Paul Crouch Jr. abruptly leaves Trinity Broadcasting Network












TBN’s legal spokesman didn’t have much to say this week other than “Paul Jr. has resigned from the organization to pursue other ministry work.”
TBN is the largest Christian network in the world and was founded by Paul Crouch Sr. and his wife Jan in 1973. Paul Jr. and his brother Matthew have worked with thier parents since thier teens. In 1980 Paul Jr. went out on his own and started a successful production company.

He returned to his parents tv network in 2000 and with his brother oversaw the networks operations. Crouch Jr. divorced after an affair in 2007, and was a VP and Chief of Staff for TBN. TBN settled an employee sexual harassment suit in 2010 which named Crouch Jr. He recently oversaw the upgrading to HD and expanded TBN’s presence on digital platforms including the recent launch of  iTBN. There was no hint on twitter and Facebook this week that Crouch Jr. would abruptly leave the family business. The networks newswire was touting his achievements and goals with and for TBN just a few months ago, and he was quoted in an iTBN pr October 8th.

Update: Crouch has accepted the position of Project Manager at The Word Network, started in 2000 and based in Michigan.

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  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    Woah…anything yet on why?

  2. Rick Hiebert says:

    A guess…

    I see that Paul Jr. is involved with

    I was recently reading Tim Chey’s novel Final, which I enjoyed. At the end of the novel there is a Q and A with Chey. Chey directs Christian movies and he mentions a tax advantage that helps Americans support Christian films. Apparently, all that they donate to a Christian movie project that is made in a way that is tax-deductable can be 100% deductable on your taxes in the US. It’s no longer spread out over time, but you can write off all of your donation in the year that you donate. (This was brought in as part of a 2004 US jobs creation bill.)

    How this would work I am not sure, but Chey sees it as a definite advantage for those who want to help. [Chey gives producer credits to his donors, eve, I think, small ones.]

    Maybe this is a much more attractive model for Paul Crouch Jr. Christian movie projects could be seen as a lot more fun and interesting than the usual evangelism model. It may be much easier to raise money for films than evangelism.

    (Remember that Patricia King is starting to make little movies and trying to take over social media…maybe she has twigged onto the same reasons as Paul Jr has…)

  3. Bene Diction says:

    When your son not only leaves his job, but is no longer a member of the board, and is not given a send off, I can’t see how this was amiable.

    There is gossip online from TBN fans, but nothing that can be substantiated.

  4. Bene D says:

    Courch Jr. certainly has the skills to work in movies, it appears he did fine with his production houses before heading back to TBN to help dad and mom.

    The Sherwood brothers have gotten attention now that movie #4 is going to surpass #3 in box office sales (let alone product sales), and they are starting to show good production value and less preachy scripts.

    The US ‘Christian’ market is huge, Fox, Sony etc are in it, I could see Jr. wanting to make his mark. His brother Matt has his own company Gener8Xion Entertainment and Code Productions.

    Even if Crouch Jr. left TBN under tense circumstances, he’s connected enough in the media industry to write his own ticket.

  5. Susan says:

    If you run a christian ministry like a family business, then I’m thinking there was a lot of tension. That is, if there was not any indication, and this was an abrupt resignation. If Paul Crouch, Jr. came on board to help his elderly parents in 2000, then they would need him more now than ever. Sometimes I think, even with the best of appearances, obstacles get tangled into the mix. For any family, nothing is worth a broken relationship. If that is the case, I hope they resolve it soon.

  6. ___ says:

    Maybe he had his fill of the gift crap with tbn’s logo on it and decided to part ways.

    Jack Van Impe spoke recently on his broadcast about the two Crouch brothers something to the effect that they aren’t as godly as their parents. Also said that the younger of the two or his dad “lied.” However, it was probably the younger of the brothers responsible for TBN dumping JVIM in favor of the forked tongue Rick Warren and the Crystal Cathedral etc. Most people dislike him more than this brother that just left.

    Perhaps this is God cleaning house, or a power struggle inside a “family” business that oversees vast power and money raised from people that either want to help preach the Gospel around the world OR are in great need believing they will be helped by making a huge faith promise they are always pushing on their fund raising campaigns.

