Paul Crouch Jr. abruptly leaves Trinity Broadcasting Network

TBN Facebook

TBN Facebook

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  1. John Crouch says:

    Why did PAUL JR. leave?

  2. Bene Diction says:

    Good question. TBN didn’t say (wouldn’t say). New opportunties is meaningless, given the lawsuit launched against his daughter’s family which was dropped and now the two lawsuits launched by her family, he probably decided to get out while the going was good.

  3. cathy says:

    This whole thing seems like a big mess…..with TBN. They have done amazing work, however we need to keep them in our prayers.

  4. p naidu says:

    Is there any chance of Paul junior coming back. We miss him and TBN is not the same without him.

  5. Bene Diction says:

    The NY Times has an article on TBN which says that there was a power struggle between the two brothers.
    Given Paul Jr. has a job with another network, it’s unlikely, but I don’t know.

  6. LaPri Briscoe says:

    I’ve missed Paul Crouch, Jr. How can this be with such a powerful, and I thought, a loving family? I’ve watched TBN for years and will miss the closeness I thought in this family! I hope that things can be straightened out. Is this one of the reasons Jack Hayford is leaving TBN to start on Daystar tv? God is in control and we all will have to answer for our works on this earth, right and wrong, out of the books keeping tabs in heaven. To God be the glory! LaPri

  7. Jan Swaney says:

    When we are in a leadership for The Lord we do not sleep with no one but your mate that God gave you.this hurts and even kills baby saints God help us that our praise will please you , many strips for the fools back again Lord help us please to serve you with the whole heart becouse you demand the whole heart with my whole will I praise you my actions are before you help me to please you with my actions .we that are in front live a life that will be a blessing and our Father not be a shame of our work . God Bless and strengthen our leaders !!!

  8. Troy says:

    It was a AFFAIR like 95% of the HEALTH/WEALTH CULT Leaders ” So called pastors ” Since the 1970′s with their LIES,$$$ and Affairs etc

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