadership.

    Some of the comments that have been published both on this blog and several throughout the internet are NOT GODLY! The gossip and ungodly retribution that has been going on is wrong. THIS IS NO DIFFERENT THAN WHAT IS OCCURRING IN THE CHURCH LEADERSHIP! Stop this sinful behavior!

    Yes changes and actions need to be made, however, the process will take time, prayer, and trust in God. Pray for our leaders… Pray for those evaluating the situation… But most of all Pray for what Brent said at the end of his letter; Pray that we as a church would return to faithfully, honestly, truly return to humbly following God.

  13. Bene Diction says:

    We as a church…

    I take it you are an SGM member. I’m sorry Ben, this must be a difficult time for you.
    I take it from your reference to Brent that you read the SGM wikileak docs.

    Of course we are all sinners, I don’t think you don’t see anyone saying otherwise.

    What does “NOT GODLY!” mean to you Ben?
    Can you point out some gossip?
    What is ungodly retribution?

    I agree prayer is warrented. I agree this process is going to take time, prayer, trust and a great deal of professional outside help. Former SGM members who have been through the de-socialization process need prayer. Leaders need prayer. Fanboys need prayer. Women and children who were told to stay in abuse relationship and just forgive need prayer. And certainly Mr. Detwiler needs prayer, his safety could be in jeopardy. Whistleblowers are not loved by those in sick systems and the greatest danger is when people in those systems are publicly exposed.

    What if your church is not able or willing to return to faithfully, honestly, humbly following God?

  14. Current SGM Member says:

    So this is huge. I currently go to a SGM church that is, as many of us have thought, totally different from most of the other churches. We’re small and out of the way, not making much of a radar blip on the main SGM radar. I think some of the smaller churches have been allowed by God to flourish and reach hurting people in their communities, worship and bring glory to God. I feel protected from this history of scandal far away in our small church. So what I’m worried about is the implications this has for our church which is doing well to preach the gospel and serve.

    There were many things that I’ve noticed over the years as weird or odd or questionable in SGM, but being little me, I had no idea how to affect change in anything other than my small circle, and figured in good faith that if I noticed it someone higher up must have noticed it too.

    Despite all of the hurt and abuse, God has still used these messed up men to pour out grace on many people. SGM has been used to bring the gospel to people all over the world. It’s awesome to see God used broken systems and foolish men anyway. I am concerned about how this news will effect all those people, everyone who has encountered God at a conference, experienced changing grace through one of the books, or have been taught truth in a local church. Are we to through the baby out with the bathwater? What has happened to many people, including ones very close to me, is more than a shame. I hate it. It’s had people question God’s truth and goodness. And now with the imminent demise of SGM, everyone who hadn’t been hurt directly gets hurt, feels lost, and questions God’s goodness.

    Good news though: God still wins. His name will not be slandered. Many of the people that have been bullied out of SGM found better churches for themselves where they could be encouraged and serve. God is faithful. God is a loving father. I really have hope in this situation because I know the character of God. Hopefully, (and really, obviously) he’s using this craziness to end all the hypocrisy, lies, and deceit in SGM. All that was hidden from the congregants is being made known. When they say, “you’re sin will find you out,” they weren’t kidding. So what we have is an opportunity to hope for awesome change, to pray for guidance during this time, and to see God’s will be done! Before all the dirt came out, in church as we were getting the announcement, I was so excited! I was like, “yes God! Change at last!” Who knows what that change is going to look like, if we’ll be scattered to the wind or be picked up and adopted by better church families or what. All I know is that God still wins. We have hope. Awesome.

  15. Alex says:

    Hey man,

    Appreciate this article but I think you are highly mistaken in your conclusion which is based on limited information

    I’m not going to defend CJ and SGM here, but to come to the clear and authoritative conclusions that you come to is wrong. Yes, it is wrong to gossip and come to false conclusions. I think it would be better to tet the information come out, let a process be put in place for reconciliation (which is happening). It is also just as wrong to defend leaders when such accusations are in place.

    I strongly think and believe you are drawing potentially sinful conclusions since you do not have sufficient information (based your writing above). It would have been better if you demanded further investigation based on the charges, that would be commendable, but to go further and draw the conclusion about character and the heart of the leaders in the events that occurred is wrong.

    I would make the same mistake if I immediately began defending SGM and it’s leaders and ignore these charges and question the character of the man/men who bring these accusations. I would be better off to demand a process to investigate and get more information from both sides. Not just one sides interpretations of what is available to be read.

    To that degree that your post demands for more information and accountability, I would agree. To the degree that you act as judge, I disagree and challenge you to stop doing this.

    Feel free to interact with these thoughts.

  16. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Alex:

    I do feel fee to interact, gee thanks.:^)

    Every time I see buzz words like gossip, I figure there isn’t much point in interacting. I appreciate your spirit.
    I’ll give interaction a shot.

    Of course I can only go on what others say, such as yourself, I’ve no dog in this fight. There are only two SGM churches in Canada, and they have not posted about their US leadership meltdown.

