The truth about Afshin Javid

When the ghost writer of a book goes public with steps he has taken to warn Christians about the conduct of the named author of the book, and provides a list of ministers who are willing to corroborate , the church needs to heed.

 I am the ghost author of Afshin’s (Javid) autobiography, “As Easy as Drinking Water” (WinePress Publishing, Enumclaw, WA). I wrote the entire text of this book based on approximately 13 hours of audio dictation provided to me by Afshin. The writing, revision and proofing of the book took place between November 2009 and May 2010.
By September 2010, I had seen enough unethical conduct on Afshin’s part and had found sufficient irreconcilable discrepancies in his testimonial account that I saw it necessary to part ways with him. In October of 2010, I informed Missions Fest Vancouver that he was an ill-advised choice of speaker and that he represented a liability to that organization.

Javid’s credentials were yanked by his credentialing association, which has not posted a public statement (an announcement was apparently made in an annual meeting) and even The Christian Broadcasting Network (Pat Robertson) cancelled a 700 Club appearance by Javid.

This is a case where Canadian Christians have stepped forward and done the appropriate and right thing. Ministers do not investigate, sanction and warn one of their own without credible evidence. However, a church in Vancouver has not heeded the reports of sexual misconduct, twisted scripture and financial impropriety.

By this time Afshin, evidenced by his actions, was no longer under the umbrella of Dr. Safarian or the North Shore Pastors Group. He had negotiated to come under Zion Church leaders Albert Zehr and Gideon Chiu ( with David Demian having been brought into many discussions prior to this.

In January of 2012, with full knowledge and ascent of Zion Church leadership, Afshin went to Denmark for a number of speaking engagements and he has indicated that he will be speaking in a number of large events overseas in the winter of 2012.

David Demian, who attends Church of Zion, is well known in Canadian charismatic circles, and runs an organization called Watchmen for the Nations. (the website is down) Why he would  sanction the continued ministry of Afshin Javid after knowledge of sexual misconduct is something only he can address.

If a list of well known and concerned Christian leaders in Vancouver and a credentialing association aren’t sufficient for David Demian  and Church of Zion to re-consider their support, what is?

Afshin Javid has an operating website and a Facebook page.

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  1. Rick Hiebert says:


    He was one of those who shared at The Cry Vancouver from the main stage. Fayetene introduced him and he spoke from the main stage at Lumberman’s Arch.

    I bought his book at Missionsfest Vancouver last year…it’s autographed.

  2. Dan Holmes - the ghost author says:

    I was the one who introduced him to Faytene and proposed the appearance at The Cry Vancouver.

  3. Abacar says:

    Thank you for bringing this out in the open. This mans lack of repentance is greatly concerning but it follows along with biblical examples of false prophets and teachers. The bible is very clear how they must be expelled from our churches and how we must have no association with “christian” people who practice such immorality and false teaching. How the people who continue to support him can sleep at night is beyond me. I sure hope they don’t have daughters of their own. One can only surmised that there is something to gain by their association. This is despicable so to me. May they be warned by what is taught in scripture of their fate if they don’t turn from this path.

  4. Tim says:

    Noticed on

    Interesting way to be connected…NOT.

  5. Tim says:

    Noticed on
    [ is the best email address that you can reach me at. But remember, I am not an email person, and I check my Facebook once every couple of months. ]

    Interesting way to be connected…NOT.

  6. Bene D says:

    No, I suppose it isn’t. You can block the track back, but that isn’t going to make information go away.

    I appreciate the invitation to get in touch, is there something I can do for you?
    I check my email.:^)

  7. Elaine says:

    I know several young women who were sexually molested by this Mr. Javid…..these girls are shamed and threatened by Mr. Javid, hence they are not coming forward…’s been reported that he has done these things since 2002 ….and gone unpunished…..he rented rooms in his house to girls, brainwashed them to obey only him and eventually demanded that they become his sex toys…..please spread the word, he must be stopped!!!

  8. Abacar says:

    Bene D
    Ever consider sending this article to charisma magazine? Since this pastor travels world wide it would be nice if a wider circle became informed. Overseas the issues can disappear. The body of Christ and the church needs protecting.

