PBI alumnist, North Carolina minister threatens to sue PBI abuse survivors

A US minister is threatening the spokesperson for Prairie Bible Institute abuse survivors, and by extension, PBI survivors with a lawsuit.

Fred Whaples,  a church planter in Concord North Carolina, attended Prairie Bible Institute. (1990/1992)  He has issued a warning of intent to sue against Linda Fossen, a spokesperson for the Facebook group We were Prairie bible school kids, where people who allege abuse while at Prairie Bible Institute have gathered.
Whaples bills himself as the lead servant at The Village Church; he also runs a counselling service offering marriage counselling, life coaching, addictions, crisis counselling, family counselling and personal improvement services. The Village Church is affiliated with Church of God, Anderson.

The Facebook group We were Prairie Bible School Kids went private in December after significant verbal assaults by some PBI alumni. The Facebook group was public prior to world wide media attention in November when PBI President Mark Maxwell issued  an announcement that he had taken presented allegations of abuse by individuals connected with Prairie Bible Institute to the RCMP. (pages from the Facebook group We were Prairie Bible School Kids were taken by PBI admin to Three Hills RCMP). Whaples had commented at the abuse survivor Facebook group prior to the group going private, and if I remember correctly he was kicked off for being belligerent and argumentative. This is Whaples intent  letter to Linda Fossen and the survivors group, dated January 25th:

Here is a breakdown of Florida defamation law from the Citizen Media Law Project.

Whaples spearheaded an online alumni fund-raiser for PBI over Christmas, raising over 4 thousand dollars.

It is believed that Whaples is one of the Survivor Fund Project team members who formed to be listeners to PBI abuse survivors, and there is speculation the money he raised is funding the Survivor Fund Project.  I have asked Survivor Fund Project spokesperson Jim Crites if Whaples is one of the approximately 20 member alumni Survivor Fund Project, and I will update or correct the above accordingly when I receive a response. (see update below)

It is also not known if Whaples has notified PBI administration of his intentions, I’ve inquired and if I get a response, I’ll post it.

This is potentially a set back. Following the December alumni letter from PBI President Mark Maxwell outlining the steps PBI was taking, there has been some behind the scenes forward movement between what has been strained communication between PBI admin, survivors and supporters. While PBI is not responsible for the behavior of oppositional alumni, (there are about 16 thousand alumni) PBI has not publicly asked the few who have been publicly upset with the abuse survivors who have ended their silence; to temper their hostility and show some patience and charity.
There were about 160 members of the Facebook group We were Prairie Bible School Kids before the group went private in December; an offshoot public FB page for Prairie Bible Institute Abuse Survivors is available.

Update: *Jim Crites (Survivor Fund Project):  Fred Whaples is not a member of the Survivor fund project / healing team.  His rundraising project for PBI at Christmas was his own initiative and was completely unrelated to the Survivor Fund.  There was no coordination between the two, in case anyone wonders!

Update: I asked Mark Maxwell if Fred Whaples had notified PBI of his intent to sue and if PBI had a statement. Maxwell says, “this has nothing to do with Prairie, so PBI has no statement to make.”
Ruth Maxwell (a relative of PBI President Mark Maxwell) speaking at The Village Church, North Carolina January 2012. Fred Whaples is the pastor. Ms. Maxwell starts speaking 24 minutes in.

1 1 12 Ruth Maxwell.. Missionary Tales from Fred Whaples on Vimeo.

Update: I don’t want to sue, I’ll sue, it wasn’t FB stuff, my legal team will need to talk to all the survivors on FB if, if, if; your spokesperson better do mediation or…posted by a friend of Whaples at an open PBI FB group. Looks like the demands haven’t changed from the day the letter of intent was issued.

Update: Linda Fossen thanks Dr. J. Snyder for attempting to mediate, posted on open FB group by someone else because she is banned:

Update:  03/02/12 Linda Fossen responds to the Whaples letter of intent.

