Paul Crouch Jr. abruptly leaves Trinity Broadcasting Network












TBN’s legal spokesman didn’t have much to say this week other than “Paul Jr. has resigned from the organization to pursue other ministry work.”
TBN is the largest Christian network in the world and was founded by Paul Crouch Sr. and his wife Jan in 1973. Paul Jr. and his brother Matthew have worked with thier parents since thier teens. In 1980 Paul Jr. went out on his own and started a successful production company.

He returned to his parents tv network in 2000 and with his brother oversaw the networks operations. Crouch Jr. divorced after an affair in 2007, and was a VP and Chief of Staff for TBN. TBN settled an employee sexual harassment suit in 2010 which named Crouch Jr. He recently oversaw the upgrading to HD and expanded TBN’s presence on digital platforms including the recent launch of  iTBN. There was no hint on twitter and Facebook this week that Crouch Jr. would abruptly leave the family business. The networks newswire was touting his achievements and goals with and for TBN just a few months ago, and he was quoted in an iTBN pr October 8th.

Update: Crouch has accepted the position of Project Manager at The Word Network, started in 2000 and based in Michigan.

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107 Responses to Paul Crouch Jr. abruptly leaves Trinity Broadcasting Network

  1. A. Morgan says:

    Why does the TBN family acts if Paul Jr. doesn’t exist? All I here Matt say is MY daddy this and MY daddy that; I didn’t even see Paul Jr. in any of the memorial clips. What happen to Forgiveness!

  2. The enemy is always out to attack the men and women of God. Let us pray for the Crouch family as God has anointed and raise them up to be pillars in the state of California. God is the judge and He knows all. Let continue Pray for them before they are Preyed upon.
    God bless us all and May He have Mercy on our souls!

  3. Pastor Joyce Dodd says:

    You wrote the right words Carolyn Norris! God is in control and He loves us no matter what has been done. We always look at the bad, but TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch has done some wonderful things in the sight of the Lord! Let God be their judge. When we talk about them then we are not better. Love one another and pray for each other!

  4. eileen hall says:

    I would lke to say thk God for TBN and the word network, but thngs arn’t right on the TBN network I wsh that PaulCrouch Jr and hs mom and brother coulf work out their dfference and get back togeather. I must say that ths really is noticeable tht paul jr is not wth his other family memebers, also Jan is always wth that guy who plays jesus and tha looks very inapproprate , andbl its very noticeable it should be her sons and not this man standing with her, someone pls speake with her. to god be the glory

  5. Cindy Eckhardt says:

    I have watched TBN for 31 years. It broke my heart to see Paul Jr. leave and the family in such turmoil. The way it has been handled has been disturbing to say the least. It’s as if Paul Jr. has fallen off the planet. I believe Paul Sr. died early because of the stress in the family and Jan living apart from Paul Sr. Though it is a great work she has done in Orlando. I have attended the Park before TBN bought it twice. It sure changed with Jan took over. No doubt good changes and I am sure some would say a hostile overtake. The place is awesome but I know because of it there was a stain on their marriage. So sad that this has to happen. God is with them and I know they are trying their best to get through this without bringing it public I guess. This is not easy having such trials in your own family and yet walk in a world wide ministry everyday of their lives. They have been a life line to me the past 31 years I have appreciated them so very much. I pray the family doesn’t get destroyed, this would be satan’s plan to kill, steal and destroy. The pressure on them is overwhelming. They will have to trust in the Lord there is no other way. I pray the family will unite and forgiveness will overcome all adversity that is coming against them. It is a mess but our God can take a mess and make a message. God bless them all even the granddaughter. It must be hard on everyone who is on staff and I can tell they have been told not to talk about Paul Jr. I did appreciate so very much Dewight Thompson(I think is his name) who mentioned Paul Jr. around the funeral time. Thank God he did!!!! I think maybe a couple of others did. The ones who were there from the get go. I also wondered if this was why the funeral was not public because of the division the family was experiencing. Pray, Pray, Pray!!!!

  6. Ruth says:

    I agree with some of the others that as long as I have watched TBN about all you heard from Jan was all about Matt. Matt this and Matt that then it was about his wife then the their children hardly ever said anything about Paul Jr. and his family. I believe that is the main reason he has left so many times. I hope they were able to come together before Paul Sr. died. If they can’t work out things down here how will they all be together in Heaven. I don’t think Jan should have spent so much time away from Paul makes you think something else was going on that has not gotten out. Why do we not see Jan on there anymore. I hope and pray they can be a family again.

  7. Mrs Feyi says:

    I just want to see my dear Jan on faith TV. It’s all about Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

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