  9. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Abacar:

    I hadn’t considered Charisma magazine – they aren’t known for investigative articles.

    Worth a try, thanks.

  10. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Elaine:

    I am hoping that reports of misconduct going back to 2002-2003 will be investigated – as thoroughly as more recent ones have.

    My heart aches for these women, and I pray strong Christians help them get the professional counselling they need so that one day courage will replace shame, threats will lose power and they will be able to go to police. There is no limitation on reporting sexual assault in Canada.

  11. Abacar says:

    The Christian post is always printing things of this nature as well.
    It might be worth a try.

  12. Bene D says:

    Hi Abacar:

    I wrote the Charisma editor and will contact the Christian Post.

  13. Abacar says:

    Might you feel comfortable connecting with the ghost writer Dan Holmes?
    If someone would press charges that might put a stop to this. More young girls
    will be hurt if they remain silent.

  14. abacar says:

    This should be reported.

  15. Dan Holmes - the ghost author - see: says:

    The women are in a very complex situation. Let me explain:

    1. Exclusivity
    You have to understand the cult mentality that existed in VCF. Once brought into VCF, friendships were redirected so that they were nearly exclusively within the group. This was fostered by a strange kind of superiority and narcissism that this was the “real church” and this as the “real faith” described in Acts 2.:44 whereas people in other churches were second rate. So there was a sense of privilege for being “one of the chosen ones” – there was a lot of flattery too. The whole thing played into the narcissistic tendencies that exist in all of us – and I include myself in this. There was a tremendous pressure to be at Afshin’s all of the time. Afshin’s house was always open. This was presented as an act of generosity but in fact, it was employed as a Trojan Horse. This would allow people to be there late into the night when they were emotionally vulnerable. You get the picture.

    2. Isolation
    As the attention of the young people who attended was gradually focussed inward into the group, their outside relationships tended to diminish. This was particularly true for kids who decided to go live at the house. This offer was always on the table it seemed. Once people were living at the house, there was an opportunity to develop what my friend Faith (pseudonym) called “the new normal”, that is, “the adjusted moral calibrator”. Afshin would gradually adjust the tone of discussions group and private to encompass sexual matters. It started with joking and then it would proceed (recall: out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks).

    3. Prophetic Leader
    The third and most potent part of the deception was that Afshin unequivocally assumed the role of prophet. This was predicated on the theophany (ie vision of Christ) he claims in his book. He would sometimes say, “Well, I am the one who looked into Jesus’ eyes” – that is “I know what Jesus is like [and you don't]“. After the vision of Christ, he claimed to be given this prophetic gift. He did not say explicitly that he was a prophet but he claimed to be able to look into anyone’s life and see in an instant the state of their soul. He would convey this “state” with a drawing, that is, a picture metaphor. Some people were very moved by what he had to say to them. He would always start by saying, “I have a gift, a spiritual gift, Jesus gave to me”. He would sometimes say, “Let’s have some fun with this. What do you want to know?” Then there would be a drawing and a little bit of back and forth where he would ask the recipient if the picture made sense. If the picture resonated with the person, that was it. They were hooked. Afshin’s picture drawings were generically referred to as “Afshin’s gift” – everyone knew this meant the picture drawings.

    On the matter of prophecy, Afshin’s dreams played an important role in control of the group. He would have dreams that were obviously self-serving (like Mohammad – see Surah 33 for example). One fine example was the attempt to poach my friend’s motorcycle. “Don (pseudonym), I had a dream that you gave me your motorcycle”. That is, “Don, you are going to give me your motorcycle in the future”. I know, it’s laughable, but people would believe it. After all, people believed Mohammad when he said that he was allowed to take Zaynab (the wife of his adopted son) as his own wife, because Allah had given special dispensation.

    Over the course of a short period, say weeks, the devotion obtained with the picture drawing would lead to more sessions and gradual control. He would frame obedience to himself personally as a prerequisite for staying in the group. Any challenge to his authority was really framed as disobedience to God. He repeatedly talked about his “army mentality” – “As I submit to my elders, so you also should submit to me” – except whenever he was asked to submit to his elders, he refused. In fact, his refusal to submit to any authority is why he kept migrating accountability.