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30 Responses to PBI alumnist, North Carolina minister threatens to sue PBI abuse survivors

  1. Katie says:

    If only Jesus would have known he was supposed to sue those who said things about him!!! He would not have had to die. Too bad Mr. Whapples wasn’t there 2000 years ago to adivse him.

    As a Canadian I am astounded how easily and for what trivial reasons Americans sue each other. You must have a lot of judges with not much else to do!!

  2. Shea says:

    I am absoltely speechless!!!! This is an action that a “minister of God” thinks is the right and godly thing to do? So glad I left the christian sheep cult many years ago. I would hope the members of his church would run for the door!!!!

  3. Bene D says:

    Fred Whaples started commenting (according to FB search) at the Facebook group Prairie Bible College Alumni on November 20th. Type his name into the Prairie Bible College Alumni search box and a list of his comments will come up. He was quite upset and I think he genuinely believed that PBI would be destroyed by survivors, who he sees as ‘other’ and under the influence of Satan.

    “I am broken hearted for the damage to everyone involved but I am struggling with why people waited so long and why Prairie is receiving the brunt of the negativity and blame when it sounds like the majority of innapropriate conduct was done by parents to their children. While this is still unacceptable Prairie, and any other organization, should NEVER be faulted for the actions of employees in their home. Prairie is so dynamic and heading is such a great direcction I can’t help but look at this as clearly an attack from Satan. We wrestle NOT with flesh and blood… Prairie leaders, professors, current students… we are standing in the gap for you at The Village Church in Concord, NC, USA. As an alumni I am crying out for God’s intervention. Victims need to pursue the perpetrators not the organization …. sounds like while they are not claiming to desire financial renumeration they have found the deepest pockets and highest profile to accuse rather than going after their own parents who are the seeming perpetrators.”

    “These accusers are guilty of violating scripture even in their pain and distress (which I understand). Scripture tells us to confront the one who has sinned against us … NOT attack their employerer who is innocent in the matter and who could be destroyed by the accusations. This whole thing is tragic. I feel for those who have been violated but in turn violating a GOOD AND GODLY place like Prairie just doesn’t make sense. Even moreso it isn’t RIGHT. Prairie is having to pay a price in the press and being threatened with carnal action by hurt people who are seeking some sort of vengence that is utterly misplaced.”

    “Dear Prairie friends…..I just spent the last couple hours on Linda Fossen’s website. I am saddened, offended, and appalled at how she is spewing venomously toward the innocent (PBI) instead of dealing with those who violated her (HER FATHER). I have sent her an email and copied Mark Maxwell. I believe Prairie should hear our support. We should let Linda know to deal with the sin’s of her HOME and leave ours OUT OF IT! Just my thoughts… they may offend but right is right.. and her negativity toward the Good and Godly just isn’t!”

    By November 22nd Fred focuses on spokesperson Linda Fossen.

    Donna Kaiyala Carlaw Now, David, rumor has it that she did take her father to court in the US, and lost. Some have alleged that the jury did not buy her story. Do you have any info on that?

    Fred Whaples Minnesota law would permit the disability extension…. does anyone know why Linda is so decisive in her action against Prairie but leaving her father, the abuser, alone? Just wondering and trying to make sense of it all.

    Fred Whaples Donna, if that is true and she lost against her father .. then how can any accusation at Prairie be made? I’m so confused.”

    (Linda clarified that she had never been in court with her father, or taken him to court)

    “Please know my heart BREAKS for all who have been abused. It is so sensitive that I have adopted 5 abused kids and fostered 29 with my wife. I am not meaning to be unChristlike however LInda Fossen is so innappropriate in her conduct and accusations that no good can come from this except by help of the Holy Spirit. She is dragging Prairie down when HER FATHER should be pursued .. not good and godly people. Praire is not completely innocent but they have owned up and have given everything to authorities…. Linda is very hurt but pursuing the WRONG end and this I can not support”

    By November 23rd Fred Whaples had been kicked out of the We Were Prairie School Kids FB group and comments at the alumni group.