    A lot of good Christians regard most of the programming as trash and on very shaky Biblical ground. In these days of apostacy, we sure have a lot of heretics, wolves in sheep’s clothing, compromising preachers and liars all over the air at TBN and in the churches. I’m all for God cleaning house but my guess is things will get worse not better on TBN’s network. Regardless, I wish Paul Jr. well, and perhaps this is the best for him and others.

  7. Shay says:

    All specuations……….

  8. Bene Diction says:

    Agreed Shay:

    TBN is not broadcast in Canada (though not for lack of trying). The Miracle Channel is nicknamed TBN north, and is run by like minded Canadians.

    From what I understand from our US friends, Paul Crouch Jr. does not adhere to to most of the aberrant teaching his parents do.
    At any rate, he’s moved on.

  9. strelicija says:

    i love tbn

  10. Christian Sister says:

    How do you know that Paul, Jr. had an affair?

    I remember writing once to an editor at Charisma magazine, asking why (to my knowledge) Charisma never published anything about Paul, Jr.’s divorce.

    The response I received was that they had tried to investigate the situation but that TBN was not cooperating.

  11. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Christian Sister:

    The Superior Court of California
    Divorce granted May 13, 2007.
    Case # 06D004503

    I’ve read rumours online he was/is? involved with Melissa Scott – widow of Dr. Gene Scott.
    I can appreciate Charisma wouldn’t touch this – they aren’t a news organization and they won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

  12. Christian Sister says:

    Thanks for replying, so quickly!

    With regard to Charisma magazine, I sent negative information regarding Marcus and Joni Lamb (and some others) to Charisma, in the past. They never responded. They also delete many negative comments that people make about various televangelists and mega-church pastors.

    The editor who did reply that he was trying to find out the truth regarding Paul Crouch, Jr.’s divorce seemed to be frustrated. His superiors probably did not want to upset the Crouches, as you mentioned.

    I’m not certain how to access the Paul Crouch, Jr. divorce information that you gave but I will try to figure it out.

    Is there any link that you would be willing to post here?

    The allegations in the sexual harassment lawsuit are absolutely shocking.

    On the other hand, Paul, Sr. seems to be developing a reputation for being quite drawn to younger gay men. (What a horrifying thought.)

    When I was a teenager, I gave my life savings (USD $1,000) to help Jan and Paul Crouch, Sr. get TBN started.

    Over the last few years, my eyes have been opened to the never-ending list of wicked con artists, such as the Paul & Jan Crouch family, Kenneth Copeland, Mike Murdock, Benny Hinn, Paula White, T. D. Jakes, Zachary Tims, Clarence McClendon, “Bishop” Eddie Long (“Mr. Steroids”?), Marcus & Joni Lamb, etc.

    Many mega-church pastors are corrupt, greedy egomaniacs, as well as many televangelists.

    The same goes for some pastors of small-sized churches, here in my area.

    I don’t know where — or how — to find a decent church any more, whether non-charismatic, evangelical, charismatic or even old mainline Christian denominations. . .

  13. Bene D says:

    Hi Christian Sister:

    Superior Court of California Orange County

    a) Click on Online services
    b) Click on Case index search
    c) Click accept terms
    d) enter case #

    It’s listed – some of the documents are available for a price.
    Paul Crouch Jr. was the petitioner, Tawny Crouch was the respondent.

    I’m sorry you are having difficulty finding a church. I guess when we don’t know how to find a decent church, the best thing to do is wait and listen, God hasn’t left or abandoned you. Sounds like you’ve been in a time of learning and maturing in your faith.

  14. Christian Sister says:

    Hi Bene D:

    Thanks so much for the information.

    Yes, you are right. I will continue to wait and listen.

    Here is a link to what Jack Van Impe said regarding TBN and the Crouch family:

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  17. Shay says:

    Let us all pray for one another. We all have our frailties & unless the Holy Spirit lives and works through us, we are all subject to fall …. and fail the lord miserably … <3

  18. cindy says:

    i can’t believe it .I just can’t that’s what I call crazy and stupid ya know

  19. DNA says:

    @Cindy Re: Shay

    I can’t believe it either. I just can’t!

    Recent studies funded by the Templeton Foundation concluded prayer doesn’t work. And 6 recent studies on the power of prayer weren’t any more convincing. Seems the lord failed miserably.

    Here’s the link to the research … I agree It’s crazy and stupid ya know to pray for one another.

    .. and now a word from the blog Troll.