    5. Shunning and Shaming:
    People who left the group were characterized as disobedient to God and were shamed and shunned – and I mean shunned. At MissionsFest this w/e I was told by an ex-VCF female that when I broke contact with Afshin, she was not allowed to call me and ask why. She was only told “it was his issue not ours”. She was forced to join in the shunning. Shaming and shunning were a big part of the control. And here is the kicker, if you crossed the leader, you would be shunned and then you would lose your entire support structure all in one shot. Fortunately for me, I was not a VCF member per se… I just came to the house from time to time. I still got shunned – thank the LORD. There was a pervasive fear of rebuke from Afshin because it was understood that he was the one who had the prophetic gift. When he spoke, for some of them, it was as if God was speaking.

    6. Compromise
    Wearing down of previously established moral barriers was a big part of the VCF technique. This was accomplished by framing personal codes of ethics as “spirits of religiosity”. So, for example, exhorting Afshin not to make off colour jokes or swear might be framed as “a religious spirit”. By the systematic application of this technique over the course of months, you could take a clean living kid and get them to think it’s OK that the pastor is massaging topless women in his living room. I know that seems patently ridiculous but it worked. Kids who came from upright homes were suddenly participating in things that would have struck them as entirely repugnant 6 months earlier.

    7. And most confusingly
    Through all of this, great worship sessions were maintained as were really powerful sessions of prayer among the adherents. It seemed that God still came and met with those gathered in his name.

    So, I think that the reader understands when you love bomb, isolate, create devotion and obedience to a prophet, you can basically get anyone to do anything. This is why Amir Darius Javid, Afshin’s brother, said to me on the phone that Afshin had “A Mohammad complex”. That is, he did the same things to exercise control that Mohammad did… and Joseph Smith… and Jim Jones… I used to think only a half-wit could fall into a cult. Now I know that any passionate person with a deep desire for growth, if they end up in the wrong place, can be a spiritual victim.

    Back to the original point: the women feel ashamed for having fell for something so stupid and they are genuinely afraid of Afshin – I mean very afraid. I have talked to them. But as John said, “We do not have a spirit of fear.”

    Lord Jesus, would you glorify your Father in this? Please help your servants clean up this mess by your grace and power. Restore your glory LORD.

  16. Dan Holmes - the ghost author - see: says:

    Creep-a-roonie on the Homestay Finder Website. Hey all you ESL kids, come from overseas and stay here! aye aye aye.

  17. Bene D says:

    The ad in Homestayfinder was placed by Mellissa Javid June 2/11 and runs to June 2/12.

    “Our home is located in beautiful North Vancouver. We are a family with four children. We encourage the student become part of the family. We will eat together and if the student is available is welcome to join us in our family activities. The room are located on the lower level of the house. Each room has a bed, desk and drawers. The bathrooms and laundry are shared.”

    Afshin Javid has not been convicted of a crime in Canada – and his wife placed the ad. All you can do is send your concerns to the website.

  18. Bene Diction says:

    More creepy – Afshin Javid’s personal FB page (not the open group book page) lists his home address as Tehran, Iran) and links to the ministry website. The personal FB page was set up August 7, 2011.

  19. abacar says:

    Bene. Thanks for posting the info from site.. Therein lies the problem. No one has the courage to press charges. I hope and pray someone will come forward before someone else gets hurt.

    Also, where there’s smoke there is fire. I believe you have just scratched the surface of Afshin Javids life..

    Again Thanks for this.

  20. E.G. says:

    Well, it’s not like a victim has to step forward first. Anyone can report suspicious activity and then the police can do the legwork.


    Or here:

    Frankly, it’s time that this happened. Think about parallels within the Catholic church. How long did some of those – even recent – crimes go unreported? And in the meantime, how many innocents were victimized?