    .”.. wanted to clarify a FACT that just occured on the Linda Fossen site. “Fred Whaples has left the group on his own …he will not be allowed back”. This is a BLATENT LIE by Linda. I did not leave she blocked me after I started asking questions and quoting scripture and was asked to leave “scripture off this site”. It worries me that people with real hurts and real pains are trusting someone who misrepresents and lies so quickly on something as frivolous at Facebook. This is all can be verified by looking at her site.”

    “I’tm not a big boat rocker. The other site just has too much gossip and lies.. I simply asked questions and exposed some problems. The real tragedy… there are real people with real hurts who will never get heard because Linda’s lack of integrity and ability to be honest. OH I hope those in real pain find help …”

    By November 25th Whaples seems relieved and elated that a media outlet does a piece supportive of PBI (Three Hills Capital. Timothy Shearlaw is the mayor, the publisher and a PBI booster) Shearlaw focuses on Linda Fossen, perceiving her as the FB group, as unbalanced and as someone out to destroy PBI) http://tinyurl.com/8ympjhg

    “Wow.. even the SECULAR media is taking note and DEFENDING the Good and Godly…This says something. “Live in such a way that when evil is spoke of you they are ashamed.” We may be seeing God’s word in action!

    the world would surely be a more delightful place if we who profess Christ lived like this.. much less everyone.”

    After Whaples reads Shearlaw, he starts focusing his attention on how he can show his love and support to PBI and announces his online fundraiser for the institution November 25th.

    “Alright my friends HERE IT IS… We are doing a special offering for Prairie Bible Institute in cooperation with The Village Church so that all donations are tax deductible (501c3).. If everyone on the site donates just $20 we will have nearly $15,000 to present to Prairie to use at their discretion. This is operation “Advent Conspiracy”. You can link through TheVillageChurch.us or through a special Paypal designated for this purpose.”

    His last comment was December 25th.

    “The Village Church just released the Paypal account for the Prairie Christmas offering. Through this effort a GRAND total of $4258.00 has been sent to Prairie Bible Institute. WOW! Way to go friends of Prairie! 31 donors, one church donor, perfectly split between American and Canadian… A GREAT TEAM EFFORT to express LOVE and Christmas Spirit! Check will arrive within 10-14 days from PayPal to Prairie! Thanks to all of you.. blessings! Donations will NO LONGER be accepted through this option but can be sent directly to Prairie. ”

    On January 25th Whaples wrote his letter of intent to the We Were Prairie School Kids.
    His focus is no longer PBI, but Linda Fossen again, the abuse survivors in the FB group and what he believes they have done to him.

    I believe Fred Whaples would be genuinely stricken if his decision to head toward court might jeopardize the painstaking behind the scenes progress made by Fossen, Maxwell, concerned professionals and others who are facilitating and encouraging communication.

  4. MEC says:

    Wow, if I was receiving counselling from this man and found that he was suing someone about his weight and mental stability I’d be finding another counselor pdq. What a foolish charicature of a crazy pastor he makes of himself.

  5. MEC says:

    All that being set aside, what happened to Jesus’ own words on how to settle disputes in Matthew 18 ? THAT is what the survivor group led by Linda is trying to achieve.
    But whether or not he accepts that, he is utterly ignoring
    1 Corinthians 6 which deals with Lawsuits Among Believers:
    1 If any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people? 2 Or do you not know that the Lord’s people will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! 4 Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, do you ask for a ruling from those whose way of life is scorned in the church? 5 I say this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers? 6 But instead, one brother takes another to court—and this in front of unbelievers!
    7 The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already.

    Rev Phelps has shown that his true character is not for the good of the body but his own reputation. I truly hope his congregants wake up before he deteriorates into spiritual abuse.

