Todd Bentley punches man with a broken sternum in the chest

Thanks to Right Wing Watch for pulling this clip from Rick Joyner’s Tuesday Prospective Prophecies program.

Bentley brags about a lot of things in the full video, his ‘open visions,’ his healing services, his anointing and authority; in this clip he brags about ‘the Lord’ telling him to punch a man with a broken sternum and broken ribs who supposedly came up for prayer at Morningside in his first public meeting since Lakeland. (December 18 2009?) This fellow is supposedly named Craig, was supposedly suffering from stage 4 cancer, and who Joyner says is an employee of Morningside. Joyner and Bentley take cues from each other, and Joyner hastens to inject that Bentley hasn’t punched anyone since.
Since ‘the Lord’ told him to whallop Craig, how long is it going to be before ‘the Lord’ tells Bentley to punch someone else?
Craig apparently was in a truck accident, was separated and depressed as well as having stage 4 cancer. Note how many times Bentley uses the term ‘the Lord said’ or ‘the Lord told me.’

“Don’t try this at home unless this is the Lord.”

Joyner attempts to justify this supposed restored behavior by saying Jack Coe and Smith-Wigglesworth hit people. Joyner says if it isn’t ‘the Lord,’ Bentley would be sued. Craig just happens to be in the studio and steps in to chat with Joyner and Bentley. The punching Craig story starts about 9:02, in the full video, and Bentley does some cold reading. Bentley leads Craig into conversation into a root of bitterness and anger which caused Craig’s infirmities (spirit of cancer) and brags about his ‘words of knowledge’ and ‘vision’ and ‘word of the Lord’. Craig doesn’t offer to provide medical records for his supposed liver cancer, depression or broken bones. Bentley says earlier Craig had lung cancer. God doesn’t know the organs of the body and which ones need His touch? If you can stand to watch the full video, the unsubstantiated claims get even crazier as Joyner and Bentley plan to sell DVD’s and do a series on healing.


This is Bentley restored?

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6 Responses to Todd Bentley punches man with a broken sternum in the chest

  1. brano says:

    It does not surprise me in the slightest,to see,that Bentley,who was “restored” by Joyner {who happens to be a Knight of Malta}…and to see the utter madness continue!

  2. Rick Hiebert says:

    Unfortunately, yes… good spotting!

  3. Susan says:

    Craig appears to have a long medical history. It would not be difficult to substantiate the healing with his documented records. Then, Rick and Todd would not have to sell a DVD or be so long winded with their boasting about a healing. Unless, the claims can’t be proven. I think Craig could enlighten us all with just some of his medical documentation, then the truth could be revealed.

  4. John Payzant says:

    Although not suprised at what Todd Bentley did is terrible.

    This, ‘bam, bam, the Lord told me……’, sort of stuff am suspicious of it as well.

    Healing can and does happen from time to time anyways.

    Medical records before and after will prove and confirm to any new things that have occurred as far as a healing is concerned.

    If all of this is really true will be proved through the person’s medical records.

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