Jeanette Hawkins vs Daystar Television update

Last year Daystar Television founders Joni and Marcus Lamb used their television show Celebration and appearances on other network shows to claim they were being extorted by former employees who filed civil suits against them. Police investigated the extortion claim and found no wrongdoing; the lawyer for former employee Jeanette Hawkins had notified Daystar lawyers a few weeks prior there would be a filing. Daystar then filed a countersuit.

Now James Fisher, the lawyer for  Hawkins, who was a former Daystar marketing director, has notified the court she takes a nonsuit with prejudice in action against the plaintiffs.

The Hawkins civil case which was filed in December 2010 alleging fraud and defamation was set for trial in March 2012.

In the tv appearances last year Marcus Lamb admitted an affair with a former Daystar executive. His denomination, Church of God, suspended him from duties until he completed a restoration process.

A civil suit was filed in state court by former employee Jennifer Falcon in February 2011, and the former producer of The Joni Show, Karen Thompson filed a discrimination suit in federal court in March.

If I am understanding terminology correctly, taking a nonsuit with prejudice means the plaintiff has dismissed their lawsuit and will not re-file. The parties in Hawkins vs Marcus Lamb/Word of God Fellowship Inc doing business as Daystar Television Network have been in court ordered mediation.

Daystar Television pr:

We are pleased the lawsuits against Daystar and related defendants have been dropped and that this resolution involves no payment of any kind to the three former plaintiffs or their attorney,” said Arnold Torres, business administrator for Daystar in a release.

With the dismissal of the claims of Jeanette Hawkins, Karen Thompson and Jennifer Falcon, and without Daystar receiving any financial compensation, the network has agreed to drop its own lawsuit brought against the three individuals in Tarrant County, Texas. This action formally ends all litigation associated with the parties.

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9 Responses to Jeanette Hawkins vs Daystar Television update

  1. Bene Diction says:

    Thanks seahawk. I added the pr from Daystar to the update.

  2. seahawk says:

    help me to understand the two december 16th papers. . . .?

  3. Bene D says:

    Hi seahawk: As far as I understand, everyone has agreed not to go to trial (filed by the plaintiff) and Daystar has to pay the court costs for Hawkins.

  4. yavenia says:

    Marcus said that Daystar didnt have to pay anything in a meeting he had with all the staff in december

  5. salt says:

    do you know if daystar is having financial problems?

  6. Bene D says:

    Hi salt:

    I don’t know – they don’t publish financial information. I see Daystar continues to make acquisitions (expand their market).

  7. Salt says:

    Who is Daystar ie Marcus / Joni doing since all the lawsuits are over?

  8. Bene Diction says:

    Not much – in competition with TBN – they have tv cameras pointed at the Mt. of Olives so they can capture the rapture.

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