Paul Crouch Jr. abruptly leaves Trinity Broadcasting Network












TBN’s legal spokesman didn’t have much to say this week other than “Paul Jr. has resigned from the organization to pursue other ministry work.”
TBN is the largest Christian network in the world and was founded by Paul Crouch Sr. and his wife Jan in 1973. Paul Jr. and his brother Matthew have worked with thier parents since thier teens. In 1980 Paul Jr. went out on his own and started a successful production company.

He returned to his parents tv network in 2000 and with his brother oversaw the networks operations. Crouch Jr. divorced after an affair in 2007, and was a VP and Chief of Staff for TBN. TBN settled an employee sexual harassment suit in 2010 which named Crouch Jr. He recently oversaw the upgrading to HD and expanded TBN’s presence on digital platforms including the recent launch of  iTBN. There was no hint on twitter and Facebook this week that Crouch Jr. would abruptly leave the family business. The networks newswire was touting his achievements and goals with and for TBN just a few months ago, and he was quoted in an iTBN pr October 8th.

Update: Crouch has accepted the position of Project Manager at The Word Network, started in 2000 and based in Michigan.

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  1. Jackie V says:

    If you visit the Rapture Ready Radio podcast, you can hear a recent interview with Brittany Koper (who is Paul Crouch Jr’s daughter). Very eye opening, given this is coming from Paul and Jan Crouch’s own granddaughter who had a bird’s eye view of things and so much to lose by coming forward.

    Also if you type ”TBN” into the RRR (blog talk radio) search area, it will bring up more podcast exposes on TBN that were done in past months, exposing their greed, etc.

  2. Susan says:

    You are correct Jackie V.

  3. C.H. says:


  4. Pete Wallace says:

    While I don’t know all the facts concerning Paul Jr’s leaving TBN I can say that Mathew, unlesss he grows up, would make a poor second in command behind his father. Sad but this is the way my entire family and many friends feel.

  5. W.l. Smith says:

    Matt crouch needs to grow up. He makes me itch when( if) I watch tbn.

  6. Ellie says:

    Obviously something very serious has happened in the Crouch family. The Senior Crouches no longer live together and their oldest son left the network abruptly. They have never even acknowledged either event. They act like nothing happened. I know Christians tend to overlook things but these are serious things that should be addressed. They are a public family that want the public to support them financially and yet they owe no explanation?

  7. Robbin Nelson says:

    Honestly I am perplexed. Yes I do watch TBN, however I am very selective about the ministries that I view on TBN and the Word. Some of TBN’s long time friends seem to use manipulative teaching to get well meaning African American believers to use our vote to coincide with their political agendas. Their opinion of our sitting president is not very Christ like. African Americans have always been very accepting. I pray that this collaboration works better than some have in our past.

  8. Kathy says:

    Right On…Ellie….I’ve watched ….for years….this is AWFUL…and I did realize that
    Jan and Paul do not..what shall I say…seem together…hush hush !!!!

  9. jason says:

    just commented on why dont the tbn people give money to people that dont have people drives catas a corvettes an etc i live im henegar al i live in a small house with my wife to be tired being poor yall tbn people send some that money my way

  10. deborah foxworth says:

    I am not judging but please send soad and funds for food and gas for work please

  11. Bene Diction says:

    That’s not judging deborah, people have had the ability to know for years that the Crouch family lived of the widow’s mites and the vulnerability of the poor, the elderly…

    It’s not been a well hidden fact, it’s just that as this lawsuit unfolds, the extent of the exploitation will be one more opportunity to supporters to open their eyes and close their wallets.

  12. Janet K, Turner says:

    RE: Exploitation; greed — that’s judgmental — manipulation — don’t you folks realize that Christ is the only truth there is. Look at all the advertisements & incentive offers that bombard us every day, check out the media bias towards Republicans & Christians. Paul, Jr was under his parents’ shadow for so long, it is his time to be on his own.
    Talk about exploitation, attorneys are kings in that arena — also people who play the commodities market to push up the price of oil. If you have a sucessful business there’s someone waiting to sue you, Paul, jr has feet of clay just like we do. At 70, I have to go back to work to be able to save money & create assets. Email me if you’d rather send me money than TBN.