    So, someone who is in the know about details should get to it and get it done. That letter and this post outline a bunch of names, plus I’m sure that there are many reading this blog that know what’s going on and what’s gone on in the past. So, to those of you that have a substantial idea about what’s happened, click those links above. The first one allows anonymous reporting if you would prefer things that way.

    Just the fact that they are still running a home-stay freaks me out, frankly. And if the Christian community allows this to go on unreported at this point, the crimes will be partly on the head of the church community in Vancouver and area.

  21. E.G. says:

    Well, that first Crimestoppers (tipsubmit) link does not seem to be working. So, use this and follow the appropriate links.

  22. Marina says:

    “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” Emily Dickinson

    Imagine no religion.

  23. Dan Holmes - the ghost author - says:

    Believe me when I say that I have made every effort to urge pastoral leadership in BC who were aware of the facts first-hand to make this information available to the Christian community. I have had meetings, made phone calls, and sent countless emails. You need to understand when the spiritual leadership does not act, it makes you feel powerless. I did not want to go public because then I am the one who is flapping in the breeze. But no pastor who knew the issues first-hand was willing to warn the church. No one wants to be a bad guy. There is also the possibility that they thought I was exaggerating, being histrionic or had an axe to grind. It’s unclear to me whether they were too weak, too politically minded or, at worst, corrupt themselves.

    The upper echelons of church leadership are reticent to call one another out for a foul. They have too much to lose with respect to their stature. There are also people who call people out all the time from the pulpit and it comes across as a little vindictive. After all, Jesus says, “Go into the world and preach the gospel”, not “Go into the world and make sure you out every crook you find”.

    The dynamics of the leaders have been an interesting thing to observe, even from an purely intellectual perspective.

    It would make a great second book :) – I am only half-jesting.

    With respect to Marina’s comment: I would rather imagine a church with no corruption. The “no religion” thing has not worked out well in a number of experimental trials – ie China, Soviet Union. But Marina, in a sense, I am doing this for people like you also, who have been jaded by seeing things like this go on and on and on…

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  25. Abacar says:

    EG. I believe there were some calls to the police when it was first reported as well as to and revenue Canada. I would encourage anyone to do so however. Any attention that can be drawn can only help remove him from
    The problem with things like this is that Christian organizations are afraid to draw attention to the offender as it turns people off of religion. Case in point is the post by Marina. Sadly we never seem to learn from this. The bible is very clear on what should be done. The church’s needs protecting from these predators so that the church is a safe place to be. They exist outside the church as well of course, so it’s not about religion but one of lack of action. If this was a Dr, lawyer ,teacher etc ,theres no doubt that in the secular arena what would happen. We need to learn from church history
    and respond biblically. No one should have to blog to bring attention to this mans unrepentant, controlling and perverted behavior. To Marina. My apologies for what you perceive here. The church will prevail no matter how anyone feels about organized religion, though its embarrassing to me how some Christians have behaved here. The bible talks about such things as we approach end times becoming more common. We have a responsibility to uphold the word of God in our world today no matter how much Christians let us down. We are sinful by nature. We need a savior. This is only an example of this. Not all “Christians” live by the same standards. I know many wonderful Godly Christians who I’m honored to have as friends. Among them i count Dr Dan Holmes. I thank God for him. Hes a modern Day Daniel to me. He’s been very courageous in this battle.

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  27. Dan little says:

    Several of my friends were telling me about this prophet in North Vancouver. They had seen him Christian TV and others had attended the services weeks and were very impressed with this so-called prophet . WOW!! Could this be the answer every one is looking for? So I went with a friend to the church meetings where he preached some dribble and then I was invited to eat with them over to the home afterwards. So I checked it out. I listened intently to his over the top, unbelievably great testimony, no witness of the Holy Spirit but I still gave him the benefit of the doubt. The trouble is that if you doubt your own ability to hear from God this guy can get his foot in the door. I’ve been around long enough to recognize a con artist and this guy sure looked like one to me. My thoughts are that he’s still a got all the old nature of the fallen man in control but now armed with new weapons, a so-called prophetic gift, he can pray on the sheep to his hearts content. Stay away from him, and don’t believe everything you see on Christian TV.