  6. Shea says:

    MEC I think you mean the Rev Whapples

  7. Gryphon says:

    Hi Bene:

    You appear to have the means and access to be reasonably well informed on this topic. However, I believe the issue before us is not if Rev. Whaples collected some Christmas funds for Prairie or another group, nor that he spoke his mind freely at some point on a certain Facebook site, or any of the other secondary matters discussed above, although they do contribute to some character development in this saga.

    The bigger question would be – is there any evidence that Rev. Whaples was maligned as he claims? Or, are his allegations specious and without grounds? Again, might it be true, as he alleges in his letter above, that he was falsely portrayed as being involved in same-sex massage activities? For if that is the case, would you not agree that such statements would be grievously damaging to an evangelical minister and worthy of a legal response?

    I must commend you on the recent award noting your online journalistic efforts; but, in this specific story you seem to have missed the point, and I am consequently at a loss to explain why you appear to be content to merely frame a perception of Rev. Whaples instead. Is there a reason why you have chosen not to discuss the damaging statements that are alleged to have been made against him?

    For therein lies the crux of the legal matter, and the heart of this story.

  8. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Gryphon:

    BDBO did not win a blog award, that’s an older one, thanks for your kind words.:^)

    “The bigger question would be – is there any evidence that Rev. Whaples was maligned as he claims? Or, are his allegations specious and without grounds?”

    I don’t know, those are reasonable questions. I am not privy to comments made about Fred Whaples on FB, so I can’t address evidence/allegations. I can report what he has wrote. If Whaples has been maligned, he has recourse.

    “For if that is the case, would you not agree that such statements would be grievously damaging to an evangelical minister and worthy of a legal response?”

    I can’t speak to a pastors life in NC Gryphon, that is for Fred (and the court if he pursues a case) to speak to. It is his life. I don’t know when that comment was made, or the context of the larger conversation. People get hurt and damaged by others words, ministers are not exempt.

    Fred states:…a fictious business that equates me to a “homosexual massage parlour attendant”. I don’t know the larger conversation and what a reasonable person would assume.
    If he believes FB comments damage his reputation and choses to sue, that is his right. Doesn’t matter if I agree or not.

    I’m not a member of the We Were Prairie School Kids group.
    Given Whaples intends to sue, I’m not going to ask someone to send the comments to me. Posting them would make me a target in his suit.

  9. Fred Whaples did not provide any evidence of his claims with the letter of intent to sue. Defamation defends on there being factual statements that are untrue which cause quantifiable damages. Mr. Whaples has not provided the specifics of the alleged defamatory statements and the damages he suffered so that I might consider an appropriate apology. In discussion with the other members of our survivor’s group, there were no statements made of him being a “homosexual massage parlour attendant”. This is a blatantly false statement and any claims of homophobia on my part are not only completely false, they are defaming my character. I am asking Fred Whaples to immediately retract this statement in writing.

  10. Truth Comes Out says:

    Apparently Freddie hasn’t heard of the Streisand Effect.

    There’s a direct connection between the Survivor Fund, the Christmas offering, and Freddie Whaples that has been misrepresented by both Freddie and Jim Crites. Jim Crites’ claim that there is no relationship whatsoever between the funds is false. Freddie was directly involved in both of them, according to statements he posted on the Prairie Alumni and “Overcomers” groups, and he is understood to be playing an ongoing role in Prairie’s internal management of the situation. Prairie has yet to clarify what role, if any, Freddie will have going forward. The conflict of interest he has created by threatening to sue the group he claims to be supporting precludes him from objective participation in the matter.

    More information regarding Freddie will be forthcoming, pending his decision on how to proceed with his frivolous threat.

  11. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Truth Comes Out:

    Here are the questions I asked Jim Crites of The Survivor Fund Project:

    Hi Mr. Crites:

    Would you please tell me a.s.a.p. if Fred Whaples is a member of the Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team?