  20. brano says:

    Once again,just another opinion….”research”…Questionable at best!
    another feeble jab,priend
    Thousands of other bonifide research studies,prove you to be in error again
    Try not to let your emotions get in the way!

  21. DNA says:

    Spoken like a troll.

    Templeton are a Christian organization.

  22. brano says:

    I would hardly call Templeton christian!
    Liberal at best!…LMAO

  23. DNA says:

    Brano …

    Had the study (or ANY of them actually been positive) you would have prostituted the “liberal” Templeton Foundation with all the other sore losers from the highest towers of the largest churches.

    Please direct your criticism concerning the results of this (and all the thousands of other negative studies) to the appropriate person. Meanwhile, we look forward to another multi million dollar study on prayer that fails to find god.

  24. brano says:

    Will keep that in mind dood…zzz
    “Stats” and “studies” can “prove “most anything…..
    I know there is huge research and study going on in Europe now,…proving that pigs do indeed fly

  25. DNA says:

    Sour grapes – it’s just that there aren’t many studies supportive of the faith. Better luck in your next life doode.

  26. DNA says:

    Brano ..

    Appreciate the opportunity to provide this link. Readers may come to their own conclusions… Do I hear the sound of a nail in the coffin?

  27. brano says:

    LMAO…”it’s just that there aren’t many studies supportive of the faith”
    You obviously have not done your home work!

  28. DNA says:

    Oh dear! Who do we believe? Questions, questions, questions!

    Do we believe the blog troll who never supports any statements?

    Or – are we obliged to believe Templeton who began the study a decade ago and involved more than 1,800 patients. Oh my goodness shall we NOT believe the leader of the study, Dr. Benson, a devout Christian, who in his work has emphasized the soothing power of personal prayer and meditation? Oh the dilemma! Do we believe Brano the Troll, or think of the $2.4 million spent, with most of the money from the John Templeton Foundation. How much has the troll invested in his own studies? Do we even care that the government has spent more than $2.3 million on prayer research since 2000. Just what are we to think of a 1997 study at the University of New Mexico, involving 40 alcoholics in rehabilitation, found that the men and women who knew they were being prayed for actually fared worse. Do we believe the Troll – or the study?

  29. brano says:


  30. brano says:

    Obvious “higher education’ & “enlightenment” in action….lol

  31. DNA says:

    @Brano “I know there is huge research and study going on in Europe now,…proving that pigs do indeed fly”

    As a matter of fact …

  32. DNA says:

    End of discussion .. I win.

  33. brano says:

    I believe I have already stated that “research”,is proving that pigs do indeed fly!?

  34. mj says:

    @ Brano and DNA: get a room and get it over with already! This post is supposed to be about boring Paul Crotch Junior. Stick to subject!

  35. wahu says:

    where is the world heading to. I was tought by the same bible that if two people in christ diagree they talk privately, if they don’t agree they go to small comunity and if still don’t agree they go to a higher council. this went on air. it is ok to preach the full gospel and also be carefull on unleashing your anger in public I know TBN has been presenting gospel all over the world and many people have given their life thru TBN. this is even going to confuse those who are non believer when two popular christian are fighting on air what about the hurt and confused who we are all trying to reach.

  36. wahu says:

    I pray that gospel will still be preached. Christians wake up this is a very critical moment that the gospel need to be preached. God put into people to give for the sake of preaching the Word of God and i pray that it will continue.

  37. craig says:

    Paul Crouch Jr. will never leave TBN because he gets $ a month to live on and he always on behind the sence program and I seen TBN grow over years and they to me have done alot with chirsten money and that all money that take in they have pay the 10 percent of all money they take in TBN and that alot money to pay to church each month to.

  38. Bene Diction says:


    He did leave TBN, and has gone to another religious network. Some of the changes he made at TBN remain.

  39. Chrissy says:

    I like Paul Crouch jr more than his brother. Mathew Crouch is annoying and isn’t funny at all. He makes fun and disrespects different pastors (My favorite Joel Osteen) as well as his parents. And his wife is just trying too hard to be a Jan wanna-be. I liked Paul Crouch jr’s professionalism and he is much more mature. He will be missed :(

  40. Robert says:

    Maybe this helps explain why he left… His daughter is blowing the whistle…

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  42. Bene D says:

    Good catch Robert, thanks.