    I’m a born again Christian but what I see going on in the church makes me cringe.

  28. Dan Holmes says:

    Hi Dan – It goes far deeper than you realize. This article only scratches the surface. There is a network of unethical people linked to this story. New stuff comes up all the time.

    Afshin Javid is, as I write, in the USA speaking. He has been arranging a booking in Saskatchewan and tried to arrange one in Victoria BC that fell through when the pastor was warned. His oversight, Zion Church, also indicated that they want to send him to Austria in May.

    It’s always a drama.

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  30. greenpeanuts says:

    Charisma Magazine may have gotten your email, B, but may spotlight him one day then Lee Grady will write a rebuke the next day. That’s how it goes over there: false prophets write for Charisma, then Grady denounces. It’s very strange, doublemindedness. As for this guy, clearly he’s a con man. Remember all of Todd Bentley’s tall tales, same thing. We get deceived when we don’t heed the peace in our hearts. Jesus is Lord and the word says oust this man from fellowship. Charisma magazine should oust many of their guest writers: Rod Parsley, Copeland, Matt Sorger, etc. These men are into greed.

  31. daniel says:

    Its curious that no police action has taken place and no one official has made a statement. It would make sense that people which have been directly effected by this would make sure something was done like in any similar situation that takes place outside of the church. I don’t know anything about this specific case but I know that regularly investigations have been undertaken with very little proof of misconduct at all. This is someone’s life you are attacking and this obvious spread of bitterness should have some kind of legit backing. This forum is exactly what everyone despises about the church.

    In a world where these accusations were true. That mock ‘apology’ is a joke and is a mockery of what christianity is. There is no sign of grace, restoration or love in the original letter, this article or any comment that has been made. This is a disgrace to the church and a horrible representation of what christianity is. If this is what the church was meant to be like then I agree, we should all be imagine a world with no religion.

  32. Bene D says:

    If you look at past posts daniel, you’ll see that Javid hasn’t associated with a denomination and the organization which gave him credentials, yanked them.

    You’ll also see that the women involved are shamed and terrified, police can’t do anything unless a victim launches a complaint.

  33. mojgan says:

    I am so sorry for what i hear and read about this man. Our Lord Jesus Christ will punish him in this world and the next if he is not repent. When I think about persecution in some countries for Christians, I think we have persecution here too by some western churches(like Canadian churches) who does not do proper job. they just bring in some people like Afshin and put them in church of Jesus bride without even investigate and praying about it. How sad it is! I really say this is real persecution. My husband is church pastor in Canada and he was in jail in Iran for his faith. The jail in Iran is more like physical persecution, but this kind of things is spiritual persecution. Oh Lord I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry…

  34. Jeremie says:

    hello freinds I haven’t been posting on here and will not be after this post but I thought I would share with you the letter released by Pastor Albert Zehr from Zion church who is overseeing Afshin Javid. This is a statement by him that might bring clarity on your concerns and questions regarding Afshin.
    Bless you guys

    Albert Zehr

    As one of the team with whom Afshin is now in accounablity let me state a few facts: Afshin has taken full responsibility for his serious failures, has repented, has and will confess and ask forgiveness from anyone whom he has wronged. For ten months often being together in person for many hours he has fully walked in accountability with us. The leader who wrote the forward to Afshin’s book still fully endorses it. Meanwhile the marriage of Afshin and Melissa has been restored and remains in a wonderful healthy state!!! Will you rejoice with us?
    We are grieved that some would expose, judge, condemn and shame this brother before a world audience by hacking into Facebook. (we have granted them audience, but since we do not fully comply to their demands they say that, “we are deceived”)
    We are also sorry that most want to judge and punish this servant of the Lord for his past failures, rather than connect in person and discern his present heart and condition. We prefer to believe in repentance, forgiveness, and restoration as realized in relationships rather than judgement, sentence and penalty to prove repentance. We sense that we live in a time of acceleration, and that the lost, and the Lord can not wait while we insist on arguing and imposing past rituals.
    Let us be aware that our reactions to other’s sins says much about ourselves. This is not just a test about Afshin, but also about us!
    If there are those who have known Afshin personally, are truly objective and sincerely wish to receive a report of our walk with this family, this is available.