    In what capacity? ie: fundraiser, listener, driver etc.

    I did not ask if Fred Whaples $4258.00 is part of The Survivor Fund Project, or if his money is being used by PBI for the paid friends.

    Would you be willing to cut and paste from Prairie Alumni and Overcomers anything Fred Whaples has said/written which would indicate his $4258.00 was to be for the Survivor Fund Project?

    How is Whaples being understood to be playing an ongoing role in PBI’s internal management of the situation?

    I’m curious to know what you mean by “Prairie has yet to clarify what role, if any, Freddie will have going forward.”

    I haven’t asked Fred Whaples anything, I thought he’d be over here and all over this like white on rice.

    I count 51 comments from Fred Whaples at Prairie Bible College Alumni, and I’m not seeing anything which ties Whaples to the Crites set up of the Survivor Fund Project.

    Got links?

    What is “Overcomers” group?

    I’m interested in the ‘more information’ you have, and if you are amiable I’d appreciate an email. I’d like an opportunity to look at what evidence you’ve got.

  12. Gryphon says:

    “Truth” Comes Out:

    The “truths” you refer to are completely irrelevant, even if you were able to provide evidence for them. They just don’t matter.

    It makes little difference whether Fred Whaples was raising funds for PBI, was involved in the survivor fund, or even if he was to be found to be Prairie’s Chairman of the Board. Simply put, I cannot conceive of any activities or association, imagined or otherwise, that would justify the comments that are alleged to have been made about Rev. Whaples in his letter above, if indeed those alleged statements were false.

    The heart of this story is the legal action taken by Rev. Whaples, and on that topic you state that Rev Whaples has engaged in a “frivolous threat”. Would you have us conclude, without any evidence whatsoever, that Rev. Whaples, with statements from three other individuals, has formally contacted legal authorities and presented legal papers to the defendant, all in an air of frivolity? Do you really believe, from these salacious and scantily clad speculations, we might see suddenly the naked truth popping out into the spotlight?

    Doubtful, and ill conceived, at best. As a matter of record, it is your promise to bring forth relevant “evidence” against Rev. Whaples, and your apparent attempt to impugn the legal defence of his reputation that meet the more commonly understood definition of a “frivolous threat”.

  13. ZMT says:

    All I can say is what a gong show! Pastors all over the US are being arrested for abusing children or members of their congregations. A woman is trying to be a voice for some victims she knows and then another pastor or minister (sorry don’t know the difference) sues her for hurting his feelings. Really? That’s all I got! Really? Obviously this man’s religion is only lip deep!

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  16. Truth Comes Out says:

    Mark Maxwell prefaced the latest edition of Servant magazine by praising the virtues of “Transparency, Humilty and Accountability”. Mark now appears to be distancing Prairie from Fred Whaples, understandably. He says that Fred Whaples’ legal threats against victims of abuse (at Prairie) have nothing to do with Prairie. Let’s set aside the glaringly obvious problem with this statement, and ask: has Fred Whaples been directly involved with Prairie’s leadership in their response to victims, or hasn’t he?

    Jim Crites claims that Fred Whaples’ fundraising effort has nothing to do with the Survivor Fund project. But where did the money raised by Fred and his church – for victims – actually go? How well do these statements of Mark Maxwell and Jim Crites line up against “transparency, humility and accountability” Mr. Maxwell called for?

    Take a look at a direct quote from Fred Whaples, claiming to be directly involved not only with fundraising for victims, but also to be working directly with Prairie leadership on the allocation of those funds:

    “My church, The Village Church, has TWO seperate ministry opportunities for Prairie and abuse Overcomers. FIRST we have the ADVENT OFFERING which is posted PUBLICLY. We are collecting a Christmas gift for Prairie. How they use it will be up to them. SECOND, (and was suppose to be PRIVATE until you posted against my expressed desire and written request) my church, The Village, has personally collected NOT $3000 as I mentioned in my private message but as of today $5,000 for abuse Overcomers. We are working with Prairie leadership to make those funds available for any overcomer that cannot afford to get to Prairie but who would like to for healing and restoration. The Village will use those funds for transportation, lodging, etc. These funds are at The Village discretion.”