  13. Michael Jenkins says:

    I met the Crouches at a Cable TV convention in Anaheim some years ago. Paul Sr. seemed polite but somewhat high minded; Son Mat, who wouldn’t even give me a response or acknowledgement when I spoke to him) live up to his reputation as being egocentric and condescending — he’s really quite full of himself, so to speak. Paul Jr. was the only genuine guy I spoke to, he was cordial, interested in a conversation and it appeared to me that he was kind of the “odd man out” among the three. I was quite surprised and set back by the entire episode.

  14. brano says:

    …Christian Broadcasters Awaiting Jesus Christ’s Return Prep for Live Coverage of Messiah
    The Los Angeles Times’ Edmund Sanders reports that Daystar Television Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network have set up shop in Jerusalem studios on a hill that overlooks the Old City…….{by alex Kane}

  15. Constance says:

    He who is without sin… We, the public have a great tendency of putting people who are in the lime-light on pedestals, that’s “our” doing, not theirs. TBN is the largest and greatest Christian Network in the world. What I focus on is the daily blessing I receive when I watch TBN and it’s affiliates and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit in and on my life. I should be so breave as to compare, in public, my life with the lives of the Crouch family, their isn’t enough courage in the world for me to do that. I believe it would be far more advantageous for us to focus on the returning of our soon coming King than the human frailties of the Crouch family. Let’s keep our minds on our own salvation and less on what others are doing. There are, no doubt, people and families in this world that far out-shine any “allogations” about the Crouches, but they are not in the daily news or in the fore-front. Let us focus on what Christ said, “love your neighbor as yourself”, judge not lest ye be judge accordingly”. Let’s keep our eyes on Christ.

  16. ronald says:

    Honestly I miss PAUL jnr’s humility and believe this could have been settled in a better manner. What example are we giving to the outside people? Reconciliation is the way to go

  17. Melanie says:

    very well said Constance, our goal each day should be to keep our eyes on Him.

  18. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Connie, do you really mean what you said here? That thought is crap. Why can’t we judge righteously? Is that not the command from god? Judge not and so on, but St Paul has already judged the man who has sex with his mother-in-law, and ordered the church to remove him. This thought that no one should judge, since we are all sinners, is crap. Do you really believe that, in the face of a child, of a little girl who has been repeatedly raped, fingered, sexed, at regular intervals and we cannot judge since Jesus sad so? What if this passage is not even in the original manuscript, and you are propagating something never said? In fact, you are ‘misquoting jesus’ here. I demand you come out and apologize to the victims of these folks who were duped and sent money to support lavish lifestyles of these folks. If there is a god, I hope he will be held responsible for the craps they dump on all people and the sufferings they initiated on those poor and ill-educated.

    Let’s cast stones, boulders, and bricks, throw these jokers from the stage and purify your own bibles, and cut out the passages in the gospel of John, perhaps someone forged this gospel, not John the son of thunder? Lies do not make thing right. Cutting out passages that scribes forged will. Thanks and save my sanity.

  19. Brano says:

    Very interesting that Briercrest has not come up!?

  20. Marina says:

    Constance will not reap her salvation for she has bought into another gospel. She believes that evil is good. Her King will overlook her in that day and say “I don’t know you” because she never really got it. She never read and lived what Jesus and his disciples said about publicly rebuking the hireling and discerning the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats. If your eyes were on Him, you’d know. But they are not. Your eyes are on what you want to see. Not everyone who calls me Lord Lord…Constance is just another wanna be like the Crouches, willing to defend the deep jowls of the wolf in sheep clothing at her own peril. I am not persecuting you Constance. The truth is painful. Reality harsh. I am trying to pull you out of the burning house but you refuse. Amen.

  21. Stephen John says:

    The Honest Truth in The Kingdom of God is Free, Comforting Lies come at a price paid via check or credit card to the Kingdom of TBN, Osteen and Associates, Inc.
    “The prudent see danger and take refuge; but the simple keep going and pay the price”

    “Better the poor whose walk is rigtheous, than the rich whose ways are perverse”.

    Need more? Read proverbs 20-30, Ecclesiastes and the rest of the bible I’m not sure 80% of TBN has ever read. How can they? they are too busy devising more ways to make money. Mentioning God and Jesus means nothing. Even Satan knows them probably better than any of us to some degree at least. Did we not learn anything from the Crystal Cathedral?