    I agree, further investigation is a must.
    This got picked up by Christian Post, the news going to keep spreading.

    What part of this post is gossip?
    Which conclusions are false?
    Mixed in with accusations is proof.
    There is no excuse for blindness and lack of diligence by any SGM member now.
    I don’t know how long the window of opportunity will be open for members, I’m praying for congregants.
    I don’t know who leaked the docs, I don’t know how SGM pastors are responding, I don’t know what SGM members know. I do know traffic jumped a third on what is an out of the way blog for this topic.

    I listened to the Josh Harris sermon. If he did not mean to infer bloggers are Assyrians (barbarians) he blew it. Outsiders are not the problem. He had to start somewhere, and for awhile, nothing will be enough. I like what this grandma had to say. To his credit Harris encouraged people in the membership meeting to read the key Asssyrians – SGM Refuge and SGM Survivors. He is a product of the SGM system and has a lot of relearning to do.

    I was reading comments from an SGM member last night who was thrilled he got to ask a question in the mother ship church congregational meeting without pre-approval. He touched me with his happiness.

    The next commenter gently reminded him that is a norm in a healthy church.

    The outside conflict resolution team is a start. I don’t think celebrity speakers in Mahaney’s book/speaking sphere can do much of anything for him. His patterns of behavior were formed in a lifetime and while I have faith and belief God is still in the miracle business, I’m not optimistic he and some leadership are going to do the hard work.

    I don’t see a need to demand investigation, leadership has had their own words from Detwiler long enough to start making wiser decisions. Any demands need to come from SGM members such as yourself.

    I read another comment from an SGM member last night who was happy that the constitution which had been promised for a couple of years may be ready to be given to his congregation hopefully by next June ( or sooner). Someone kindly told him that in healthy churches congregations are not left out of polity formation.

    I agree, there would be things and people about SGM worth defending,
    As for acting as judge? Perhaps, I have no pressing need to be right, I care that no one else gets hurt. The systemic abuse has been going on for years, few need to read the SGM wikileaks to know that.
    You and other SGM members can speak up online with no one sin-sniffing you, censoring you or shunning you.
    If I am wrong I’ll correct any factual errors, and allow the Holy Spirit to convict me and correct my course in attitude adjustment. I will rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. So many many SGM members have wept for a long time.

    There will be a lot of talking, a lot more listening over the next months, and some long term action will have to go with what will be a blizzard of words.

    You are in life changing place as a member. The spotlight is incredibly intense and I encourage anyone commenting to extend you and every SGM member respect and charity.

    One book I’ve found helpful in sorting out the disconnect between the words and lack of action is Churches That Abuse, available online free. Chapter 10 comes to mind.

    Another site which is helpful in looking at the resurrection of the sheparding movement in charismatic circles is Covering and Authority.
    Charismatic Reforms from SGM may identify.

    I appreciate Current SGM Member seeing this an an opportunity and hope there are many more in the organization open to profound structural change, appropriate leadership training and accountability, healthy polity and God given awareness of how wounded so many members were and are.

  17. hopesomeand dollars its worth! says:

    Church is in the wrong hands – it has gone astray – power based and dictate have become its stand and dollars its worth!

    If you need to control you have a problem – if you hunt down your members in any way whatsoever to ‘punish’ them you have a problem – if you decided that your way IS the way and the best and only way you have a problem – The American church is in a mess – IT HAS LOST ITS HUMILITY in trying to conquer places, peoples and nations. In this quagmire and melange of goals and aspirations the message has been twisted, deformed, and virtually lost – It has become corporate – they’ll be floating church on the stock market next! putting them up for bid,

    You can understand why he got cross in the temple that day – right!

  18. Cleve says:

    I am a member of a Sovereign Grace congregation in Dallas. TX pastored by Craig Cabaniss. I moved from my home of 25 years specifically to be part of a Sovereign Grace church. I investigated Sovereign Grace churches and visited numerous ones around the country for several years before making that choice. No church is perfect and no pastors are perfect by any means. But I am pleased to report the following were universally found by me to be true of the Sov Grace churches I visited:
    1. The word of God was faithfully proclaimed from the pulpit in an honest, humble and excellent manner with a welcome emphasis on the gospel.
    2. A GENUINE welcome for visitors.
    3. Enthusiastic worship of our great God.

    I would not be a bit surprised if CJ and other leaders are guilty of pride or arrogance. They are men. If I am honest, I am equally guilty of pride and arrogance and I have far less to be prideful about. I don’t think that Sovereign Grace is flawless. Far from it. But I am very pleased to state publicly my enthusiastic identification with the ministry and to recommend it to anyone else.

  19. BD says:

    Cleve: Glad you stopped by. Good to see current SGM members getting informed online.

    You too are in a unique position to asked for rectification the wrongs of apostolic leadership, be part of helping your church chose a healthier form of governance and see to it that no one else is harmed.

  20. grayhairedgram says:

    Brent seems to indicate on Facebook that he did publish The Documents. He links to them in his “Notes” section.