  43. VanPastorMan says:

    I never know how to react to stories on the internet. Is Melissa Scott a former pornstar? Did Paul Crouch Jr have an affair with her?Did Paul Crouch Sr really have sex with men? My problem is that I am not in the middle of these stories. I can’t really know if they are true or not. If they are true, then their sin will find them out. If they are not then I don’t want to spread falsehood. BTW, when the comment was made above that Matt Crouch’s wife was trying to be a Jan wannabe, I was very saddened. His wife is a very pretty woman and should not seek this kind of status.

  44. Bene Diction says:

    While our sin will find us out, and rumours are a part of life, and spreading falsehood bites the person spreading them, I don’t think we are to be complacent. One of the major difficulties with televangelists is employee confidentiality agreements which prevent harm to others. If an employee knows the law is being bent and doesn’t speak up (or tells authorities and nothing happens) then others wind up in a toxic workplace and people give their money to a business that is not operating ethically.

    Since many of these people are celebrities they are going to be targets, I get that, and as believers it is important we don’t add to the problem.

    The TBN departure of Jr. coincides with information laid out in the latest suit against TBN.The allegations brought before the court will be proven or disproven if there isn’t a confidential settlement. Jr. divorced in 2007, that’s a fact, even if why is speculative.

  45. Margret Hamilton says:

    I know the Catholic Church has great sin amongst some of its clergy and bishops, so no institution appears exempt from human failure. And perhaps this is not the time and place to bring this up, but I have to say there is so much Scriptural evidence for purgatory it cannot be avoided. There are scores of holy saints that have come afterwards testifying to its reality. Can not Protestant doctrine come to see this? Is God going to take a poor 12 year old child in India to heaven because he has not reached the age of accountability, but the moment he turns 13 he is now destined for hell because he has not accepted Jesus as his Savior? This is not God! God is both justice and mercy. God does not send the “lukewarm Christian” mentioned in Revelations to hell. He goes to purgatory to be purified and purged of his continuous sins. How can it be any other way? God is not sending the great majority of His creation to hell. His mercy will not allow it.

  46. pam Nowell says:

    I am surprised to hear that Jack Van Impe “quit” TBN. I was feeling sorry for him thinking he had been dismissed. Not so. Of course the offers from everywhere else will be appealing. Guess who is behind that? The enemy is overplaying his hand once again.

    Reaching for all the good deals may not have everlasting value. Reconciliation has everlasting value.

    As viewers we are not partial. We want to be a good witness to the unbelieving world. What about the Lord’s heart.

    Not knowing any of the details I long to see the Crouch family reconciled and Paul, Jr back with TBN. As a parent and grandparent I realize time is short for our generation and it is imperative things are made right quickly.

    Those on the front line on TV carry a much larger witness which should preclude any opportunity to pick up offense and display it over the airwaves in full color.

    The words of our mouth have the power to bless or curse. So what do they do with that?


  47. Well.I’ve been trying to find out what happened to Paul Crouch,Jr.,to no avail. Frankly,when all is said and done,it’s irrelevant;as a Spirit-Filled servant of God of 35 years standing and a lay-theologian of 22 years, I’ve found little to recommend TBN(except sometimes they show great movies!);they have little theological depth and have an inordinate concern for money for satellites-which is fine as far as it goes if and when the True Gospel is being preached,not the feel-good,world-loving,Americanized,capitalistic/materialistic pseudo”gospel”being spewed out by religious hucksters.So…that’s my take.Paul Crouch stated baldly that they endorse this false”gospel”which is specifically designed to…”Make merchandise”…of the naïve,the gullible,and the spiritually undiscerning.These religious racketeers count on the sad fact that too many Christians don’t bother opening their Bibles until they’re sitting in the pews on Sunday morning,so once they tune in to the TBN spinmeisters the rest of the week,they’re ripe for the pickings;a little masterful tweaking and parseing of the relevant passages,and the money starts rolling in.(Remember Robert Tilton’s $1,000″vow of faith”? It can from Psalm 50:14)-At any rate,there you have it.Heed,and reflect,and may the True and Living God bless us all.

  48. Susan says:

    People are far more valuable than the organization in a building, that calls themselves a church. I believe there are those who humble themselves, that represents a faithful remnant, that are not an organiztion. Can the organization humble itself? Does the organization humble itself with lack of pride? To the people, God’s word speaks that the humble shall inherit the earth and much more. His words are so much more than an organization! A least the one made by man’s hands.

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