  22. masterpiece says:

    Pray for the whole family. When TV evangelists fall into sin, the Kingdom suffers. Thank God we now have a variety of Christian networks to watch.

  23. Eve says:

    let him/her who is without sin cast the first stone. Jesus is who we follow, not the Crouch family. They have been very obedient to our Lord. Christians are not perfect, just forgiven. This why we are followers of Jesus. If we were perfect, we would not need Jesus our Savior.
    You cannot disappoint God because God made you and knows how you will turn out. You can only disappoint man because they place demands on you they cannot uphold either!

  24. kevin says:


  25. angela says:

    I don’t think any of the Crouches are innocent! It seems to be common knowledge around TBN that Paul jr (allegedly of course) had an affair that ended his marriage after 25 years. Jan and Paul haven’t lived together for almost twenty years but acts lovey dovey when together on screen. Matt has spent Millions of TBN dollars trying to make movies which bombed! This whole family spent millions of dollars of TBN money to finance their luxury lifestyles and even brag about on camera. Paul jr and his family(including all his children who worked at TBN) can’t feel like they holier than the rest of that family like they didn’t do anything wrong! Paul’s daughter got caught with her hand in the cookie jar so to speak and she goes and trashes her grandparents and Uncle in the most vile way! They are just a bunch of Bottom Feeders in the Cest Pool that Christian television has become in recent years.

  26. angela says:

    Let’s not forget that at least 2 men have accused Paul Sr of gay affairs (which he denied of course)! i’m sick and tired of so called “Christians” making excuses for people like this by claiming that they will be forgiven and look the other way. TV evangelists like this never change they just keep on doing the same things and people just keep sending them money! i hope people would have move discression but theird always going to be gullible people out there who are desperate who will continue to send them their hard earned money!

  27. darrell says:

    wow. it wasn’t long ago that one of the pastors I supported was kicked off tbn. by matt because he was calling out opastaY

  28. Linder Green says:

    There was always something going on Behind the Scenes way before Matt came back into the picture with his father. It was Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. Regardless to what anyone says, Paul Jr. carried the torch and is still carrying the torch for the CROUCH family. He’s the one that the Lord really shines through. He really knew how to get to the dinner table with spiritual feeding and with spiritual people. Now Matt; you and Lori keep climbing the steps up the ladder, but you will never and can never be like your God-sent brother …… PAUL, JR.

  29. Evangelist Geneva Mathis says:

    I kept wondering where was Paul Jr., and I searched the internet for his whereabout. Anyway after reading all the comments I have decide to continue following Jesus and the Holy Spirit (my bible) direction to get me to the cross! No matter what people say we still have to work out our own soul salvation, rich, poor, middle of the road, black, white, yellow, we are all precious in His sight.

  30. Kit S. says:

    One thing is for sure: when you become famous / well known and you are a Christian, you become like the duck in the shooting gallery, and the enemies of the gospel will attack with all of the fervor that they can muster.

    The scriptures teach us to “restore the fallen in a spirit of humility” lest we ourselves sin in the same way. Prayers and intercession – not judging or making everything we know “public knowledge, is the guidance from God’s word.

    As for the widows and grannies giving – - many of them know what they’re doing, and God will reward them for their acts of kindness, regardless of to whom or for what cause they have given into, and whether is is godly or a sham.

    Love covers a multitude of sins – God ‘will’ deal with his own children, and we shouldn’t rejoice over evil by telling it far and wide. ’nuff said.

  31. La Rue says:

    Paul did his work, getting the word out there. It’s sad and unfournate that all of us as Christians can’t be perfect. Anytime we think we can that very self righteouness will hang us every time! Powerful things get hold of all of us Money, sex, religion that’s a religious spirit rather than an intimate realtionship with Christ. Take heed lest you all fall! I believe The Lord said welcome home to Paul…
    I pray for Paul Jr. Gods best for him no his little brother is a flake and could never hold a candle to him! What ever Paul Jr did or didn’t do is between him and God just as with any of us who call ourselves Christians. The Crouches are going through some hell right now believe me! Even when your a believer you get cut you bleed! Everyone talks about the great awakening that’s coming but that won’t be till the great falling away!
    Keep your eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus the author and finisher of your faith!
    Don’t trust in arm of the flesh or you will have a Curse on your life.