  35. Bene D says:

    Hi Jeremie:

    Albert Zehr’s letter above is on Afshin Javids Facebook page.
    Pastors have spoken to Zehr privately and publicly and have responded to his invitation to write to him privately.

    On Javids FB page he goes into silly manipulation when he is spoken to about true repentance and restoration. It’s chilling how naive some of those less discerning are, blaming Satan and cheering Javid without knowledge – like children. They want their ears tickled, and their ears are getting tickled.

    Zion Church leadership has made up it’s mind, no amount of facts,warnings, pleading, and rebuke from fellow pastors has changed Zehrs mind. Zion Church has knowingly aligned with an abuser and will pay the price. Fellow pastors have followed scripture to the final step with Zehr and Zion. It is chilling and sad, may God protect the innocent under Zions care.

  36. Abacar says:

    Good for you Bene. :-) Jeremy should not have the last word here as he is fully under  deception. His attempts at damage control shows us just how much so. 
    I’ve been watching that Facebook group this week. What occurred there is exactly as you have described. Afshins groupies were also saying things like “the holy spirit of today  trumps scripture”.  It certainly is obvious to me that his followers aren’t concerned with testing the Spirits to discern if it truly is the holy spirit or just an imposter.   This of course is the trap  Brenda Klemke fell into. Sadly Afshin posted a video on his Facebook Page within 24 hrs of Brenda’s letter being released as a response to her accusations. His apparent brilliance( in his  mind) was mind boggling. The content of his “teaching” talks little of scriptures teaching on the subject. 
    Anyone interested in this farce of a fb group may go to:!/groups/142630252466306?__user=870365334
    Keep in mind that some responses from Key people who know the truth and were involved in trying to deal with Afshin were deleted off the page.  
    I think the ones posting and supporting Afshin might think
    They have won some victory in there but many like myself, were reading and shaking their heads. They assumed because others weren’t posting that they were in agreement with them-but that was not the case. 
    There were times as I was reading along that I could almost hear them
    Worshiping Afshin.  It was all very disconcerting. 

  37. Al Roy says:

    And to think that I actually believed that Javid was a man of God! I should have figured him out when he claimed in his book that he met Jesus.

    Pray for my step son, Joel. He attends Church of Zion, and probably has no clue about any of this.

  38. Anon E Mouse says:

    It is not the claim of having seen Christ Jesus that identifies someone as a false teacher. Many Muslims have come to Christ in this manner and go on to lead honest lives walking in His footsteps.

    A false teacher is identified by their behaviour in their personal life – as Jesus said “You will know them by their fruit”.

    I would urge you to do everything you can to get your step-son out of Zion Church. This is not the only scandal in their ranks.

    BTW – are you the self-same Al Roy whose testimony is posted on line (former Mormon)?

  39. Peter says:

    So … is there any REAL evidence of something that Asfin has done wrong? Was a police report filed? Sorry for being the skeptic here, but anyone can create blogs and put words on the internet …

  40. Scott says:

    Friends- Please do some research on the entire Pentecostal/Charismatic history. The foundation of this religious group is not biblically sound, and as such has spawned countless cases of deceptive teachings and teachers. They have become cult-like in their defense of each other, and typically proclaim anyone who questions them as having a “critical spirit”. No such words are even found in scripture, and that type of attitude reveals their lack of commitment to good discernment. I was lured in by the emotional ministry of the Charismatics, only to discover they push aside God’s word to follow their feelings…. rather than be corrected and guided by the bible.

  41. Lynn says:

    Please do not lump all Charismatic or Pentecostal Believers with this cult. Most do follow the Word of God. Some get overly emotional at times, but that does not mean they are pushing aside God’s Word. Others prefer to worship in quieter ways. For each personality God has provided various places of fellowship and styles of worship. No matter where that is Believers must follow Scripture and seek to live as balanced Christians. And while following God’s commandments all are called to be open to the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. See Matthew Ch 7 -and- Acts Ch 2.

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