Grace TV building for sale

Peter Youngren’s World Impact Ministries has put the Grace TV building in St. Catharines on the market.

The 18,000-square foot structure is listed at $775,000 and described as a “high profile building located in the heart of the city’s financial and commercial district.”

Tony Tripodi, a broker with Re/Max Garden City Realty Inc. in St. Catharines, said late last week there’d been two offers that fell apart and another was pending.

Tripodi said the property had been on the market for at least six months.

Youngren says he would like Grace TV to remain as a tenant if a puchaser is amiable to the idea.

Youngren said it was never in the interest of his numbered company to hold onto the property, which holds a mortgage.

The building (according to The Standard) also houses World Impact Ministries. There are 22 employees working at 89 St. Paul St. Grace TV began in 2009.


Actor Art Henkel  gave a tour of the station, December 2010. – publicity photos

Update: The St. Catherines building has been sold, the business is moving to Celebration Church in Toronto.

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17 Responses to Grace TV building for sale

  1. Torontonian says:

    If I were “shopping around” for a church and saw this
    video with Mr. Law, I’d feel my intelligence insulted
    and feel that the ministry doesn’t care much about its

    Could this sort of thing be a symptom of why people
    are leaving Grace and other ministries?

    I posted a comment on the video at YouTube. Go look–
    unless it’s been taken down by whoever does that sort of thing.

  2. BD says:


    I thought of a keen parent doing a video for a kid’s Sunday School class.
    I think Grace TV was aiming for humour, but it was juvenile, and obviously meant to be. He is now the Dean of Youngren’s bible college; teaching childrens ministry and epistles,and is listed as pastor of children and youth ministry at Toronto Celebration Church.

    I wonder if Henkel knows how much interest a Celebration bible college student doing deferred payments winds up forking out?

  3. Adam Josh says:

    Thanks for the update BD. I’ve reflected your findings from my website.

    I’ve written about this Mr. Law character when I first saw him, here’s what I wrote:

    This morning I exchanged e-mails with a fellow blogger who is also keeping tabs on PY and I found myself checking out GraceTV when the conversation was over. What I saw disturbed me. In this video for instance, Peter has a character on called Mr. Law, who is clearly macking a mockery of those people who are concerned with obedience. Watching it almost had me in tears. I was reminded of King David, how he was passionately in love with the Torah. I was reminded that the Messiah IS the Torah. This schizophrenic “God” they are worshipping has them mocking His Word, and those genuine souls who try to respect and honour it. Today, my heart is truly weighed heavy with grief over Peter Youngren.

    As I wrote today, the bottom line is that the new owner will be the one who decides what tenant stays in the building, not PY or Gra$eTV. Let’s see what happens.

  4. Ronald Tate says:

    Well … well … well … isn’t that interesting.

    Back on September 7th, 2011 (Wednesday), I broke the story here at BDBO that Peter Youngren controlled the former RBC building at 89 St. Paul Street, wherein Grace Television is currently housed, via his private numbered Ontario company (known as ’1504980 Ontario Inc.’).

    Then by some ‘coincidence’ … just 3 business days after his cover was blown, he is suddenly feeling the need to publicly admit to the relationship between his private numbered company … and the building for which millions of dollars were solicited from the public to sink into it … through an interview with the noted newspaper.

    Rather queer timing, don’t you think?

    This is NOT a coincidence, friends. His public ‘admission’ was forced.

    You are being scammed, people. Do NOT give your money to Peter Youngren.

  5. Ronald Tate says:

    By the way … and for the record:

    The problem isn’t the message (Gospel of Grace) … the problem is the messenger (Peter Youngren). To suggest that because of Youngren’s despicable and twisted actions that ‘Grace’ must be bad – is to extrapolate that because of infidelities and divorce that marriage is bad … if you follow my analogy.

  6. Susan says:

    There is just something very wrong with those white boogie woogie shoes with red socks.

  7. Adam Josh says:

    Well, while we’re “for the record-ing”…

    I respectfully disagree with Mr. Tate on the sentence “the problem isn’t the message, it’s the messenger”. I take severe issue with PY’s perversion of the Go$pel AND with his personal actions, decisions, and track-record.

    There are many places you can go to research the truth of the misused and misunderstood message of the Gospel. Know that someone as perverted as PY hasn’t limited his improper interpretation to just moral matters. His overall philosophy conveniently coincides with the fruit of his actions and life, which is more and more becoming evident for all to see.