    There could be a plausible explanation for what appears to be intentional deception on the part of Mark Maxwell and Jim Crites. Perhaps Fred Whaples decided not to use the $5000 to support victims after all. Perhaps he decided not to work with Prairie leadership on allocating the money, and used it to support the efforts of his clandestine “Overcomers” group instead. Perhaps there is another, more plausible explanation for it. We’re waiting to hear what it is.

    Of course, one of the victims’ grievances with Prairie is a deep-rooted culture of non-transparency, secrecy, cover-up and an authoritarian, ask-no-questions environment that provides fertile ground for abuse and its perpetrators. You can’t erase decades of entrenched corporate culture just by writing a nice article in Servant magazine. Mark is going to have to take Freddie’s misbehavior a little more seriously, and come out with a “transparent, humble and accountable” full disclosure of the relationship between Prairie leadership, the Survivor Fund, and Fred Whaples. He needs to call off his dog.

    Should Fred Whaples be unwise enough to pursue his frivolous litigation and draw even more attention to his controversial behavior past and present, then it will not go well for Prairie either, if they are found to have falsely represented their involvement with him.

  17. Catherine says:

    What Bothers Me About Christianity…

    I am currently reading possibly one of the most brilliant books I’ve ever encountered. Ed Gungor’s, “What Bothers Me Most about Christianity” is absolutly amazing. It so perfectly embodies what I am striving for in my walk with Christ. It’s open.. honest.. uncompromising.. yet it openly admits the frailty of our human understanding. However, beyond all the great insights Ed is bringing forth I have to ad a few more to his list… yes evil bothers me.. yes unreasonable faith is disturbing.. but you know what bothers me right now… it bothers me that Christianity has become a faith of compromise and political correctness. I have a friend who cusses, drinks, and is openly gay yet pastors are on his Facebook telling him what a great Christian example he is. WHAT!@? and because I am now questioning their misplaced, misaligned “LOVE OF GOD” I will be called judgemental… fundamental.. and Pat Robertson wanna be. Can someone please tell me where in God’s word love and compromise are equal?? Can someone please tell me where Jesus ever said, “In order to show the love of God I need my disciples to accept and allow blatent sin before me.” Jesus called us to be holy as HE IS HOLY.

    I want to love people unconditionally.. I want judgemental heresy to be far from me… BUT I WANT THE STANDARD LIFTED HIGH! I guess what bothers me… I don’t have enough Jesus yet. I want to be so consumed by him that my frustrations just melt into the confidence of His presence.



    Linda M. FossenFeb 5, 2012 10:57 AM
    I hear you Pastor Fred. I know a pastor who calls other people the B-word and he even tries to sue Christians when his feelings get hurt. And yet if I say anything about this pastor not being loving and compassionate, I am called a “wayward sister who is desperate need of healing”. It is really sad. Could you please pray for this pastor that he would start acting like a Christian should. I wish other pastors would come out and call this pastor on his unloving behavior but they don’t – they all tell him what a godly man he is!

  18. Diana K. Stooshnov says:

    I met a so called Pastor on Facebook who I do not know called Fred Whaples that said this about me, without even knowing me because he did not agree with a comment I posted. ” Knowing personally the integrity by which you live and speak your opinions carry little thought or weight.” I am praying that you will have the grace of Jesus to embrace the love that he gives. I might not count to you, but I count to God.

