Faytene forgets to type :) or is on the way to buy ammo? ;)

By Rick Hiebert.All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

An odd exchange on Faytene Grasseschi’s Facebook Wall a few days ago.

Her friend, Sean Feucht, who is involved with the upcoming The Cry Hollywood, posts on her Wall, and Faytene replies.

I hope she replied tongue in cheek.

It reads this way…emphasis mine:

Sean Feucht:

So bummed I didnt get to properly show you and around my town better. So slammed this week with a quick turnaround and already at the airport headed out. Kate and I love you guys and wanna do more together! I’ll be praying into LA for real!
November 6 at 3:00am near Harrisburg, PA ·

Faytene Grasseschi LOVED being in Harrisburg. Next time you will have to take us on the outer-town so we can kill some small animals in the bush or something. So happy you are running with us for TheCRY. Will talk soon!November 6 at 4:58pm

She is probably, almost certainly, kidding in some way. But the idea of Faytene taking a gun and hunting something–if she is–is a bit unusual for an evangelist. It’s worth making a brief note of, if she is being serious and one day we see a picture of her with a deer she has hunted. [Me, I don't think she is the hunting type.]

Anyways, I can also mention that two of her “friends” on Facebook, one more conservative than the other theologically, were having a disagreement on theological matters. Instead of deleting the exchange, as she has done in the past, she asked politely that they not fight on her Facebook Wall.

As we ponder the mental image of Faytene perhaps (honestly I kind of doubt it) being the type of person who might enjoy shooting at some squirrels with a 30.06, we can note that Faytene could be developing good Internet matters.

For now, I am off to do a Google search for “how to donate body armour suits to squirrels”. Just in case, you understand.

[Large :)]

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7 Responses to Faytene forgets to type :) or is on the way to buy ammo? ;)

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    Bene D,

    Perhaps if you know “Crasher Squirrel” from this earlier post on Faytene…


    …you might suggest that he, well, duck.

    Just in case…

    Large ;)

  2. Rick Hiebert says:

    No offense meant to Faytene, of course. If I were to make a point it would be “Please let us in on the joke, before we start putting bullets in your collection plates.”

  3. John Payzant says:

    Faytene ‘killing some small animals in the bush’ sounds like an offshoot of her ‘kick em when they’re down’ attitude.

    Since she’s not a nice person anyways, I’m not too suprised that she’d type something like that.

    Once Faytene’s two ‘Friends’ on Facebook start to direct their one more conservative than the other attention at Faytene could open up a real bees’ nest!

  4. brano says:

    Faytene has just wrapped up The Call Detroit 11.11.11
    A bizarre mix of people,seemed like Alot of Striving,and Hoop jumping was going on!
    Many well know NAR folks there,naturally,
    Now she is headed my way for a week to “Siege on the City”

  5. brano says:

    …..Seems like Faytene G & Sean F,have alot in common!?
    This is how the Elijah List then go onto describe Sean Feucht – notice along with the NAR claptrap the blatant dominionism -

    “Sean Feucht is completely consumed by the heart of God for the hour we live in, which has ignited deep within him the unquenchable desires of a forerunner: to bring the Kingdom of God to the nations of the world and to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. God has placed on Sean a Davidic Psalmist Anointing that beckons the Spirit of God to come and realease His life-changing power and glory.

    Sean and his beautiful bride, Kate, are the founders and directors of Burn 24-7: powerful, prolonged experiences of worship to God and intercession for the nations. Their undying vision is to ignite and establish places of continual worship and prayer that will affect the spiritual atmospheres, climates, and cultures of cities and regions for the Kingdom of God.”

  6. Bene D says:

    TheCall Detroit wasn’t as well attended as prior events, with reports saying about a fifth of the 50 thousand anticipated showing up. Detroit media did a good job in getting out the word that Engle’s agenda is not benign; one of the benefits of NAR being front and centre for Rick Perry’s ‘Response.”

    It was good to see local Detroit ministers do their homework and back out of participating.

    I watched a few minutes on GodTV, I see Engle had some classic Engle theatre onstage with discredited Kamal Saleem (aka Khodor Shami) carrying on.
    It amazes me that attendees just buy into these performances uncritically( same as others have with Ergun Caner).
    Google is our friend, but when people want their ears tickled and their spiritual high, I guess it doesn’t matter who delivers.

    ” “On 11-11-11, the Lord just clearly showed to us that you got to pray all night long because it’s when the Muslims sleep. And all of over the world, Muslims are having dreams of Jesus.”
    ““We need Jesus’ face to appear all across America,” Lou Engle Detroit November 11/11

    I wonder if Mrs. Grasseschi’s friend eats what he kills?

  7. brano says:

    I would say that Anything is possible with NAR folks, like Engle,Bickle,Sheets….!!!

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