Oh Canada voter suppression in 42 ridings – and counting

I’ve been surprised by real-life reaction to the robocall story, I’ve expected the high level of interest online, but not this being a topic of conversation among friends. Most people I see day to day don’t spend much time talking about politics, this growing scandal has become the exception. And I am pleasantly surprised to see friends from all political walks of life spitting tacks. The anger is coming from Conservatives friends and neighbours, NDP, Green, Liberals and uncommitted.

Like friends and family I’m angry. Really angry to be honest. I don’t want this anger wasted, and I don’t know what that looks like yet. As this continues to unfold the waters are going to be very muddied, and I hope voters can channel this anger into productive change – and justice.

Bloggers have been all over voter suppression for some time. One of the better sites (which has livened my real life conversations) is The Sixth Estate. Hoax Phone Calls Reported in 42 Ridings.

Andrew Coyne is worth a read. All to plausible to think the Conservatives are involved in the robocall scandal

It is hard to overstate how serious this is. It doesn’t matter whether the calls had their intended effect. It is sufficient that someone made them. If it were just the circumstances, or just their track record, the Conservatives might be given the benefit of the doubt. But the two together, while they do not prove anyone in the party was involved, make it all too plausible to believe they were. Indeed, it would be more surprising to find they weren’t.

Update:  Kady O’Malley has a list of polling stations (via Elections Canada)  moved before voting day and a list of Conservative candidates who used the call centre RMG.

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7 Responses to Oh Canada voter suppression in 42 ridings – and counting

  1. Dana says:

    So much for your cred with the fundagelical wingnuts.

  2. Bene D says:

    ar arr arrr!

  3. Mark Byron says:

    Dana-those wingnuts would likely be as upset as the Liberals are; on paper, lying is one of those pesky Ten Commandments. Last I checked, there isn’t an out for pulling a fast one on a political foe.

    I saw a piece on that last week on The National, and the widespread nature makes it look like a national-level job. Canada doesn’t have any Super-PACs to blame for such crap, but some pro-Tory outfit far enough away from the leadership for plausible denial seems to be the likely epicenter.

  4. Tim Thibault says:

    Mark, unfortunately they don’t appear to be as upset as some would hope. Just head over to the politics section on the CBC website and read some of the comments on the articles.

    I have never seen such contempt from a government that claims to be “democratic”.

    Here’s a list of Harper’s contributions to Canada thus far and it’s quite the track record:


    I don’t know what will happen if this man (party) is left to govern with free reign for another 4 years. He was right about one thing, he promised that when he’s done with Canada, we wouldn’t recognize it. He’s off to a damn good start.

  5. Tim Thibault says:

    Bene, I think you’ll have a tough time keeping this post updated right now. Seems the plot is thickening, Harper’s grasping at straws and running out of people to throw under the bus.

  6. Tim Thibault says:

    “We didn’t do, they did it and we have proof!” (summary of Stephen Harper’s comments in the House today prior to getting kicked in the nuts)


    The Liberals fired a researcher in the last week, perhaps Harper’s now considering doing the same.

  7. Bene D says:

    Yeah, that didn’t go well, did it? Watched some of it tonight.

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