  19. Thibaud says:

    AEM: Five years ago – are you reerrfing to Carmen Wesley?Please be very careful when using legal terms – the Wesley family was told by the RCMP there was not enough evidence to lay charges.That is vastly different than charges being dismissed, they can’t be dismissed is they haven’t been laid.Ms. Wesley did not immediately report the alleged sexual assault. Investigators have to work with what they’ve got. It is incredibly difficult for 17 year olds to call for help, get to the hospital for evidence collecting and withstand the months of waiting for charges to be laid, then court etc. Rape is about power and any victim has been dramatically stripped of their personhood.Not enough evidence to lay charges does not mean sexual assaults don’t occur.There was an investigation five years ago as you note. Now that Ms. Wesley has gone public, something few have the courage to do; there can be steps taken by the school district, and Prairie Bible Institute leadership to ensure that assault victims are fully supported and helped. PBI can also foster an environment of open communication, and make a policy very clear that perpetrators will not be sheltered.

  20. Roger Armbruster says:

    I guess why I say that we need to ultimately appeal to God’s justice is that sometimes even the courts side with the abuser and the bully, depending on whether they get a sharp enough, and sometimes a crooked enough lawyer. This is why, as someone has said, in the courts of the land, the innocent are sometimes declared guilty, and the real offenders get off the hook. Not so in God’s court of justice. God sees our motives and our intentions. In the secular courts of this world, both sides tend to see others by their actions, but themselves by their intentions.

  21. Wanda Janz says:

    I am the administrator and founder of the Overcoming site. In regards to ‘Truth Comes Out’: We need no funds for my group, but thank you for thinking this way. It makes me laugh that you would even bother with us. Or that anyone who is not on the road to overcoming their abuse or whatever they have encountered, is interested in my site. It was created to help those who truly want to move forward in their lives and to get out of the muck and myre they may still be in. It does not revolve around PBI nor is it in affiliation with any person or group. I created it out of the need to have a more positive place to interact with others; a place that a person can grow without the negativity that has been on some other sites. It is not a threat to you, Mr. Bene Diction nor to ‘Truth Comes Out’ nor to any of the victims on ‘WE’. It is something I saw a need for and fulfilled it; nothing more. Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Wanda

  22. Bene D says:

    Hi Wanda:

    I appreciate you taking the time to explain what your site is and why it exists, thanks.

  23. Wanda Janz says:

    You are most welcome.

  24. I would like to extend my offer of friendship to Wanda Janz. We have certainly had our differences as leaders of “opposing” groups of survivors. I appreciate that Wanda filled a void that existed for survivors who did not like my style or methods at a time when I was pursuing Prairie to acknowledge the many survivors who had contacted me. I made many enemies in my pursuit to get to the bottom of the abuse and was very adversarial with the school and administration when I felt I was not being heard. My purpose was always to expose the truth and never to destroy the school. I have effectively ended my stalemate with President Mark Maxwell when I contacted him and told him my story last month. I have pledged to do what I can to help the school deal with this crisis as long as every voice is heard (regardless if they want to reconcile with the school or not) and perpetrators are identified and held accountable for their abuse. I am unable to extend this offer of friendship to Wanda because after sending her a friend’s request, she has chosen to block me. I want you to know Wanda that I am sorry for anything I have done to offend you and I would like to continue to offer you my friendship as one survivor to another. We may not always agree but I think we have some things that we are both passionate about. God bless you in your efforts with the survivors you represent. I pray each of them finds their voice and the healing they seek.

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  26. Ben Chung says:

    Dear Wanda:

    It has been awhile since we last talked. I wish you and your group best of success. I harbour no ills to your efforts to help anyone on their journey of healing. I will reinterate here, that I do not want to see the school harmed in any of these allegations, provide that this current administration hear and and acknowledge the wrongs done in the past and find ways to make recompense. It is not about money, it is about first to listen and find ways to restore what was stolen and prevent any future occurrences. The school has apparently made some great strides. I will wait until everything is resolved.