    I’m for and of the truth, in all its pain and beauty. And if you’re of the truth, then you know that sometimes it HURTS to be wrong. So much so that you don’t want to change or repent, but rather justify the lie instead of changing your actions.
    For example, look at anything PY does or says in response to honest question asking regarding his past wives, his finances, his lawless theology, lack of using the proper names when he teaches and preaches “the Name above all names”, lack of obeying the commandments, etc etc.

    Anyway, again… we’re all mostly on the same page here. For the record :)
    I just want the truth. Even if the higher ups don’t think I can handle it, I still want it.

  8. Ronald Tate says:

    On a side note — isn’t it also interesting, that during the fifteen weeks wherein he was constantly pressuring the people to give him $325,000 for Grace TV …. Peter Youngren was bailing out on Grace Television, and planning his escape?

    Peter Youngren controls Grace Television through his numbered Ontario Company (1504980 Ontario Inc.), and holds a mortgage on the property at 89 St. Paul Street.

    But while he was scamming viewers 7 days a week for the $325,000 … he had listed the property (89 St. Paul Street) for sale (without a visible sign on the building) and tried to get his money out of the property where Grace Television broadcasts from.

    He scams the viewers to put all of their money INTO Grace Television.

    While Youngren himself is busy getting all of his money OUT of Grace Television.

    Come on people … what the hell is wrong with this picture?

    It’s time to WAKE UP! Let Peter Youngren know that you’re not a sucker.


  9. Ronald Tate says:

    Just for clarification – it is the Grace Television BUILDING which Peter Youngren controls through his numbered Ontario Corporation, but in so doing, he effectively controls Grace Television itself .. and in bailing out on the building which is housing Grace Television, he is just as effectively bailing out on Grace TV.

    Don’t give him any of your money, people!

  10. Bene says:

    If you go back over old Grace TV posts, you’ll see that moving the TV operation to TO was rumoured to be part of the plan.

    I’m not impressed with the caliber of comments at The Standard. I’d like to know why locals are so disgrundled, complaints without substance aren’t helpful. Why feed ‘ the internet is evil’ meme and persecution complexes?

    The public doesn’t know what led to the decision to put the building on the market six months ago. I am not holding my breath that we’ll ever know. The decision could be more complex than merely financial. I don’t know.

    I don’t think Grace TV, no matter how badly it is limping in regards to audience share is going anywhere, and I can’t see Youngren bailing.

  11. Ronald Tate says:

    Bene –

    In all due respect, and having worked in the mortgage and sales department of a major bank, there are two main reasons why people sell investment properties:

    1. Financial

    2. Health

    Retirement and/or simply a lack of interest, (or even moving), would fall under the financial banner. It’s not really that complex. When you come right down to it, I will say the reason for selling is financially motivated about 90% of the time.

    So unless Youngren has a serious illness – and I hope not – there is a 90% likelihood the sale is based on financial motivation of one form or another.

    As it relates to whether or not Youngren is bailing on Grace Television – well I think that he is bailing on the network by pulling his money out. It certainly isn’t assisting the growth of Grace Television. It certainly isn’t stabalizing the situation.

    I have said with some frequency that Youngren does want to run Grace Television, but he wants to both own and run it using other people’s money … not his own.

    Why do offers on investment properties fall through, as two have done to-date?

    The main reason is sale price – the vendor and purchaser simply cannot come to a mutually satisfactory agreement on it.

    Another reason, which could be specific to this property, is where the purchaser is fairly troubled by the current lease arrangements. In this case PERHAPS they are concerned that in a market where $15-$20 per square foot is the going rental rate, both Grace Television and World Impact Ministries are paying only $6.00 to $6.50 per square foot, for a sizeable chunk (nearly 2/3) of the ‘above grade’ office space.

    Perhaps the buyer wanted Youngren to renegotiate the leases …. to no avail.

    Grace Television is a financial albatross. During the 2009-2010 tax years … which were the first two years of ownership, World Impact Ministries suffered combined losses of over $1,000,000 (one million dollars).

    This compares with the 2008 tax year (pre-Grace TV), wherein they managed to turn a profit of a little over $400,000.

  12. Bene says:

    Due respect given Ronald, I am grateful for your financial abilities and I’m glad you have found BDBO – your input, research and experience has to be helping any Grace TV supporter seeking answers. I pray God sends people who can fill in the blanks.