    We left a church before it joined SGM in the mid-80s. At the time they joined I thought it would be healthy for them (after the near-destruction of my own marriage that the previous leadership had caused) but instead I just kept hearing more and more sad stories from people.

  21. BD says:

    Hi grayhairedgram:

    Since Brent Detwilers docs went viral, he’s removed comments from his Facebook page.

    That is probably wise for now, since I believe the SGM board has to have a scapegoat and he’s it, discussion is best elsewhere or directly to him by email.

    He says in the Facebook page notes:

    “I hate to say it, but this is an example of Sovereign Grace spin and it was one important reason why I sent out “The Documents” on Wednesday night to all the SGM pastors.”

    He did email them out, that is footnoted in the SGM wikileaks, he was clear about the steps he believed he needed to take. He also named 9 outsiders the docs were being emailed to.

    However, there is no indication he put them on Scribd. Anyone of of the pastors, board, or 9 outsiders could have. While Scribd is not too difficult to use, it’s helpful to have some technical awareness. Here is the timeline. http://sgmrefuge.com/page/3/
    Bit moot, whether the poster had his permission or not.


    The SGM board has come out with a statement today, saying CJ Mahaney is fit for ministry and:

    “2. That Brent Detwiler’s distribution of written accusations against C.J. Mahaney to all Sovereign Grace pastors constitutes the public slander of Mahaney’s reputation.”

    there are going to many more sad stories, aren’t there?

    This took only four days, here at BDBO we covered Todd Bentley’s ‘restoration’ extensively and were clear the process and the months were not enough.

    The board intends to polorize, to frame, to villianize and engage in the time honoured divide and conquer tactic is forcing SGM members seeking truth into a narrow set of choices and their window of opportunity is closing.
    The board is saying, “you’re for us or against us.”

    A name is missing off that board statement.

    Jesus is saying, “Chose you this day whom you will serve.”

    The SGM organizational structure is build on sheparding. It has been proven to be fatal in the past and will be fatal in the future. There are other forms of church governance. This SGM sheparding system calls people to make a stark choice.
    It always has.

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  24. Proverbs_1 says:

    “SGM is led by an authoritarian, patriarchal, complimentarian group of men who have left a very long legacy of hurt and broken people…” That in itself is a ridiculously errant statement. Not only far from the truth, but the exact opposite of what is true. I have known C.J. and most of the other leaders for close to 30 years. So I have first-person knowledge of their character. I welcome the scrutiny that C.J. is experiencing, and am praying that the outcome will honor God and affect the movement in a positive way. But I cannot condone summary judgements like the one at the top of this blog. May the Lord allow you to clearly distinguish truth from fiction.

  25. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Proverbs_1:

    Thanks, I pray the Lord allows me to distinguish truth from fiction too.

    Authoritarianism is not a character trait, it is an ism, practiced/embraced mostly by groups; as in a concentrated and centralized power structure. Patriarchal is a term which applies to a belief in a social system. Complimentarian, also an ism as I refer to it, is a theological belief.

    I hope SGM which you rightly refer to as a movement is postively impacted. The jury is out.

  26. Logout says:

    Dearest Proverbs_1,

    Friends of mine keep me abreast from time to time of what is happening online and the conversations people are having regarding our beloved SGM. I felt compelled to encourage you regarding your comment because I know you love SGM and share our hearts regarding the trouble we are dealing with now.

    Naturally there will always be detractors and those that seek to malign the good work of the Savior. This is to be expected and we are to consider ourselves blessed when we are confronted with this type of persecution.

    So, while I appreciate your comments I felt compelled to share this observation with you: I really don’t think we should not involve ourselves in this whole mess. As SGM women, we possess a power that must be strictly monitored. We all know Eve was naked when she the apple to Adam. We must always been heedful of our modesty and to be submissive. For example, in keeping with CJ’s instruction and Carolyn’s example, my husband has approved every article of clothing I am wearing today.

    Anyway, may the blessing of the Savior be upon you! I have to run get a cake out of the oven!

  27. Matt says:

    Every word of this is Gossip. It is heresay. The churches of SGM aren’t going to “fall.” I have been a part of a SGM church plant. If SGM goes away, we will remain as an independent church. This entire diaolgue is unbeneficial and unfair and plain sinful. Its like the tabloids of “American Christianity.”

  28. Sad SGM member says:

    I know one of these SGM survivors personally and her interaction with CJ Mahaney. While the sermons are good, there is a tendency to gloss over difficult times and make our sin more of an issue than the difficult circumstance. It has been 2 years since we first visited the SGM church we visit. And the same characteristics that are evidenced in CJ’s ministry are indeed imparted to other pastors. This is not gossip, this is truth for those willing to see. CJ has been confronted and refused to see his sin.
    I don’t think there would be an SGM survivors web site if CJ and others would have been humble and truly willing to listen to these people who have some definite issues. I know my friend does and has tried to confront him with his sin toward her and he has been unwilling to listen, but rather told her of her sins and dismissed her from church when he was pastor.

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