    Brother Fred’s cyber -stalking in certain one of the most absurd way a PBI supporter can do to harm the cause of Prairie. Perhaps, and I will allow the possibility of the unchecked zeal for Prairie has driven him into this. I would rather be conciliatory if he could contact BeneDiction and make a public apology here and disclose all allegations and attempt to make it right before his God and this community. I don’t think pursuing him would add to our cause. It would distract from all that seek healing and peace.

  27. Wanda Janz says:

    Re: Linda Fossen.
    I want you to know that you and I could be friends one day. In your zeal, perhaps, is where we became divided. Although I am now a friend of PBI, it wasn’t always this way. I, too, have had my own issues with a couple of people who were employed there at one time (but they have since moved on). It was not clear to me why you were ‘attacking’ a school for employing people who committed unspeakable acts against children. I am of the mind that you go after the abuser him/herself. I do not hold PBI responsible for employing the people they chose as I believe that the enemy works everywhere in this world and does so indiscriminately. So for me, it was hard to understand your stance. As time has gone by, though, I do believe you wanted to seek the help that was needed and this was your chosen method. PBI is a ‘big boy’ and I have seen them take care of themselves quite effectively and with honor and respect to those who have contacted them. It is a blessing to both you and I as this is what we both hope for when victims speak. Know also, that you have not offended me. At times I have gotten ‘ticked’ at some of the things you have said and the way you have handled certain things, but that lies with me as those emotions are my responsibility, not yours. So if I have offended you in the past or even now, then I truly apologize for this. It was certainly not my intent and I am very sorry. I know there are those who have never even met me but say nasty things to make themselves ‘feel’ better. We both have encountered that behaviour from others and it saddens me greatly. It does make me angry (for a very brief moment) that they feel the need to go on and on and on. I believe those ones do more damage to the victims than they could possibly know! And they claim to be victims themselves! How going from being a victim to victimizing others sickens me greatly. As an overcomer, I can not see where they should be ‘allowed’ to speak on behalf of anyone.
    I am happy to hear that you made contact with Mr. Maxwell and hope that all of it went well. It would be a wonderful step for you and those you represent to have your voices heard. All who have ever been abused in this world need to be heard. It is because it is their inner child who is crying and we must listen to all the children (even if they are now in adult bodies).
    When the rest of the world calms down around us, then maybe you and I would be able to interact without the ‘others’ I mentioned earlier weighing in on what we say or how we say it. It is most refreshing to speak with fellow abusees in an honest one-on-one interaction.
    As for the ‘issue’ that is going on between you and Fred Whaples, that is between you and him. Do know that he is a dear friend of mine. I know that EVERY one of my friends have faults and ways about them that others may find offensive, but they still remain my friends because they see the faults and ways I have about me and still they choose to stay my friend (poor things; but a major blessing to me to find friends like that!). lol
    I do not know when we can try a friendship out, but hopefully soon.

    Sincerely yours,
    Wanda Janz

  28. Wanda Janz says:

    Re: Ben Chung.

    Hello once again! It is wonderful to make contact with you once more. My boy still talks about meeting you one day! He thinks you are a good man. I have missed speaking with you on the Forum as we seem to share a great deal of the same interests. Are you coming to Homecoming? I would very much like to meet with you and speak together about your garden and have you meet my son. Please let me know.

  29. Ben Chung says:

    Dear Wanda:

    It is very nice to hear from you and from reading between the lines, your family is thriving and that is great news. I have enjoyed the conversations, although we may not always agree, but there is a trace of the old Prairie spirit in all of us alumni and it has made us into who we are today.

    My board experience is a deeply and troubling one, and after that, I buried my school (PHS), I find it difficult to go back. I know that within the last few months I met a lot of good Prairie alum here and on the FB sites, but realistically I do have to be here. My family needs me (5 kids and a Boss), and I have made my commitment to stay home. That being said, I hope someday we might run into each other, and if anything I could do for your boy, please do not hesitate to contact me through FB site or simply google me and you readily find me in MA.

    My blessings on you and your efforts!


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