    Until WIM/Grace TV forwards a diverse board which respects donors, donor time and money, respects Grace TV employees and respects that Canadians want transparency and openness from it’s charities, the internet is filling that gap. Not always well, but commenters are doing the job of a board of directors for now.
    Like it or not, these are our airways, a charity licence is a privilege not a right, and a broadcast licence carries attendant responsibilities to the public.

    I need to learn to be more direct in acknowledging what I’m ignorant of and asking direct clear questions.

    I agree that money has been a substantial concern since Grace TV came into being. Youngren was approached in 2007.

    In the Maranatha News interview (2009) Youngren makes it clear a move to TO was part of his goal:

    “MN: The Christian Channel currently operates out of offices in Toronto. Do you plan to move those offices? If so, when, and where?
    PY: WIM will set out to anchor The Christian Channel across the country, initially with studios in Toronto and St. Catharines. At present TCC does not operate any studio, so this will be a step forward. We are also considering studios in other parts of the country, such as in Calgary and Vancouver.”

  13. Adam says:

    It’s not like PY is being approached by staff at the Standard to be interviewed. He regularly PAYS (with who’s money is up for debate) to take out columns or have a spot with his weekly drivel. So obviously he can say or write whatever he wants.

    When PY and Co. finally vacate St.Catharines for good, that’ll be great.

    Honestly, most people in St.Catharines don’t even know who he is, and the business class here don’t care who he is. The preacher class think he’s a charlatan, and most Christians think he’s a cult leader.

  14. Lost at Sea says:

    Bene, please replace previous post with this: (done – BD)

    I have heard that the GraceTV building sold. Most current staff are not moving with the company to TICC. Nice clean sweep for Mr. Youngren as he undoubtedly gets to pocket a significant amount of cash via his shell company (which owned the building and WIM paid lease payments to). WIM via ‘ministry partners’ also paid for improvements to the property which will also now directly profit Mr. Youngren via increased property value. On top of that Mr. Youngren also gets to start off with whole new WIM a staff at TICC location who will have little or no knowledge of his sordid business and personal past. Well done Mr. Youngren, well done.

  15. Bene D says:

    hmmm. Thanks Lost at Sea, you heard correctly.

    Youngren will make a big deal out of the move, beg for money to outfit the Celebration Church building or wherever the studio gets put. If most of the staff isn’t going, there is lots of cheap and free labour at the church. There are 2 Grace TV Canada tours this year. Celebration Church:

    On April 1st Grace Television Network will move their offices and studio to the Toronto International Celebration Church building at 190 Railside Rd. Then on September 1st, World Impact Ministries will move their offices also. This change was spurred on by the belief that every ministry needs to have a mother local church and I believe TICC is that local church.
    …We will remodel the TICC platform, put a new LED sign out front, and minor building upgrades which are too many to mention.

    I see the bible school is being plugged – too bad prospective students aren’t aware of how much attending really costs them.

    I see Youngren has moved on to his latest new thing, Vision 2021.

  16. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY! says:

    Youngren is once again begging for your money.

    24 Hour Final Alert
    Dear Friends,

    24 hours remain until the May 1st deadline to receive $400,000
    toward the purchase price of Grace TV.
    Remember, your gift of any amount triples in value.

    Thank you for what has already been received.
    Thousands are responding. Some are giving more than once.
    Nothing is too difficult for God.

    Thank you for giving your very best donation NOW,
    to erase the final amount owing toward the $400,000 payment.


    Seems that this is an endless black hole which sucks up money!

  17. Hagere says:


    I saw that at his facebook page that he was asking for donation of 400,000 towards the purchase of his TV station.
    I have questions: Does Peter Youngren know that how many families in Toronto are struggling to put a food on the table?
    Does Peter Youngren know that there are kids go hungry to school in Toronto area ? What is the point of Grace and Love if you are not even sensitive to the practical needs of your community?
    Peter Youngren is scary human being to me. He is so insensitive to the point of being a psychopath. To me that is a very scary state of being.

    I have decided to stop reading his updates and blogs and therefore, I have unlinked his facebook page.
    That way i don’t have to upset myself. I’m trying to recover from the damage that has been done to me by his ministry and his ilk. He is a vindictive, spiteful and petty person. Whenever you question his views, he finds ways to insult you and the person you are via a blog or his Sunday morning preaching. So much for “Grace and God loves you”. He used to do his condescension via his preaching; but nowadays I don’t go to church so I’m not subject to his condescension put- downs, hatred and poisons.

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