    La Rue

    What started out in the early days was pure no doubt, the days of the shower curtain.
    My offerings went to other worthy ministries as I raised my kids be it five dollars or five hundred. When I saw the opulence of the sets it turned me off.

  32. F. Marian says:

    Total agreement with Kevin. I believe that Paul Jr. was the one that should have taken the leadership. Matt & his wife (referred to as ‘fluff head’) just don’t have it.

  33. Muta says:

    I have nothing against Mathew Crouch and his wife…I love them…a lot. But I still think Paul Crouch Sr’s rightful successor is Paul Crouch Jr. There’s just something about him…the way he presents himself…how he comes out when he is talking…so thoughtful…my God please…let him take his rightful place.

  34. lynn says:

    @Ellie et al, I agree but in reference to public support financially, why is the church financing an alleged Christian family excess? Many poor saints need help. If its for ministry…it would seem that the Crouchs theft of the Church money would be enough incentive for folks to choose other ministries to support?

  35. VanPastorMan says:

    Lynn, it’s because people will pay more money to those who tickle their ears than they will someone who truthfully preaches the Word.

  36. Gladys T. says:

    This is not a time to condemn, Those without sin cast the first stone. God is the only judge. I pray for the Crouch family that GOD will rule and guide TBN, not man. GOD is the ultimate one who forgives us from all sin. Amen. The sins that we have commited and continue to commit are forgiven through Jesus death on the cross. All have sinn and come short of the kingdom of heaven. Let us send christian messages instead of condemnation.

  37. teddybear says:

    TBN preaches a different gospel. What did Paul say about this in Galatians? He did say those who preach a different gospel should be pattycaked, kissed, hugged, slapped on the back, etc. He said they are accursed. Why? Spreading a different gospel is hindering the true gospel. Souls are at stake.

    Paul Jr. holds to the prosperity gospel. So does Matthew. So does Jan. None have an intimate relationship with Jesus or they would not grieve Him in this manner continually year after year after year after year after year. We are told to shun such people in order to deliver them a message of repent or else.

    Some of you do not know the bible. You hold humans up instead of Jesus Christ. Repent and get in the Word and be a disciple instead of a groupie.

  38. VanPastorMan says:

    Gladys, you are not saying that the church can’t judge Crouch’s doctrine and the doctrine he allowed on TBN are you? We are supposed to judge doctrine. Paul told Timothy to watch his doctrine and his life. Was Paul judging Timothy? No, he was telling him to preach the truth.
    Gladys, there is no doubt that we would never want to confront TBN during this time of grief after the passing of Paul. I agree with you on that because when you are mourning then you need comfort not condemnation. But the day will come when the time of grief will be over and God will be watching what TBN allows on the airwaves.

  39. teddybear says:

    Paul told the Corinthians to expel the immoral personal among them. He told them to hand him over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh so that his spirit will be saved. He said if a “brother” is greedy or immoral, to cast them from your midst. So, if one begs on tv, if one manipulates on tv, or allows it, that person is immoral and greedy. According to Paul, we are then to stop watching TBN, and cast it from our midst. We are not to do anything less. Wake up people.

  40. Essie Little says:

    GOD is our judge, he said judge not least you be judged. No man knows another man’s servant, man looks on the out side GOD see’s his heart. If any of you is without sin you cast the first stone!!!!!! If you have a problem with the wealth this man had consider Abraham the Lord made him rich , Solomon is known today as the richest man who ever lived. When we make it home to heaven we will walk on streets of Gold,and thats just a small taste of the riches we have on high. GOD made heaven and earth the whole universe the whole of creation and things we can’t even began to imagine. We are all saved by grace none of us are righteous , his Son Jesus is our righteous it is the gift of GOD, he so knew all well ,if we could we would boast on our filthy self righteousness. When you back bite and gossip you sound like the enemy of us all. Satan is called the accuser of the brethren but you so called saints are stealing his job from him. Well done you spiritual giants. How many people have you reached for Christ? Go and do the job this man has done in the way you wish he had!!!!!!! He is home with Father GOD and I just bet he is not being asked about how many houses he had or how many jet’s he had. He is with Our Father In Heaven and he is welcome with shouts of joy and arms wrapped around him ,and pure love flowing from the Father to his Sons return to him.” Well Done Paul”

  41. Lisa Sanchez says:

    I am writing this after Paul Sr. has passed away. I feel so bad as I watch some of the specials aired about the life of Paul Sr. because I do not see Paul Jr. anywhere. I pray that Jan and Matt open their hearts to Paul Jr. And his family and let these old wounds heal, “life is too short people, come on and practice what the word of GOD says. God Bless Paul Jr. And his family, and Matt, Laurie and their sons and Jan, I hope they do right by each other. God bless you all reading this too!

  42. D says:

    I used to watch TBN about every night years ago. Then for some reason I just got fed up with it all. It just all became a big blur. Was TBN on the level? I don’t know so I’m just going to say this. I did not know the Crouch’s. I know they supposedly had a ton of money. So how about we all do this. How about we all let God be the judge?

  43. sandrasattler says:

    Call it spiritual discernment, but anyway i watched matt yrs ago and he definitely don’t have the anointing of God on him. I thought Paul jr was sincere and godly.

  44. Josh says:

    I don’t think anyone should “Judge a book by its cover.” As I have grown up watching T.B.N, I can say that there were times when Mr.Matt Crouch did seem a bit childish but after his ordination as future president I saw a definite change in his whole demeanor and like the Bible says a speech seasoned with salt. He seems to be more calculated in his approach and wiser on a whole. Give him a chance after all none of us is better than the other. We are all saved by Grace not works.

  45. Carolyn Norris says:

    The majority of comments here are attacks. For some reason, the flesh loves to condemn, character assassinate, back bite, discredit, accuse . That is all the work of the devil. You people making comments that demean any body have no business calling yourself a follower of Christ. You point your finger at someone to accuse them. Jesus said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Scripture says, “the measure which you judge will be the measure you will be judged”. Jesus calls us to Love others as much as we love ourself. God is the Judge, not man. The point to be made here is God is glorified by TBN preaching the Gospel in every corner of the Globe. People who have not been told The Good News are being saved. Thanks to The TBN partners and especially for the mission God gave Paul and Jan to go into all the world via Satelite to make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the harvest is ready but the Laborers are few, so God brought TBN via satellite to the world, thanks to Paul and Jan and all who became TBN partners. Now we see the evil one at work planting seeds of destruction. God will bring about good all that you meant for destruction. As Paul said in close of his program,”Let everything that has breath, PRAISE The Lord”. STOP this fighting among yourselves. Honor God in everything you THINK, DO, and SAY. Thank God for who he is and who God is calling you to be. Love each other because God first loved us and sent his son into the world, Not to Condemn the world but that through him, the wod might be saved. Amen. Come Lord Jesus

  46. i,m from trinidad i had lost my cable for a while i kept wondering since i got back my cable ,why haven,t i been seeing the jr croach?even after the death of snr. croach had passed on ,tonight tho it just ackered i can get some info off the net.which have proven to me i did not make some major mix up,what really made me aware he was part of that network and he did exist is all through the times i looked at tbn there was nothing execpt this one time a pastor sent his condolences he did not send it to mat only but also to paul croach snr.i use to love looking at tbn you was one of the few people that seem to relate to people on a genuin level.i always use to flip the channel whenever mat came on tho……

  47. Mike says:

    Thank you Paul, Jan, Dwight and Jerry both of your wifes …you all have done so much to spread the living WORD….JESUS FORGIVE THE JUDGES THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO…i am hopeful you all find peace and let the TBN FAMILY HAVE PEACE

  48. Princess says:

    Christians, who can’t seem to discern the evil that lurks in the darkness, will be the same ones defending the anti-Christ. Thinking that they are doing the will of God. How sad. God abhors evil, so should we. We, as Christians, should not think, well God will handle it. We are His representation in the earth. Anything short of a miracle is perform through the saints. Do the Lord really need to perform a miracle to make right what He has given us the authority to do? Always remember, God does all things decently and in order.

  49., says:

    I read a lot of articles here. Sadly most of them in some way stood up for the Crouches. I have a problem with that: here is the deal. Chapter 5 of first Corinthins instructs us what todo. Before we give teachings that do not line up with the Bible a free ride I think we really should look at scripture. The rain falls on the just and unjust. There is not one place where Jesus teaches us that that if we are sick or bad things are happening it is because of sin in our lives. That may be partially true, where does it say Christians should be rich. My Bible says we will have tribulation. Live sometimes in poverty. If your bibles say something else get new ones.

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